First Date

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As I rang the doorbell to your apartment, I could hardly contain my excitement for the coming evening. This was going to be our first date after all of our conversations on the phone. I had dressed casual as you requested, wearing a nice T-shirt tucked into my jeans. As you opened the door, I couldn’t tear my eyes off of you.

You were standing there wearing the tightest jeans I had seen, with a loose buttoned up shirt that you only had buttoned far enough to barely cover your black tank top. You were gorgeous, your deep red hair framing your face as the rest of it rested on your shoulders. I couldn’t take my eyes off of your shirt and the way it barely concealed your large breasts.

You gave me a cute smile and asked if I was ready. I was ready alright, but not ready to leave, I was ready to take you right there in the doorway. I could feel my hard-on raging as you went over and bent to pick up your coat. Damn, what an ass! My cock was hard against my jeans now but I knew I had to contain myself until after dinner at least. You turned around and looked at me, your eyes looking up and down my body.

“You know what, would you like to grab an appetizer here before we go” you asked looking slyly at me.

I knew you had caught my hard-on showing through my jeans. You walked over to me and threw your arms around me to kiss me. I didn’t wait for you to start before I pulled you close and began kissing you. I tried to hold back my lust as I kissed you gently. I used my tongue and parted your lips slipping into your mouth as our kiss deepened. My tongue thrust inside your mouth exploring every part of it. I pulled you tight against me assuring that you felt my hardness. My mouth clung tight to yours as our tongues twisted around each other.

I reached down with one hand and grabbed your ass, squeezing it as my mouth continued to play with yours. You let out a soft moan as I start to kiss you all over. I kissed your cheek and moved down to your neck. I softly trailed my mouth down your neck to your shoulders, pulling back your outer shirt to expose them. My mouth moved between your shoulder blade and your neck, gently using my teeth to softly bite and suck at your soft skin. You moaned out my name and pulled my head closer to your body as I moved my head down to your breasts.

You unbuttoned your shirt and pulled it off exposing your tank top. I ran my hands up your body and squeezed your breasts through your shirt making you moan newcratos louder. You reached down and lifted your shirt up and off exposing your beautifully large breasts. I immediately moved my mouth to your nipples taking them in my mouth one at a time. I started sucking on them until they stood out erect.

I used my hands to massage your breasts and squeeze them together so that I could put both nipples in my mouth. I sucked, teased and nibbled at your nipples. You pulled my head so tight against you I almost couldn’t breath, but I didn’t care, I was too busy enjoying you. I reached down and undid your jeans pulling them down your sexy legs.

As I pulled your jeans down, I got even more excited. You weren’t wearing any underwear. As I moved my head down your body, I found myself staring at the sweetest looking shaved pussy I had seen. Your pussy was already soaked and begging for some attention. I leaned forward on my knees and softly ran my tongue over your soaked pussy lips. Your hands shot down and grabbed my head trying to push me into you, but I didn’t want to move that fast. I reached and grabbed your arms slowly pulling you down to the floor.

As you descended to the floor lying on your back, my mouth again sought your pussy. This time though, I parted your thighs with both hands giving me full access to your lips. I kissed my way down your left thigh and stopped just before your pussy. I let my tongue run all around it, flicking your opening every few seconds with the tip of my tongue. Again you reached down and grabbed my head begging me to eat you.

This time I was ready. I spread your lips apart with my fingers shoved my tongue inside you. The taste of your pussy juice drove me crazy, I began to suck and lick your pussy harder now. Biting at your cunt lips ever so gently so as give you extreme pleasure, but not hurt you. My hands slid under your ass and cupped your cheeks drawing you up tighter to my mouth. I began to rub my face against your pussy, letting my nose rub hard against your clit and the upper wall of your pussy. You were bucking hard against me with every rub.

I was sucking at you hard now, drinking up every bit of juice you were letting out. You were moaning and bucking uncontrollably against my face now making it hard to stay in you, but I did, and it soon paid off. I could feel your body start to convulse as you flooded my mouth with cum. I drank every bit of it up feverishly.

