First Encounter in Miami

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As Susan stepped down onto the hot tarmac she brushed a stray strand of her silky red hair back from her already damp skin. It’s going to be a hot one today she thought as she headed for the airport terminal. After finding her luggage and a quick stop in the ladies room to splash some cool water on her heated skin and bring some order to her wrinkled cotton sun dress she headed out front to find a taxi.

The ride to the hotel was uneventful as she sat in the back seat her thoughts churning over the reason why she was here in Florida. A nice cool shower and some food she thought first before I do anything.

“Susan Theide, I have a room for two nights,” she said to the hotel clerk as she handed him her credit card.

“Room 20 and would you like any room service?” , the desk clerk asked as he handed Susan her room key.

As Susan bent to pick up her luggage she said, “Yes would you send up a chicken salad sandwich, some fruit, and some ice water.”

Finally here Susan thought as she opened the door to her air-conditioned suite. “Not bad,” she said to herself with a smile. The queen-sized bed looked so inviting with it’s red silk sheets, an oak dressing table and dresser complemented the bedroom nicely. The living area was decorated lovely with a leather couch and chair, glass coffee table, wet bar, small refrigerator, and a color TV. Ah the bathroom Susan thought as she stepped inside. She slipped off her leather sandals as she eyed the huge spa tub. Padding over to the tub she turned the water on lukewarm. Then turned and slipped out of her sticky sun dress. Sighing to herself as she unhooked her green satin bra freeing her breasts from the tight restraint they’d been in for most of the day. Then she slid off her matching satin thong and stepped into the refreshing water.

Oh room service is here she thought as she walked from the bathroom awhile later her lush curves wrapped in a white fluffy towel. She sat down to dig into her chicken sandwich followed by some sweet strawberries and some ice water. As she finished off her meal she leaned down and picked up her purse and pulled a slightly crumpled picture from one of it’s pockets. “Your the reason I’m here,” she whispered to the man in the picture.

Taking the picture with her as she headed for the bedroom I’ll take a nap then give him call she thought. As Susan laid in bed her naked body slightly covered by the silk sheets twisting Mardin Escort and turning restlessly as she ran their few phone calls through her head. His voice… God his voice alone was enough to make her soak her panties. Then there was his beautiful head full of dark blonde hair and the most amazing blue eyes she’d ever seen and Susan loved tall men being a bit on the petite side herself at 5’1.

She held the picture up her beautiful green eyes sparkling as she gazed at him. Her fingers absently caressing her little pink buds into hard throbbing peaks. She put the picture down and closed her eyes as her hand drifts lower down her body, over her smooth flat stomach to tangle in the silky red curls between her thighs. Her body bucks slightly up as she parts her lips and slides her fingers through her moistness rubbing her fingertips over her already hard throbbing little nub. A moan escapes her slightly parted lips as her fingers dance on her clit rubbing, swirling, circling it. “Oh God,” Susan gasps out as she feels her body begin to tingle, climbing toward her peak. “Oh Yes,” she pants her hips thrusting wildly at her fingers as her pussy starts to spasm. then she pulled her wet fingers from her pussy and rolled onto her side. “See what you do to me?” she asked the picture before she got up to take a quick shower and dress.

Well, she had done it she had called him and now she was on her way to see him.

“Susan You made it!” Jeff said when he answered the door. As she stepped over the threshold he pulled her into his arms for a warm hug. “I’m so glad you came to meet me finally, I would have gone to see you, or at least met you halfway if I hadn’t been so tied up with things at work,” Jeff said as he led her around his home giving her the grand tour.

“It’s all right I understand, besides I had some vacation time coming myself,” Susan said as they walked around with Jeff pointing out the various rooms.

“I have dinner all ready out there on the terrace,” Jeff said as he motioned towards the back of the house.

“Oh this is lovely!” Susan exclaimed happily, her green eyes dancing with excitement as she took in the small white linen covered table, on the terrace, set for two, a crystal vase full of roses, various candles lit around the porch, and the sight and sound of the ocean practically lapping at the back door.

As Jeff and Susan enjoyed their meal they talked Mardin Escort Bayan about anything and everything, their hands brushing and touching occasionally giving each a shock of surprise and excitement.

