First Discovery Ch. 03

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“Oooooooohhhh.” I groaned into Nikki’s mouth as she firmly grabbed my ass with her soft hand. I heard some noise outside, I think some foot steps. I hesitantly pulled back away from her lips and stared into her eyes and smiled.

“What’s wrong?” Nikki asked feeling that she did something.

“Nothing, I think we should wait until the camping trips over.”

“Are you embarrassed of dating me?” She sounded offended and backed away abit.

“No, no” I chased after her and lay right next to her. “You should feel embarrassed for dating me compared to tasha and them.”

“What are you talking about?” Nikki questioned. “You are a very sexy, fun person, why would I be embarrassed.”

“Compared them, I’m like a virgin. No experience in dating a chick escpecially a hot one.”

“Don’t worry about that, by the time I show you how fucking a girl is better than a guy, you’ll be an expert.” Nikki grinned.

“Okay, but let’s keep this secret.” I said.

“Okay, we’ll wait.” she pouted.

I laughed. “Come on,” i pouted. “I bet i’ll be worth the wait.” i kissed her lightly.

She was still pouting and making a playful sad face.

“No one said that we couldn’t make out.” she laughed too and started kissing me forcefully. She slowly pushed me on my back and got on top of me and caressed my leg slowly.

“I can’t wait till we’re all alone.” she whispered as she made her way to my ear and started nibbling on and around it.

I groaned. “Me too, what are you gonna do to me?” I was getting all hot and bothered.

“First,” She gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “I’ll kiss you on your perfect lips.” she kissed me. “Then play and kiss your beautiful tits”

I moaned. “Ooohhh, what else.” She was caressing my ass and grinding her leg slow and hard into the thin material of my shorts and already wet panties while grinding her shorts on my leg.

“Then, I’ll lick a trail down your perfect sexy belly,” She put her hand under my shirt and rubbed my stomach slowly and tenderly. “Then I’ll take off your pants and panty and fuck you all night.”

My breathing was getting heavier and more ragged as she got faster, I wove my arms under hers and gripped her shoulders, i was getting close. “Oh fuck yeah.” I moaned.

“‘llI lick your pussy all night and finger fuck you in and out.” She breathlessly and huskily said aloud.

“Oh gawd!” I moaned in a high-pitched voice, I am so close.

“You like the sound of that don’t you?” She sped up, I pressed up against her moving leg.

“Oh yeah.”

“You want me to fuck you?” Nikki panted.

“Yes!” I breathlessly said.

“Want me to lick your pussy?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” this was all it took before we both exploded.

“I’m coming!” Nikki yelled. I pulled her month down to mine to muffle my scream of ecstasy so it won’t be heard. Moments later, I came back to earth and Nikki was on the side of me looking up and catching her breath.

“Holy fuck!” I panted.

“That felt so fucking good.” Nikki turned to her side to face me.”I just wanted tear your clothes off and lick you all over.”

“Oh, I wish you did.” I bit my lip.

“I promise I will when we’re alone.” She grinned and pulled me in for a quick kiss.

“You made me tired, I wanna sleep.” I cuddled closer to her.

“Huh, I never though of you as the cuddling type.” Nikki grinned as she held me close in her arms.

I laughed. “Shut up, goodnight.” I kissed her hand and fell instantly into a deep sleep into my secretly new girlfriends arms.


I awoke to what seems like 5 minutes later to the bright glare of the sun shining down on our tent. I looked on my watch to see it was 11:04 in the morning. I rubbed my eyes and turned to see Nikki’s beautiful face fast asleep with me still wrapped up in her arms. I kissed her on the forehead and slowly got out of the tent with my stuff to head to the bathroom to take a quick shower and get freshened up. I headed to the bathroom to showers out a little of the forest looking thing we were in. I entered the shower room to find it unbelievably clean with a lemony scent. I shrugged it off, got naked and jumped shower.

I washed my hair and my body and got out. I wrapped gölbaşı anal yapan escort my hair in the towel, dried my body. Put on navy blue boy shorts and bra set, put on soccer shorts and a white shirt. I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, put it in a ponytail braided it and left. I went back to my tent to find Nikki still asleep. I put my things back quietly and left to go to get me something to eat. I dug around in my cooler found some freezing milk and I found a box of cereal. So I got a paper bowl and a plastic spoon and made me some cereal. I poured in some froot loops and then milk. I put a spoonful of tasty circles in my mouth and looked around. Then, I felt someone wrap their arms around my stomach and felt their body close and on me.

“Where’d you go?” It was Nikki. She whispered in my ear, then licked around it.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned. “I had to get clean after our little exercise.” I grinned.

“Why, didn’t you wake me” Nikki pouted. “I could’ve showered with you.”

“Cause you should know that we’d get dirtier.” I turned and leaned back against the outer edge of the grill. “I liked our little make out session last night.” I placed my hands on her tight ass and pulled her in close.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “You did?.” She bit her bottom lip.

