First Day of Spring

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Him: It’s that first perfect day of spring. I always think it’s the sexiest day of the year, that day in May when it’s warm and sunny and you can finally see all the beautiful bodies people have been hiding away all winter. Cleavage, arms, legs, everything is finally exposed. My favorite day of the year.

You go to a park with friends. Dressed for fun, maybe a short skirt. Drinking in the park, checking people out, having fun.

I pass you a couple times. Jogging in a tee shirt and shorts. You notice my body, but also my eyes on you. Whenever we see each other the eye contact is perfect, confident, sexy, with both of us making that smirking smile that says ‘I know what you want.’

Your friends leave, go to a movie or something, but you want to feel the sun on your skin some more. It’s late afternoon, but still in the 60s, and the sunlight is golden and warm on your body. You sit off on the grass in a secluded area, sipping a beer, soaking up the sun. People are leaving the park, but when you thought you were all alone I walk by.

I come up to join you. Sit next to you on the thick grass. Smiles. Chatting. You offer me one of your beers. There’s definitely chemistry, and you can feel my eyes on you, hungry. You can’t get enough of me either…you haven’t seen such nice arms all winter.

Finally I get up and tell you to come with me. You wouldn’t usually do this, but I say it so confidently. We walk further into the park, slowly, until we’re in a secluded little clearing. The grass is green and thick, and there’s a wooden bench set out in the middle.

I stop you, pull you to me, a bit too forward for your usual tastes, but you go with it. My hands on your hips. My eyes on yours. My lips graze yours, half a kiss, then I stop. I look at you again, ask: “are you a good girl or a bad girl?”

You could laugh at that. Could walk away. But I’m pretty sure you’ll be staying here with me…


Her: I shiver. I’m not sure if it’s out of anticipation, or because we are in the shade. As you pull me in closer and I get a feel of your biceps, I begin to warm up. You can feel me heating up through the thin material of your shorts as I ponder your question. I reach up to whisper my answer in your ear. I have to get up on my tiptoes to reach and you can feel my nipples brush against your chest.

“Well?” you ask.

I grab your hair and pull your head back.

“Don’t be so impatient,” I tease. “After all, we just met,” I say as I exhale warmly on your neck.

I pause a second to give you a chance to respond. Instead of an answer, you plant your hand on my ass, grabbing it hard and pulling me into you kissing me firmly, your tongue darting in and out of my mouth.

Clearly this was going to be a struggle for power.

You let me go and as my heels hit the ground, you instantly walk away and go sit on the nearby bench. . .

I pause for a second, testing the waters – trying to get a feel for who is going to make the next move. When I finally can’t wait one more second, I walk over to you, forcing myself to walk slowly – firstly to avoid looking too eager, and secondly to let you get a good look at what you could have, or what you’re going to miss depending on how the afternoon goes.

I sit on the grass in front of the bench, just out of reach to force you to make the next move.

“So?” you ask.

I’m enjoying the back and forth of this game. I feel like the puppetmaster, although perhaps you feel the same. I am fairly sure however, that you are wholly unaware that from my angle, I can see right up your running shorts. You’re not entirely hard, but you’re definitely paying attention. It occurs to me that someone like you might want to invest in longer shorts to avoid being preyed upon by women like me. . . which is probably exactly what you’re looking for.

As I’m distracted by these random thoughts, you notice my eyes are clearly focused on your inseam. Your cock responds and acknowledges my stare with a small throbbing motion. You reach over and grab my wrist and pull me up to my knees. I crawl to the bench, now kneeling between your legs. Only a few sheets of thin material separate my juicy pink lips from what you’ve been thinking about since you first saw me sunning in the grass. I’ve been the makanai cooking for the maiko house izle told several times I have DSL (dick-sucking lips) and the idea has not escaped you.

I reach up and run my hands down your sides taking advantage of this uninterrupted feel of your amazing body. A jogger runs by and lets out a whistle. We’re not doing what he thinks we are but if he comes back in ten minutes, we might be.


Him:It’s cute that you think that you’re in charge, my puppetmaster. I don’t mind it, I liked feeling you pull my head back by the hair, I liked letting you be in charge a bit, I like having to work for what I want. But I’m pretty confident I will get what I want, I feel like you wouldn’t be kneeling before me in a public park if you weren’t very interested.

That starts to change as your hand finds my semi-hard cock, through the mesh of my shorts. Your warm hand is rubbing it, bringing it to life, with a knowing smile on your face, your eyes on mine, your lips full and wet. You can feel your control growing, as I get harder, you’ve got me by the joystick. I’m smiling too, my hands on your shoulders, but the dirty smirk on my face is fading as you make me feel better and better.

When you reach up my shorts and grip my cock I can tell that I’m losing control. People thinking giving oral or a handjob is a submissive act, but really its dominant. We can both tell that you’re getting the upper hand, that I’m rocking up against you, a horny creature dying for your lips.

