First Date

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“Take a seat anywhere,” the hostess said, waving at Naomi as she walked into the cafe. Naomi smiled and settled on a seat near the back. The hostess approached and dropped a menu on the table. “I’m meeting someone,” Naomi said, unable to stop smiling.

“Great, I’m Marie and just let me know when you’re ready to order. Want a coffee while you wait?” Naomi nodded and Marie disappeared into the kitchen.

“I’m early. Let me know if I can grab you a drink,” Naomi texted Jonathan. She pulled the clip out of her hair and shook out the waves a little.

“Coffee, thank you. I’ll be there soon,” Jonathan’s reply popped up.

“Take your time!” Naomi replied, unable to help smiling.

Naomi sipped her coffee and absorbed herself in her cell phone. Jonathan appeared in front of her and she looked up and smiled, quickly standing and embracing him. “Mmm,” he whispered as they embraced, “you smell amazing.”

They took the seats across from each other and Naomi smiled broadly as she took in his features in person for the first time.

“So,” he said, taking her hand.

“So,” she said, smiling back at him, “I have been waiting for this.”

With her other hand, Naomi rummaged in her purse. Jonathan asked how her day had been, and as she responded, she slid a small oval object into his hand where he was holding hers. Jonathan stopped mid sentence and looked in his hand for a moment and then up at Naomi who was studying his reaction. “Really,” he said, his voice flat and his mouth first tightening and then breaking into a full smile. He rolled the object in his fingers and pushed one of the buttons on it. Even knowing it was coming, Naomi’s body slightly jumped as the vibrator sprung to life inside her. He turned it off. They smiled at each other without speaking.

After a moment of quiet, Naomi said “I know. I know you’re not much into them but this urge just hit me and I went with it.” Jonathan straightened in his seat as he took a sip of his coffee and slid the remote control into his pocket. “Right. They are poor substitutes for the fun we can have together and sometimes they can cause the wrong kinds of overstimulation,” he said as he again turned the vibrator on. “But I think we can enjoy this for a little while.”

Naomi shifted as he adjusted the intensity and watched her expression as she adjusted to the quiet buzzing. He shut it off again.

Marie appeared and as Naomi was ordering her food, the vibrator sprung to life inside her. She jumped and cleared her throat. Marie probably didn’t suspect anything but Naomi’s cheeks flushed red at the thought of being discovered. She watched Jonathan as he calmly placed his order and then turned his attention back to Naomi.

They chatted for a while catching up on their days and Naomi shifted a few times in her seat and tried to catch her breath. “My dear,” Jonathan said, switching off the vibrator and watching Naomi exhale as the tension left her body. “You look ravishing and as if you might want to climax, already.”

“I told you how sensitive I am,” Naomi said, “and our conversation this morning and seeing you, and,” her voice stopped abruptly as Jonathan turned the vibrator back on and the food was delivered.

Naomi couldn’t stifle a laugh when Marie asked if they needed anything else and Marie gave her a knowing smile and quickly disappeared.

“Well,” said Jonathan as he stirred eryaman escort his salad, “it would be incredibly sexy to see you orgasm here, but just know that every orgasm you have from this vibrator will mean I get to give you three, however I choose.”

“Three,” Naomi’s voice was barely a squeak and her eyes were wide.

“You’re right. Five is more fair,” Jonathan said just as Naomi closed her eyes and shuddered with a wave of orgasm. Jonathan shut off the vibrator.

“Let’s have some lunch,” he said smiling.

They enjoyed easy conversation over lunch and shared lots of laughter. When they met online they had experienced the kind of comfort that some people took months to find with another person and felt an urgency about meeting in person as soon as possible. Naomi settled back in her seat, momentarily forgetting about the vibrator which buzzed to life in her wet pussy.

“How are you feeling,” Jonathan’s voice was low and his eyes watched Naomi carefully.

