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I never imagined I would like to suck cock.

When I was a teenager, I had a couple of friends who were gay and so I was not repulsed by things queer the way many guys my age were. But I was also firmly heterosexual. I had never even had a fantasy about another guy. That is, until my senior year of college.

One of my friends was what you would call a free spirit. Rob was a tall lanky kid with light brown hair, a wide smile and a happy go lucky nature, always looking for the next party. He dressed almost exclusively in overalls (this was the 1970s after all) and during the summer months he would even dispense with the shirt and shoes. It’s funny now to realize that Rob is now a respectable physician with a wife, three children, and a thriving practice. In 1979 he was just a party boy.

That summer was especially hot and so my friends and I spent much of our free time trying to find ways to cool off. I can’t remember who it was who discovered a particular out of the way farm pond, but once we knew about it, it became our regular escape from the 90 degree heat. We’d sit around on the bank, smoke a few joints, and then jump in and cavort for an hour or so, before returning to town to our various bar jobs.

Rob was the one who started the skinny dipping rule. When he arrived at the pond the first time, he shucked off his overalls and dove in. Encouraged by his blithe disregard for self-exposure, the rest of us did the same. That is was all guys made it a bit easier. While we were paddling around in the brownish water, Rob said we should make it a rule that anyone who wanted to swim at our secret swimming hole would have to agree to get naked. Because this raised the possibility of convincing girls to skinny dip with us, we all agreed.

As we were all clambering out of the water at the end of our swim, I looked over toward Rob and my jaw dropped. His cock was huge. I had never seen one that large before, not even in the few porn films I’d seen. As he walked toward the tree where his overalls hung, it slapped back and forth on his thighs, dangling there like something you would expect to see on a farm animal.

Not wanting anyone to see me staring, I wrenched my gaze away from his crotch and busied myself getting my own clothes back on. I was especially anxious to get dressed because my own cock had begun to stir and I certainly didn’t want anyone to see that.

That night, as I lay in bed, I couldn’t help but think about what I’d seen. And as I thought about it, my cock began to harden. Tentatively at first, but then with gusto, I stroked myself until I came, shuddering and gasping. Immediately I was torn by conflicting emotions. Did this mean I was gay? Was there something wrong with me? When could I get another glimpse of his cock?

Afraid that I might actually be gay, I avoided Rob for several weeks and did not go swimming with the guys, for fear that I’d get a hard on in front of them. I was really terrified. But, when I found out that some girls had started to go to our swimming hole too and that they were getting naked with the guys, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Only twice more that summer did Rob and I swim on the same day, but both times I made sure to get an eyeful of his cock. And both times I spent happy evenings in my bed stroking my cock as I visualized his. The joy I felt as I fantasized about his cock evaporated as soon as I came, because my fears of being gay would return right after the orgasm subsided.

It never occurred to me that my fantasies about Rob would go any further until the following year when one of my roommates moved out of our group house and Rob asked to move in. I could hardly exercise a veto, given that he was a good friend of mine and of several of the other people in the house. So, in late August Rob moved into the room next to mine.

It was torture.

Night after night I was forced to lie in my bed and think about that cock just a few feet away from me. But even worse was the fact that Rob had a very active sex life and our walls were kind of thin. Even if they were trying to be quiet, I could hear Rob and his various dates—he seemed to have a succession of willing partners—going at it. “Oooh Rob, your cock is so big!” “Baby, I’m gonna cum!” “You fill me up so much!”

Needless to say, if my own girlfriend was not visiting, I masturbated often to the sounds coming through the wall.

By mid-winter, I couldn’t take it any more and concocted a plan that I hoped would result in me having a turn with his cock.

On a weekend when I knew that both of our current girlfriends were going to be unavailable, so I invited him to join me downtown for a few beers. All night I worried that he’d pick up some girl, but to my relief, he did not.

When we got home, beylikdüzü escort I asked whether he wanted to join me in my room for a joint.

“Sure Tom,” he said, smiling a kind of woozy smile he always got when he’d been drinking.

