Fireman’s Carry

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When I moved into my apartment, I was ecstatic. I had gone from sharing a three bedroom with four other people to being on my own. While I tolerated my roommates, even liked them somewhat, I needed my own space. The price of privacy was paying more for rent and utilities. I had a good job and could afford the luxury.

I got an ultra-modern apartment in a quiet part of town. It hadn’t been gentrified yet, and I was grateful for the blend of people that gave it character. I hear at least three different languages on my way to work. If I didn’t feel like cooking after my evening run, I could pick up authentic cuisine from a number of places.

The best part of the apartment was the route I took on my run. Down the street from me, on the corner, was the local fire station. A fire station with fire men. Hot firemen. I run past, hoping to catch a glimpse of them washing their truck or something. Damn, how I wanted to slide down one of their poles.

There was one in particular I kept an eye out for. He was tall, solidly built with chocolate brown skin I wanted to lick all over. His hair was cut short, close to the scalp. Every time we saw each other he would flash that brilliant white smile at me and wave. I’d shyly return it back, trying not make too much eye contact.

I wasn’t sure if he was flirting or just being nice. Of course I was too chicken shit to find out. For two months, I’d run past the fire station, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. I know firemen don’t work every day, but every that he was working, he’d be out there ready to wave and smile at me when I ran by.

One Saturday, I was going for my evening jog as usual. He was there, out front per our secret ritual. He smiled and waved. I went to return the wave when I tripped on something and went tumbling to the ground. Stupidly, I put my arms out to catch myself. Pain filled my body from the impact of my body to the ground.

I was about to shake it off and get up when I heard a voice ask, “Are you okay?” I looked up to see that it was my fireman. He had rushed over to help me, and was kneeling down beside me. “Let me check you out.” I looked up into his coffee brown eyes and forgot all pain. He rolled me over gently to get a good look at my wounds.

“I think I just really wounded my pride.” I said trying not shutter at his touch. He ignored me. I had scraped my arm and shin. Luckily I had enough sense to protect my face. “Really, I’m okay.” His hand touched my left ankle and I yelped. “Okay, I may have sprained my ankle. I just need to put some ice on it and learn to watch where I’m going.”

“You live down the block don’t you?” His voice was deep and soothing. “Let me help you get back to your place, you shouldn’t be walking on that.” He helped me to my feet putting an arm around my waist to steady me. It was then that a blond lady with a ponytail came running over to join us. “I got this Scarlet. He just sprained his ankle. I’m going to help him get back home.”

She smirked at him. “Call if you need back up, Sam.” I wasn’t sure what that meant, and she was heading back to the fire station before I could ask. I thought I saw Sam, the man I had been waving at and now leaning against, blush, but wasn’t sure. It was then that I noticed that he wasn’t just handsome, he was pretty.

I slipped my arm around his waist. “Really, I can make it on my one.” I tried to put weight on my ankle and howled in pain. “Okay, you can help.” I looked up at him. He was a good foot and a half taller than me. “Thank you, by the way. I’m Roger.” I smiled at him embarrassed by our meeting.

“I’m Sam.” He returned my smile with a glint in his eyes. “Shall we?” I gave him a nod and we tried moving a few steps. He stooped down to help take the weight off me, but our height difference made it cumbersome at best. “This isn’t working.” He said after a few failed attempts. “I’m going to carry you.” Before I could voice my opinion on the matter, he scooped me up in his arms. “Put your arms around my neck.”

I did as I was told, feeling like a bride being carried over the threshold. I just needed the obligatory sappy love song to start playing. He headed down the street with me in his arms as if it was just a normal thing. A few shopkeepers came out to find out what had happened to me, to which I embarrassingly answered, “I tripped and sprained my ankle.”

I was relieved when we got to my building. I wouldn’t have to keep telling people of my stupidity. “I got it from here, thanks.” I was expecting him to put me down, but he pushed through the building doors and headed straight to the elevator. “Really, you don’t have to take me all the way back to my apartment.”

“Floor?” He asked stepping into the elevator. I know I could have wiggled out of his grasp, but he felt so good holding me. “Floor?” He repeated when I didn’t answer. I tried to remember if I had anything out that would embarrass or incriminate me. Now that I lived on my own, and rarely had house guest, I tended to leave my toys and porn out.