She steeled herself before finding words. “I’m,” she paused as the intensity increased and then decreased. “Deciding how many times I want you to make me cum later.” She giggled as she allowed another wave of orgasm to shake through her body. Jonathan laughed, “Well. You’re off to quite a start and we have only just begun to have fun with your little toy.” He turned it off and called Marie over to pay the check.

As they walked and continued their conversation, Jonathan periodically would turn on or adjust the intensity of the vibrator. Naomi stopped at one point and held his arm as a wave of orgasm passed through her body. “Jon,” her voice was barely a whisper. “I don’t know how much more I can take without you touching me.” Naomi looked down and giggled shyly.

Jonathan embraced her and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. “Then we should go and take care of that as soon as possible,” he said smiling and wrapping his arm around her back. They grabbed a taxi and Naomi snuggled close to Jonathan and they kissed first tenderly and then passionately. When the cab arrived at Jonathan’s apartment building, he quickly paid the fare and helped Naomi out of the car.

Naomi looked around as they entered his apartment. It was simple, neat, and modern.

Jonathan pushed the door closed behind him and pulled Naomi close, planting a firm kiss on her soft lips as his hands grabbed hers and lifted them over her head, pushing her body up against the wall as their tongues explored each other’s lips and mouths for the first time. Naomi’s body relaxed into Jonathan’s and he kept one hand with her hands while his other started to reach under and lift her shirt.

“I’ve been thinking about this since the moment I saw you. I need to feel your skin,” Jonathan said as he removed her shirt and exposed her lacy bra. Naomi’s breath shuddered as she exhaled and unbuttoned Jonathan’s shirt. “I know. My skin is aching to feel you against me.” She opened his shirt and slid the sleeves off his arms, quickly tucking her hands under his undershirt and sliding up his chest as he traced a line along her neck with kisses and nibbles. A soft moan escaped Naomi’s mouth as she pulled Jonathan close, pressing her body against his. His hand gripped her ass and squeezed, producing another moan.

They embraced for a moment and Naomi tucked her head against Jonathan’s chest. “Hmmmm,” she sighed, etimesgut escort letting her hands fall down around his waist and rested on his hips. They looked at each other for a moment and she said “c’mere,” and took his hand, leading him toward the couch. As he took a seat, Naomi dropped to her knees in front of him and began to loosen his belt. “You first,” her voice was low as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.

“Mmmm, can’t argue with you,” Jonathan said as he sat back, “although to be fair you had a head start.” Naomi slipped his pants from around his ankles and slid his socks off. Her hands settled around his thighs and she kissed his belly, watching his reactions. The vibrator she had almost forgotten buzzed to life deep inside her. She jumped a little and they both giggled as her tongue started to explore the tip of Jonathan’s cock. He shut off the vibrator and she used her fingers to massage the tip of his cock to release a little more precum and watched his reaction as she licked it off. His eyes closed and she wrapped her lips around his cock and slid her mouth down the shaft, her hand wrapped around the base. She paused for a moment when it touched the back of her throat, holding her breath as she took him as deep as she could. Jonathan moaned quietly as Naomi began to thrust her head up and down on his cock keeping her hand firmly at the base and following her lips as she slid up. She sucked him deeply into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the tip and continued to move along his shaft. His hips raised slightly toward her and she tucked her hands under his hips so she could squeeze his ass as she took him to the back of her throat again. Jonathan moaned and Naomi sped up her thrusting, sucking, licking and squeezing him with her lips and hand. She could feel his orgasm shudder through his body and pushed her head down so he came into the back of her throat. His body shuddered and she drank in his cum, and then licked her way back to the tip of his cock, then kissed along his hips and worked her way up his chest, kissing and nibbling.

She climbed onto the couch next to him and his hands slid into her hair as they devoured each other in a kiss.

