First Discovery Ch. 02

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“Hey Nikki,” I say as I see her in this room I can’t recognize. It was just a white room; white walls, white door, and nothing else. It was just me and Nikki in this room.

“Hey Taty,” she huskily said as she walked slowly and seductively towards me. Out of reflex, I walk backwards in to the wall. I look down to see that I’m in my pjs, black silk pants and a black sports bra. Nikki was wearing red booty shorts and spaghetti strap shirt.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“Dunno, but I heard what you said about me.” Nikki trailed her finger along the strap of my sports bra.

“Said what?” I was getting so nervous, my heart felt like it was to beat out of chest.

“You said,” She now trailed her finger from the bottom of my lip, down my chin, my neck my chest then into cleavage. “That you thought I was sexy.” she whispered into my ear, her lips grazing it. She lightly licked around my ear, then pulled back to look at me.

“I’m sorry.” I quivered.

“No need to be sorry.” she stared into my eyes. “Cause all I want to do right now is fuck you.” She huskily said.

She slowly moved her head to mine as I tilted it. Slowly our lips met, feeling her soft lips on mine. She opened her mouth slightly and her tongue grazed my lip. I opened my mouth, to allow her tongue in. We instantly started wrestling with our tongues. I felt her hand grope my boob softly then travel downward on my flat stomach to my waistband. Her hand went down my pants and went directly to my throbbing clit. I gasped.

“oh fuck.” I moaned in Nikki’s mouth, I’m so close to cumming. Her lips left mine and she nibbled on my ear.

“Cum for me baby” she huskily said. “Cum for me” I was holding onto her for dear life.

My hips was rocking against her hand. “Oh, fuck!” I screamed. “I’m Cu-“



That was the dreadful sound of my stupid alarm clock. I shut it off, then look around with my tired eyes just to see my plain old room. Gosh it felt so real. I stuck my hand in my pants. Even my pussy is soaking wet.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes.I got up grabbed my towel and took a quick shower. I jumped out of the shower brush my teeth and head to my room to change.

I put on a pair of purple boyshorts and bra on, black basketball shorts and a black tank top that said ‘Native Hawaiian’. I quickly packed all my stuff for the trip in a duffel bag and grabbed my tent from the closet and placed them by the door.

I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat on the couch infront of my tv. Not that long later my favorite show is on and I was laughing and laughing and having some fun until I hear some one at my door.

“Come in!” I yelled, eyes still glued to the tv. I heard foot steps behind me thinking it was Tasha or Shaun or something like that. The footsteps on the floor got louder, then just stopped. I felt hands on my shoulders, they felt soft. I was to lazy to turn my head so I just said,

“You guys are late man, don’t we also have to pick up Nikki too?”

“You don’t have to, I’m already here” I heard her say.

I looked up to see Nikki looking down at me smiling. Her hair was down over her shoulders, she was wearing clear lip gloss, and I noticed a a little beauty mark under her left eye.

I grinned, “Hey”

“Hi Taty,” She smiled back into my eyes. “You know, I think you look even hotter with your glasses off.”

“Oh, well,” I chuckled. “Don’t tell anyone, but it makes me look smarter.” I playfully whispered to her.

She laughed. “I bet your already smart.”

“Yeah, but only in a couple ways.” I laughed and stood up. The places where Nikki’s hands once was, begged for contact. “So I guess they sent you to get me, lazy asses.”

“Don’t say that,” she playfully hit me on the arm. “I wanted to come and get you.”

“You know what, you are a very nice person, also very pretty and smart.” I walked over to get my stuff with Nikki right next to me. “I won’t be surprised if you already have a girlfriend.”

“You wanna know a little secret?” she whispered. “I don’t have one.” she smiled.

On merter escort the outside I was shocked but on the inside I was happy. “Why not? You’re hot.” I said as I opened the front door and we walked out.

“Well, I just got out of a relationship, I caught her cheating on me with a guy.”

“Wow, what an idiot, I guess she couldn’t make up her mind.” I say.

“What about you?” she asked. “Got a boyfriend?”

“Nah, don’t need one”

She looked down and saw me carrying almost 4 bags and she reached over to my hand holding the tent and grazed it while grabbing it from my hand. I smiled to her, she smiled back. “I wanted to be nice and take some burden off of you”

“What are you talking about,” I smile. “You are nice, and you do take burden off of me.” We leave the apartment building doors and walk over to tasha’s jeep. It was an old school one. The jeep could fit 6 people, 3 in the front and 3 in the back. Tasha was driving and Shaun and jazz was in the passenger seat next to her. In the back was christi me and Nikki. I threw my crap in the back and jumped into the car next to Nikki and then started to drive off. “How far away is the beach?” christi asked.

“Maybe about an hour or two” Tasha answered. “Hey Shaun where’s your girl”

“Oh, I broke up with her.”

“Already!?” I yell.

