First Time with Dave Pt. 02

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Last week I told Dave I wanted to fuck his ass. Not sure if I was serious, but I loved sucking his cock and he sucking mine. Anyway, I looked forward to the next week and him coming over to “watch the game”. So I was a little disappointed when he showed up with Frank.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Frank. We’ve been friends for almost as long as Dave and I, but come on; I suck Dave’s dick! Anyway, hopefully the game would be good and I’m sure there will be other times I can suck Dave’s cock.

“Hey Tom,” Dave said. “Can you get me a beer too?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Frank?”

“That’d be great man,” he said. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed three beers. When I walked back into the living room I saw Dave with his pants around his ankles and Frank sucking his cock!

“Still want to fuck my ass,” Dave asked with a smile.

“Fuck yeah.”

Dave pushed Frank away and stood up, “Let’s go to your bedroom,” he said. We all hurried to the bedroom and within minutes, were all naked. I liked what I saw. Frank had a very nice cock, thick and long and I wanted it. Frank noticed.

“Come suck me Tom,” he said as he sat back on the edge of my bed. I smiled and walked over to him. I saw Dave pull a small bottle of lube and a handful of condoms from his clothes and place them on my nightstand.

I dropped to my knees and grabbed Frank’s thick cock. Not too sure if I’d like this up my ass, at least not the first time, but I wanted to suck it. I started by swirling my tongue around the head of his dick, slowly and then squeezing and stroking it till a small bit of pre-cum came into view. I licked it then slid the head into my mouth.

“Frank,” Dave said. “Tom doesn’t want anyone touching his head, but he’ll make it worth your while.”

I started moving my head up and down Frank’s hard shaft. No way was I getting that all the way into my mouth, but I could try. Down, up, slow and wet, down then up…in and out. I grabbed Frank’s balls and began to squeeze them when I felt a fleshy nudge on my right cheek.

It was Dave’s dick. Oh shit, this is heaven. Reaching up I grabbed Dave’s dick and with one in each hand, began to suck. I started Fulya Escort with Frank; sliding my mouth up and down his dick, three or four times. Then I’d switch to Dave and did the same. Back and forth, back and forth, going a bit faster each time I switched. I could hear them breathing pretty hard.

As I was moving from one dick to the other Dave stepped back. I continued to suck Frank’s dick, he was laying down on the bed now, feet hanging off the edge. I looked over and saw Dave slipping a condom onto his cock and lost sight when he came up behind me!

Dave slipped his wet finger into my ass and I caught my breath. Oh shit, I thought, this was going to happen. I continued to suck as I felt Dave’s dick against my asshole. As he slowly pushed forward I slowly pushed back; he was in, just the head. Fuck me, it felt great! I pushed farther back, he pushed forward…he was all the way in. I tightened my ass on his cock as he began to slide in and out. OMG, I realized I was getting spit roasted!

I sucked more and more as Dave fucked me faster. My dick ached and I wanted to cum, but before I could, Dave stopped, pulled out and Frank pushed me away. Not sure what was going on I asked “What…”

Dave smiled as Frank walked over to me with a condom and lube. He dropped to his knees and sucked me for a bit, then placed the condom on my dick. Smiling he said “Dave wants you to fuck him.”

I turned around and Dave stood there, smiling and bending over. I stepped up and slipped my dick up against his asshole. He pushed back, I pushed forward and I was all the way in. Going in so easily I realized that this wasn’t Dave’s first time, but I didn’t care. It was mine! I started to pump away.

Frank walked around in front of Dave and slipped his hard cock into Dave’s hungry mouth. Looking into Frank’s eyes we both began to smile as we found a rhythm, pumping Dave’s ass and mouth with our dicks at the same time. Dave loved it as I heard him moaning with each stroke of the two dicks.

After a few minutes, Frank pulled out and I figured that was my signal to do the same although I really wanted to cum in Dave’s ass. Dave turned to face Fulya Escort Bayan me and blinked.