“Let’s move to the bedroom,” Jonathan said as he used his fingers to trace the outline of Naomi’s hair. “You owe me some orgasms.” She laughed as he stood and took her hand, wrapping his arms around her as she stood up and reaching his hands inside her waistband. “These have to come off,” he said sliding his hands around the front and unbuttoning and unzipping her pants. She shook her hips a little and the pants dropped, she stepped out and as they kissed again she slid her socks off using her feet. Jonathan’s hand slid down and reached for the vibrator. He dropped it onto her pants which were in a pile on the floor. “No more need for that,” he whispered, “but oh my the wetness.”

Jonathan led Naomi to the bedroom where they stopped to make out by the bed. Jonathan’s hands explored Naomi’s neck and breasts, stopping when the tips of his fingers touched her nipple and it grew hard with his touch. His hand massaged her full breast and then he pinched her nipple, causing her back to arch slightly and her body to push toward him. He shifted her body and inched her toward the bed where she sat and he slid up next to her, and they laid down together.

“Now I can cash in,” he said, slipping his hand etlik escort between her thighs and pushing them open while dipping his finger into her wet pussy and then onto her swollen clit. Naomi moaned, knowing that Jon would be relentless especially after the vibrator escapade. His persistent and gentle touches on her clit started her first gentle waves of orgasm shuddering through her body. “Hmmm,” he said, as his lips met hers and her tongue dipped between his lips with need. He pulled away so her kiss couldn’t reach him and watched her reaction as his intensity increased and an orgasm rolled through her body. His lips returned to hers with a deep kiss and then he moved down her chest to her nipple. His hand moved out of her pussy.

“You are so sexy,” his voice was soft and intense. He rubbed some of her wetness on her nipple and planted his mouth over it, while dipping his fingers between her lips so she could taste as well. Her hips involuntarily lifted with need and a small orgasm made her shudder all over. Jon kissed his way down her chest and used his hand to part her lips while his lips closed around her clitoris. His breath in short bursts he gently sucked her clit while his tongue massaged it. Naomi moaned and her body shuddered repeatedly as waves of small orgasms took her. Jon lifted his head to watch her writhing in pleasure and his fingers continued to gently tease her clit. Sweat had broken out over Naomi’s body and a whine escaped her mouth as a larger orgasm hit and Jon’s fingers plunged inside her drenched pussy. He slowly fucked her with his fingers, keeping his thumb on her swollen clit. Naomi moaned, her hips rising to meet his thrusts.

“Jon please,” she managed to say, her voice quivering from the constant orgasms. “Please fuck me,” she said before her eyes closed and she moaned loudly, her muscles tensing around his fingers as a large orgasm hit her. Jon’s hand slowly moved out of her pussy and he slid next to her to passionately kiss her.

“I will my sweet,” he said, “I can barely contain myself right now.” He shifted their bodies and positioned himself over her, kissing her lips and moving down to her nipple, sucking it in against his teeth. Naomi could feel Jonathan’s cock rubbing against her wet pussy. Her hips lifted toward him and his mouth moved to her other nipple. He slipped inside her slowly, and a deep moan erupted from Naomi. Jonathan watched Naomi as his cock stretched her pussy for the first time. Her eyes opened and she was looking back at him, a sexy smile at the sides of her lips. She lifted her hips toward him again.

“We’re going slow my sweet,” Jonathan said as he gently slid out almost completely and then remained just inside without moving. Naomi closed her eyes momentarily as a strong orgasm hit, her pussy squeezing tightly around Jonathan’s cock and suddenly he was soaked with more of her juices as her orgasm finished with a shudder. He was moving again inside her, and she watched him with a smile.

“Jon,” she said, and another orgasm took her as she again tightened around his cock and he continued to fuck her slowly as she shuddered, clenching him as he moved in and out. “Jon, I want to feel you cum inside me,” her voice was a little raspy and she watched him as he moved inside her. His right hand reached down and put her leg up on his chest, pushing deeper with each thrust.

“You will, Naomi,” he said, his pace picking up slightly, “but you need to have many more orgasms before that happens.” he let her leg drop down and leaned in close, kissing her deeply, his fingers pinching her swollen nipples. “And then,” he said, teasing her lips with his tongue, “even more after that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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