“I’m so glad we met like we did online,” Susan purred as she gazed longingly into Jeff’s eyes.

“Oh yes and those phone calls of ours, wow!” Jeff said as he shifted in his seat slightly.

Wow is right Jeff thought as he remembered some of their phone calls the sound of Susan’s sexy voice purring in his ear even now made him hard and her whimpering when she came was enough to make his cock release his hot seed.

Having her here in person with him tonight was driving him crazy. He couldn’t stop gazing at her glorious wild mane of red hair, and every time those green eyes sparkled at him he wanted to rip her clothes off.

“Would you like to join me in the shower,” Jeff couldn’t help asking.

“I’d love to,” Susan said a bit shyly.

Inside the bathroom she stood on tiptoe to kiss him, her arms sliding around his neck. His arms going around her tiny waist as his mouth devours hers. Susan moaned as she slide her hands from his neck and down his chest to unbutton his shirt. Jeff shrugged his shirt off as she caressed and raked her fingers through his soft chest hair and over his sensitive nipples.

“God your so beautiful,” Jeff whispered to Susan as he untied the back of her emerald green sun dress, sliding it from her shoulders then taking off her silk bra and pulling her close so he could feel her hard little nipples rubbing against his chest.

“Oh yes Jeff,” Susan whispered hoarsely as her hands slipped down and fumbled with his belt and zipper.

“Easy my little wild fire,” Jeff said as he lifted her in his arms, the shower forgotten, to carry her to the bed.

“God yes Jeff you know how I love when you call me that,” Susan whispered as she squirmed in the middle of the bed watching as Jeff slowly stripped. She gasped as he stood there completely naked his huge cock hard and throbbing pointing right at her.

Then he slid his body into bed next to her and kissed her deeply as his fingers rubbed and caressed her nipples. Her hands stroking and feeling his body as she kissed him back passionately. Breaking the kiss Jeff slide her sun dress the rest of the way off his breath catching as he then slide off her green silk panties Escort Mardin and took in the sight of her swollen, glistening pussy lips covered lightly by more of that glorious silky red hair. Jeff leaned his head down to run his tongue over her lips feeling her body shiver as he poked his tongue between them to taste her. “Oh so sweet,” Jeff moaned against her mound sending vibrations through her.

Susan grabbed his head and whispered, “No.”

He knew by the look in her eyes she was just barely holding on from cumming as he lifted his head to see why she’d said no. Slowly he parted her legs more, his body moving between them. Just barely holding on to his own control as he grabs his cock and places the head just inside her tight little opening. Susan whimpered out loud as her cunt muscles tensed to the unfamiliar invasion. Jeff thrust his hips slowly pushing his cock into her hole gently, letting her body get used to him. Feeling the head of his cock hit a barrier he stopped and looked at her. “Your a virgin?!?” Jeff half whispered half panted.

“Please Jeff don’t stop,” Susan moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He drew in a breath as he leaned down to kiss her hard and pushed his cock in further. Holding still as he sees a look of pain cross her face momentarily as his cock breaks through to slide further into her wet, tight little tunnel. Slowly he pumped his hard swollen member into her gripping wet little pussy. Swearing he’d bring her to orgasm first since this was her first time.

Reaching between them to stimulate her clit as his cock thrusts rhythmically in and out against her walls. Feeling her body tense under him he slips his hands under her shoulders and holds her close as he drives his cock in harder.

“Oh God,” Susan screamed out as her pussy started to explode around his cock. She thrusts her hips up fucking her spasming pussy on his cock harder. Jeff’s Hips thrust faster fucking his cock in her wildly as her tight little hole spasms and pulses around him milking, wanting his cum. He groans as he feels her pussy starting to orgasm again his own body tightening. Both of them moaning out as their bodies grind and slap against each other.

“Oh yes,” Jeff growls as his cock erupts spilling his seed in her as her pussy cums again covering his cock in her hot juices. His cock pulsing and throbbing his milky cum into her pussy gripping and squeezing his cock.

As their bodies begin to relax Jeff whispers, “Why me?”

“Because I’ve loved you from the moment we met,” Susan answered a bit shyly.

“And I you, and I you,” Jeff said as he held her close to him. Both of them still wrapped together as they drift off to sleep.

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