First Time…

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She walked into his house… nervous, this being her first time alone with him here. They have talked what seems like forever, but a few weeks at best. Whenever they talk or chat online hours go by in minutes and so many topics covered.

She had no intention of opening up to anyone, especially someone she does business with. She had succumb to being alone and focusing on her career. It has been a long time since someone could make her blush, a long time since she allowed anyone the kind of access she has given him…. It has been a long time since she felt these physical desires and a long time since she has had the desire to be intimate with someone.

He shows her around the house… shows her where he sits while talking to her online and then offers her a glass of wine. He knows she likes red, so he hopes he has picked something she will enjoy. She will be fine with anything at this point, the nerves are still lingering.

He is nervous, it is obvious, not talking as much as she would like. She is hoping he will take control of the conversation as they sit on the couch with the TV on in the background. She suggests a DVD…

“Do you have any movies?”

He obviously thinks that’s a good idea as he hops off the couch and goes to look at his inventory…

“I have… Top Gun, Boomerang, NASCAR highlights… Oh here’s one… 9 and ½ weeks?”

She smiles… “What else do you have?”

He laughs and keeps looking. He lists more…

“You’ve got Mail, Patch Adams?” Then he found the right one.


“Yes, Serendipity.” She smiles.

He smiled, remembering they had talked about that movie. He took it out of the box, and slipped it into the player, dimmed the lights and hit play. He walked back to the couch sat down and pulled her toward him. She sips her wine and is feeling much more comfortable.

She was trying to focus on the movie, it being one of her favorites, but she found it difficult. She was wondering if he was thinking something, wondering if he was nervous, wondering if he was going to make her feel things that she has not felt in a very long time, all the while wondering if she should even be there and if she should allow anything to happen at all.

He is sitting there watching the movie, feeling her next to him… but just watching the movie. It is funny how different men and woman can be sometimes.

She has had a couple glasses of wine now, her nerves have definitely diminished… she wants so badly for him to kiss her but she dare not make the first move. She at this point isn’t even sure he wants that. She is not even sure if he just wants to be ‘friends.’ So she sits up a bit, trying to focus on the movie and not the sensation she feels between her legs.

After a moment she excuses herself and goes into the restroom, she looks in the mirror, takes deep breath, washes her hands and tries to just relax. şirinevler escort She walks back into the living room and sits back on the couch. As always he smiles at her, he smiles a lot she notices but this time there is a little ‘devil’ in that grin of his. She doesn’t know what to think. As she sits on the couch he again pulls her into him but this time steals a very passionate kiss. She closes her eyes and feels her entire body shiver with excitement. She tries not to let him know just how much she is enjoying this. He had told her he was a good kisser, now she knows he was telling the truth.

She is obviously feeling a little more comfortable now so she moves over the top of him and straddles his lap. She feels his hard cock pressing against her very wet pussy. She starts grinding into him, feeling the seam of her jeans rub her clit and his hard cock as she rocks back and forth. He reaches down and unzips her jacket exposing her red satin bra. He lowers her bra and exposes her hard nipples. He leans down and licks all around her nipple teasing her. He then looks into her green eyes and grabs the back of her hair and pulls her into him. He kisses her lips again, feeling her tongue softly play with his.

She keeps rocking on top of him; she could cum so easily but wants badly to just let it build. He leans down again making sure both of her breasts are exposed and takes one of her breasts in his hand. Her breathing is getting quicker knowing he is about to take her nipples in his mouth. He teases her takes his tongue and licks all around her nipple. She arches her back wanting to feel him sucking on her nipples so badly.

Finally he takes her nipple in his mouth, licking it, gentling biting it. He goes back and forth between both of her nipples pinching the other with his fingers. He knows she is getting closer and closer to cumming. Soon, she won’t be able to control it. He feels how hot her pussy is rubbing against his hard cock. She arches her back and he starts sucking harder on her nipples, he can feel her getting closer she rocks back and forth moaning, gasping, she can’t hold it anymore she can’t stop this… she screams out


She arches her back; he pulls her into him kissing her hard and passionately as she shakes from lingering orgasm.

She lays her head on his shoulder quivering and feeling a bit overwhelmed. He holds her close and kisses her neck gently. After a few minutes she lifts her head from his shoulder and kisses his lips softly. She starts to kiss his neck and asks him to remove his shirt. She watches him smiling. She starts to kiss his neck and then back to his lips. He pushes her down onto the couch, undoes her jeans and sees what he expected … no panties. He smiles, and pulls her jeans completely off and exposes her shaved, smooth pussy… She is a little shy but he makes her feel beautiful. She şişli escort is closing her legs together hiding her very wet pussy. He slides her hands up her legs, put his hands on both knees and parts her thighs exposing her very wet sensitive pussy. He starts to lick her swollen clit. He slides one finger in, then two she is dripping wet. He starts pumping his two fingers in and out of her very wet pussy… she arches her back.

