First time, not my last!

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When I was very young, I found a “Playgirl” magazine. As I nervously flipped through the pages, I can not help bout stare at the images of the naked men and especially their cocks. My eyes were drawn to them and I could sense sensations and feelings in my yoing body. I didnt really know what the tingling sensations were at the time, I just knew I thought the men looked beautiful, sensual and sexy. Ever since then my curiousity and attraction to cock only got stronger.

There were rumors in the neighborhood about the man that had a small, stand only shop on the edge of my town. It was kind of a New Age store, selling candles, incense and crystals. He was also supposed to be a New Age healer offering massages. All the older boys said he was Gay and other not so nice words and they would all make fun of him. Funny thing is, how did they all know he was Gay if they hadn’t gone to see him? Of course that never dawned on me then.

All I knew was I was young and was dying to have someone touch my cock, anyone. So horny, all day everyday. With the rumors of him giving “massages” where he touches your cock filling my thoughts. I planned out trying to go, without anyone seeing me. I rode my bike at dusk to the edge of his street, hid my bike and waited to make sure no one was around. I quickly went inside.

The shop smelt strange but wonderful and my excitement grew. The man behind the counter, smiled and said hello, I sheepishly looked away and at the floor, “hi” i said back. He was problably in his thirties but seemed old to me, as everyone does when you are young. “Can I help you?” he asked. “I don’t know” I responded quietly. “Oh” he said. He seems to know my real reason for being there almost immediately. He walked over and started offering candles and lotions for me to smell and rubbed them on my hands. His touch was electric and I felt light headed.

”Would you like a massage?” his words seemed to hang in the air. And time seemed to slow down. He lead me back behind a wall of hanging beads and curtains. I nervously tried to take it all in but my head was spinning. “why don’t you sit here and take of your shirt” He lit some candles and some incense sticks around the small back room. By candle light, he touched my shoulders and rubbed a small amount of oil on them and my arms. “how does that feel” he asked softly. “Good” i said back even softer. He moved to the front of me as I sat on the table and continued to rub my shoulders. I could see his erect cock through his thin pants. The shape of his cocks head clearly visible and my eyes were glued to it. I stared, unable to look away of concentrate on anything else but his hard, thinly hidden dick. My own cock throbbed in my pants.

He noticed my staring and said for me to lay down. I did and sheepishly tried to hid my erection as I layed on my back, but my rock hard dick pressed and strained against the material of my pants and there was no hiding it. He slid his hands over my chest and it felt wonderful. With him standing to the side, I turned my head towards him, wanting to look at his cock through his pants again. My heart beat raced, his hard dick was now at eye level and only inches from my face. He continued to massage me, pretending that he had not noticed my throbbing erection or that I was staring at his. Each time he slid his hands across my chest and stomach, his cock moved closer to my face then back again. I could not stop looking at it, so hard and so beautiful. I never turned or looked away, only mesmerized by his manhood.

Without saying a word, he undid the tie at the top of his pants and let them quietly fall to the floor. Through the candle light, I stared. His erection pointed almost straight up, each vein and ridge well defined. My heart skipped a beat, a cock was even more beautiful in person than in the pictures I had seen. He moved forward towards the edge of the table and I slid over, letting my lips press against the shaft. He exhaled sharply. I felt intoxicated as I moved my lips and mouth up and down him. The warm, soft but firm skin of his cock felt amazing and I planted soft kisses on it, lovingly. It just felt wonderful and right.

I quietly and slowly slid of the table and melted to my knees before him. Once again his beautiful manhood was perfectly at eye level. With it throbbing and pointed towards the ceiling, I leaned forward and planted more soft kisses on his tight scrotum. My hands natural moved to the backs of his thighs and held them as my mouth explored his shaft again, kissing and licking it even more. He reached over and with his finger tips on the base of his cock, pushed it down. His hard on now pointed straight at me, I saw a drop of precum formed at the tip and glistened in the flickering candle light. I kissed his head and felt the slick fluid on my lips and a sweet flavor on my tongue. “Open your mouth” he said softly. With his free hand now stroking my hair and the back of my head, he slowly moved his hips forward and his engored head moved past my lips and onto my mouth. He moaned softly, but I bet I was enjoying this even more. I had never wanted anything more and never had anything feel more right.

With his loving hand holding and stroking the back of my head, I matched his rhythm and moved with him as he fucked my mouth. Slowly moving his cock in and out, back and forth. His breathing quicken, then without saying a word his body shook and I felt warm spurts of his semen flood into my mouth. It tasted odd at first and startled me, I pulled away. Another stream of cum shot out and splashed against my mouth and face. Before I could turn away, he held my head and guided his cumming dick back into my mouth. The taste of his jizz made my whole body tingle, and his flavor quickly became addicting. I even swallowed some, lost in cock lust. His warm sticky cum coating my mouth and throat.

Before long I felt him pull me to my feet and I stumbled and swayed, his cum and the act of sucking him truly intoxicating. He layed my back on the table and slid down my pants. My hard cock sprang out, slick with my own precum. He dove his mouth down onto me and I could feel my eyes roll back into my head. All there was was his mouth, my cock and how it made me feel. I came almost immediately and he moaned softly as he swallowed every drop of my young cum.

I quickly left, suddenly realizing my situation.

In the days that followed, my new found lust for cock and a man’s cum began to fill my thoughts. I wanted to experience those thrilling moments again and always mastubated to the thoughts of that first encounter. Within the week I went back to the store where my life had been changed forever. When he saw me, he smiled and walked to the bead covered doorway. He looked back at me smiled and softly said, “Come on back.”

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