“Hell yeah” I huskily said. We both leaned in for what seemed a quick kiss gone wrong. We started getting more into it. It turned into light make out session. Our tongues tangled with each others, her hands were kneading my butt, my hand was running through her hair while the other one on her butt. I went to work on her ear and neck, but then I heard some rustling in Shaun’s tent. We both, quickly pulled away and looked at each other with a face of guilt and secrecy. We turned towards Shaun’s tent and saw it quickly unzip; then Shaun stepped out with bathroom stuff.

“Hey.” Shaun said.

“Hey, you headed to the showers?” Nikki asked.

“Yeah, you wanna come?”

Nikki took a quick glance at me then back to shaun and said, “Um yeah, just gimme a second to grab my stuff.” She walked away to the tent and when she got in she quickly got her stuff and walked towards Shaun and I.

“Okay, let’s go.” she said.

“Okay” Shaun said as she turned around and started walking away to the bathroom. Nikki slowly walked in front of me with her eyes locked with mine. Then, Suddenly she smiled seductively and winked at me then turned her head; and purposely sway her hips back and forth as she disappeared into the trees.

Ooh, I’m getting shivers. It’s not cool that she teasing me, especially if I can’t punish her for doing something very ‘bad’. But if she wants to play that way, I guess I’m gonna try to beat her own game.

Looking around for my bowl of cereal I was eating before our little session. So engrossed in looking for my bowl, I didn’t here Jazz or Tasha come out their tents or step towards me.

“What you looking for?” Tasha asked.

“Umm.” I said still looking all around. “My bowl of cereal.”

Jazz yawned. “You mean this one.”

I turned around to see her pointing at the ground to the upside-down fruit loops scattered all around in a milk puddle.

I sighed. “Shit”

Tasha chuckled. “What were you doing?”

“I was…. Uh-” I though trying to make up an excuse. “Talking to Shaun and Nikki and I forgot about my bowl.” I brought my hands behind my back so they wouldn’t see my hands.

“Oh, well where are they?”

“There at the shower house.” I pointed out.

“Kay, were gonna be over there too.” Jazz said.

“Kay,” I walked over to my tent.

Jazz and Tasha walked away as I opened the tent, crawled in and then zipped it back up. I laid on my folded sleeping bag. I stared up at the tent ceiling.


“Hey baby, wake up.” I hear a voice say.

“Wha-” I yawned and started to slowly open my eyes.

“You were sleeping babe, you got bored by yourself.” She was running her finger to my now non-ponytailed hair.

“I was just laying here and blacked out.”

“Really?” She questioned. “I can think of other dozen things to do by yourself.” She grinned.

I was lost. I was trying to think of gölbaşı esmer escort thing I could’ve done by my self.

Oh, wait. Duh.

“Oh, your such a bad girl,” I grinned.

“You know I can’t do that out here, especially if I’m not a very quiet person.”

“So you’re screamer.” she placed her other hand on my waist and gripped lightly.

“No, no I wouldn’t say that, you will need to find out.”

“Can I find out now.?” she asked as she got on top of me and kissed me on me neck.

Still kissing me neck I moaned, “No, not right now. Especially if their all out there right now.”

“But, they’re not,” she brought her head up. “They’re down at the beach.” She brought her head back down to continue giving me a special treatment.

I groaned. “Okay I guess a… Quick-“

I couldn’t finish my sentence while she was doing that. Her tongue is so fricken awesome.

Nikki brought her leg back to the place it was last night; pressing on my thin shorts where my pussy’s supposed to be and rocking it back and forth. I brought one hand down to her ass and kneaded it and helped her push her down her leg harder. My other hand snake my way through her hair, and gently brought her head up to mine. We just stared into each others eyes with lust, want and desperation of pleasure that’s been building up. As if on cue, our heads came closer with our lips only inches away. Our mouths met open and our tongues tangled, her leg rubbed harder and faster against my soaking wet pussy.

Nikki’s hand snaked between our bodies to rest on my boob. She started do knead and massage it. I moaned and felt a volt of electricity stir in my gut. I moaned in her mouth and I moved my hand up from her ass and moved to the top of her shorts button. I went underneath her shirt and rubbed her tight stomach.

Not even a second later I felt Nikki’s hand move up under my shirt and started to massage my breasts. I moaned even louder in her mouth.

Nikki raised her head up from my lip and smiled at me. “Having fun?”

“Yeah.” I bit my lip. She brought her hand down from my tits and onto my hand that was on her stomach.

“I want you to touch me.” She whispered in my ear as she grabbed my hand and led it slowly into her shorts. My hand went through her trimmed hair on her mound before she had brought my hand down to her soaking wet pussy.

With her hand over mine, she directed my fingers around her sopping hole. Nikki gasped to the touch of my hand as I bring it up to her clit. Using her fingers, she used my fingers to make circles.

She instantly started breathing heavy, her body fell on mine after her arms gave out from pleasure. Without stopping, I use my other hand to slid off her shorts of her long smooth legs, showing her sky blue lingerie underwear.

With my hand still rubbing her clit, I turned her on her back. I leaned into her and we locked lips so I can muffle her scream. I snaked my free hand up under her shirt and and bra, and started to massage her tits and I added more pressure to her clit which made her squeal.