“yeah, to clingy.” Shaun said.

As the drive went on Christi, jazz and Nikki fell asleep. Nikki laid her head on my shoulder and she looks so peaceful, I couldn’t help looking at her. Glimpses of her cleavage was shown through her hair. Her chest was rising up and down and she was still.

“You like her, huh?” I hear Tasha say looking at me through her rearview mirror.

I gave a heavy sigh. “Gosh, I don’t know. Have you ever been in a ditch like this?”

“Actually yeah,” she told me with full focus on the road. “did you know I wasn’t always gay.”

“I thought you were like Shaun and jazz.” I said surprised.

“I was sort of in your situation right here. Met this girl she was crazy sexy though I was straight. I had questioned my sexuality so many times, I got so confused.” She continued. “Though when we were alone and we stared into each others eyes and we connected.”

“In other words you guys fucked like there was no tomorrow.”

“Yeah you could say that.” Tasha grinned.

It wasn’t for about 10 minutes later Tasha pulled into a tree shaded parking lot not to far from the beach. “We are here.” she announced.

Everyone started waking up but Nikki. I didn’t want to wake her from a peaceful sleep. Slowly, I moved my hand across her chest to her shoulder and shook her gently.

“Hey Nikki, wake up.” I said sweetly. “come on we’re here.”

Nikki slowly started to open her eyes, then looked up at me. I smiled, she smiled back. “Come on let’s go sleepy head.” I said playfully.

She laughed, “I’m up, I’m up.” she sat up and ran her hands through her hair.

“I like the way your looks like that, all wild.” I genuinely thought that. It made her look more exotic.

“Stop lying,” she laughed.

“no I’m serious”

She just looked at me with a familiar look. Her eyes looked like as I’d she was hunting. Though filled with lust and want.

“Come on you two, let’s get your junk out of the car.” christi announced.

“Okay” I call back. Me being the first to break the staring contest I hurry to the back to get my bags, and Nikki follows me. I grab all my stuff and she grabs the tent and her couple bags of stuff. We followed Tasha into the trees into the clear wide open space with like a canopy in the middle, with a BBQ grill. Luckily I’m the only one who barbecues on the grill and brought stuff to barbecue.

“The beach is just that way if you want to go swimming.” Tasha pointed out ahead of us. “You guys can camp anywhere in the area, it’s rented for us for three days.”

Me and Nikki walked over to a flat ground just about a couple feet from the canopy. We both throw our stuff down and get started on our tent. In about 10 minutes we get the zeytinburnu escort tent set up and now we start to carry things inside. The tent was made for 2 people, wasn’t to big and it wasn’t to small. On the right side of the tent Nikki put all her things, and I put mine on the left. I checked the time on my phone, and it was already 5:00 and we haven’t eaten anything since noon. I grab the cooler of food and the cooking supplies that I brought on the trip and brought it outside. Nikki was still getting her things finished.

“Who wants some hot dogs?” I yell. I hear positive responses and I start heading to the grill. I reach into my bag to get the grill scraper an start scraping off the crap on it. I empty the charcoal in the bottom and replace it with new ones. Then, I squirt some liquid fire starter on the charcoal and rip up some newspaper then throw it in there.

“Anyone got a lighter.” I yell. I dont smoke and I left my matches on the kitchen counter.

“Catch” Shaun yells, then tosses her lighter to me.

I catch it, light a piece of newspaper then throw it into the charcoal. Fire erupted from the pile instantly, so I headed to the table to get the table under the canopy and started to get the food ready. I got out the cutting board, hotdogs, buns, ketchup, mustard and relish, plates and knife. By the time I got all the things on the table. Nikki started walking towards me out of the tent.

“Woah,” she looked surprised. “Looks like you are packed.”

“Yep, no one else here knows how to grill except me, so yeah.” I explain.

“Wanna know what tomorrow’s dinner is?”


“I’m making some steak and some corn on the cob.”

“Woah, lady your gonna get me with your cooking.” Nikki patted her stomach and sat across from me. I got my knife sliced open the pack of 12 hotdogs and cut three diagonal slits into each hot dog and put them to the side.

“You look like a pro.” she said mesmerized by the speed of my hands.

“Not really, when I was 13, my mom had barbecues every friday, and she taught me how to check grill, clean it, to know when the fires ready.” I said. “You know, the basics.”

She nodded her head looking actually engaged in the convo.

“I couldnt learn how to cook on the the stove, I got to confused. But I do know how to bake.”

“Did you want to like become chef when you grew up?” Nikki asked.

“No actually, I wanted to be a pro soccer player.” I said as I carried the hotdogs over to the grill. “I was so good that I got an invitation to play on the Olympic team.”

“Why aren’t you there right now?”

“I got into an accident a few weeks before I was gonna fly over their.” By this time I was placing hotdogs slowly on the grill.

“What happened?”