“Fourth poker oyna floor. Apartment five” I finally said. He hit the button causing the doors to close. “You know you are going to need to put me down to let me get my keys out.” I saw him run his tongue over his full plush lips. I fought hard not to groan. Damn, if he wasn’t just a walking sex dream. I’d be blowing loads because of him for days.

“I know.” The look he gave me sent shivers down my spine. “I’m just going to get you in the apartment, some ice on that ankle and clean up your scrapes, okay?” I sighed audibly, enjoying this man’s touch and kindness. The doors opened and he went straight to my apartment. He sat me down gently, but I was lost in his eyes. He brought me back to reality when he said, “The keys?”

“Fuck. Oh, yeah. Hold on.” He chuckled softly, amused. I pulled my key from the special pocket on my shorts. I could feel the flush of embarrassment in my cheeks as I opened the door. He had me in arms again as soon as the door was unlocked. I didn’t protest. “Thank you.” I said when he laid me down on my couch.

I finally got to look at him. He was definitely going to be the source of a lot of self-pleasure for weeks to come. His blue shirt with the red emblem of his station over his right pec looked painted on. His biceps were bulging with hard muscle. I should have expected it since he carried me a block back to my place and wasn’t even winded.

It wasn’t that I was exceptionally heavy. I stayed fit. I was about one seventy. I have thick muscled thighs and butt from all my running. Everything else is pretty much toned muscle from running. I barely have any hair on my body, a combo of genetics and careful manscaping. Getting your pubes caught in your jock while running is not fun, trust me.

“I’m going to get some ice to put on your ankle.” I watched him walk to my kitchen. I couldn’t help admiring his ass. It was plump and perfect. “Do you have antibacterial cream and bandages?” I watched him piled ice into a towel. “I can call Scarlet to bring some from the station if you don’t.” Fuck I didn’t want her here, ruining my fantasy.

“Cabinet beside the fridge.” I quickly answered. “There’s a small first aid kit and I think some band aids. He rummaged through the cabinet pulling what he needed before coming back to me. I moved up on the couch, resting my back on the arm rest. “I shouldn’t be keeping you in case a real emergency happens.”

“Will you just hush and let me get you cleaned up.” He put the balled up towel on my ankle. “I am off in an hour anyways.” He took my arm and examined it thoughtfully. “I need to clean this up first.” He let go and headed back to the kitchen. I heard the kitchen sink turn on then he was back with a paper towel. “This might hurt.”

I braced myself for the sting. Sam dabbed gently at my wounds. I felt the tingle of his touch. He moved from my arm to my leg. He looked at me reassuringly, no doubt checking for any pain. I was mesmerized by his manly beauty. He caught me looking, gave me a wink before returning to the task at hand.

My cheeks flushed red even though I saw the curl of a smile on his lips. He carefully applied antiseptic then covered my bruises with gauze. I was still openly staring when he moved the ice pack. I felt his warm hands on my cold skin. “It looks like just a bad sprained.” He looked at me, a shyness in his eyes. “I’ll come by after my shift in an hour and check up on you, okay?”

“That would be nice, thank you.” I gushed out. He put the ice back on my ankle then stood. He looked massive from my vantage point. “Can I do anything to repay your kindness?” My voice was low and seductive, though I didn’t mean to. “Can I buy you dinner? I can order something and have it delivered to the station if you like.”

“I’m good.” He flashed a brilliant white smile. “I’ll be back in an hour or so. Keep off that ankle, okay?” All I could do was nod. He had me hypnotized. I watched him leave, admiring the curve of his ass pressed firmly into those tight pants. How I wanted to just grab hold of those voluptuous cheeks.

After about twenty minutes, I grew restless on the couch. I took the ice off my ankle then tested it. It hurt a little but it was walkable. I headed to the bathroom and cleaned up, showering off my shame. I replaced the bandages then slipped into some sleep pants and a comfortable tee. I was idly watching television when I heard the knock and remembered Sam was returning.

I rushed to the door, my ankle feeling much better. I wanted him to stay, even for a little bit. I had no choice. I’d have to pretend I was still hurt. Before I opened the door, I put all my weight on my left foot. “Hey, I almost forgot you were coming back.” He quirked an eyebrow up. “Come in.” I hobbled back to the couch, careful to play up that my right ankle was sprained.

“Feeling better?” He shut the door behind him. He followed me to the couch. He eyed me suspiciously. “Looks like you were able to take a shower and change. Are you getting around okay?” canlı poker oyna There was suspicion in his voice. I felt my cheeks flush and my loins stir at him being so close to me.

