First-Time Lovers

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Nick put in a DVD that Samantha had never seen before, and they sat on the couch, cuddled and began watching it. Not sure of the movie’s title, Samantha didn’t really care; she was in Nick’s arms. About ten minutes into the previews, Samantha felt Nick’s lips brush against the side of her neck, and his fingers, softly move her hair out of his way. She smiled, and craned her neck to the side, so that she could get a better feel of his lips on her skin. She spoke softly, “I thought we were going to watch a movie?” She then raised her right eyebrow and grinned at him. Nick didn’t speak; he just continued to kiss at her neck, driving her absolutely crazy. She turned to face him, propping herself up on her knees, so that their faces met. She looked at his eyes, and got massive butterflies, but brushed them away, with his lips touching her’s. She kissed him long and hard, before pulling away, her teeth softly nibbling his bottom lip until they weren’t touching anymore. He smiled at her, and pulled her down on top of him, so that their bodies were caught up in one another. Samantha roamed her hands up Nick’s sides, under his shirt, and softly ran her fingers across both of his nipples at the same time. She felt the goose bumps ride his body, and smiled softly to herself, against his lips. They kissed again. As the movie began to play, Samantha’s lips trailed over his skin. Down his cheek, over his jaw line, to his neck, where she bit him playfully, and then sucked in the same spot, leaving a small hicky behind, before she moved on to his earlobe. She nibbled it, and then flicked it with her tongue, before softly sucking it into her mouth, and then pulling away from it. All the while, Nick’s hands were roaming her body; climbing their way up her back, and then trailing back down, sending shivers over her body. She sat up, straddling his waist. She cocked her head to the side, and smiled down at him. “You know,” she said, “I’ve never done this on a bed before… maybe we should try it there for once.” And he smiled at her, nodded, and they got up.

He chased her down the hallway, and grabbed her by the arms. Nick pinned her against the wall, and raised her shirt above her head, and slid it off of her body. He began to playfully lick and kiss her collarbone, and her shoulders. He wrapped his arms under her butt, and lifted her up. Samantha wrapped her legs around his waist, as he pinned her back to the wall, her arms wrapped around his shoulders. He kissed her long, their tongues playing with one another. She could feel him growing hard, pressed tight against her. She smiled at his arousal, and kissed him even more. He ran his left hand up her side, while still supporting her with his right. His hand stopped just below her breast, and slid under her bra. His fingers found her nipple, and pinched it softly, before sliding back out. She made a soft noise under her breath, but kissed him hard anyways. He carried her into the bedroom, and laid her softly on the bed. She watched him as he slid his shirt over his head, and tossed it to the floor. She sat up, and unbuttoned his pants, while kissing his stomach. She slowly slid the zipper down, and opened his pants wide, before sliding them off of his body; she let them hit the floor around his ankles, and tugged on his silk boxers pulling him down on top of her. She could feel him pressed tighter against her this time, than in the hallway, because there was less cloth to stop the feeling.

Nick ran his finger up her thigh, under the hem of her skirt, and up to her panties. He teasingly ran his fingers over her clit, rubbing it hard through her panties. She moaned in his ear softly, and then kissed his neck again and again, every time he pushed on her. He hooked his finger under her panties, and slid them off of her body, with one finger; just leaving her skirt on. Samantha ran her hands up Nick’s back, and softly scratched him with isveçbahis her nails, as her hands ran back down. She then did the same thing to her own chest, before allowing her hands to reach her bra. She unhooked it from the front, and allowed it to lay open exposing herself to him. He smiled at what she had done, as it saved him time and effort, and began to kiss down her body. He ran the tip of his tongue over her collar bone, and down her chest, to her right breast, where he took it into his mouth, and sucked hard at her nipple, causing it to instantly become hard between his lips. He bit it softly, and then did the same thing to the left side. He continued to trail his lips lower, leaving small trails of saliva to cool along her skin, causing her to sigh deeply. He ran both of his hands, from her knees up to the very top, inside of both of her thighs. He lifted the skirt up a little bit, and did the same thing with his tongue; causing another sigh to escape her lips. He flicked his tongue across her clit, and then sucked on it for a second, teasing her greatly.