I’ve got to stop this before you’re totally in charge. I lean in and kiss you hard, and as my lips explore yours, my hands reach down and grasp you by the backs of your thighs, right behind your knees. In one motion, powerful but gentle, I pull your legs out from under you, sliding you onto your back, legs in the air. Before you know it you’re flat in the grass, my body pressing down on you, my hands still on the backs of your bare thighs, sliding upwards, reaching into your skirt.

This is too much. You don’t even know my name, you were more comfortable when you were in charge. Now my lean, hard body is pressing down on you, my hard bulge is pushing right up against your panties, my hands exploring further and further up your skirt. My lips are on your neck, then your collarbone and your shoulders. You can’t decide whether it’s time to stop this, or go with it completely. . .


Her: I can’t focus. I just give in for a minute, kissing you deeply, hungrily, letting your hands grab, move, touch feel wherever, whatever you want. I have a flash of a thought – of trying to stop you – but trying to control what’s happening is like trying to wake from a dream. My body has total control and I can only focus on your hands on my body, the throbbing pressure between my legs from inside and out.

You feel me pushing my hips closer to you – I can’t help it – I can’t stop. It’s still not enough. Between the few thin layers between us, you can feel that my panties are already soaked. You can feel my heat in the cool grass. Clearly I have given up any sense of privacy or modesty. I want to feel your hot body all over me – your hot mouth on my hard nipples – your rigid cock rubbing between my legs. But I don’t want you to know that I’m totally willing to do anything you want at this point so I loosen my grip, forcing you to make a move to get my attention back.

While I was mentally fast forwarding to you shooting your hot cum all over me, you have managed to sneak your hand in between my legs. You are a little taken aback by how wet I am already – but that only serves to make your cock even harder.

I let you slip your hand into my panties while I raise my leg between yours. As I’m kissing your neck and sucking on your earlobe, I feel you press yourself into my thigh. A small moan escapes my lips right in your ear as you begin circling my clit with your thumb. I slowly raise and lower my leg just so I can feel your hard dick rubbing on it. Your fingers are so slippery, you can’t help but slip one in. My cunt is so tight, you don’t even know if you could get another in. You start thinking how tight it will be sliding up and down your hard cock. I moan the midnight club izle audibly not even caring who might hear me. I let you slip one finger in while rubbing my clit in circles with your thumb. I refuse to give you the satisfaction of making me cum so soon. I take you by surprise and push you off me. I want to taste you. . .


Him: It’s good that you pushed me off you, because I was getting too close. Too close to finding your g-spot, rubbing it with two fingers while my thumb worked your clit. Too close to tearing off your panties and yanking down my shorts. Too close to taking you in one rough, desperate motion.

You could feel that building up. My body was rocking on top of yours, you could feel the length of my hard cock, first rubbing up and down your inner thigh, then running along your cunt. I was in another place, not thinking anymore, just a hungry man, pinning you down and hoping to thrust in.

When you push me back I smile knowingly. No need to rush. I can control myself for a little while longer…I think. I sit back on the bench and you come to me on your knees. Smiling and licking your lips. You reach up one of the baggy legs of my shorts and pull me out. Rock hard now, pointing up, yearning for you. Your eyes on mine, my hips rocking slightly forward, dying to feel your mouth on my cock. Finally you part those sexy lips and take me into your wet mouth. It feels better than I could prepare myself for, I groan quietly, as if you’re sucking away my frustration and anxiety.

My hands range over you, cupping your tits, pulling down your top, grasping at your shoulders and clutching your brown hair as you work my hard cock. I pull off my shirt. You’ve got one hand working my shaft, getting wetter and wetter, the other holds tight to my side, gripping my torso as you pull me towards you. We’re holding onto each other tightly, your mouth controlling my movements, my breathing. You know you could taste my cum if you wanted, could drain a load out of me if you just kept this up.

But where’s the fun in that? You start to imagine how good I must feel, you start to crave my tongue, my fingers, my cock.

I’m too in a trance to change the position, but you can tell that I want more…


Her: I tease you with a few more flicks of my tongue around your swollen purple head. I drive your hard cock all the way to the back of my throat and hold it there until I gag on it. I run my tongue slowly up the shaft of your cock one last time. As I taste the salty tip, I know you need a minute to cool off. I begrudgingly back off for just a minute – taking your shorts with me – letting the cooling late afternoon breeze sweep across your sweaty, pulsing dick and balls. I sit back on my heels for a minute taking you all in, sitting, completely, wholly aroused in the middle of a park where anyone could walk right by and see your throbbing cock out in the open.