“A little. Yeah, it was a little hard putting weight on my right ankle, but I am getting around, just a bit slower.” I kicked myself mentally for not putting on underwear. I casually crossed my legs to hide my growing excitement. “It was really nice of you to carry me home and tend to my wounds.”

“I think you should have a doctor look at that ankle though.” I was confused about his comment. “Unless you’re really clumsy, it was your left ankle you sprained, not your right.” I felt my face flush red with embarrassment. I was busted. I had just turned my head to look at him, to take my punishment when I felt his lips on mine.

At first I was shocked. Then I relaxed into the kiss. His luscious lips, covered mine. His mouth tasted of mint. He had brushed just for this, I wagered. He leaned forward. I fell back. He was on top of me, my legs wrapped around his. I through caution to the wind, putting my arms around him, enjoying the feel of his hard sexy body. I didn’t allow myself to think about it, I just acted.

He tried to pull back, but I held onto him, keeping him locked in the kiss. He began laughing softly. “I’ve had a crush on you since I first saw you run by in those tiny shorts.” He said when I let him break free. He ran a hand through my hair. “Scarlet was threatening to tackle you just so I could get a chance to talk to you.”

“I wish she had.” I gazed up at him, disbelief filled me that I was actually staring up at the hunky fireman I had been lusting after for so long. “I run by everyday hoping to see you.” I saw his cheeks flush a bit with embarrassment. “Wait, my shorts aren’t that short. They are just regular running shorts.”

“They are short.” He teased back. “I half expected you to be flopping out the bottom. I know I would be.” My heart raced. I pulled him back into a kiss. I wasn’t normally so bold, but I wanted him. I wanted to feel him pressed against my naked body. I wanted to lick every inch of his skin so I knew what he tasted like. I wanted him thrusting into me, filling me up and ruining me for every other man.

I could feel my hard cock stretching between us. “I’m not normally this bold.” He said between kissed. “I think we should stop.” He moved off me, untangling us as he sat up. “I’m not this aggressive, but you got me feeling some sort of way.” I laid there perplexed, breathless and my hormones raging.

“I’m not normally this aggressive either.” I moved quicker than I ever had, straddling his lap. “I don’t normally have sex with a guy without knowing him first, but you’ve got me throwing all my rules out the box.” My desire and longing dripped from my voice. “How about just for tonight we forget who were normally are and just go with it.”

I watched his face as he thought about it for the briefest moments before answering with a sly smile, then pulling me close so he could press his mouth to mine once more. I felt the fiery passion of pent up lust and longing surge between us. His hands moved up the back of my shirt, his touch quenching the burning need for him.

My shirt was pulled off. “Damn, you’re beautiful.” He admired me for a brief moment before he began tasting my tanned brown skin. He explored my taunt smooth chest, eventually finding my nipple. He had one hand on the small of my back, the other had found its way down the back of my pajamas to get a handful of ass.

I arched back from the bolts of pleasure he sent through me, but he held me from moving too far from his mouth and its erotic manipulations. I gripped his head, alternating from pulling him harder onto my chest to trying to pull him off for a brief respite. Neither action deterred him from his singular mission. Tasting me.

My hands roamed over his hard body. I cursed the form fitting shirt for being in my way. I craved to touch his bare skin. My body was filling with sexual heat that his teasing mouth was fueling. My eight inches jutted from my fly, pressed between us. I could feel the sticky excitement seep between us.

Sam stood, holding me, a finger slipping between my cheeks. I relaxed willingly against his press. I wrapped my body around him. His mouth went to the tender flesh of my neck. I clawed at back, trying to tear the fabric from his skin. “Get naked already.” I moaned in desperate need.

He sat me down on the couch, towering over me. I watched him pull at the bottom of his shirt. He peeled it off in slow motion, accentuating his sexiness. I licked my lips at what his rising shirt revealed. I ogled his flat hard stomach and those perfect pecs dotted with dark chocolate brown nipples.

“Do you like?” I watched him make his chest dance for me. My mouth went dry and my eyes grew wide. I was speechless. He dropped his shirt then hooked his fingers in his pants. “Do you not like it? I can put my shirt back on and keep these on, if you prefer.” He internet casino wiggled his hips, making the abs ripple.