“Harder!” she begs.


He starts pumping faster and faster. He slips in a third finger, she gasps. He fucks her pussy with his fingers while licking, sucking and gently biting her clit. She is going to cum again…

“Oh God!” “Oh Fuck!”

She screams out arching her back. Her body shakes harder, she can’t catch her breath tears well up I her eyes.

“Fuck!” “Ok, stop!” “stop!” “oh God!”

He slowly pulls his fingers out of her now very sensitive pussy. He slides his body on top of hers feeling her shake underneath him. He sees a tear fall down her cheek. She smiles at him looking into his piercing blue eyes. Her kisses her softly, slowly, romantically, he lets her catch her breath and wipes the tear from her cheek.

After a few minutes he stands up, takes her by the hand and leads her into his bedroom. She feels almost guilty that she has cum twice and he has yet to cum at all. He lays her down on the bed and lies down next to her. He brushes the hair from her face and starts to kiss her again.

She sits up pushes him gently so he is now lying on this back; she kisses him on the lips. She then moves slowly down the bed looking into his eyes the whole time. He is watching her, anticipating what she is going to do.

She unbuttons his jeans anxious to feel his hard cock in her mouth. He helps her take off his jeans and caresses her hair as she starts to tease him. She takes his hard cock in her hands and licks the entire length of his shaft. She takes the tip in her mouth and moves her tongue all around. She likes hearing him moan, she wants to make sure he is enjoying this. She teases him some more and takes his entire cock inside her mouth. She starts sucking harder and faster using her hands to help stroke him, tease him. She licks his balls and puts them in her mouth licking them, sucking on them. Then takes his cock again in her mouth and fucks him with it. His cock gets harder and harder he is moaning louder she can tell he is going to shoot his load soon… she keeps fucking him with her mouth stroking his cock up and down up and down then right before he cums she stops sucking and strokes his wet cock until he cums all over her nipples. (She only swallows cum if she in a relationship)

She goes into the bathroom and cleans herself off while he is recovering on the bed. She is hoping that after a little rest he will be ready to go again. She wants her pussy fucked so badly… she is hoping taksim escort he has got it in him.

She walks back into the bedroom to find him on the bed with his eyes closed. She is a little saddened but happy that he is satisfied. She is feeling a little awkward at this point, not sure if she should stay with him or just get dressed and leave. She starts to get dressed, decides she better go… she doesn’t want him to feel awkward too.

She starts to walk out of the bedroom door; she doesn’t hear him behind her. He grabs her, turns her around pins her against the wall and lays a passionate kiss on her. She is completely taken off guard but instantly wet again. After kissing for a few minutes he says;

“Where do you think you’re going?”

She smiles.


He smiles and nods and pulls her back to the bed.

He takes off her clothes and begins sucking on her nipples again. He gets on top of her, kissing her nipples, then her lips. He looks into her eyes; she knows what is coming next. She is nervous, it has been so long, but she wants this and he knows it. He keeps his eyes locked on her eyes and slowly slides in his hard cock inside of her tight wet shaved pussy.

He moves in and out slowly at first getting her pussy used to his big cock. He kisses her as he slides in and out. She feels him so deeply inside of her… she can’t get enough. He can tell she wants it harder now after making love to her for a few minutes he pulls his cock out of her pussy. She sighs and is frustrated. He smiles and kisses her then turns her over. She sticks her ass in the air… she can’t wait to feel him deep inside of her. He comes in behind her and slides the tip of his cock in her pussy. She tries to back up into him and he backs up as well. He is teasing her, telling her to behave or she won’t get any more. She whimpers and obliges… she just wants to feel him inside of her so badly. He playfully spanks her as she tries again to press against him.

Finally she waits and he slides just the tip in and out in and out teasing her. She was going crazy. Finally he just slammed his cock hard inside of her… fucking her, harder and harder listening to her scream.

“That’s it that’s it Fuck me FUCK ME!”

She starts slamming back into him as he is fucking her. Harder and harder he fucked her wet pussy. He was holding it as long as he could.


She started cumming harder than she ever remembers cumming before. She kept cumming, screaming


He can no longer hold it he is slamming his cock deep inside of her. He feels her pussy tighten around his cock as she cums. He feels her cum all round his hard cock, he can’t hold it anymore. HE yells out


He explodes inside of her pussy shaking and jerking violently.

He is exhausted, she is exhausted, and they both collapse on the bed beside each other. They both catch their breath laying there he brushes her hair out of her eyes. He tells her to get some sleep…. She will need it.

4 hours later she awoke to his lips on her nipples…

To be continued…

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