First Lesbian Lover

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I can’t believe this is really going to happen, it seems it’s been consuming my mind for so long now, never really thought I would ever act out these fantasies, but tonight the fantasy becomes reality.

As she enters the room she tells me how I make her feel how I look so incredible tonight, she tells me over and over she can’t believe how much my body excites her and brings her alive.

“I never thought another woman would do this to me”, she says.

Her breasts are so firm and her nipples so hard.

“I want to feel all of you”, she tells me as she stares into my eyes.

“I want to touch you so gentle and loving but at the same time so hard and firm. I want to push my chest onto yours I want you to feel the weight of my heavy breasts onto yours I want you to feel them, squeeze them, feel how they respond to you, how my nipples stiffen and stand out, I want to press my nipples down onto you rubbing my boobs all over your body.”

“I want you to squeeze my tits hard as I hold out my erect nipples in front of your mouth to suck, push it into your hot mouth and feel your tongue licking around the base and then sucking hard and hungrily onto each of my nipples.”

“I want you to move your hand down between your legs while you are doing this, just put your finger on the entrance to your pussy, feel how swollen your lips have become, how wet you have become anticipating what’s to come.”

“I want you to tell me how it feels, how wet I make you and how you can’t wait to fuck me, fuck me with your big double toy.”

“I need you to fuck me. But first you need to be ready, so wet that the end of the toy slides so easily into your dripping wet cunt.”

She loves telling me everything she wants to do, every word excites her so much.

“I want to rub my hard nipples all over your chest bringing them to rest over and over again on top of yours, nipple to nipple both hard and sensitive. Your pussy is getting wetter and wetter your tight little pussy so eager to take every inch of fake cock before you can slide the other end slowly into me.”

“I want you so much. I want you to fuck me over and over again.”

Now she wants to instruct me exactly what to do, she knows this is the first time for both of us and we are both so nervous, nervous, unsure of what to do and if we dare trust our emotions and trust our desire.

But she wants to take control, she tells me exactly what she wants.

“Touch your pussy lips gently, feel the way they respond, how the blood is pumping through the folds of flesh how inside the heat is building the excitement the Kolej Escort pleasure the arousal.”

“Hold your finger on your clit just rest there, feel the heartbeat from your clit the centre of your bodies pleasure, you know how soon your clit will get everything it desires, my full attention. Just slowly begin to circle around it, feel how it is growing with each new touch, how puffy it has become how it yearns to be sucked, liked, fingered, rubbed and fucked.”

“Slowly rub your finger back and forward up and down with each movement feel how the sweet juice from your pussy runs out onto your finger how it lubricates your movement, how well designed your body is for pleasure, now hold your swollen cunt open for me to see your arousal, show me how turned on you are, how much you want me.”

“I have never touched another woman’s pussy before never wanted to taste and feel and desire it, but I need you so much, I want you so much, all of you. Hold your pussy open and let me kiss you there, let me kiss your open lips like your beautiful mouth, wet with desire and yearning.”

“I have had my pussy licked so many times, I know exactly what I enjoy, what I like, and I want to show you, how I want to please you. I want you to feel your first woman in every way. Hold your beautiful little swollen cunt open for me and let me slowly lovingly push my tongue inside you.”

“So slowly you almost can’t feel any movement, but with every second that passes you feel more and more the warm feeling from having your tight little pussy filled with the softness of my tongue, let me go deep inside you so deep you feel my face pressed hard against you, let me hold my face there for you to fuck. Move your hips into me, rock back and forwards slowly as I hold myself inside you.”

She is blowing my mind, she tells me my taste is amazing, better than she could ever imagine, the taste of my excitement, beautiful, unique as it comes from deep inside me, an outward reflection of what I am on the inside, beautiful and unique, how could it not taste so good.

It covers her face she is covered in my juice she wants it everywhere.

She next instructs me with a growing wanton desire and passion in her voice.

“M9ove back and forth on my tongue grab my thick hair and hold my head down hard while you ride my face. Slide your beautiful aching dripping wet cunt up and down my face, use every contour to turn you on. Let me sink my finger into your pussy as I suck on your clit, let me find that special place that will blow your mind, that spot Sincan Escort deep inside you that will make you lose control and make you want only me to be the one that owns your orgasm.”

