First Release Ch. 03

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In the days following my incredible encounter with Dave and his friends, I visited his place a few more times. I could hardly believe the transformation. Not long ago, I’d been without a girlfriend, sexually frustrated and a little bored with my work. Now I’d had the hottest sex with three other guys. Three guys who ‘weren’t gay’. I didn’t see Lynn and Adam again, so Dave and I enjoyed each other a few more times in the days that followed.

When I saw Dave, we never really talked about what we were doing. Labels didn’t seem to come into it. And that suited me fine. I wasn’t really into any kind of stereotypical gay lifestyle if there was one. And I was still looking forward to meeting some new women. Sometime. But that was on hold for the time being. I was enjoying so many new pleasures with Dave and his delicious hard cock that I didn’t have the energy for anything else.

I had enjoyed our group sex session so much, that when Dave’s housemates went away for a month on business, I began to wonder where I could find something more. My new hunger for cock was growing, and the thrill of the forbidden beckoned.

I was familiar with glory holes. At least, I’d read stories about them, and I’d walked past all the neon-lit sex shops in the seedier parts of the city. The whole thing had always seem so dirty, whether men or women were involved. My motivations had now changed however. What had seemed unsafe now excited me.

Mentioning nothing to Dave, I headed into town one afternoon. I was alone, not really having any idea what to expect. I could feel an excitement building in my belly, and my heart beating against my chest, as I wandered the streets, not quite sure what I was looking for. I had been down these streets before, but always feeling nervously amused, and walking fairly swiftly by. Now the area looked different, because I was here with some kind of purpose. At the very least, to get my cock sucked, and who knows what else? I didn’t allow my mind to wander too far.

There were several book and video shops down one street, and they all looked identical. How to choose? What the hell, I walked into the first one, past the pink neon and inside. The walls were lined with porn, videos and magazines, and some toys too. My cock began to stiffen a little. Hmmm. Nice, but I hadn’t come to add to my collection. There was a sign at the back by a doorway leading to what I knew were the video booths.

“Did you want some tokens?” The guy behind the counter had picked up on me straightaway. He looked fairly young, and matter-of-fact about the whole thing. No sign of sleaze at all. I relaxed a little.

“Sure.” I paid for a handful, not knowing how long I would be there.

“Let me know if you want any more.” I was already heading to the back of the shop.

Through the door, it was much as I had imagined, a dark corridor lined with booths, some open, some closed. I could hear the muffled sounds of sex already. Slightly tinny music, and moaning filled the place. It was hard to tell whether it was porn or for real, but my cock didn’t care. It was hardening further, and that gentle ache was spreading through my groin again.

Slipping into one booth, I shut the door and took a seat. It wasn’t exactly clean, but it was no shithole either. There was a hole next to the seat, one on each side. The infamous glory holes. There was no-one in the booth either side of me, so I slipped in some tokens and selected some porn. The screen flickered to life, and I saw a curvaceous girl being taken doggy style by some porn stud. As he shot his load over her back, I unzipped my fly and released my cock, starting to stroke it gently. Getting a little more daring I switched to a gay channel. Of course I enjoyed this stuff now, and I saw two smooth hunks in a sixty-nine, sucking each other’s thick cock’s all the way into their mouths. Now I hadn’t done that yet. The thought of doing that with Dave made my cock ache even more, and I stroked a little faster.

“Hey, let me play with you.” I hadn’t noticed anyone come in nextdoor, but suddenly there was a finger at one of the glory holes, and a man’s voice. I nearly jumped, but the shock quickly turned to that nervous excitement that had led me here. This was what I had come for. Without thinking, I stood and moved my cock to the hole.

Immediately I felt fingers grasping around my very wet cockhead and beginning to rub around. Ooooh, yessssss. It felt so good to be touched by a complete stranger. My hips instinctively pushed closer to the hole, as I tried to push more of my shaft through the Bayraklı Escort hole. I felt the hand grasp my whole length now. My anonymous friend gave me a little squeeze, then stroked me slowly.