I stand up and see your eyes longingly follow me – your sexy vulnerable body covered with nothing but your running shoes – and the sweet stickiness of our time together. You sit – stiffly, wondering what is going to happen next – knowing it has not yet been enough – will it ever be? I drop my white panties to the ground from underneath my skirt. They were soaking wet and too cold on my hot pussy anyway. As I walk back up to you, all you can do it watch and wonder what my next move is. I’ve won you over . . .and I plan to take full advantage.

As I approach you, my hand disappears under my skirt. My middle finger comes out glistening. I stand right in front of you, presenting your prize – hard nipples, tan skin, you can smell the sweet scent of my sex aching for you. I run my sticky finger across your bottom lip, teasing you with my taste. You suck my finger into your mouth – hard – enjoying it as you swirl your tongue around it, enjoying the sweet, salty taste from my dripping cunt.

As I step forward, fully planning on impaling myself on your erect cock, you stop me by shoving two fingers under my skirt, right inside of me. Your aim is perfect and as I’m already dripping – they slide in so easily. I’m taken by surprise at not only your aim, but your accuracy as you perform the “come hither” motion that quickly the midwich cuckoos izle brings me to the brink of orgasm.

I place my right leg up on the bench giving you full access and displaying my neatly trimmed pussy for all to see.

You manage to find my g spot while reaching up to clamp your mouth for just a minute on my clit. You taste me and flick your tongue as fast as you can on my hardened, erect, little pink button while your fingers pull an orgasm out of me. I cum almost instantly as my juices run down your wrist. I moan loudly as my pussy contracts around your fingers.

I need to steady myself, but don’t want to get one inch farther from you. I come and kneel on the bench, one knee on each side of you. As you place your hands on my hips, I anticipate you pushing me down, hard on your more-than-ready participant. As you pause for a second, a single, hot drop of cum drips from between my pussy lips, cools in the evening air and lands on the aching head of your cock – slowly rolling down, changing course as it hits a throbbing vein, finally settling in between your full, swollen balls.

I lean forward and kiss you much more tenderly than before, almost painfully – if only temporarily – putting to a halt our “first date” activities. The taste of me on your lips is enjoyed by the two of us, sharing it together swirling it on our tongues. . .


Him: My balls are swollen and aching as I lick your nectar from your tongue. I can’t hold back anymore. As you hover over me with your dripping pussy, I buck my hips and with perfect aim, finally thrust my throbbing cock into you, filling you roughly and completely. The friction of your tight hot pussy on my cock is enough to push me right to the edge, but I don’t want this encounter to end yet. I take a deep breath, distract myself for just a minute and clench my teeth as I hold off filling you with by hot, salty load.

I regain some semblance of composure and begin to thrust in and out of your cunt as your struggle to keep your balance above me. Your thighs are shaking on the verge of orgasm as you realize you have totally lost control. . .


Her: I can no longer hold back. I need your cum anywhere, everywhere. I’ve totally given up and concern for the fact that we are in the middle of a public park. I ride you as your strong hands grasp my hips. I can feel you throbbing inside of me and admire your self control. After all, you’ve already made me cum. I see so reason to hold back and pound my pussy down hard on your cock. I’m grinding on your lap rubbing my slippery clit on you as a rub back and forth.

Your cock could not be deeper inside of me. You fill my entire pussy. I need to cum with you inside of me. As you bite me on the neck, you push me over the edge and I shiver and throb as I orgasm and pulse with your hard cock on the edge of shooting your salty load.


Him: As I feel your pussy muscles contract and squeeze my cock, I am so hungry for you. I am about to blow and can’t tease or wait any longer. I whisper in your ear, “where do you want it?” You respond with, “I want you to cum inside -” And before you can finish your sentence, I shove my aching cock forward, wrap my strong arms around you tightly and give you what you wanted from the moment you saw me jogging in the park. My muscles tighten and finally let go. My hot thick cum shoots into you as I lose all control.

Finally the aching in my balls is released as strong waves of pleasure and adrenaline rush over my entire body. The thought of cumming in a stranger make me shoot two or three more times before I can finally exhale. My legs and arms turn rubbery as I can finally relax my muscles. I shiver as the final shocks run through me as you slowly rise up off my cock. We shyly look to gather our clothes, but since we were wearing so little to begin with, we have little to clean up our sticky sweet mess. . .


Her: I pull my wrinkled musty clothes on, now covered with evidence of our public affair, as if there wasn’t evidence enough. I realize I have no idea how many people heard or saw us in this moment of public passion. I must look a mess – a blushing, satisfied mess but I have nothing to clean up with and will have to head home in this condition. I straighten my clothes, give you one last smirk and begin to walk away. I have no idea what you’re thinking but I plan to frequent this park a little more as the weather gets warmer. . .


Him: I have no idea what you’re thinking as you leave, but my cock gives one final twitch as I see a tiny drop of cum trail down the inside of your thigh from under your skirt as you smirk and walk away.

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