First story. MFM on our boat

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We’d found ourselves finishing off a bottle of red before we’d even got off our boat. We both knew it was going to be a messy night!

Another bottle gets emptied over a lovely meal and as we’re walking to the gin distillery you tell me your knickers are rubbing against your freshly trimmed pussy.

Once settled in the comfy seats we chill and watch the world go by while you try different cocktails and I stick to Hendricks, looking at friends chat and first dates happen.

You head off to the toilet and I notice a couple of guys eyes follow you out, then look back at me grinning. I message you in the toilet to take your pants off and leave them in your handbag.

I know you’re pretty drunk because you send one straight back saying that you’re one step ahead of me and they’re already in your bag. You then confess to being so horny and wet. Then blow me away by saying we need to find someone to help me fuck you tonight as you’re very ready to be fucked.

As you get back and sit down the two guys are still watching you as you snog me hard on the sofas. When you finish snogging me you whisper in my ear that you think 2 guys have been eyeing you up.

A couple more drinks get brought over to us and they’re from the guys who’s been looking over, gesture over to them to join us. There’s not much room so one squashes in next to you on the sofa and the other just sits on the table opposite you. They’re both very nice guys and tell us they’re both helicopter pilots in the forces. Tonight being the last night of freedom before going on tour in the morning.

The guy on the table admits he’s pretty wasted but didn’t want to spoil his mates last night and wondered if we minded him gatecrashing our evening. He stumbles away and leaves his mate with us drinking and having a good night.

As we were chatting I noticed him put his hand on your leg several times, each time seemed longer than previously and I’m sure you parted your legs slightly at his touch, you certainly didn’t make any attempt to move his hand. Last orders have been drunk and we’re being ushered out. All three of us very drunk indeed. We all tumble into a taxi and tell him to take us to the marina.

As we got to the marina the heavens opened and we made a dash for our boat, the wind was up and it had turned cold, we all dived down into the saloon, it was lovely and warm down below after leaving the heating on.

You ended up sitting next to him around the table as I made us all a brew. I noticed his hand was on your thigh again but he moved it when he noticed me looking. I went to get changed out my wet clothes and came back to join you.

His hand was back on your leg and your dress was now mid thigh, your legs had separated again and he was rubbing your inner thigh. This time he didn’t remove it when he saw me looking, instead he moved higher up your thigh.

As his hand moved higher you gradually opened your legs to him, his hand was now so high up your dress he must be close to your pussy, but your dress was covering my view. You looked really nervous has his hand went further still, he lightened the mood by exclaiming you’d got no knickers on.

You began shifting in your seat so I guessed he’d found your sexy clitoris and when you settled again you was so wet I could hear him rubbing your pussy. Wet enough for his fingers to slide right inside you which they did as you moaned in pleasure at something finally being inside you.

You looked over at me with a beautiful blushed smile to see if I was ok. I was sat watching, gently rubbing myself through my shorts, I was more than ok, I was in heaven. I asked if you’d mind turning round a little so I could see what was happening.

You positioned yourself so you were sat with your back resting on him, his left hand caressing your breasts over your clothes and his right hand fell straight back in to position between your legs. You pulled your dress up around your middle, laid your head back against his shoulder and let yourself completely relax.

I saw him fingering my wife’s pussy with two fingers and his thumb was massaging your clit, I knew you’d be liking that and he seemed to be getting more and more juices on his fingers. Man what a beautiful sight.

I suggested we maybe moved to the bedroom so we could all be more comfortable, you didn’t hesitate. Still with his fingers inside you you led him down to our bedroom while I locked up. When I got back into the bedroom you’d flopped face first onto our bed and his amazingly hard cock was poking through his open flies and heading for your pussy.

You flinched a little as you felt him against you, you’d not even seen his cock yet nor touched it but there he was slowly edging inside you. He was undressing as he pushed against your pussy, I could see everything from the doorway and I was slowly wanking my hard cock.

He was slightly bigger than me as he edged inside you, as he pushed further inside you out of nowhere you orgasmed on his cock, it completely caught you by surprise and it was a big one. Your body shaking as wave after wave pulsed through your pussy. Once your orgasm had subsided he began to fuck you properly.

It was a good job it was wet & wild outside because the noise of his big balls slapping against your clit sounded as loud as thunder and you were moaning like I’ve never heard before. You then shout to me that you’d like me in your mouth. At last, I get in on the action!

What an incredible night, my wife is being fucked in her favourite position while I’m being sucked expertly and I need to control myself otherwise I’ll be coming too. I need to slow down so ask if we can all swap position and get you on your back on the bed. He’s knelt to your side as you see his cock for the first time.

I instinctively head down to your pussy, it’s so juicy and you can tell you’ve been fucked hard, I just have to have a taste and start eagerly licking your pussy which sends you off again. I reposition myself between your legs and slide inside of you. Your expert sucking is getting him close to cuming and he pulls out of your mouth just in time to totally cover your boobs in his cum.

Seeing that happen sends me crazy, your massaging his cum into your boobs egging me on to fill you up. I pull your legs up around my ears so I can get deeper into you, it works for us both and we’re both bucking around as we cum together, you can feel my cock tensing inside you as I feel your pussy clenching my shaft.

The next morning we wake alone to the sound of a chinook flying directly over our heads.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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