First Date

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I met her online, On A dating website. It was October and she had just been stood up on a date for Halloween. We talked for a while and I couldn’t believe anyone would blow off this gorgeous, smart girl. I told her I never would. She seemed a little bit shy, but after a few days of online chatting I asked her to go out to dinner with me. She said she would.

Outside her apartment we met for the first time face to face, and immediately made a connection. Her hair was multi colored and she had dark rimmed glasses, two points of shiny metal pierced her bottom lip in a snake bite. She was hot.

We drove to a restaurant and had a nice meal, making small talk all the while. She just seemed cooler and cooler as I got to know her. Afterwards we walked out into the parking lot and I saw her looking at me with big eyes. Leaning over I kissed her, and she kissed me back. Putting my arms around her I held her lithe body close to mine as I kissed her more passionately.

Hands slid over her little round ass and I swelled against her. My hands slid into her waist band and she gasped as I slid a finger into her tight wet pussy. I could feel how eager she was, and as I massaged her she twitched and climaxed, gasping against my neck as her body throbbed around my finger. We broke away long enough to get in the car and soon found ourselves in an empty park by the bay, necking.

My mouth found her neck, her hand on my hard cock and my finger inside her in the steamy car when we heard a loud knock. Looking up we saw a bright light outside. The cop smirked fatih escort at us as he told us the park was closed. Trying to cool off we drove out to the street with my hand on her thigh.

Taking her home seemed like anticlimactic; when I suggested we go back to my place her eagerness showed by her hand stroking me through my pants, and her fuck me eyes boring into me told me what she wanted. It was a long drive but we finally got to my small trailer. Inside we talked again, and kissed for a while.

Across the room I see her looking at me. Our eyes locked and the world slowed down around us. No words were spoken, her eyes said everything. We met and our body’s crashed together, arms and hands encircling while eager lips parted and tongues explored. Her lips are like velvet against mine, our mouths locked together tongues writhing sensually.

Hands slide around her waist, smooth soft skin beneath my fingers. I feel her hands on my neck and my back. Holding each other close our hips grind together, I can feel her heat through your clothes as I rub my hard on against her. She lifts her knee to rub my leg with her thigh, and I feel her throbbing wet heat against my hard yearning cock. I slip my hands down her smooth back and feel her firm round ass.

Squeezing and groping I caress her, my mouth against hers, my hips bumping hers, my hands feeling her smoothness. I slide my fingers down gently touching her dripping wet clitoris, small circles of pressure increasing slowly. My other hand squeezes her ass, slipping fındıkzade escort my fingers down to touch her.

Feeling her hot wet skin with both hands and her endless kiss, we break away to breath and my mouth finds her neck as she moans and writhes against me. I feel her shudder and quake as her steaming wetness explodes around me in a pulsating gush and she quivers wildly crushed against me in ecstasy!

Trailing exquisite pleasure over my skin her hands touch me, pulling at the edges and unbuttoning my pants. I pull up her shirt and she pulls up mine. Clothes fly and drop to the floor. Our mouths lock and as I press myself up against her and feel her heat and the smoothness of her skin I moan and throb. I feel her slippery wetness against my hard on and her teeth on my neck.

Hands exploring my rigid flesh, slowly she leaves her mark on my neck, I writhe ecstatic in her embrace.

Seductive lips trail down my chest making me shake and writhe, clinging to the back of her neck and her hips.

Tender lips run down to brush lightly the head of my swollen cock. She licks me up and down slowly hands caressing me as she slowly takes me in. I groan, throbbing in her mouth as she gently massages me with her tongue. My hands feel her soft hair as I tingle with waves of pleasure.

Muscles tense up as she sucks and licks, taking me in deep as I explode, hot cum filling her hungry mouth, arching my back and moaning loudly she continues sucking at me through my long orgasm.

Pulling away she halkalı escort licks my cum off her lips. Kissing her deeply I run my lips down her body, stopping to nibble at her hard little nipples, then down to her smooth flat stomach. I slowly run my tongue down her soft cleft and find her throbbing clitoris.

Kissing her wonderful clitoris I lick down to taste her perfect ass and she shivers with pleasure. I kiss her and lick her and as my tongue probes at her tight ass I feel her pulsing around my finger, I kiss her sensual ass hole and she groans and arches her back.

I pull her up with shaking hands kissing her deeply and biting her neck as the head of my pulsating hard cock slips into her tight wetness. Gasping she stretches around me and I moan, grabbing her ass and lifting her up. She throws her legs around me and I turn and we fall onto the bed.

Pumping inside her I feel her body writhe and shake as she moans and claws at my back. I increase the speed, slamming into her harder and faster, holding her neck; she bites my chest and claws the bed sheets as her body shakes and her tight wet box convulses around me squeezing me with her rhythmic orgasm!

Slippery tight flesh grows hotter and wetter and I feel myself tingling and with a hard deep thrust I release my hot steaming cum inside her in an ecstatic explosion! Our body’s writhing together wet and spent.

Slowly slowing down I kiss her passionately and feel her cum and mine mixed together as we gyrate together, wracked by the after throws.

For three days we stayed in my trailer, she told me she had never had some of the things I did to her, and she liked it. As I got ready to take her home she confessed to me that she had never used a vibrator before, and as we drove I couldn’t help but fantasize about using one on her for the first time, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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