“Well It was-” I turned to see everyone else come out of their tents and walk towards us. I lent to the side near her and whispered, “I’ll tell you later.”

“How much longer till it’s done”? Shaun asked and sat at the table, with Christi, jazz, and Tasha following her.

“A few minutes,” I rotated the hot dogs in a quick motion so I wouldn’t burn them. “who wants a beer? I brought only 6 for the trip.”

“I do!” Tasha yelled and went for the cooler.

I gave the hotdogs one last turn, then put them all on a plate. I walked over to the table put the plate down and sat next to Nikki.

“Dig in,” I exclaimed.

Everybody quickly moved their hands for the hot dogs and made their hot dogs.

“Thanks Taty!” Nikki said as she bit into her hotdog. Every one else followed her in saying thanks, then Tasha said, “So Nikki, where’d you move from?”

“Um, Vegas.” she nodded.

“Oh, by yourself or with someone.”

“By myself, I was sort of kicked out after I told my parents about me.” Nikki took a sip of her beer.

“You guys wanna know something funny?” Jazz asked. We all respond in yes’s and yeahs. “When I told my mom about me, she was actually quite excited and she said, ‘I always wanted a gay kid!”

I laughed, “When I was 13, my mom told me specifically güneşli escort if I went gay, she would beat the living hell out of me.” they laughed. “I think that’s the main reason why I’m not gay.”

“It doesn’t matter what she thinks, its about what you want” Nikki informed.

“That is so totally right!” Christi hi-fived Nikki across the table. ” I mean that’s what I’ve always thought about.”

“So Taty tells me that she was a pretty good soccer player.” Nikki said to the whole table.

“Good?” Tasha questioned. “More like fucking beast! If she got an invitation to train for the 2012 Olympics in high school, shes like a fucking god.” Tasha went on.

“I know right!”jazz said. “In this one game, against brooksfield. She kicked the ball up in the air, and did this backflip and kicked the ball into the goal!”

I did a quiet chuckle. “A bicycle kick, Jazz.”

“I don’t care what it’s called, it was just cool.”

“So what happened, she said she got into accident.”

“Oh yeah, it was pretty bad.” Christi mumbled.

“She got into a fire at a soccer camp she went to, before she was to ship off for the olympic practice.” Tasha added.

“My boyfriend was in the building when it happened and I was walking by, so I went in the there to get him.” I said quietly, it was one of the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life. “I got him out and we started running, when he ran out of the door I was right behind him when a lob of wood fell in-between me and the door. I stopped to late and twisted my ankle and fell to the ground. As I was trying to get up a long piece of burning wood fell on to my back, it fucking burned. By the time I got it off my back I was starting to pass out, though the firemen came and rescued me. I stayed in the hospital for about 3 weeks, with them treating the burns on my back. And I had to take physical therapy for 3 months, before I could ever try to play soccer again. By the time I was back, those bastards already filled my spot and by the time I heard that I caught my boyfriend sleeping with a girl that went to camp with us and he told me he has been cheating on me since before the fucking fire, that dick.” I was so fucking pissed. I usually just take deep breaths, but it didn’t work. I just stood up and walked away. It was just heartless what they did, they didn’t give a fuck about me, they just cared about the team. I just can’t imagine the look on their Nikki and them faces after i just walked out angry. I didn’t know what to feel anymore, I just sobbed quietly to myself, lying on my sleeping bag facing the wall. Not maybe 30 seconds later, I hear the tent unzipped I turned to see Nikki stepping in and zipped it closed. She sat close and next to me and I looked away.

“Taty,” she said sincerely. “I may only know you for like two days and never seen you play before but, u have a kind heart.” She added. “You had the guts to save a guy from a fucking burning fire who was cheating on you before that and spent like 4 months training over and over again so you’ll get back into shape for the team that turned you down.” She smiled and moved closer to me and started rubbing my arm smoothly, send waves of shocks down to my stomach.

“You got the things that I wish I could have. To add on that, you’re sexy, you’re smart, you’re funny, and can make some damn good hot dogs.” we laughed together.

I turned my body to find that she was laying on her side with her head in her hand and her long curls draping down across her chest. She was staring into my eyes and soul smiling seductively.

“To add on to that, I’m a girl who likes scars, it makes them seem so much more sexy.” She stared at my lips and glanced at me, while I did the same. The next thing I know were moving our heads closer and closer to each other. We stopped a centimeter away, “I would really want to kiss you tight now.” Nikki whispered.

“I want you to.” Was my only response before our lips met and played in a frenzy. Her lips felt as soft as feathers, kissing lightly in a call and response game. Our kissing became more filled with lust and want and Nikki wrapped her arm around my waist and pulled me in close and into her body.I put one arm under head and put my fingers in her hair and put my other hand on her lower back just above her great ass. I felt Nikki’s tongue graze my lip lightly as an invitation. I respond by licking her lip and that’s were it all started.

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