First Time

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Double Blowjob

You take me to our room where you have our Liberator set up on the bed. I know this will be our first session as Master and Slut. It is something I have been wanting. To be trained by you, to obey your commands, to be punished as needed. We have our agreed on safe word. I see the cuffs, all three sets, wrist, ankle, and thigh. I see the blindfold, and my collar. I also see that you have the whip, paddle, my butt plug, our Feeldoe, and some of my other favorite toys.

You take me by the hand and direct me to a pillow on the ground. “Kneel,” You command me. Driven by desire to please you I kneel on the pillow. You reach over and grab my collar and carefully place it around my neck. “You are mine now, you will do as I tell you, is that understood?”

I look up to you and reply quietly, “Yes Master.”

You smile. “Good, now strip.”

I quickly rise and strip my clothes off for you. You sit down on the bed and wave me to stand between your legs, you are still fully clothed. You grab my hands and tell me to kneel again. I do so quickly, noting that at some point you have moved the pillow for me. You look me in the eyes. “We can make this easy or hard. Your training begins now.” I nod carefully. I am wondering, how this could be hard, I want it after all. But you know you must break me a bit. I am so strong willed, I must be broken enough to know that you truly are my Master.

You direct me to rise, and you grab the cuffs, first placing the wrist cuffs on me, then the thigh cuffs, then the ankle cuffs, as you lift your head from this task you briefly nuzzle my crotch, and smell how aroused I already am. You realize then, it may not be as difficult as you thought to break me. I am so wet waiting for you to continue. You then grab a couple of ties and attach them to my collar, this surprises me, and then you blindfold me.

You help me to kneel by the liberator, and lean me over so I am in a doggy style position, but with my ass and pussy both clearly over the edge. You buckle my thighs and ankles and then grab my arms and attach them down near my ankles, and then take the ties attached to my collar and tie them to the liberator. I am now completely attached to the liberator and basically unable to move.

You lean close to my head and say softly into my ear “I am going to ask you some questions, and I expect you to answer honestly, or you will be punished.” I whimper a little. You move back away from my head. I hear you near the end of the bed and hear the rustle of clothing. You tell me “I am going to begin now.” I get so excited.

You ask me the first question, and it comes out as a growl near my ear…

“Are you a whore?”

I sex hikayeleri am stunned and immediately say no, you lightly swat my bare ass with your hand, not enough to really hurt, more a reminder that you can.

You say, “That was a warning, let’s try that again… are you a whore?”

Again I say no and you immediately slap my ass, much harder this time, enough to make me cry out.

You speak, this time from my ass, “You ARE a whore, and you are going to continue being punished until you admit it. Until you admit that you are a whore you will not enjoy our training. Now then, are you a whore?”

At this point I am so aroused that I want to say yes and have you take me, but I don’t want to admit that I’m a whore, so I again say no.

You sigh and say to me “you will regret that, and you grab the whip and swat me with it. I enjoy the pain so much, but I want to see what else you have in store for me, so I decide to push it and wait for you to ask me again, you do so quickly, this time right into my ear.

“Are you a whore?”

And again, I say no. Suddenly my ass is hit and I know what it is you used. The little pink leather paddle I bought, hoping you’d use it on me. My pussy gushes and I know you won’t hesitate to punish me again. This time when you ask me the question I tell you what you’ve been waiting for: “Yes, yes I’m a whore, I’m a whore Master, and I need you to train me.”

You smile and gently caress my reddened ass cheeks. “Good, now you are ready. You are no longer a whore to me, you are MY SLUT.” I sigh happily. “Now then my little slut, we continue your training. I’m afraid you will not learn though right now, your pussy juices are so heavy, I think you need to cum now so you’ll listen to me. Do you want to cum slut?”

I am so excited by the thought, “Yes master, make me cum Master”

You lean close over me and whisper, “I will my slut, you will cum hard for me or you will pay, do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

You grab my small bullet and go straight to my clit, you know it won’t take much for me to cum. It only takes a few seconds before you feel my body tensing and I’m crying out with my orgasm.

When it is done you say, “Good my little slut, you’ve pleased me, now to the rest.” I wonder what you have in mind, when I feel something on my anus, it’s your fingers, with lube. You are spreading it around my hole and in my hole.

“You my little slut, you are getting a plug in this ass. You need to have it in so that in time I can fuck that beautiful pussy while you have it in.” And with that you begin gently spreading my ass and inserting the pink plug. I cringe a little, it’s been porno hikayeleri a while since I had my plug in, but I love the feeling of it, it excites me.

