First Steps Ch. 01: A Trip to Heaven

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I sat cross legged on the floor in Jing’s messy little bedroom. I looked into the mirror, trying to concentrate on getting my mascara right as Jing prattled on behind me. Her place was just on the outskirts of London, and I knew we needed to hurry to be on time.

“And his jokes! He was always trying so hard, I felt like I was offending him every time I didn’t laugh. It was exhausting,” she continued. I could hear the swishing of hangers as she looked through her wardrobe for the tenth time tonight.

“He was funny. What club are we meeting them at?” I pouted slightly into the mirror, trying to not let her break my concentration.

“God, I think love really does addle your brain,” Jing chirped.

I heard the smirk in her voice. She always seemed to get too much pleasure in telling me how wrong I was. It was even more infuriating that she was normally right.

“Look, I wasn’t the one that brought him up. I was being good,” I said, aware I sounded petulant.

Jing rushed over and grabbed my wrist, almost causing me to poke myself in the eye as she pulled me to my feet.

“Emily, look in the mirror.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes at her.

“Just look,” she repeated.

I gave her my best “this is stupid” look before I gave in and stared into the mirror. I always gave in.

It was difficult sharing a mirror with Jing. She was so beautiful, just breathtakingly beautiful. She could have passed for a Chinese supermodel, other than the fact she was only 4’11”. She was in her early twenties, but had a mature, sophisticated style. Her straight black hair dropped about half way down her back, silky and perfect, and she had large dark eyes you could get lost in. The boys were always flocking to her.

She was so small and slight. With her tight, toned body she always managed to look delicate and chic no matter what she was doing. She held herself with a dancer’s grace that I tried, and failed, to imitate. I knew she worked hard to keep in shape, but it didn’t stop me from being envious. She looked almost fragile, but I knew her much too well to underestimate her.

I dragged my eyes off of her and to myself. I didn’t look so bad tonight. My black hair and dark eyes matched Jing’s, but that was where the similarities ended. I am Filipina and 5’1″, a fact I never let Jing forget, teasing her over the the extra two inches. My hair, while nice, was never as flawless as hers. Mine ended up slightly wavy, spilling over my shoulders haphazardly. Despite us being the same age I always looked younger and less stylish, no matter how often she offered to do my make up or take me shopping.

I noticed with pleasure that the running had been paying off and I looked slimmer than usual, even a little toned. I tried not to wince, as I realised that it also made my curves all the more obvious. Even in the modest dress I was wearing, my bust was obvious. My breasts were full and perky, drawing men’s eyes downwards while Jing had them captivated by her eyes. My ass also seemed to always be sticking out provocatively, no matter how I tried to hide it.

I took a deep breath, letting my eyes fall back on Jing.

“What am I looking at?” I tried not to smile or it would ruin the game.

“Em, are you over that loser?”

“Jing, I told you-“

“Are you ready to move on?” she interrupted.

“Yes, of cour-“

“Then why?” she whined slightly for effect. “Why this dress?”

I blinked into the mirror, thrown off balance.

“I thought it was a nice colour…”

Jing stared at me, looking exasperated. My voice faltered. I could tell I had messed up somehow. What could it be this time?

“And you really think this will get you laid?”

I winced. Even around her I struggled to talk about these kinds of things. The dress was a beautiful deep blue…but…well…there was nothing exactly sexy about it. The material was thick, the neckline was around my throat and it wasn’t exactly daringly short. It wasn’t a bad dress, but I had to admit, it was the sort of thing my mother might have picked out for me.

“W..well, it’s too late now. Look, next time maybe we can go shopping or something,” I replied.

Jing grinned wickedly at me and my insides churned.

“You can just borrow one of mine,” she giggled, as I was pulled over to the wardrobe. My wrist was released, only so she could start flicking through her collection.

“No,” my voice quavered as I tried to be strong. “No, you know I can’t.” I crossed my arms and told myself this time I would be firm. The swish of hangers made me tremble.

“You know I can’t…pull off…the kinds of things you wear,” I stammered, as my heart began to pound. Maybe she would take pity on me? Just for once in our lives.

Jing ignored me as she pulled things out and draped them over her arm, lost in her own world. I stood there helplessly, shivering at the thought of one of her incredibly fashionable dresses, made for someone without my curves.