Once we’d fired up the joint and spent a few minutes laughing about various things that had happened in the bar, I made my move.

“Rob, I picked up some incredible porn mags the other day,” I said. “Want to check them out?”

He smiled at me again. “Sure,” he said again.

Pulling them from under my chair, I passed a couple over and lit up another joint. We both began leafing through the magazines, ogling the huge tits, glistening cocks, and crazy positions of the models. My cock was already hard from anticipation, and as I snuck peeks at his, I could see a very large bulge in the crotch of his trademark overalls.

By the time the second joint was gone, I was very stoned and knew he had to be too. So, it was time.

“Rob, I gotta admit, this stuff makes me very horny,” I muttered.

“I can see that,” he laughed, looking at my crotch.

“Would you mind if I pulled out my dick and beat off,” I asked, trying to sound tentative about it.

At that he surprised me, laughing loudly. I wasn’t sure what this meant.

“Tom, I know what you really want,” Rob said. “You want to see my cock, don’t you?”

I was stunned. Was I that transparent? All I could do was nod and stammer, “Well, yeah. How did you know?”

“It’s okay,” he replied. “I’m used to it. In fact, I kind of like the attention.”

And with that he stood up, unhooked his overalls and let them drop. He wasn’t wearing underwear and so as the overalls fell away, his cock sprung upward, staring at me, not four feet away.

“Wow,” I said. “You’ve got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.”

“Yep,” he replied. “It’s really big.”

I was mesmerized. Thinking back on it now, I’d guess it was probably at least 8 or 9 inches long. Since that day I’ve seen bigger cocks in porn films, but only a few. My own 6 inch penis seemed tiny, almost child-like, by comparison.

I realized that I was just staring at his meat as it pointed in my general direction, and so I shifted my gaze up to his eyes. They were smiling at me in a mixture of stoned, happy, and horny.

“Hey,” he said, “You are the one who asked about taking out his cock. So let’s see it.”

I was a little embarrassed, given the size differential between us. But, I would have done just about anything he asked at that moment. Standing up myself, I unbuckled my pants, unzipped myself and pushed my jeans down to my ankles, snaring my boxers on the way.

There we were, two stoned guys with raging hardons, standing in the middle of my bedroom floor.

“What now Tom?” Rob asked me.

“Uh, time to start stroking, I guess,” I replied sounding more than a little dopey.

“Don’t you want to touch my cock?” he asked.

I couldn’t even speak I was so horny. I just nodded and stumbled over toward him, my pants still around my ankles. This made him laugh again and he said, “Take your pants all the way off Tom, before you get hurt.”

Laughing myself, I struggled out of my shoes and socks, then kicked off my pants. Stepping more confidently toward him now, I reached down and grasped his cock in my right hand. I was surprised by how cool it felt to my touch. For some reason I had expected it to be burning hot. As I wrapped my fingers around his shaft he moved his hips forward just a bit, pressing himself into my hand. I could feel the blood surging into the veins on the side of his shaft as he did this and a small gasp escaped my throat.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” he murmured.

“It feels incredible,” I responded. I lay my head on his shoulder so I could see what was happening and tightened my grip on him as I worked my hand up and down the shaft of his amazing cock. It was easily twice as thick as mine and I stared at it as my hand moved on it. The head and last two or three inches had turned a deep purplish red, while the base was pale, almost white where it disappeared into his pubic hair. The skin was so soft. I’d never really noticed that about my own cock before.

I let my hand ride all the way to the plum-sized head, then stretched his skin tight as I slid back down to the base. The stretching motion was extending him away from his body, making it appear even larger from my vantage point above it. My own cock was so hard now I thought it would burst, but the last thing on my mind was my own pleasure. I was so entranced by his cock that all I could think of was making love to it.

After a few minutes of this stroking, I dropped to my knees in front of him and began to lick the underside of his dick, beylikduzu escort letting my tongue roll from one side to the other until I reached the head. There I flicked my tongue all around the head, paying special attention to that place on the underside where the nerve endings all come together. This won me a loud moan from Rob. His eyes were closed now and he was clearly lost in the pleasure of the moment.

