First Day at Work Ch. 03

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Female Ejaculation

I wake up kinda late Saturday morning and can smell bacon cooking throughout the house. I get dressed in some shorts and a t-shirt before hiding both pairs of panties under my mattress next to a few Victoria’s Secret catalogs that my mom was gonna throw out. I know I can get free porn on my phone, but sometimes it’s fun to look at those women and use your imagination. Thinking about what kind of nipples they have and guessing whether or not they have a puffy pussy of a nice set of lips. It can be more fun that way considering you can get all manner of explicit material at your finger tips. And my mom hasn’t found those, so I think the panties will be safe.

I walk into the kitchen and she’s in her robe at the table eating a BLT and checking the news or whatever on her tablet. As I walk by heading towards the stove she mentions that she made enough for me to make a couple of sandwiches if I want but she doesn’t look up at me. I start to make one huge sandwich but was suddenly struck with the thought of Tony telling me that I need to watch my weight for him. A weird feeling washed over me and I’m sure that I blushed. I felt submissive without him even being there. I instantly knew that I shouldn’t disappoint this man. So I made a lettuce and tomato sandwich to take back to my room. I’m walking past my mom still sitting and she asks me to join her so I felt obligated. I sit across from her but she still doesn’t look up.

I’m halfway through my salad sandwich before she breaks the silence. “So do you really like this job? I don’t want you to feel pressured to keep it because I helped set it up. If it’s not your thing then you can look somewhere else. Just want you to be happy, and of course you don’t have to do it the rest of your life. It’s not like this is the only future you can have for yourself. But it could help you save for college and maybe you could work hard and take a few courses too. Who knows?”

I thought about it while she talked. I could just quit. That option never occurred to me. I took a bite of my sandwich and wanted bacon on it. But just then my ass felt sore sitting in that chair. I flashed back to my face in the mirror with my hair being pulled and my hard little dick betraying me by cumming with a hard black man inside me. My mom’s words trailed off as I remembered the way Percy took what he wanted. How I was hoping my big strong boss would show up and defend me as his big purple headed black cock stretched my mouth for his pleasure. Then I snapped back when she mentioned college. I told her that it would be a good idea to save. To take a few courses. That I would keep the job and didn’t feel like she was pressuring me to keep it. But what I really thought was…..I don’t want to disappoint Tony.

“So how do you want to spend your first paycheck?”, she says with an up beat tone implying to me that I told her what she was hoping I would say about keeping the job.

“I have no idea yet”, I said. And I really didn’t. “Maybe you could get some work clothes or something that Tony doesn’t provide to make your job easier? How about something to carry some lunch in? Fast food can get expensive when you eat it everyday, not to mention that it’s full of crap that’ll just make you fat!”, she said getting exited about how she could help more. They all sounded like good Ideas I guess. I finish my sandwich and go to put my plate in the dishwasher as she follows me to start putting the leftovers away.

She notices that I didn’t touch any of the bacon and asks why, but I just said that I wasn’t that hungry. She shrugs it off and I grab a water out of the fridge on my way to my room to get my phone. I figure I might as well look on Amazon to see what I can spend some money on. I head back out to the living room to put some background TV noise on and open the app. I think about how mom said I should get some work stuff and remember that my raise in pay means that I need to find some clothes. But not the type that she thinks. Hopefully something can be delivered tomorrow.

I find a dress, some thigh highs, a bra that I hope fits, and even threw in a pair of high heels that I also hope fits. I got a little back pack to put it in. I can say It’s for lunch. My mom has been running back and forth through the house bahis şirketleri doing laundry and whatnot as I’m doing all this before finally checking on me just to tell me that she’s going out with some girlfriends later. Sure, whatever, nothing new on a weekend. I click back on Amazon and order some lube. Talking to her reminded me that I need something to help the job go easier.

The rest of the day was just lounging around. thoughts of Tony And Percy float in and out. My little dick would get semi hard and then my brain would shrink it back down in shame. Around 4pm my mom was making sure I was okay for cooking dinner and was out the door. Don’t wait up she said.

About an hour later I get a text from Tony. He wants to know if I’ve Started to think about getting some clothes together. And if I had a chance to steal some panties from my mom. I stare for awhile. It’s like he’s in my home now. I debate sending a text back when another one comes through, “Hey little BITCH. I’m talking to you!”

I quickly text back, “Yes sir. I should have some clothes delivered tomorrow. And I did get a pair of her panties”. After 5 minutes I get this text.

” Good girl. Don’t ever leave me hangin waitin for a text back from you. Did you even try to talk me up to your mom yet? We had a good conversation in your driveway but I think she still a little shy. That little two piece she had on still got my dick hard. Can’t wait to see you Monday. tell me what you doin now.”