Jing squealed, pulling me out of my spiral of panic Kalkan Escort in time to see her drop the rest of the clothes and hold a new dress up to me.

It was everything I had feared.

The dress was beautiful. It was sleek and metallic with thin, clinging material. I had seen Jing wear it before and she looked like she had just stepped off a runway. But this was me. I always dressed to hide my curves. Otherwise, I felt like I looked wanton and slutty, my body calling for attention.

I held up my hands and shook my head.

“No way.”

Jing grinned as she advanced on me.


We both knew who was going to win, as always. The idea of going out in something like this made me flush hotly and a warm ache started to grow between my legs. I pushed the warm feeling down, reminding myself of how embarrassing this could be.

Jing moved behind me and grabbed the zipper of my dress, pulling it down in one quick motion. I weakly tried to grasp the dress to me and mumbled in protest, but her hands slipped over my shoulders and tugged it off.

I tensed as her small, soft fingers undressed me, brushing across my skin. My body flushed warmly at her touch. My cheeks were burning with shame at how my body was reacting. I tried to focus on the night ahead, how awful it would be to go out in something like this, with everyone staring.

“This is for your own good. You are much too sexy not to be getting some.”

I flinched at her voice, closer to my ear than I was expecting. She was right behind me, her tiny body brushed lightly against my back. Her fingers ran over my shoulder. We had undressed in front of each other enough times. Why did this feel so different, so intimate?

Her fingers trailed lazily over my skin, making me tingle. I was so used to her moving and talking a mile a minute the silence behind me was unsettling. I looked at her through the mirror and found her eyes fixed on me. They trailed leisurely down my exposed body, taking in every part of me. My arms twitched as I thought of covering up, but I didn’t.

Jing had a little smile on her lips, almost as if she liked what she saw. My skin prickled as I watched my friend stare at my body. My nipples stirred under my bra and I felt the deep ache between my legs grow. I didn’t want to move in case she stopped, not even daring to breath.

She finally met my eyes, looking through the mirror. Hers were shining brightly. Was that lust in her eyes? She was so close I could feel every breath gently brushing against my ear. She was looking into my eyes like a boyfriend would, like a lover would. I stared back scared, uncertain, but she was bold, fearless.


Jing’s phone went off and time flowed back into the room. She took a small step back and smiled playfully at me. Was that all a game? One of her jokes? Was it only me who felt that spark for a moment?

As she checked her phone I quickly slipped into the dress, wanting to cover myself so I didn’t have to think even more about her eyes on me. I fiddled awkwardly with the thin, clingy fabric, struggling to pull it down over my body. I knew, even before I looked in the mirror, that it hung off my body in a different way to how it hung off hers.

“Tom’s giving me a hard time, so I’m telling him it’s your fault we are so late. You can’t even get dressed without my help. Like a lost little lamb,” Jing called out behind me.

I continued pulling the dress down, wriggling to fit into it. I smoothed it out and checked myself in the mirror while Jing stared into her phone.

“Why do I have to take the blame? Surely if he gets mad all it takes is one kiss from you and he is over it.”

“Oh I have more than kisses at my dispos…”

She stopped mid sentence, something so rare I turned to see what was wrong. She was sitting on her bed, the phone now limp in her hands as she stared at me with wide eyes.



We leapt onto the tube train just as the doors were closing. I stumbled in my heels, but managed to catch myself in time. I could feel the dress tugging up my thighs and hurriedly pulled it back down. I was acutely aware of the group of guys a little way down the otherwise empty carriage.

As we sat down, I pressed my bare thighs firmly together. Jing noticed and glanced down, laughing.

“It’s your own fault.”

“How can you blame this on me?”

“If you hadn’t been wearing granny panties there wouldn’t have been a problem.”

I laughed mirthlessly. “So I was supposed to wear a tiny thong so the panty lines don’t show, through a dress I didn’t know I was going to be wearing?”

She was still looking down at my bare thighs, thoughtfully.

“Actually I am impressed,” she flashed her beautiful smile. “Tom suggested I go commando in that dress once, but I didn’t have the nerve. You are full of surprises.”

“Wait, I had a choice?”