“Godddd, that’s soooo good, keep going.” Who knows whether he heard me, but something urged him on, because he started to stroke me faster.

Suddenly his hand pulled away and he said, “your turn.” I felt something rub against my cock, pushing against me. It wasn’t his hand, but it was smooth and warm. I looked down and realized that he was rubbing his own cockhead against mine. Then he wrapped his hand around them and rubbed our two shafts together, squeezing, rolling and stroking. This was another new experience, and it was driving me wild, feeling our two cocks together like that. It felt good, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot a huge load of cum. But it was time to return the favour, so I reluctantly withdrew my cock and knelt down, sliding my forefinger through the hole, making a come-hither motion.

The man then pushed his cock through the hole as I pulled back, and I saw his thick shaft slide towards me. It was perhaps a little shorter than my 7 inches, but at least as thick. The head was dark and bulging, oozing droplets of pre-cum, and I could see the veins stand out on the shaft. I felt a hungry desire all of a sudden and I wanted it. Kneeling forward, I didn’t even bother to stroke him off, and I opened my mouth and began to slide my tongue around his cockhead, before sucking it into my mouth completely. It pulsed and jerked as my lips slid over the sensitive skin. The man started groaning loudly and humped against the wall on the other side, forcing more of himself into me. I took all I could, gagging a little, but enjoying him completely. He started thrusting backwards and fowards a bit, gently fucking my mouth. Without warning he cried out as I felt his shaft stiffen in my mouth, then his cock was jerking as I felt his warm cum unloading onto my tongue. I enjoyed the taste for a moment, before gulping it down. This was only the third cock I’d sucked off, but already I knew there would be more. There was a need for it developing inside me, becoming stronger with every smooth shaft I tasted.

The man withdrew his cock and moaned again.

“Uhhh. That was amazing. You suck cock good. Can you let me in?”

I was still feeling horny. After all, I had yet to come, and my straining cock was doing all the thinking at that point. With my trousers round my ankles I moved to the door and opened it. The man pushed in. He was older than me, but still young, and fairly slim. He was fully dressed, all except for his unzipped fly, which allowed his semi-hard cock to hang out. His cock which I had just sucked the cum from.

“Now it’s my turn.”

He shut the door and moved towards me reaching down to grab my balls and giving them a squeeze.

“That’s all for me isn’t it.”

With that, he kneeled and instantly began tongueing the underside of my straining shaft.

“Ohhhh yesss.” I threw my head back and sighed with pleasure. My new friend sucked hard on the head of my cock, then sank his mouth down the shaft, grabbing my balls in one hand, pulling and squeezing them. His other hand gripped my ass, and I could feel his fingers inching towards my butthole. He started to tease the rim of my hole, running a finger around the sensitive skin. I couldn’t take it, and just as he eased a finger inside my hole I grabbed his head and cried out as my cock started unloading a torrent of cum into his mouth. I came hard, jerking and pumping and holding his head, my fingers running through his hair, not able to let go, trying to somehow clamp more of him around my spasming fuckstick.

The man stood up and licked his lips. He looked at me with a glint in his eye.

“You needed that didn’t you?”

“God yesss.” I sank onto the seat to get my breath back. My cock was still a little hard, and I was still a little horny.

The man turned around and pulled down his pants, revealing a beautifully smooth shaven butt.

“I think you’ve got more come to give me. You want to fuck my ass?”

Without waiting for a reply, he pushed his asscheeks towards my face. Instinctively I grabbed his hips and stuck out my tongue. Licking his soft skin, I held his cheeks apart and dived towards his tight hole, my tongue seeking a way in, pushing inside him. He moaned and his sphincter tightened as I tasted his dirty lovehole. This was something else I was enjoying more and more. Rimming another Escort Bayraklı guy’s tight asshole, fucking him with my tongue, cleaning him out and getting him slippery and wet, ready for my cock to slide inside.