“Lay down,” he said and I did, on the edge of the bed, legs dropped over the side. Dave grabbed my knees and pulled me towards him, his dick slipped in easily this time and he started to pound away. Frank got on the bed and kneeled over me. I opened my mouth, but that wasn’t what he had in mind. He took my dick into his mouth and started to suck hard and fast. As my ass got pounded I could feel my cum rising, I was going to cum and I did. When you cum, your ass clamps shut; except this time it could only clamp down on Dave’s dick. I came and came and came, one continuous long spurt. I screamed and kept cumming. After a bit I stopped; I couldn’t move.

“That was hot,” Frank said. “Come fuck me Dave.”

Frank laid on the edge of the bed and Dave slipped his dick into his ass. At least I think so as I couldn’t see him from where I laid. Fuck it was so hot; the moaning and grunting, not to mention the sound of Dave slamming into Frank’s ass. I flipped over and grabbed Franks cock. His eyes widened as I moved my mouth to his cock.

“Give it to me!” I slid my wet, hungry mouth, up and down Frank’s fat, thick, dick. Up and down, I was getting good at this, hoped Frank liked it. I really didn’t care if he did; I just wanted some cum in my mouth.

Faster and faster I sucked, up, down, in and out. Sometimes I used my wet hand, sometimes I didn’t.

“I’m gonna cum!” Frank shouted.

And he did. Spurt, spurt, spurt, or was it just one long one. Frank’s cum was hot and I swallowed it as fast as I could. After a bit he stopped, but I kept sucking up and down. I stopped and looked at Dave.

“Give me that cock Dave,” I said.” I want some more cum.”

Dave grinned, pulled out of Frank’s ass and walked over to me. I dropped down to my knees, grabbed that dick, and wrapped my mouth around it. No tongue swirling this time, I wanted cum; now, and I knew Dave wanted to cum. He reached down and rested his hands on my shoulders as I worked his cock hard and fast. I could feel his hands tightening up as he began to moan.

“Fuck!” Escort Fulya

Dave yelled and started to cum and I sucked faster, tighter, I wanted it and I wanted it bad. I swallowed and swallowed, enjoying maybe as much as Dave enjoyed it. After sucking him dry I stood up as Dave walked over and sat down on a chair.

I looked over at Frank, he was stroking his dick. I laughed, looked down and saw that my dick was hard too.

“Come fuck my mouth while I fuck yours,” Frank said.

He didn’t have to tell me twice. I walked over to the bed, he rolled over on his side, and I did the same, head towards feet. Yum, I took his dick into my mouth and he did the same to me. This was going to be harder than I expected. At different times I’d stop sucking, as him sucking my dick was so damn good. Then I’d start back up, sucking harder, trying to make up for the time I had stopped; stopped, but always with his thick dick in my mouth. And he did the same to me a few times as well. It was hot and got hotter when I felt his finger slide into my ass! I did the same to him and we went at it for a while until bam; Frank started to cum, I wrapped my mouth around his cock tighter, slurping it down eagerly moving my mouth up and down. Not as much as before, but I couldn’t get enough. As Frank rolled away I turned over and saw Dave, his cock hard as a rock.

“I’m getting jealous,” he grinned and said.

“Bring it over here,” I said.

He did and I was on my knees, again. I don’t know how long it took. But Dave came hard, screaming as I milked him dry a second time. And I was still hard.

Frank reached around from behind and stroked my nipples hard. He pulled me up then turned be around to face him. Without a word he dropped to his knees. My dick was aching, again.

First his tongue swirled around the head of my cock; then he took my head all the way into his mouth. You know what he did, wet and warm, up and down, up and down, in and out, and in and out. I was ready to cum and I told him, he went faster and I started to cum. He pulled my dick out and I shot my hot cum on his face, missing his open mouth. Frank laughed, wiped it with his finger and licked it.

“Yum,” he said. “I want more.”

“Give me some time,” I replied.

“I got some for you Frank,” Dave said as he stroked his cock. “Right here.”

As Frank made his way over to Dave I smiled. This was working out better than I had hoped.

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