She seemed to be savouring this whole thing, but I couldn’t relax. The dress was Kalkan Escort Bayan clinging tightly to my body and I squirmed a little in the seat. I knew how I must look, I knew what type of girl people must imagine I was. I glanced around at the group of guys and noticed one of them was staring at me.

The dress was black, but shined metallically as I moved. It clung tightly across my breasts, the neckline plunging between them. It made my breasts look huge, drawing the eyes down. Even worse, it was clinging to my entire body. It was tight across my ass, and kept riding up my thighs. I had to tug at it constantly to stop the bottom of my ass from being on show. I felt the man’s eyes on me, as I pulled the dress down my thighs.

I thought of jumping off at the next stop and going home, no matter what Jing said. But then, for a moment, I felt the burning urge to open my legs and show everything, to lean back and just enjoy the stares. Blushing hotly, I turned back to Jing to distract myself.

“So we are meeting them at the pub?” I asked, as I crossed my legs again and pressed them together.


Jing was engrossed in her phone, her brow creasing slightly as she read.

“No, Tom says they left already. We are going to meet them at the club.”

“Which one?”

“They decided to head to Heaven.”

I froze.

I looked away, but I caught sight of the guys again. They were laughing and several of them were now looking over at me. They must have been talking about me, enjoying the show. I tugged the dress down yet again.

“What’s wrong?”

Jing was watching me closely, looking genuinely worried. I wished I could tell her, but even the thought of explaining made me blush. Heaven is a gay club that our friends had been to a few times, but I had always bailed. I knew it wasn’t like anyone there could tell the kinds of things I sometimes thought about, the sorts of videos and stories I looked up online. It wasn’t like I was gay. I like men… But it would just be strange being in a place like that. Even the idea that someone might think…

“Nothing,” I mumbled, staring determinedly at the floor.


She hugged me, her hand resting on my shoulder. I couldn’t help but think back to her touch as she undressed me.

“Are you that desperate to get laid? You never know, there will probably be some straight guys there.”

I looked up at her and tried to think of something witty to say.

I replied sarcastically “Sure, or hey, maybe with your dress I can pick someone up before we get there?”

Jing shrugged, smirking to herself.

“Or maybe all the women there won’t be able to keep their hands off you.”

I swallowed hard, blushing again and tried desperately to remain calm. I clutched my hands tightly and forced a fake smile onto my lips. A small voice in my head said, “What would Jing think if she knew you had thought about what a woman touching you would feel like?” I tried not to think of Jing’s fingertips brushing across my shoulder earlier.

“Or maybe you can convince me to try something new,” she purred. I looked up to find her watching me, her little smile impossible to read.

“You don’t think Tom will mind?” I replied sardonically.

She giggled and gave me a theatrical wink.

“I won’t tell if you don’t.”

I had to look away, but again I saw the group of men ogling me. I pulled the dress down and pressed my thighs together, willing the train to go faster. I needed a drink.


We walked into the club, into a long low ceilinged room with little brickwork alcoves lining one wall. On the other side the room opened up onto the bustling dance floor. The lights were dim and everything was washed with pink and purple light as the beat pulsed through the room. Though the place was lively, we quickly found our friends. Tom kissed Jing deeply as I greeted everyone else.

All of them were staring at me, staring at the dress. They knew my usual style, and I couldn’t blame them for staring. When I saw myself in the mirror, I had been amazed at how different I looked.

“You look awesome,” Katie said.

“Jing picked it,” I replied awkwardly, even though everyone had probably already guessed.

“Don’t worry, it looks great on you,” Sophie whispered, as she hugged me.

I smiled at the compliments, but cringed at all the eyes on me. I quickly excused myself to the bar.

“Vodka Red Bull!” Jing yelled after me as I hurried away.

I leaned against the bar and let out a long breath. I was here and the worst was over, I could just enjoy myself. At least with a whole group of us, Jing wouldn’t be able to tease me in the same way. I looked around at the people who were in various states of drunkenness, drumming my fingers on the counter as I waited my turn.

Then I saw her.

She was staring straight at me. I looked away quickly, but I couldn’t help it. I had to glance back.