As newcratos giriş your body was settling down, I moved my mouth up to yours and gave you a deep hard kiss. You cupped your hands around my face and held my mouth tight to yours as your tongue ran wildly in my mouth tasting any bit of cum left in my mouth. As we kissed, my hand slid down and found your pussy and began to play with your lips. It was still very soaked, so it was nice and slick as my fingers slowly moved in and out. You spread your legs a little further apart giving me a better opening.

In and out my fingers went, I had four fingers in you and was rubbing your clit with my thumb. Faster and faster my hand went in and out. Faster and harder, in and out my hand dove repeatedly into your pussy. You started biting at my lips and tongue gently but frenzied as you reached another orgasm. Pretty soon your pussy exploded hard with juice, flooding my hand and soaking the carpet we were laying on. You gave me a deep kiss and then pushed me off of you and rolled me onto my back.

“It’s my turn to eat now.” you said in a lusty voice.

You pulled off my shirt and threw it across the room, then moved down and unbuttoned my jeans pulling them down at the same time in one motion. I was wearing a pair of leopard print boxers, but they didn’t hide my raging hard-on, which stood hard and ready for attention.

You looked up at me and smiled as you pulled my boxers down off of me leaving me naked before you. Your mouth moved down to my thighs and started kissing its way to my cock. You grabbed my cock with your hands and started to lick the tip of it with your tongue, slowly moving your tongue all around my shaft. It was all I could not to blow my wad right away; it felt so damn good. You wrapped your lips around my tip and started to descend on me pushing my shaft all the way into your mouth. You took me all in and then paused, letting out and evil sounding chuckle that tickled my shaft and sent pleasure through me that was unfathomable.

Then you started fucking my cock with your mouth, fast. Faster and faster your mouth went up and down my shaft I watched as your head bobbed up and down. I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“I’m cumming!” I warned as my body tensed up and shot your mouth full of my hot cum. You sucked and licked every ounce of cum off my dick then moved up to kiss me. This time it was my turn, I cupped my hands around your face and pulled your mouth to mine. My tongue sought out yours as we lost ourselves in a deep hard kiss.

We kissed each for a good 10 minutes just enjoying each other’s taste. As we kissed, I moved you around on me so that your pussy was almost on top of my already hardening cock. You could feel the hardness growing against you and reached down to help it along with your hand. You rubbed my balls and cock with your hand bringing me to another hard erection. You got up off of me and repositioned yourself so that your pussy was right above my rock hard cock.

I could already see your pussy glistening with wetness as you slowly descended your body onto my cock. I reached down and helped guide myself into you. Your pussy felt so hot and wet wrapped around my dick. Slowly you took me inside you until I was completely in. We paused for a moment enjoying the feeling. Then you went right in riding me hard. I watched your breasts and wild red hair as they bounced and thrashed about with every hard thrust.

Up and down you went; faster and faster until your pussy juice was running down my cock. I reached up and grabbed your breasts and massaged them as we fucked together. I didn’t want to cum this way though, I wanted to take control and make us cum together. I rolled you over onto the floor and told you get on your hands and knees. I positioned myself behind you and slid myself into you. You were so wet; I slid right into you. I grabbed your ass with both hands and started thrusting hard into you.

I used my hands to move your body against me to meet my trusts making them harder and deeper. Faster and faster I fucked you, in and out, faster and faster. Your body rocked back and forth as your breasts swung wildly with every hard thrust. We were fucking so hard we were both sweating. I kept thrusting in and out of you, until I could feel myself about to cum. I reached down and began to play with your clit as I continued to thrust. You were moaning and panting loudly, which only brought my orgasm faster.

“I’m about to cum!” I panted.

“Me too!” you panted back.

Then it happened I felt your body start to spasm in orgasm just as I erupted in orgasm. I held you tight to me as our bodies orgasmed together. We fell together in each other’s arms on the floor holding each other tight. After we had settled down, our hunger for actual food set in. Reluctantly we decided we had better eat. We both got up and got dressed to go.

As we left for the restaurant, my mind was already thinking about the activities that would surely follow dinner. Your sexy smile as we left let me know I wasn’t the only one thinking about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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