I tell him that I haven’t had time to talk him up to her. She’s been busy all day and now she’s out with friends for the night. Almost instantly he sends me this. ” Good. Go and shave your whole body. Now’s a good time cause she ain’t there to wonder why you in the shower so long. Text me back in an hour and send some pics of that bare ass. You better not take forever”

“Yes Sir” is what I sent back. I go to the bathroom and find my razor. Not knowing how hard this is going to be, I turn on the shower and start shaving my legs. This is not working out. The razor is a good on but clogs up to easy. I’m going through blades and shaving cream like crazy! I’m getting results but I keep thinking of Tony’s impatience. A few cuts here and there. A new blade to shave around my not so sore anymore asshole and I think I’m done. I shave my arms too just so I don’t have to here about it. Everything is smooth from my face to my big toe.

I get out of the shower and dry off only to see a text waiting for me. It hasn’t been an hour has it? It’s from mom. Her and the girls are having drinks at Linda’s house. Don’t wait up. see you in the morning.

I take a few pics of my legs and shaved ass to send to Tony. Hit send and wait. Five or so minutes later I get back this. “That’s a good bitch. When your mom commin home? maybe we could have some fun.” I text back that she will be out all night. See her in the morning.

Then my phone rang. Tony. “Hello?” I squeak out. ” It’s hello SIR you little bitch. Start Over!”

“Hello sir.” just as he wanted.

” Good Girl. So you got the house to yourself. I think we can have some fun. Don’t you agree?” Tony said with a hint of glee. He knew he had me now. Outside of work he can still influence me. He didn’t wait for my reply. He continued, “Go and get those panties that you picked out for yourself out your mom’s drawers and put them on. And switch over to video chat so I can see my little bitch slide them up her legs.”

I do as I’m told. I place the camera facing me in a wide shot as my mom’s panties slide up my freshly shaven legs. This one simple act sends shivers through my entire body. My penis starts to chub a little as the silky fabric comes over it only to hold it back. Goose bumps form on my arms and ass and down my legs. I let out a soft moan that I thought only was in my head when I hear Tony say, ” You like that don’t you? I heard your little bitch ass whimper. Say you like it. Tell me how much you want to be my bitch!”

As much as I hate it he’s probably right. I tell him that I do like it and that I want to be his bitch, but not with the enthusiasm that he would have liked. I see in his face on the phone that he wishes he were here to give me a slap, but he lightens up some. I feel bad and want to start over bahis firmaları but he speaks first. “Go to your mom’s room and find that two piece she was wearing yesterday. Let’s see how that fits you.”

I blush at the thought. Not in a good way, but I do as he says. I put my phone on her dresser to get a shot of the room as I look through here things. I can’t find it. In the background I hear Tony talking about how he was painting that room and just imagined having my mom on her bed in every position possible while my little sissy ass would be in the next room listening to his mom get a big black cock running up in her. I find my mom’s dildo and set it aside on top of her dresser and continue to look. I go into the bathroom that’s attached to the room and out of view from Tony and find the bikini. It’s hanging on the towel rack and hasn’t been washed. I come back in the room with it and hold it up for him to see, but I notice he’s looking past me and at the toy my mom used last night.

“Well well well. Your mom likes them bigger than you’ll ever get. Little do she know she’s gonna get something bigger soon enough. Put that two piece on. Let’s see how her little sissy looks in mommy’s clothes.” I slide her panties off and feel a wave of embarrassment come over me. I feel the fabric on her bikini and it’s still oily from tanning lotion. I start to tie the top on and do my best to cover my nipples like she would do. Tony is just moaning in the background and calling me names. Mommy’s little sissy bitch. Little cuck boi.

I can smell the suntan lotion from the top I just tied on. The G-string bottoms have the same smell mixed with something else. I know what it is as I slide them up my bare legs. The string hits my asshole and gives me a shiver. I try and tuck my dick back and place the triangle of the fabric in it’s place. I present myself to Tony. He chuckles and calls me a good little bitch. Then he wants me to give him a little twirl.

“Spin around for my like a good little sissy. That’s right. Show Daddy what’s his. Smile. You know you love it! You got this big black dick hard and you know you want to worship it. Don’t you. Say you want it bitch.”

“I want to worship your cock sir”, was all I could muster. I didn’t think my life would change so fast in a couple of days. I have secrets now. I have become property.

Tony takes a long quiet look at me and says this, “You are going to have to do better than that. You better have those sissy ass clothes ready come Monday and if you don’t start to show a little respect then you will be punished. Get used to this. get used to this right fucking now! do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir…..” Another hard quiet look.

“I don’t think you do. Find a way to prove it to me.” I don’t know how to respond. I twirl a little. Dance a little. Beg him for his cock. “You are not convincing me one bit. Me and Percy gonna really put it on you unless you do better! “

As I’m trying to dance I turn and see the dildo I put aside earlier. The sissy mindset he’s been trying to drill into me takes over and I walk over to it. I can hear his smile as he chuckles a little. I’m doing something right! This is what could excite him enough to be easier on me. I pick it up and walk closer to the camera while licking the head of it. It’s smaller than he is but it’s not like I’ve had a lot of practice. I see his grin and his shoulder moving slowly as if he were stroking his big cock. I reposition the camera so it’s closer to the bed. This way I can stop standing and get comfortable.

