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Seeing as this is my first attempt at describing a sexual experience, I am not sure how to start. Please bear with me and give me your comments.

Last week I managed to convince my wife to look at your site and read a few stories. Let me describe her: she is 5 feet with auburn hair, 34C breasts, nice firm ass and a beautifully trimmed beaver. She is pretty conservative but she does like to read naughty letters. Well she said she would give it a chance.

Being a straight male I showed her the list of stories and suggested some. Well the first few she read were about incest and she was turned off. Then she started going over the list of anal stories and seemed to be getting into these. I was excited with the anticipation she would get horny.

After the first story she was starting to move her ass around on the chair. Did I mention she was wearing a short dress and pantyhose? She knows how nylons get to me! Well I decided to test the territory so I reached over and unbuttoned 2 buttons on her dress. This brought her sexy transparent bra to view. When she did not resist I got a little bolder and kept unbuttoning her dress. Meanwhile she started rubbing my thigh.

She was still reading a story about a wife’s first time receiving some anal attention. The story was very descriptive of the husband’s fingers teasing her ass. I could tell my wife was getting into it and I moved my hand inside her bra and starting kissing her neck. Getting no resistance I started teasing her nipples and kept kissing her neck. My hands unhooked her bra and I started kissing her nipples. Sucking on them and felt the change in her breathing. As her nipples started to respond and get erect, my hand slid down her ribs to her stomach and lower. I was really getting turned on and my jeans were illegal bahis getting very tight.

She was rubbing my thighs and said for me to take off my jeans. Well since I did not want to disappoint her I complied. Off came my jeans and she liked my choice of underwear. I was wearing a thong and she just loves to feel my ass in that thong. She slid her hand up my thigh to my crotch and then started teasing me through my thong. She is such a talented teaser and it was only a few minutes before she said to take it off as it was in the way. Once again I did as I was told and now my cock was free. She just loves to play with my cock while I tease her pussy.

While all this was going on I was still working my way to her pantyhose clad thighs. I can’t get enough of her legs in nylon. I noticed that she had a thong on also. I just rubbed my fingers ever so gently up and down her thighs and moved my other hand to her ass. Doing the same there. She was still reading and enjoying my attention to her. Each time I reached the top of her thighs I would inch closer to her pussy. I could feel the heat rising with every stroke. She had to have been getting horny because she was pumping my cock faster.

She is so good with her hands and while one hand was stroking me the other was playing with my balls. It felt so good that I knew I had to speed things up if I wanted to get my 8.5 inches inside her juicy pussy.

I started rubbing her pussy through the nylons and teasing her clit. She started moaning and rubbing up against my fingers. I kept teasing and she said not to worry about ripping the crotch of the pantyhose. So I ripped the crotch and starting easing my fingers under the thong. As I ran my fingers up and down her pussy lips she moaned ” stick those fingers inside now”. Not illegal bahis siteleri one to argue I teased her clit and inserted a finger into her wet pussy. “oh oh oh” was her response. She started rubbing harder and harder against my hand. Meanwhile my other hand was rubbing her ass and trying to tease her other hole. The way she was sitting I could not do a good job and she sensed that because she slid down the chair and ripped the crotch of her hose some more. Now I had an unobstructed angle. Now I could tease her clit with one hand, finger her and tease her ass with the other. She was really getting hot now because she stroked my 8.5 inch cock with lust and even gave me a few licks to keep me horny.

We had tried anal a few times but she finds my cock is too thick and long for her but she does love to have her ass teased. So I started getting her hole wet by using her pussy juice. Since her pussy was so wet it worked out well. She kept moaning and moaning. Her breathing was getting faster and deeper with every breath. I knew she would not last long with my fingers going in and out of her pussy. I stuck two fingers in and rubbed her g spot while she started talking.

“Fuck my pussy with your fingers oh yes like that deeper that’s it don’t stop.”

I would not have dreamed of stopping but I did insert a finger into her butt hole.

“Oh ya tease my butt baby tease it while you stick your fingers into my pussy”

She is not normally very verbal so I knew she was into the stories on !

“Keep finger fucking me, Oh yeah stick your finger up my ass, keep going more!”

She pumped my cock with all she could and her face was giving her away. The expression I saw was of passion and lust. She kept moaning that I was going to make her come all over my canlı bahis siteleri fingers.

“Give me your cock I need to get my mouth fucked cause you’re so naughty sticking your fingers up my ass while you tease and fuck my pussy!”

I came closer and she just sucked my cock right into her eager mouth. She is a talented cocksucker! I pushed my dick into her deeper and heard her moan and she started using her tongue. In and out of her mouth, while I kept playing with her clit. I used both my hands on her pussy and butt. Fucking all three of her holes. All of a sudden she fucked my fingers and moaned as my cock was filling her mouth. She was cumming and just could not get enough. While taking a breath she started screaming:

“Keep fucking my ass and my pussy. Don’t stop I need you so bad. Yes fuck me, that’s it stick your fingers in my butt fuck me fuck me!”

At this point I was just along for the ride and kept giving it to her. After a few minutes she was getting her breathing back to normal and wanted my cock.

She got up and turned around and presented me with her derriere.

“I want you to fuck my pussy doggie style and I want it right now so get to it!”

I just moved into position behind her and plunged my cock into her wet pussy in one stroke. She fucked back like it was her last cock ever! I could not believe it she kept fucking me and the feel of the nylons against my thighs was amazing. I knew I was not going to last long so I just fucked and fucked her pussy. She was screwing me back so hard I had to grab onto her hips and shoulders.

“Fuck me you horny man, stick that cock so far up me I can’t help but scream.”

“Keep it up that’s it, oh ya fuck me harder, cum in my pussy, you know you want to give me that big hot load of cum.”

Well I kept it up and then I felt my load squirting into her pussy. God was it amazing to be fucked by this woman!

* * * * *

If you enjoyed this or have any comments please let me know!

Thanks Anothertime

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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