While I licked him this way—starting at his large balls and ending at the head—I used my other hand to fondle his scrotum, lifting his balls, toying with them, feeling their fullness. I was in love with everything about his cock.

Then I tried to take him into my mouth. This proved to be much more difficult than I had expected. Having watched various girlfriends suck my own cock over the years, I assumed I’d just pop it into my mouth and suck. But my first reaction was to gag hard and I spit him back out.

This caused Rob’s eyes to snap open and he looked down at me with concern.

“Sorry,” I said. “I’ve never done this before.”

“You’re doing just fine Tom, just fine,” he assured me. “Let’s try it lying down.”

Once he was on my bed, I knelt between his legs, pulled his cock back toward me, and began licking the head again. I was a little reluctant to try sucking on it, for fear I would gag again. But, after a few minutes of this, I screwed up my courage and slowly worked my lips down over the head, stretching my mouth open as widely as I could. This time it went in more easily and I was able to encase the head of his cock in my mouth with no difficulty. I tried moving my mouth down the shaft, but that proved to be really more than I could do without gagging.

Now I began to work on him in earnest, sucking hard on the head the way I like my cock to be sucked, drawing blood into the head with a vacuum-like pressure, then letting it all out at once by releasing the pressure suddenly. All the while, I was stroking the skin of his shaft up and down and fondling his balls.

Before long, I felt his balls begin to retract toward his shaft and knew that this meant he was going to cum soon. I increased the speed of what I was doing and sucked even harder on the head, lashing it with my tongue as I sucked. Be began to grunt and buck his hips upward and I had to bob my head as he did this to keep him from pushing toward my throat.

Suddenly, I felt the head of his cock flare outward in my mouth and he shouted “Yes!” at the top of his lungs…God, I had heard him shout this through my bedroom wall many times over the past few months…and then my mouth was filled with his sperm. Again I had to force myself to keep from gagging, opening my mouth wide to let it slide between my lips and onto his shaft.

With my mouth over his cock, I milked him, pressing his balls upward against the base of his shaft, pumping hard with my other hand. Two or three large gobs of sperm gushed out of him, into my mouth, and then down onto my hand as I stroked insistently. Then a few more dribbles, and then he was done.

I was shaking all over I was so overwhelmed by what had just happened. It was by far the most erotic experience of my entire life. I couldn’t believe it had felt so good to suck his cock. All I could say was “Thank you Rob, thank you.”

“Thank me?” he said, lifting his head off the bed to stare at me? “Thank you for an excellent blow job Tom.”

“God, Rob, I’ve wanted to suck your cock for the longest time,” I stammered.

“Well, I’m glad you finally made a move on me Tom,” he replied. “Very glad.”

I rolled over onto the bed, exhausted by the intensity of my own emotions. I would have gone to sleep then and there, but Rob had other ideas.

“You’re not going to pass out on me, are you,” he asked.

“Uh, no, of course not,” I stammered.

“Good,” he said firmly. And with that he rolled over in the bed next to me and took my cock in his hands. “Beautiful,” he murmured as he began to stroke me languidly. After a few minutes of this, I felt first his hot breath, then his tongue and then his entire mouth engulf me.

I was sure I was going to explode on the spot, but Rob was in no hurry to bring me off. Ever time I got close to an orgasm, he would back off, kissing his way down to my feet and then back, or coming up to my chest to play with my nipples and then my ears. I have no idea how long this went on, but it seemed like hours of bliss.

To my disappointment, he stopped, and flopped down on the bed next to me. I was so turned on all I wanted was to cum, and I remember being worried that he was so buzzed that he was going to pass out without letting me finish. Fortunately for me, he had no such intention.

“Tom,” he asked, “have you ever had anal sex?” I clenched at escort beylikdüzü the thought of his giant cock tearing me open. I was ready to run if he proposed it.