His tongue caressed her softly, then harder. Nick ran his tongue downwards, allowing the back of his tongue to run around her, and then slid it inside of her, causing another sigh, only louder, to escape from her throat. She playfully ran her fingers through his hair as his tongue continued to explore her. He ran his tongue back up to her clit, and sucked softly, and slid his middle finger into her, causing a severe gasp from her. He smiled against her skin, as he knows this excites her, and slid in another finger. Feeling her muscles contract and relax around his fingers, he licked harder, running his tongue all around her, unable to control himself. She grabbed fistfuls of his hair, and almost pushed his face into her, but resisted the urge. Samantha moaned quietly, but louder than before, growing increasingly aroused. She is unable to take the teasing from Nick anymore, and she pulls him up by his hair, keeping his face close to her body the whole way up. He steals a few licks here and there, before their lips meet. He kissed her softly at first, just a play of lips, teasing himself. He stares into her eyes, as he kisses her again, sliding his tongue between her lips, running it over her’s, feeling her tongue ring tickle his mouth.

Samantha pulls Nick up further onto the bed, and then rolls him over, putting herself on top of him. She crawls her way down his body, her lips trailing his skin. She stops to lick at his nipples, knowing that it turns him on more. She wants to tease him in the same ways that he has teased her. So she kisses and licks further down his body, until she reaches the top edge of his silk boxers. She kisses outside of them, feeling him hard beneath the thin cloth. She runs her hands up his thighs, and up the inside of his boxers, feeling him at her fingertips. She then pulls her hands back out, and runs them up his body, and over his arms, then back down again, her lips still pressed to his boxers, teasing him. She takes her fingers, and slides them inside the top of his boxers, and slides them off slowly, allowing the cloth to run itself over his erection. She slides them off completely, and watches them hit the floor, almost as if they were moving in slow motion. She then does the same thing to her skirt, so that they are both officially naked. She runs her hands back up his thighs again, her lips meeting his skin, just below his belly button. She kisses lower and lower, until she reaches the base of him. She licks at it playfully, staring up at him, seeing that he is watching her, his eyes wide with delight. She licks up his shaft, tickling him with her tongue ring. She reaches the very tip and softly teases him by running the tip of her tongue along the edge, and over the top. Samantha wraps her lips around it, and sucks on it softly, before sliding it into her mouth all the way. isveçbahis giriş She loves the taste of his skin in her mouth, and she enjoys pleasing him in any way that she can. So she sucks a little harder, sliding him all the way into her mouth, feeling him pressed against the back of her throat. She swallows, causing him to slide further back, as a subtle groan comes from his mouth. She continues to watch his facial reactions, as she sucks on him almost like a Popsicle. Sliding it up, and down, and licking it all around. She slides him back out of her mouth, and runs her right hand along the bottom of his shaft, sliding it up and down, causing friction between the palm of her hand and him. She playfully licks the head again, and sucks on it softly, before roaming her lips further up his body, and crawling back up onto him. She enjoys teasing him more than anything.

Nick becomes more excited than he can take it by the teasing, and kisses her hard on the lips when she makes it back up his body. He grabs her arms, and rolls her back over. He then slides her to the edge of the bed, causing himself to be in a standing position. He places her legs up on his shoulders and slides her body closer to his, pressing himself against her, teasingly but not going in just yet. He enjoys the suspense and the sighs and moans that come from her as he teases her. She stares up at him with pleasure gleaming in her eyes, silently asking him to take her, but enjoying the suspense so much that she refuses to say or do anything. She bites her lip as she feels him press himself against her. He tickles her thighs with his fingers, sliding them up and then down again. He runs his finger over her clit a few times, as soft moans escape from her throat for another time. He slowly slides himself into her; guiding her hips with his hands on either side of her body. She bites her lip to stifle another moan, as she feels him slide into her.

He grinds his hips in an upward motion as he slides in, and then back out again, slowly, but hard; making a steady rhythm with his hips; pressing his self against her, and then pulling away. She moans every time he enters her fully. He teases her, by sliding all the way back out, and then all the way back in. She stares at him as he begins to move a little faster, unable to look away from his eyes or his body. She silently draws blood from her lip due to biting it so hard, trying to control herself. She rolls the blood around on her tongue before swallowing it, tasting the metallic taste as it runs down her throat. She smiles at him playfully, as he continues his motions with his hips. He runs his right hand up her left leg, all the way to her ankle, and then back down again, sending goose bumps over her body. She digs her nails into the bed on either side of her, as she moves her hips in rhythm to his. He turns his face to the side, and softly places kisses on her legs where he can reach, still sliding himself in and out of her at a steady pace.