“Let me push two fingers deep into you pushing upward on the inner walls of your cunt.”

I am bucking wildly now with every stroke she makes into me, I have never wanted anything more, anyone more than I want her now.

She loves to guide me to instruct me how to please her, she says.

“Push me onto my back and sit across my face, let me push out my tongue for you to ride, pump up and down, back and forth as fast as you want but don’t cum yet, I want you to cum in a special way for me, the first time you cum with a woman.”

“Slow down the frenzy for a moment, lift yourself of my tongue and hold your pussy just above my mouth. Just enough so you can see my red lipstick smudged and covered in your juice. While you look at my face my lips slightly parted for you start to touch your swollen clitoris, it’s so puffy with desire and burning to be touched, rub your clit with your finger up and down back and forth start so slowly and build up the pace.”

I have that familiar feeling building inside me, I know I will cum soon but this is special my first time with another woman, I have never been so turned on, the fire within me is almost out of control.

“Keep rubbing your clit hard and fast” she urges me, “I want you to hold your pussy just above my open mouth almost touching, but all you can feel is my breath, my desire for you, I want you to cum now, rub every inch of your wet cunt with your fingers until you explode into my open waiting mouth let your sweet cum drip out into my mouth, hold your lips open and let it fall into me, watch each drop fall into my mouth, on my lips and watch me swallow everything, loving the taste, the result of your first female orgasm.”

“I love the taste of you so much it makes my pussy so wet with lust and desire, I want you to fuck me know so much, I have never wanted anything or anybody more.”

And now I am ready, my pussy is so ready to accept the toy that I will fuck her with, the first time I will fuck a woman.

I slide the strapless strap-on into my swollen aching cunt, it pushes so easily into me, I am so ready, there is no resistance, it moves effortlessly into me completely filling every available inch, I am so tight my muscles so strong it feels made just for me, the perfect cock just for me.

I Feel the shaft I am about to slide into her, I move my hand up and Yenimahalle Escort down wanking the shaft as I have seen men do before, I feel the hard length I am going to use to pleasure her with. Her pussy is so wet and ready for me, and she can’t wait any longer.

She tells me.

“I have never had a fake cock inside me before and I want my first time to be with you, I am so wet, so wet and turned on by you, so ready for you to fuck me.”

Her legs are open wide and I can see her pre-cum dripping out, running like a river of desire aching to be satisfied as only I now can.

“I want you to fuck me with your big cock”, she purrs into my ear.

“Push the tip against my hungry opening, just enter me with the tip, just hold it there so I can get used to the size, my pussy opens so easily for you, slowly sink into me, feel how that massive fake cock gets sucked into my pussy it is so hard so tight it feels so good to have you finally fucking me.”

I hold it in her as far as I can go, I feel the other end pushing back inside of me, we are both filled and joined together as one.

I hear her begging me.

“Pull out and ram it into me hard, push it as far as you can, feel the juice pump out of me it is pumping out all over the shaft as you ram the full length into me again and again, I have never felt this much joy before, the complete feeling of desire and satisfaction being fulfilled like never before, no one has turned me on like you.”

I’m on fire with lust and can feel my pussy walls starting to contract, I can feel her response ,can feel the need for me to make her cum now and I want to cum with her, the timing is perfect our bodies in the perfect rhythm a ballet of lust and desire with a beautiful finale.

Please please she urges.

“I want you to keep fucking me long deep fast and hard but from behind now. Let me bend over for you and show you how much I want you to fuck me.”

“Get on your knees and push every inch of your cock into me grab my nipples as they swing with the rhythm of your strokes feel how hard they are how you have driven me wild with desire. I want to cum now and I know you are ready, every stroke into me is a stroke of pleasure into your pussy to.”

“I need your fingers on my clit now, as you slide in and out of me I want my pussy filled and I want my clit to rubbed by you, only you, the first woman to touch me there to fire me up with lust, desire and satisfaction.”

My first touch sends her into a frenzy, she can’t hold back, I time my push back into her perfectly with every thrust and I am cumming like I have never cum before, contractions over and over as she rocks and screams and cums with me, cumming together as one our bodies rocking and shacking uncontrollably as the wave after wave of pleasure, of built up desire flood out as one.

My first time is one I will never forget you have completely satisfied my desire to fucked by a beautiful woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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