The man was clearly loving it. He moved his ass down to my lap, reaching round for my cock as he rubbed his ass over me, helping me to recover to full hardness. My balls felt full and tight again, like they needed to unload once more. I helped him guide my cock between his cheeks, and then held the base of my shaft as he slowly lowered himself onto me, his asshole gradually swallowing me, until I was all the way in. I tried to thrust my hips up to fuck him.

“Don’t do anything. Let me.”

With that he started to ride me, moving his ass up and down, his tunnel sliding along my full length, his tight hole gripping my shaft, all the way from the tip down to my groin.

I could hardly believe it. This had all happened so fast, but my cock was loving it and so was I. I relished fucking this stranger so deeply. He was moaning out loud now.

“Oh man, your cock feels so good inside me, I love riding you like this. Yeh, take me man. Do me. Cum in me. I need your cum bad. Give it to me.”

I wasn’t ready to cum yet, as I’d only just emptied myself into his mouth, so this time I could tell I was going to last. And that was fine by me. I wanted to enjoy feeling his ass sliding up and down my shaft for as long as I could.

Sweat began to trickle down my face as I began to heat up in our sustained fucking. My new lover was still riding me in a steady rhythm, pushing all the way down and taking me deep inside him with every thrust. It was so hot. Rather than a frenzied fuck straight to completion, I could settle into this one and savour every deep stroke. All I could hear were his slight grunts and moans, and the slap every time his ass touched my groin, as our hot wet love-making continued. I had never thought about it like that, as love-making. But I was enjoying it so much, that that was how it seemed now. It was fucking yes, but I loved every sensation of pleasure that I was feeling as they rippled around my body.

Before we could finish there was a knock on the door. Shit, I didn’t want to be disturbed. And I flushed, not wanting to be seen like this. The door pushed open and there stood the shop attendant.

“It sounded like you guys were having so much fun, I thought I’d join you.”

He walked straight in, and squeezed in front of my new friend. Unzipping his pants he pulled out his cock, just like that, and grabbed the man’s head, shoving his cock towards his mouth. There was no protest. My friend stopped riding me for a moment while he was taking his second cock in. Then he started again. The attendant started fucking his mouth in a rhythm, matching the movement of my fuck-buddy’s hips. The hot, wet slapping sounds grew louder as we all settled into our threesome.

“Yeh, that’s good. You’re so good, I’ll fuck you myself afterwards.” The attendant closed his eyes as he pumped my friend’s mouth steadily. Then he lunged forward and held the man’s head tight. He was clearly shooting his cream into the man’s mouth. Just watching this sent me over the edge and I moaned, and grabbed my lover’s hips and ass, as my cock released another load of warm cum up inside his ass.

“That’s it, come in me man, come in me like that, shoot your load. Ah yessss, I can feel your warm cum filling me up. Yes, do it. Ohhh.”

He held there while I emptied my balls into him. As I slowed down, he pulled off, and I watched a little cum dribble out of his ass and down the back of his thighs.

I thought the attendant would just leave after getting the blowjob he needed. But as my friend stood up, he moved towards me, pulling me up off the seat and turning me around.

“I’m not finished with you guys. I want to see you get filled at both ends.” He roughly pushed me against the wall, holding my ass and then pushing a thick finger inside my hole. It hurt a little, but I liked it. He pushed a second finger in, moving them around and in and out, opening and loosening my ass. I prepared for the inevitable, and while I was a little confused about what I wanted to happen, I knew I didn’t have much of a choice.

“Get ready, you’re gonna love me fucking your ass. I can tell you’re gonna be a great fuck. You want my cock in you?”

I mumbled something, but I screamed yesss inside my head. Oh yes, do me, I thought. He seemed to pick up on it, since the next thing I felt was his thick Bayraklı Escort Bayan head pushing against my entrance. He pushed in easily, and started thrusting fast and deep, all the way inside my tunnel. I cried out a little as he pumped me, since it hurt a little. But his cock was rubbing against my prostate, stretching my asshole, and sliding against it, and he was filling me with a tremendous pleasure. It was like nothing else. I’d not been fucked this hard before, and as he went on plowing me, with every stroke, I relaxed more and more, opening myself up to his invasion. I couldn’t see the other guy, but I wasn’t really thinking about him. All my attention was on the deliciously hard fucking I was receiving.