She moves her legs down from his shoulders, and pulls him close to her, for she cannot stand for his body not touching her’s. She wants to feel him near always. She places kisses on his lips and chin as he hovers above her, still moving at the steady pace; going slow and hard, just how she likes it. He cradles her shoulders with his hands, tracing her skin with his thumbs, in unsteady motions because he is slightly distracted and thrown off guard by her kisses. She arches her back, and presses her hips up into his as he moves with more force, soft moans vibrating across his lips as they mingle with her’s. She kisses him fiercely, sliding her tongue between his lips, and massaging his. His tongue sliding into her mouth, as they kiss each other with more passion than they’ve ever kissed another person before. She moves her hands along his backside, her nails trailing up his spine and over his shoulders, digging isveçbahis yeni giriş in at his blades, right under them. She moans against the side of his neck, her face pressed into it, breathing in his cologne, loving how he smells, as his body his pressed against her’s. She digs her ankles into his lower back, causing him to go deeper into her, making moans escape from her throat. He groans softly while kissing her neck, sending soft vibrations trailing over her skin, goose bumps caressing her body. He runs his right hand down the side of her body, and over her thigh, and then back up again, feeling her goose bumps under his fingers.

He holds her by the hips and pushes her onto him, and then slides himself almost all the way out. Just leaving the tip inside of her, and then pushing into her as hard as possible, causing her to moan loudly. He slides himself all the way back out, reluctantly, not wanting to stop. He rolls her over, so that she is face down on the bed, and slides himself back into her. He grinds himself downwards, hitting that spot, over and over again; causing her to moan out, almost into screams. He kisses her back, right between her shoulder blades, as he knows that drives her crazy. She buries her face into the mattress beneath her, and screams out in pleasure, driven wild by everything he is doing at the moment. He runs his hands up her sides, over her ribs, and shoulder blades. He loops his arms under her arms, and holds her shoulders, and pushes her backwards onto him. She moans again and again, each time he runs over that spot, still kissing her back. He licks slowly up her spine, and then sucks between her blades, before kissing it over and over again. She lets a soft scream escape from her lips and muffles it by pressing her face into the bed. Nick gets extremely excited by her scream, and begins to move faster, pounding over her spot, repeatedly causing moans and screams to come from her body. He moves his hands between her legs, and spreads them wide, allowing more room to penetrate her. He rotates his hips in a circular motion, over the spot, still continuing to force moans from her. She claws at the bed, wanting to touch him, but unable to, as he is on top of her back, pounding into her; unable to stop himself. He lets out another groan, louder this time, as he kisses her neck, sending shivers over her body; her muscles contracting and relaxing around him; coming closer to the point of losing herself fully.

He runs his hands up her back, and lightly scratches back down it, as he comes closer to the edge too. He slides himself back out, teasing the both of them to no end; and rolls her back over, as he wants to see her face and eyes at that last pleasing moment. He slides himself over her, but not in yet, just teasing the both of them at the same time. She closes her eyes and tries to concentrate on anything but the teasing, but is unable to. He slowly slides himself back in, causing her muscles to get tight around him with pleasure. He starts to move his hips hard, and slow, doing the gyration like before, causing more moans to escape from her throat. Her back arches, and her nails dig into his back. He lets out a moan as her nails claw at his skin, causing more excitement to take over his body. Staring into her eyes, he leans over her, and kisses her. Then licks down her chest, and draws her right nipple into his mouth, and sucks on it, running his teeth over it lightly, while staring up at her, still going at a steady pace. She grabs his hair, and pulls his face back up to her’s, and manages to muffle another scream, by kissing him hard on the mouth. Her tongue roams the inside of his mouth, her tongue ring caressing the roof of it, and over his tongue. He goes nuts with pleasure, and loses himself; causing his pace to slow, and the rhythm to go haywire, almost as if he forgot what he was doing. She reaches her climax shortly after, to the feel of him hot inside of her. He kisses her lips softly, and whispers into her ear, an inaudible something. She just smiles at him, as he continues to kiss her, unable to separate their lips or bodies from one another.

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