Once it is in, you tell me, “Now then, you are NOT to let that plug out of your ass, or I will paddle you” I smile with the mere thought of it. “I’m going to let you cum again, because I want you to cum with that plug in your ass. Are you ready my slut?”

“Yes” I respond, already excited. Suddenly I feel your tongue licking my pussy, my clit and I am ecstatic. You suck a little on my clit. Then I feel one of your fingers enter my wet pussy hole. I just about cum right then, but I maintain it. I know you won’t be happy if I cum that quickly.

But then you begin thrusting in and out with the finger and I know I am doomed, and suddenly I am saying “Don’t stop, oh please don’t stop” and as quickly as the words are out of my mouth you stop and suddenly my ass is on fire. You’ve paddled me again. I cry out. It is the most sensational feeling, to be paddled when I am right on the edge with my plug firmly in my ass.

“Do you know why I did that slut?” You ask me.

“No Master.”

You lean over my hot ass, pushing on the plug with your body and say to me “YOU are not in control, I am your Master. YOU don’t tell me what to do. You accept the gifts your Master gives to you. I alone decide if you are going to cum, do you understand me slut?” I nod, and you grab me by the hair and pull slightly.

“You will answer me with a ‘yes Master’ or be punished even more slut. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME SLUT?”

“Yes Master, yes, I understand you Master.”

And you pull away from me. You lean back down and begin licking my wet cunt. You have me back on the edge quickly and suddenly you stop. I am so upset, I want to cum so badly for you. You suddenly release all my tie downs from the liberator and command me to roll over. You slide the wedge under my shoulders and strap my cuffs back down, but not my collar. You then bury your face in my pussy again.

Before long I am again on the edge. And again you stop, I just about cry in agony. You’ve now brought me to the edge and stopped twice. But as quickly as I think this, I feel you tweaking my nipples slightly, then the cool feel of my clamps followed by the delicious pain of them closing. I am in heaven. And you lean over, again using your body to push the plug a little harder into me.

You ask me, “Do you like that slut? Do you like the pain?”

And I sigh and reply, “Yes Master.”

You tug slightly on my collar, “From now on you will tell me WHAT you like, understand me slut?”

“Yes Master, I understand you Master.” seks hikayeleri

“Now then, slut, what do you like?”

“I like the pain Master.”

You slap my face slightly, not enough to leave a mark or do much more than sting. “That’s right Slut, I know you like pain, are you ready to cum for me slut?”

“Yes master, I’m ready to cum for you” and with that you return to my pussy, pushing your finger back into my dripping hole, you finger me and lick and suck my clit.

Before long I am cumming, hard, and you speak out to me, “Yes slut, that’s what I like, I like it when my little slut cums hard for me.”

I sigh and continue moving my hips with the after effects of my orgasm. You reach down and slowly pull the plug out of my ass.

You then say, “Do you want my cock in you slut? Do you remember what it’s like to have a cock in that pussy?”

“Yes master, I want your cock in my pussy, I missed your cock Master.”

You rub your swollen head at the entrance to my wet pussy. “Have you grown soft having HER playing with your pussy, are you ready for my cock slut, you ready to be pounded slut?”

“Please pound me Master, pound your slut with your hard cock rocket.”

And with that you slam your throbbing shaft deep inside me, I cry out from the sudden invasion, but within seconds I am so happy to feel your cock back inside my pussy. You pound into me hard for a few minutes, staving off your own orgasm, you pull out. And I feel you shove something inside my pussy. Suddenly it’s vibrating. You release my cuffs and grab me by the collar. You sit me up carefully and rip my blindfold off.

I look down and see the Feeldoe sticking out of me. You hand me the lube and say “Slut, you take it easy on my virgin ass, but you take my ass cherry.”

You lean over the Liberator, in much the same position as you originally had me. And I lube up your ass and my newfound Penis and slowly start pushing into your cherry asshole. You gasp but I feel you relax. Before long I am slowly thrusting in and out of your ass and you are so close to cumming.

You look back at me and tell me, “Slut, you keep going until YOU cum.” I keep thrusting and in a minute the vibrations and feel of you having me cumming again.

You say to me, “You stop now slut, I’m going to cum inside you.”

You lay me back over the liberator and remove the penis. And immediately bury yourself into my pussy and thrust so fast. Before long we’re both cumming.

“Thank you Master” I cry out to you.

When we both stop moving you pull out. I roll off the liberator and you come up beside me, you kiss me and remove the collar from my neck. You hand me a towel to clean up my pussy with and gently remove the cuffs. You see I am dozing off already and you tell me to go to sleep, you’ll clean up after us. You do so, get us both some water and climb in bed, hugging me then drifting off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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