First gay experience as adult, also first of a ser

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I had often fantasized about having sex with a guy and had really been getting into watching gay porn! I have some friends that had a friend that was gay and I had been to his house before to party a few times! So of course I started fantasizing about him! To finally one night I decided what the heck and I took a walk late at night! I was nervous when I got there but I still knock on the door! He came to the door and somewhat recognize me and invited me in!

We sat down and talked for a little bit before he asked me if I wanted a beer, which I declined, he asked me if I smoke weed and I said yes and he fired up a bowl of some good green! He asked if I wanted to watch the porn he was watching earlier and I said sure that sounds like a good idea, by now I think he knew why I was here because he was giving me a look, he asked if he could come over and sit next to me on the loveseat and I motioned him to come on over!

He pretty much sat right next to me with his hand on my lap and asked me if he could play, I said sure and he helped me unzip my pants and pull them down a little bit to reveal my rock hard cock, he immediately grab it and started stroking on it before eventually going down and starting to suck it which felt great, we did that for a little bit before sitting back up and leaning into me kissing me, I’ve always been a big fan of making out with someone so I didn’t mind at all, I kissed back and next thing I know we both had our tongues as far as each other mouth as we could and we sat there tonguing each other for a little bit while I reach down and grab his crotch telling him I wanted to see his dick, so he unzipped his pants and I helped him pull them down a little bit and I grabbed it and stroke it while we kiss before eventually going down and sucking on his dick, I had a little experience of that when I was younger so I kind of knew what I was doing!

I to raised back up and told him I wanted to see him get naked and have him stand in front of me so I helped him get undressed but I told him to leave his underwear on, tighty whities, I told him to stand in front of me and I kissed on him through his underwear before pulling the front down enough to be able to suck on his cock! I did that for a few minutes before telling him to turn around because I wanted to play with his ass! I went ahead and pull down his underwear and started kissing and licking on his ass telling him to bend over so I could see it as soon as he did I help them spread his ass cheeks and I immediately kissed on his asshole and licking it!

I had him turn back around and he bent over kissing me some more I reposition myself in the loveseat to where he was on top of me kissing me ramming his tongue in my mouth! So I started taking off my shirt with him helping me and started pulling down my pants the rest of the way while he’s just on my chest making his way back down to my dick and sucking it some more you for helping me off with my shoes and socks and taking my pants off the rest of the way, he sat down next to me and told me to sit on my lap facing him, we sat like that with our naked bodies pressed against each other making out and kissing like crazy!

We ended up standing up so we can go over to his bed but I stopped him on the way and we stood there in the middle of the room rubbing on each other and passionately kissing each other while rubbing our cocks together! We went over to his bed and I told him I want to fuck him and he definitely didn’t have a problem with that so he got on all fours and I spread his ass so I can eat it some more before putting my cock in it and fucking him the best I could! I did that for a few minutes before telling him to roll over onto his back!

After he rolled over onto his back I started the kissing shoving my tongue down his throat before working my way back down to his cock and I took turns sucking his cock and kissing him! He told me it was my turn to get fucked but he said for me to jump on and ride him, I had already been playing with my ass for quite a few years fucking myself with different objects so it was able to slide in easily, I sat there riding him while stroking on my own cock in a few minutes until my knees started getting tired! I got off of him and he said that he had an idea now and we got in the 69 position and went to town sucking on each other’s cocks which was very nice and seem to last for at least half hour or so! I told him I wanted us to cum on each other’s faces, eventually we both came like that and I told him I wanted to taste it while he tasted of mine, I hate my own, quite a few times after jacking off so I already knew what it tastes like, so we got in the position next to each other and we lay there making out some more licking the cum off of each other’s faces!

So we lay after cleaning each other off for a little bit kissing and rubbing on each other! I told him I had to be going but I would be definitely coming back when I could! When I started getting dressed I told him I wanted his underwear, which seemed to really turn him on so he gave me that pair of underwear and I put them on! He walk me to the door and said he hope that he see me again sometime!

I definitely went back about a week or two later and this continued on and off as a sexual relationship for about two-and-a-half to three years!

More to come later

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