“Unngh, unnngh, unnngh, goddd, gooood, jesus yesss.” I grunted and moaned out loud as the onslaught continued.

The attendant then pulled out from me swiftly and told me to bend over. There was the other man right in front of me with his hardened cock proudly displayed. I bent towards him and took him in my mouth, as the attendant pushed back inside me again. Now I was filled at both ends, something I’d already done once. This was different though, I was no longer in the comfort of my neighbour’s flat, but in a seedy video booth with two complete strangers. They were giving me the fucking of my life, pushing hard and fast in and out of my asshole and mouth, filling me totally. Oh it felt so incredible.

“Yeh that’s it take it like you can’t get enough of me,” grunted the attendant.

Then I felt it, his warm cum shooting into the depths of my asshole, and his cock jerking and pulsing. He continued to fuck me as he came, and his cum had now loosened me up completely. His cock sliding smoothly in and out, lubricated with all his hot cum, made a loud slurping sound. I couldn’t believe he had the energy to carry on, but he was obviously still almost hard. As I sucked harder on the cock in my mouth, I felt it start to jerk and shoot more juicy cream into my mouth. I was being filled up with cum at both ends. Sweat was dripping off me and as we calmed down and I stood up, I felt that I had had enough. But I was wonderfully satisfied. The attendant knelt down and grabbed my hips, plunging his tongue into my ass, as he licked me out.

“Mmmm, I love the taste of my cum in your ass. Let me clean you up. Hmmm.”

He was doing me the dirtiest favour. My cock twitched as he thrust his tongue as far into me as he could go. The other guy noticed and dropped to his knees again, sucking my cock once more, getting me hard. I had already cum, but being tongue-fucked so thoroughly while I was being sucked was not giving me a chance to hold on.

“Aaaaah,” I cried out one last time, as I released another wave of spunk into this guy’s mouth. I could feel my ass tightening around the attendant’s tongue as he held it inside me, and tasted the depths of me, perhaps even more urgently. They were sucking all the cum out of me, from my ass, and from my cock. I could barely concentrate on whether it was my cum or the cum from the attendant’s cock, from when he had fucked me so well. All I knew was, I was being serviced in the hottest way. They were taking all the cum I had to give them.

We all stood up and pulled our clothes together. No-one said much. We were all tired but satisfied.

The attendant flashed me a smile. “You should come back. It gets a little boring here. I’ll let you in free next time. And maybe we’ll make some more friends.”

The other guy was also smiling. “That was fucking great. Let’s meet up again. My name’s John. Here’s my card if you want to call me.”

I took it.

“By the way,” he said, “did you ever go to the gay park?”

I felt a little uncomfortable.

“I’m not gay,” I said. “I just…”

“You like a nice bit of cock.” He grinned at me.

How could I deny it? “Yeh, you could say I’m developing a taste for it.”

He laughed. “Man, you love cock don’t you? It’s ok to say it.”

The attendant chimed in. “This guy loves a good fucking. He loved me cumming in his ass. Hah.”

I had to admit it.

“what the fuck. Yeh, I love it.”

“You should head out to this park, outside of town, if you want more. We both go there sometimes. Maybe we’ll see you there, if you’re lucky and we can have each other again,” said the attendant, smiling warmly.

I took the details, feigning indifference, and left. I probably wouldn’t be going to any ‘gay park’. After all, I wasn’t gay, and it sounded risky, fucking out in the open. I’d heard about guys going to parks to fuck each other. But that wasn’t for me. I wasn’t gay. Man on man sex though, mmmm. I began to wonder what the difference was. Freedom?

This is still fantasy for me, but I remain curious and exploring this really gets me going. I’m happy to correspond casually with anyone who’s exploring too.

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