First Summer: A New Freedom

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These stories are based in Australia and written in the idiom the characters would use.

Generally, the intended meaning will be clear from the context if you don’t cling too tightly to your usual usage.

Crutch/ Crotch has been a subject of much comment. Australians more commonly use ‘crutch’ and that meaning of the word is supported by the Macquarie Dictionary.


Being freed from the restrictions of using a condom certainly offered some interesting variations on our sexual routines.

The first time this became evident was when we were doing our morning swim one day. I was swimming along at my own pace when I felt something touch my feet. Like any Australian, for a nano-second the word shark leapt in to my brain. Then almost instantly I noticed it was a very gentle shark if that’s what it was.

Recognising it was Greg grabbing my foot just triggered another auto response of any Australian girl with older brothers; lift your head out of the water because when you get suddenly dragged backwards you get water up your nose! Greg was gentler than that and simply slowed my forward progress as his upper body initially slid over the top of my legs.

Since we usually just left each other to swim in peace, it didn’t immediately occur to me what he had in mind. When he had his outstretched hands around my waist, he lowered his feet to the ground and brought me upright too. With my legs by then either side of him, my crutch slid initially down his lower chest and stomach as I came upright. As it reached his groin his intentions became obvious. I could feel through my crutch that he was massively aroused. As I continued standing up, my crutch collected his erection and pushed it down between my legs. By the time my feet touched the bottom, my back was pressed against his front and his cock was throbbing against my clit trying to push itself back to a vertical position; the swimmer encased head of it projecting out from between my legs.

“What got you so suddenly excited?” I playfully asked as I put by arms behind me and grabbed his bum cheeks, rubbing myself seductively up and down along his body as I did; his shaft moving arousingly against my clit in the process. My whole groin was already warming to the feel of Greg’s erection between my legs.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist watching your cute little bum as I was swimming behind you and it sort of got me all excited.”

“And why is that anything to apologise about; don’t you think I like swimming in your wake too? Do you often get excited following me when you’re swimming?”

“I’m not admitting to anything, but if I was; maybe.”

“And this is the first time you’ve done anything about it?”

“I usually think of it as resistance training.”

“What, resistance to me or extra resistance through the water?”

“A bit of both.”

“Well you’re going to have to give up the resistance to me bit.”

By now his hands had moved up under my bikini top and were teasing up my nipples, his mouth kissing my neck. My body wanted him. With one hand down between our bodies holding his shaft out horizontal, I slid off his shaft, turned in his arms to face him, exposed him and slid back over the top of his shaft by pushing his erection back horizontally between my legs. Then I kissed pendik escort him. I liked being taken by Greg; having the sense that he wanted me sexually and was willing to act on that desire. He was usually more cautious in his approach; relying on well known routines or testing every step for my reaction before moving forward again. As I kissed him I continued to rub myself against his shaft.

Greg broke our kiss and my grip on him when he again put his hands on my hips and elevated my bum; bringing me to a position where I was floating on my back, his head between my legs and his hands supporting my bum. He started nuzzling my crutch causing a surge in my arousal.

I felt him transfer the support of my lower body on to his shoulders and his hands separated from my bum cheeks. Then I felt both strings ties on my bikini bottom being pulled and its material being removed from my crutch. I’d barely had time to hope that Greg kept the bikini safe to let me get back out of the water before the feeling of his tongue on my clit abruptly refocused my attention.

As I floated there letting the waves lap over my breasts to add further stimulation to my nipples and enjoying the pleasures Greg was bringing me, my mind wandered back to our first day and the fantasies I’d had while floating on my back having my hair rinsed. Now it was real, now the pleasure building between my legs was physical not mental. I knew I’d shortly have that shaft that had so fascinated me that first day inside me.

Just as my climax hit, I pushed myself down along Greg’s body making it clear I wanted him inside me as soon as possible. Coming upright as I slid down, the tip of his shaft came up against my crutch. A slight wiggle on my part and I had him lined up and in, pushing my weight down on it to bury it deeply. I was just in time for the last of my contractions to bear on his shaft, some light thrusting by me drawing the orgasm out pleasurably.

Then gripping Greg between my legs I let him loose to find his own pleasure in my body, the sound of his orgasm clearly announcing the measure of his success.

The second time was shortly after that.

Neither Greg nor I were really serious surfers; but we’d both had some exposure to it.

With Greg’s heavy involvement with lifesaving you’d think he would have got more involved, but it doesn’t really work that way. Never the less he’d acquired a mini-mal some years ago that he used occasionally but never really mastered. My father had given me a short board for one Christmas and even though dad had given me lessons on it, like Greg, I’d used it a few times since but never really got the hang of the whole thing.

A heavy swell moving up from the South had got the point working well – much to the delight of dad and my brothers, but on this particular day also was generating a nice rolling break at the nursery area – just the sort Greg and I found attractive for a bit of practice.

So after our swim, instead of going for a run, we each retrieved our surfboards. Fortunately the storm down South which had generated the swell on this day had not made it this far North, so the weather continued hot and sunny and the water was crystal clear. When we reconvened on the beach ready for a surf, Greg was wearing his boardies (board shorts) and I just a pendik escort bikini.