I give him a side view of me sucking this dildo. I get deeper and deeper as my eyes water and spit coughs up around it. after 15 minutes of this my chin it pressing against a big set of face balls attached to the base. Tony is feeding me derogatory words of encouragement the entire time. “You know you love that you sissy. Take it deep and think about how I can get deeper. Practice for your Daddy. Look at me when you choke on that dick. I bet your mom’s pussy taste good don’t it boy. Suck that dick that’s been up in you mom. Take it. Imagine her cummin on that dick you suckin. But you gotta do better. You gotta make me feel it bitch.” I know what Tony wants.

I place the dildo pointing up on the bed and kaçak bahis siteleri reach over and get out my mom’s lube. Tony see’s this and goes silent but his arm is still moving. I squirt some in my hand and give my mom’s dildo a quick handjob to make it slick and then reach back and rub the rest on my bald asshole. I look right into Tony’s eyes as i lower myself down. Taking slow inches I finally reach the balls. The thong slid to one side and the little triangle patch covering the head of my little dicklette. I exhale as I bottom out and the soreness from yesterday comes back, but as I start to lift up it goes away. My tight ass holds on to the fake phallus and forces me to reach behind me to hold it down. On my knees leaning backwards with my growing little sissy clit pushing my mom’s thong forward, I began to ride. Tony starts to talk again as I whimper through soreness and pleasure.

” That’s right you little bitch. That’s more like it. Take that dick. Do all the work for that dick. Now you startin to learn. ” My Big Cock Boss is starting to move his hands a little faster. I moan out. My little dicklette is pressing hard on the fabric of my mom’s bikini bottoms. Pushing it forward from my legs. Bouncing in opposite rhythm to the self inflicted penetration. Slow at first but increasing with the sound of more from my BBC Daddy.

” Yes girl. Tell me you wish it was me in that pussy. Show me how much Daddy turns you on. you a little bitch now. You my bitch.” My precum is starting to show through my mom’s bikini bottoms. I’m holding her dildo still while balancing backward with my other hand. I feel empty and full over and over. a new sensation fills my hole and I agree that it is a pussy now. His pussy.

“God I wish you were fucking me Daddy! I need that big black cock of yours to fill me up! I want to worship that BBC….. suck you for hours and edge you until I get a big load of your superior cum!” My pace quickens along with his. My sweat starts to mat my hair to my face. My mom’s bikini sticks to my chest with perspiration. My little balls have tightened up almost into my body as my sissy clit bounces and fucks the air yet held back by the precum soaked fabric of my Mom’s dirty G-string.

I hear Tony start to moan. I see his arm slow down into long deliberate strokes. I’m still going faster. I hear him say he’s going to cum.

” You gonna make me cum bitch. Oh yeah. Keep fuckin that cock. Your Momma take that same cock you little bitch. Little sissy loves the same big cock her Momma loves. Momma gonna get this cock too. This Big Black Cock. Know how I know? Cause her little sissy loves this cock! And her little sissy loves to share cock! AWE SHIT! I’m cummin bitch! AWWWWEEE shit. Take it! Take it! TAKE IT ALL little sissy!”

Me during this. ” Oh God Yes Cum For ME DADDY! Give me that big load! Breed Me With That Superior Black Seed. Sink that cock Deep into my tight Pussy! Oh God Yes! My MOM DESERVES DADDY’S BIG BLACK COCK! I Want TO SHARE YOU WITH MOMMY!”

I cam so hard for Daddy. My sissy pussy bottomed out on my mom’s dildo and squeezed in pulses in time with my little hands free sissygasm into her bikini bottom. Little white cummies peak through the fabric as I hear my Daddy, my Boss, my Owner speak through my phone.

” Good girl. I expect you to continue all of what I set out to do. Just because I let you have your little orgasm doesn’t mean we are on the same level. You know we are not. Tomorrow is your day off. I will not call or text. But I do expect you to further my plans. Goodnight sissy. Be ready at 7am Monday. Make sure you shave again and stay smooth for me baby.”

“Good Night Daddy.” was all I could say. my legs are still shaking. Dildo still firmly up my newly discovered pussy. I lean forward and touch my softening dick and it wants to get hard again. The slightest little grinding motion on the fake cock in me makes me want round two! But Tony said he let me cum. I don’t want to disappoint Daddy so I shun that thought from my head. I better clean up anyway.

I get off the bed and turn my phone off. The dildo seems to want to stay put, so I let it. I take off the swimwear my mom was wearing just yesterday and clean them in the sink. I put a little suntan lotion back into them so she doesn’t notice. I mean, that’s how she left them. I clean her dildo and bleach it for sanitation. I hope I’m doing it right. Thorough rinse of course. Febreze the room and I’m out of there. I just Hope that Amazon delivers on time.

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