“No,” I admitted, scared by what he might say next. I was definitely going to say no when he asked to fuck me.

“Well,” Rob said, “This is your big chance. I want you to fuck me.”

I couldn’t believe it. For years I had dreamed about having anal sex, but none of my various girlfriends had ever been willing. Here was a guy offering himself to me the very first time we’d been together!

“I’d love that Rob,” I said. “How would you like it to go?”

With that, he got up and walked out of my room. I was just about to follow him, figuring that was what he wanted, when he returned from his room carrying some KY jelly.

“I have to keep this around because some girls have trouble taking me easily,” he said. Then he lay back on the bed, squeezed out a gob of the KY and smeared it on his ass, using the rest to lube up his cock. Then he raised his knees toward his chest and smiled, “I think you can figure it out from here,” he said.

I scrambled up onto my knees and positioned myself between his legs, staring at his asshole as it winked at me. I began to tease it with my index finger, probing around the edges and then pushing just the first bit of my finger in. When it disappeared easily into him, I knew he was no virgin, so I pushed the whole finger in. This won me a gasp and I watched with glee as his cock, which was now semi hard again, jumped upward off his belly.

“Fuck the finger Tom,” he commanded. “I want your cock.”

I grabbed the KY and smeared some on my own cock and then some more on his. Then I positioned the head of my cock at his rectum and began to push into him. God, the feeling was incredible. I went in without difficulty, but he was still so much tighter than any woman’s vagina had ever been.

I felt my balls begin to constrict and knew if I moved much more, I’d cum immediately. So I stopped about half way into him and began to stroke his dick. In less than a minute he had achieved a fully hard state again and there I was, my cock in his ass and his in my hand. Too afraid to move lest I cum, I stayed where I was and stroked and stroked and stroked his cock.

At last I calmed down enough to sink all the way into him. The sight of the bases of our cocks together, his massive balls obscuring the base of my own cock, was amazing. Working him more rapidly now, I slowly slid outward, until the head of my cock reached the rim of his rectum. Then I pushed slowly again until I was all the way in.

Repeating this slow in and out was sending us both into spasms of delight. Before long he pushed my hand off his cock and began stroking himself in earnest, eyes closed, off in his own world of pleasure. That was my cue to start focusing on myself. My eyes riveted on his massive cock, I began to fuck him more steadily, feeling the pressure beginning to build in my balls that soon would be inescapable.

When I couldn’t take it any more, I grabbed his hips and began to slam myself against him, oblivious to whether I was hurting him or not. From the grunts that were coming from his lips, I clearly wasn’t hurting him. His hand began pumping so hard on his cock that it was almost a blur.

Suddenly I came. Driving myself to the hilt, I held his hips while wave after wave of my orgasm swept over me. After wave number three, I began pumping furiously again, willing him to cum as I had. Sure enough, two or three more strokes of my cock was all it took and his cum was spurting upward, splattering on his chin and neck. I slammed myself into him as he came, trying to match his spurts with my strokes.

When he subsided, I collapsed onto his chest, feeling his cock wedged between us. Overcome by it all, I passed out right there, falling into a deep sleep.

When I woke up, he was spooned up against me. It was five in the morning and the light in my window was just turning to grey. Smiling, I snuggled back up against him and went back to sleep. At that moment I didn’t care if I was gay or not. I had just had the most erotic experience of my life and I was going to savor it.

Over the next few months, we repeated our adventures of that night three more times. Each time it was wonderful, but never as pleasurable as that first night. I found out that he had been aggressively bi-sexual for years, which explained why he wasn’t a virgin. When the school year ended, he went off to medical school and we’ve never seen one another since.

I thought about going after other men, but this was just when HIV appeared in the United States and I was too afraid to act on my desires. Then, like Rob, I got married and settled down. Since that day, I’ve often masturbated remembering our lovemaking and more than once I’ve wished I could suck cock again. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll convince my wife to watch while I seduce another man?

Until then, I still have the memories of that incredible first night.

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