Then dreadfully, I heard the pack of people making there way through through the trees laughing and screaming; having a good time.

Instantly we both zoom to look the most presentable and a less flushed and not smell like sex. Nikki quickly found her shorts and shoved them on while I adjusted my bra and shirt. She fixed her bra and shirt and fixed her air while I went into my bag to some air freshener. I found the bottle and sprayed the tent. She got out a deck of cards an spread them out to make like we were playing cards.

Right as I put the cards in my hand our tent zipper came down

“Hey guys,” jazz said as she entered the tent. “it’s about time you woke up.”

“I was busy with something.” I grinned at Nikki. “How was the beach?”

“That’s the thing, we came up here to get you guys.” Jazz grabbed the cards out of our hands. “Come on, hurry up.”

“Okay,” Nikki started to get her bag.

I looked at jazz still sitting in the tent. “Get out” I playfully pushed her.

“Okay” she laughed as she walked out. I zipped up the tent before Nikki launched towards me; tackling me down. She laid a long gölbaşı evi olan escort kiss square on my lips. She pulled back and pouted,

“I didn’t get to finish.”

“I’m sorry babe. I promise when were alone, I’m gonna make you cum hard.”

“You promise?” she had a puppy face.

“I promise.” I smiled. Then I kissed her long and hard. “Come on let’s get ready.” I said as I slapped her ass.

“Ugh. Fine” she pouted. She got up off of me and went to her side of the tent and dug in her bag.

I turned around to my bag. I’m not the type of person who wears bikinis or revealing bathing suits; so I packed some board shorts, a bikini bottom and a rash guard. Not really knowing that I had forgot that Nikki was in the tent, I pulled my shirt and bra over my head then, pulled the rash guard on. I then skillfully took my shorts and panty off while sitting. Then, I quickly slipped on the bikini bottom and shorts. Standing straight on my knees, I turned around while tying my shorts to look to see if Nikki was ready.

Her blue, white, and yellow bikini was tied on her tanned back as she was slipping on the bottom that covered her special prize. She then went back into her bag for something. She pulled out a bottle of sprayable sunscreen, then turned to face me.

“Can you help me out?” She asked.

I responded by coming closer and slowly grabbing the bottle out of her hand. I took off the cap, and just brought my hand out to feel the warm, smooth skin on her back. I heard her give a loud sigh.

I shook the can, then aimed it at her back. I pressed the button, which released cold sunscreen on her back. She gasped at the shivering feeling. I continued to spray her back then, lower back, and the back of her neck.

I was so hypnotized, I didn’t realize I was staring at her back; which shimmered in the glow of the tent. I shook my head, than handed her the bottle back.

“Here,” I said nervously. “I’m gonna wait outside.”


I moved my way out of the tent, I looked ahead to find Jazz, Shaun, Tasha, and Christi sitting at the table. I walk over to them and say, “hey, wassup?”

“What do you mean ‘Wassup’?” Christi asked. “Wassup with you? You’re the one that practically slept all day.”

“Yeah, what were you doing last night?” Shaun asked.

“I was up all night cause I kept on having nightmares.” I lied.

“Oh, how’d you get to sleep now?” Tasha asked. “Isn’t Nikki in there too?”

“Yeah, she took a nap too.” I continued to lie.

“Hey guys, can I tell you something?” Asked Shaun as as looked around for someone.

“Yeah,” We all said.

“I think I’m gonna go for Nikki.” She continued.

I felt a wave of jealousy and rage come over me. I try my best hide it.

“Doesn’t she have a girlfriend?” Christi asked.

“Well, I don’t know does she?” Shaun asked.

“Yeah,” I quickly say. “actually she lives pretty close.”

“She does?” Tasha questioned. Right as she said that, Nikki came out the tent in a pair of short water shorts and her bikini top. Her long, curly was down over her shoulders. And a pair of sunglasses on her head.

She is so fucking sexy!

Her tanned skin glimmered and shined in the sun with her body covered in sunscreen. The top of her long legs was barely covered by her shorts. I could get a orgasm right now if she just touched my hand.

“Let’s go swimming!!!” She yelled and fist bumped the sky.

“Yeah!!” Everyone yelled in response and got up of the e and made there way to the beach. I was still staring at her luscious body as she made her way towards me.

“You like?” she whispered.

“Uh huh.” I nod in agreement. I moved closer to her and wrapped my arms around her body and plant my lips in the crest of her neck.

She moaned. “Come on baby, let’s go.”

I hesitantly brought my head back and looked at her eyes.

When I looked into her eyes, I felt this connection I’ve never felt with anyone before. I don’t know if it was lust or even love. I snapped out of it and said, “Okay, but I have to say something first.”

“Anything” She smiled which made me smile.

“Shaun said that he wanted to try to go for you, so I said that you had a girlfriend who lived pretty close to you.”

“Aaaw, did my baby get jealous?” She caressed my face.

“No, I just wanted to make sure my baby wasn’t gonna get taken away.” I lied.

“Okay sure, babe.” She grinned as she began to walk away; swaying her hips side to side.

“I mean it!” I yelled as I ran after her into the trees.

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