“You have two choices.” I snarled. “Take them off or have me rip them off of you. Choose wisely.” He waggled his eyebrows at me then unbuttoned his pants and slipped them down his hips. “Underwear? Really?” I cried out in frustration when I saw the tight white cotton briefs that hugged his hips and outlined his deliciously thick dick.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I loved the sight of him in his bikini briefs, but I preferred the sight of him out of them. I moved forward, my mouth licking the taunt belly. My hands moved around and took hold that the splendid butt, feeling the tight muscle and soft skin. I squeezed then squeezed some more.

I tugged down the briefs over his ample butt, then tugging it over the long thick cock. I marveled at the eight inch behemoth in front of me. The tip was a pale brown and darkened on the way up like an umbra. I felt the weight in my hand as I lifted it up to view his heavy big bull balls dangling below.

I lunged forward taking one huge ball then the other in my mouth. I could barely fit them in my mouth but I tried. I felt his hand on my shoulder, trying to steady himself as he spread his legs. I slobbered over the huge nuts, letting my tongue cradle each one as I tasted his manly musk.

He stumbled a step back and I moved with him, falling to my knees on the floor in front of him. I glided my tongue along his length. I swirled my tongue around his tip then sucked him down. “Fuck.” I heard him say softly when I was half way down. He was already pressing at the back of my throat.

I inhaled deeply and pushed him into my throat. I was at the perfect angle to take him. My nose rested in his neatly trimmed pubes. I looked up at him, my mouth full of his cock. He was looking down at me with amazement. “Damn.” I heard him say before I had to back off to keep from choking.

I worked his cock, using my hand to stroke him with the occasional deep throating. My own cock was poking out of my sleep pants, but I left it alone. All I wanted was this man in me, his cock sliding in and out of my throat. I was in lust filled craze. His hand ran through my hair while he muttered soft words of encouragement.

He moved back again, nearly stumbling from the bunched up pants at his feet. “Dude, I need to get out of these.” He sat clumsily down on the coffee table and began pulling off his shoes. “And you need to get out of those. No fair me being naked when your sexy ass isn’t.” I stood and dropped my sleep pants, leaving me naked before him. “You’re sexy as hell.”

He pulled me between his legs, crushing his mouth against mine. His hands each took a cheek, feeling my thick plump ass. He stood, lifting me up with him. Damn, if he didn’t like holding me. “Bedroom?” He said between kisses. I pointed, thrusting my tongue down his throat again.

He carried me into the bedroom, laying me on my bed with him on top of me. His mouth moved down my body to my cock that he lazily licked up and down. Then he patted his tongue long the underside of my shaft before moving to the top and swallowing me down with ease. I made low sounds of pleasure. His tongue slid around and over my cock with every stroke of his lips on my cock…

I could feel the buildup in my balls growing. Sam was too good at what he was doing and I had gone without for way too long. “Sam, if you’re going to fuck me, you better stop that before you end up with a mouth full.” He gave me two more teasing sucks before letting my cock go. “Lube.” I reached into the nightstand grabbing it for him.

He watched me with those quiet intense eyes. “Are you sure?” He dripped the liquid onto his fingers then slipped them under me, finding his goal with ease. My hips rotated, sliding up and down on his fingers, letting him stretch me. “I’m going to take that as a yes.” He pulled his fingers from my ass.

I watched him coat himself then he raised my legs up onto his shoulders and pressed forward, bending me so he was aimed just right. He pressed in slowly, letting me welcome him in. It wasn’t a hard push or insistent, but a steady slow push the moved through me like a hot knife through butter.

He kept his eyes locked with mine, his face contorting in concentration. I pulled him close. He shook his head in disbelief, pausing every so often to ensure he wasn’t hurting me. When he bottomed out in me, he sighed in contentment. “I can’t believe how beautiful you look…” His words trailed off. I reached up and cupped his head.

He began thrusting into me with long slow strokes. His rhythm picked up gradually. Then he was slamming into me, hard. The squeak of the bed mixed with my stifled moans and slapping of flesh. I knew the bed was moving, but all I could focus on was Sam. He leaned down for a kiss, letting me hold him for a brief moment before he pulled back.

His speed increased. I could feel his balls slapping my ass. His face was plastered with concentration. I knew it was imminent. Harder and faster he pounded into me. I gripped him, holding him close, letting him know it was okay without saying a word. His mouth covered mine, letting out a grunted moan into the kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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