We paddled out and started our somewhat comic routine of trying to catch waves and then stand up. Fortunately we had the nursery area to ourselves so at least we didn’t have to worry about running in to other people. We each managed one or two waves where we got a reasonable ride, but for the most part the routine was more a case of paddle on to the wave, try and stand up and then fall off before paddling back out again. Off in the distance I could see dad and my brothers among those riding the point and at one stage dad had even noticed me out and give me a big wave and hands above the head clapping; indicating in his own dad daggy way his approval of my being out and giving it a go.

After yet another inelegant fall, I paddled back out and glided into a position alongside Greg who was waiting for another suitable wave just beyond the break zone. Greg was facing seaward watching the wave, whereas I came to a stop facing shoreward; in the opposite direction. I may have been starting to get bored with the surfing, but whatever the cause, as I drifted to a stop alongside him seeing his gorgeous body perched upright on his board like that caused a sudden surge of desire in my loins. As I came within reach I put my hand on his thigh to anchor myself next to him. To engage him in conversation I think I might have asked him how many good waves he’d had or some other such trivial question; it didn’t really matter I just wanted a reason to keep him next to me.

After a minute or two, without any warning, I slid my hand up the leg of his boardies and fondled his cock. I must have caught him by surprise, because he was entirely flaccid when my hand wrapped itself around him; nearly but not quite able to encase it lightly in my palm. Almost instantly that changed as it engorged; pushing apart my fingers and growing out from between my thumb and forefinger like some fast motion shot of a sapling bursting out of the ground and growing in to a tree before your eyes. I loved the feel of Greg growing in my hand and when I got to, I loved watching it just as much. And yet it was a rare treat. Usually by the time I got him undressed enough to get a hand down his pants or see what was happening he was already pretty big. The feeling of him growing like that aroused me strongly; my own body responding in synch with his preparing itself for his arrival.

I leant in to kiss him; or at least tried too – since my small board didn’t quite float my weight and I couldn’t get my mouth as high as Greg’s. Greg bent down and our mouths meet and our tongues fondled each other before penetrating each other’s mouth.

Greg had put a balancing hand on my thigh as he bent down. Now it slid up to my crutch moving gently against it and bringing out a throbbing intensity in my clit as our kiss intensified. Greg’s board – being larger – was much more stable than mine, so Greg could afford to put his other hand gently around my neck holding us together while we kissed and fondled each other; whereas I need to use my other hand to hold on for grim death to my board to stop from rolling off.

After just a short while like this, Greg’s fingers rolled over the top of my bikini bottom to gain direct access to my now very needy clit. Even in pendik escort the salty cool ocean, the sensuous touch of his finger sent a shiver of pleasure through me as it slid along the length of my slot between the board and my crutch before exploring the all too ready opening to my tunnel while the back of his thumb gently massaged my clit. In and out he pushed the finger, each push going just a little bit deeper; pushing harder against the front wall while with each movement his thumb moved smoothly and now firmly against the throbbing nub. As my breathing quickened he removed his fingers to the place where his thumb had been, expertly caressing, rubbing and teasing the most immediate cause of my building climax. Almost involuntarily I started rocking my crutch in sync to Greg’s fingers causing a slap, slap, slapping noise as the water washed between my stomach and my board as we both rose and fell with the passing below us of each unbroken wave.

With my father not really all that far away, I tried to suppress my usual vocalisation as I came; instead directing the pleasure back down through my crutch as my knees tightened against the side of my board and my hand held a death grip on Greg’s cock. Feeling an irresistible need to bend over double with the pleasure of the contractions rampaging through my groin, I broke away from Greg’s mouth and bent in towards my board. But all I succeeded in doing was losing my balance. So I ended up rolling off my board in to the water; my mind all the time totally focused on maintaining the momentum of my orgasmic waves. Since I remained firmly anchored to Greg by the hand I had up the leg of his boardies and around his shaft, I succeeded in pulling him off his board too.

Once he was in the water, Greg wrapped his arms under my armpits and held each side of my board with his hands; sandwiching me between him and my board. I felt his hand slide down between our bodies, releasing the press stud securing the waist of his boardies and stripping apart the Velcro closing the fly. The head of his naked shaft was pressed up against the crutch of my bikini; knocking on the door of my tunnel seeking entry with an urgency that communicated itself in every aspect of the contact between our bodies. His desperate need for me excited me; I wanted him in me. I wanted his body thrusting against me and I wanted it as urgently as he did.

With one hand I reached down and pulled aside the crutch of my bikini bottom and guided his shaft into my waiting pussy while I wrapped the other around the back of his head and pulled him in to a kiss. As he entered me, we each pushed our bodies to deepen the penetration; my hand now wrapped around his bum cheek to encourage him to satisfy himself; to take me with all the passion he was feeling.

Greg started thrusting; low slow and deep at first, then with increasing intensity until his eyes acquired that glazed over look that indicated he was about to come. His body tensed and the cool water was suddenly filled with the warmth of the seed pumping out of his body as he let forth a deep satisfying groan.

As my senses started to be able to focus on things other than my loins, I could feel that Greg’s boardies were no longer anywhere on his legs and I thought they might have slipped off and floated away while we were concentrating on other things. Greg knew better. Although they had floated down his legs, they were captured by the leg rope still attaching his ankle to his board; so at least we didn’t have to go duck diving for them to retrieve them from the bottom if Greg wasn’t to do a nudie run up the beach.

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