First Time

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In the city where I live a hospital was sponsoring screenings for prostate problems. Getting to the age where that might become a problem, I decided to take advantage of the program; after all, it was free!

I knew what to expect, having had the exam in the past. At the hospital each patient was shown a movie as to what the program was about and then ushered in to the typical doctor’s examination room. I had never met this doctor before. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties. He introduced himself and asked me if I had any problems. I assured him I didn’t–at least as far as I knew. “That’s what I’m here to find out,” I said with a smile.

He asked me to lower my pants and turn around. I heard the snap of the glove as he put it on. He told me to lean over as far as I could comfortably, resting on the examining table. I felt his left hand as he rested it on my butt. Then I moved as I felt his lubricated finger begin to enter me. He paused for a second, asking, “I’m not hurting you am I?”

“No, I said, go ahead,” which he did, slowly, working it from side to side as he did.

As he was moving his right hand in me his left hand had moved around to my abdomen. I could feel him as he was pressing back with his left and in with his right hand. I was getting aroused! I tried to hold Bakırköy travesti back, thinking about getting my car serviced. Then I realized what I was thinking–serviced!

Finally, he was finished and slipped his finger out. I thought “I wish he had lingered a while.”

He said “Everything feels okay there but I’d like to check a little more.”

“Fine, I replied, do whatever you think is necessary.” He washed his hands then he said wanted to check for possible hernias. He put his hands on my abdomen and gently pushed in and around asking if I felt any pain. Then he looked me in the eye as he moved his hands to my scrotum. I let out a little gasp–his hands were warm and soft! “Pain, he asked?”

“Not at all, I replied, go ahead.” By this time I was getting aroused again and ,of course, I couldn’t hide it.

“It’s okay if I do this, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Oh yes, please do it more,” I answered.

“Hop up on the table,” he said. With my shorts dangling around my feet I did, quickly. He looked up at me as he held my balls in his warm hand and said, “Please forgive me if I’m wrong, but this is what you want, isn’t it?” With that he bent over and took me into his mouth. Oh, yes!. That’s exactly what I wanted. He held me there, not sucking, but Beylikdüzü travesti just applying gentle pressure with his lips. As he looked up at me he kept moving his hands over my thighs. My asshole was still leaking K-Y jelly from the exam so I was trying to squeeze it closed, but not very successfully; as I squeezed I was moving my cock in his mouth. This man knew his business! I could see the smile in his eyes as he began to move my cock around in his mouth.

I leaned back on the exam table closing my eyes, concentrating on the feeling in my balls. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I came, whispering as I did, “Thank you…thank you!”

He released me, saying, “The pleasure was all mine.”

Although I had had blow jobs from men in the past I had never given one. In recent months I had thinking about it, though. Just what would another’s cum taste like? I had read that the taste depended on what the person had recently eaten.

I thought this might be a good time to learn. As I was getting down from the table I noticed the doctor had a erection. “Doctor, that was the most satisfying blowjob I have ever had! I’ve never given one but I want to do it for you.” (I also wanted to do it for myself, but I didn’t mention that to him!)

“You mean you’re a virgin?” Bomonti travesti he asked, very surprised.

“Yes, and I’d like to offer my virgin mouth to you if you’ll accept.”

“Oh, yes!,” he answered as he quickly lowered his pants; probably thinking I might change my mind. As he took off his shorts I noticed he wasn’t circumcised.

“You’re not cut!,” I exclaimed. I’ve often fantasized about sucking an uncut cock. He laughed, and said his father believed that he could decide for himself when the time came.

I rinsed my hands in warm water while he got on the table. Going to him I took a ball in each hand, bent over and put little nibbling kisses on each one. I brushed my cheek against his unspoiled cock, letting it slide across my lips. Looking up at him I caressed his thighs and put my lips on the head as it was pushing its way out from the foreskin.

Then I carefully put my lips over the head and pushed the skin back farther till all was exposed. He was breathing heavily with his eyes closed. I was learning the taste of a man’s cock. I gently squeezed my lips on his cock and then started to tongue it, working up saliva to make it feel good for both of us. Then I felt him start to throb and almost immediately he came. The force of his coming caused me to jump back releasing him so that most, but not all, of his cum hit me in the face.

I had finally done it! I had given a blowjob! But how do you end an encounter like that? We cleaned up, thanked each other and I left. The taste? Well, that’s hard to describe, except to say mmmm, good!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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