She must have been nearly Escort Kalkan 6 feet tall in heels, with beautiful golden hair cascading down in effortless waves. Her eyes were the deepest blue and her lips looked pouty, soft and inviting. She was wearing a beautiful red dress, at once elegant and sensual. The dress exaggerated her large bust and wide hips, clinging to her slim but curvy body. It dipped down enough to show off her ample cleavage and I found it hard not to stare. Her dress might have been even more revealing than mine, but she owned it completely. She was magnetic and wildly sexual. She was a little older than me, perhaps late thirties, and had the look of a woman who knew how to make people stare.

After the fourth or fifth time my eyes drifted over to her, she smiled broadly. I tingled under that smile, my mind went blank as I tried to think of how to react. She came closer, weaving through the crowd towards me. I was only saved by the bartender asking for my order. I tried to focus on him and to ignore the urge to look back.

“Hi.” Her voice was sultry, sensual with a hint of amusement.

I struggled to speak. Her body was so close to mine and her eyes seemed to be devouring me. I looked back towards my friends, wondering if anyone was watching me. Jing was looking over, watching this woman approaching. It looked as if she were scowling slightly, but it was hard to make out.

“Your girlfriend?” the woman said, following my gaze. She looked brazenly at Jing for a moment, before turning back to me.

“What? No, no of course not…I mean…I’m not-” I cut myself off. I realised I was panicking as I tried to talk to this sexy woman. “I am straight…” I finished lamely, aware of how stupid that must sound. I wondered again if that were even completely true, but the idea of my friends seeing me…

I felt uncomfortably aware of how close we were and the way my dress was stretching across my breasts every time I breathed in. She smiled indulgently at me and opened her mouth to say something. But before she could, Jing slid next to me, wrapping her arm around my waist and grabbing the drink I had just gotten for her.

“Thanks. Are you coming to dance?”

The woman looked over at her and raised an eyebrow, completely unfazed.

I blushed hotly. I glanced between the two of them, feeling embarrassed and aroused, like my heart would leap out of my chest.

“Or you can stay here,” Jing giggled. “You can do whoev- sorry, whatever you want,” She grinned at me and I wished the ground would open up and swallow me whole. The woman was watching us, the smile never leaving her lips.

I paid the barman and hurried towards the dance floor, not able to look at either of them, just needing to get away and pretend that none of this was happening. Jing caught up with me quickly, whispering happily in my ear.

“She is so into you. Am I getting in your way?” She stared deep into my eyes, still grinning teasingly.

My body tensed, warmth dripped through me as I thought about that possibility. Could someone like that really be into someone like me? I shook my head to clear the thoughts. Jing was obviously just enjoying me being the butt of her jokes tonight. She would keep messing with me as long as I gave her any kind of reaction.

We re-joined our friends and danced in the packed crowd. It felt good to be with my friends, hidden in a sea of strangers. As I danced, I slowly unwound, able to forget the feelings of embarrassment as the music pulsed around me.


Jing was wrapped in Tom’s arms and I was dancing with the rest of our friends when I spotted the blonde again. She was suddenly there among all the people, dancing so close to me. She smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. I relaxed as the pounding of the music around us made everything feel unreal and dreamlike.

I watched her body, so close to mine, swaying to the beat. For a second I thought about reaching out. I wondered how it would feel to touch her curves, to have her body pressed against mine. I glanced over at my friends, realising no one was really paying attention to me. They probably wouldn’t even notice if I did something like that. The thought thrilled me and made my heart pound.

She was getting closer. A few moments more and we would touch. We would be dancing, not in a crowd, but together. I didn’t even have to reach out, I just had to stay there. I just had to not move away. As I danced I turned my back to her, closing my eyes as I swayed slowly in place.

I didn’t have to wait long before her body moved up behind me. I felt her soft curves pressed against my back, grinding softly into me. My eyes were closed, concentrating on how good her body felt, her hands lightly holding my hips as we swayed in time. I pushed myself back lightly, my ass pressed into her as the heat spread through my body, my nipples stiffening.

I opened my eyes and saw my friends watching, giggling as she danced against me.

I pulled away quickly. I shot a quick embarrassed smile at her, mouthing “Sorry,” as I hurried back to my friends. I tried to get back into the music, but I couldn’t push down the feelings of embarrassment and shock. Even worse, I could still feel my arousal.

“You are irresistible in that dress,” Sophie giggled.

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