First Woman!

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After I lost my virginity to Derek I felt liberated. Particularly as Jennifer and her boyfriend John, were sexually active too so we became a regular foursome. I liked that as her boyfriend had a car so when it was raining we could at least kiss and cuddle in reasonable comfort.

I was writing home every week to mother telling her all about my school work, and I also wrote to Emma. As I said before, I always felt I could tell Emma anything and she would keep it to herself, so to her I told her about the new friends I’d made, in particular Jennifer and Derek and how we would go places together. I told her how we’d go to the pubs where I had started drinking, then on to the dance and how I was learning to dance.

She wrote back and told me she was happy for me, that I deserved to get out and enjoy myself, and to ‘be careful’ and that whatever I told her would not go any further. (She knew mother would have a fit to find out I was drinking and dancing with men). It was a relief to have someone to confide in after all the restrictions that had been placed on me at home. In the letter she also enclosed what she called, “A little something to help out with my pocket money”, she knew how little I had to live on so I was glad to get her help.

That was the start of a regular correspondence between us, her letters were long and she encouraged me to tell her about what my friends and what we did together as well as my studies. I told her about the pictures we would go and see, the dances we went to and how I would be invited into the residence on occasion to play cards or board games with Jennifer and other girls, it was a lot of fun particular on Sunday afternoons.

Jenny was quite open about her relationships with John, and although I would sometimes be embarrassed by things she said I would be thrilled too. Often just before leaving the dance hall she would say something to me like, “well time to take our knickers off” or, “time for a shag” and we would go to the ladies room and remove them so the shagging would be more comfortable.

A word about the terminology I’m using here. Words like ‘knickers’ and ‘arse’ are universal enough that all readers are familiar with. In the U.K. then we didn’t use the term ‘fucking’, we called it ‘shagging’. Breasts we called ‘paps’ rather than ‘tits’ and our vagina was called a ‘quim’ and a ‘fud’. I don’t remember when I first found out or heard the terms ‘tits, ‘pussy’ or ‘cunt’, it might have been from the porn I read, just as it was after I emigrated to Canada I heard it referred to as a ‘Beaver’. Having sex was regarded as ‘shagging’, so should I use a term the reader is not familiar with, just contact me and I will explain, although here I will use the more universal terminology which I hope will make my writing more enjoyable for most people.

It was still mostly ‘knee tremblers’ in doorways and there was something exciting about knowing they were doing it too, on occasion I could hear her as she could get quite vocal. We were usually within talking distance of one another so when we were finished we would get back in the car and John would drive us home.

Emma’s letters were always long as she would give me all the news from home, and she often had questions for me about what I had told her about my life at University, in particular about the friends I made and Derek in güngören escort particular. After I had written about something we had done she wrote back and asked me if I had done, ‘anything naughty’ with him. As I said I always felt I could trust her and wrote back and told her that “yes I had been deflowered” and was enjoying our dates more than ever as a result, as we both enjoyed his ‘playing with the petals.’

I kind of regretted telling her that after I mailed the letter and thought, “what will be will be” so when I got her reply was quite pleased that instead of scolding me, just told me to be careful. She went on to inform me about safety precautions I could take, of course I already knew about rubbers and the days of my ‘cycle’, but she also mentioned douches, and creams that would help protect me. In a way her warnings sounded very scary but she at least opened my eyes to the possibility of disease as well as pregnancy. Again she enclosed ‘a little something’ to help me buy what I might need.

In residence Jennifer shared a room with another girl, and after about 6 weeks this girl was going home for the weekend for some reason, and Jenny invited me to stay over for the weekend. The girl was going to be gone from the Friday till the Sunday evening, and I was welcome to stay over. I told my landlady I would not be home as a result just in case she would worry, and contact my mum, not that I thought that she would but you never know.

The Friday of that weekend was just like most Fridays, it started with us meeting at the pub to have a few drinks then going on to the dance where we would dance the night away. By this time I knew quite a few dances as well as becoming good at ‘Jiving’, (I think Americans called it ‘Jitterbuging’) and after we went out and found a convenient doorway to have our shag. After when we were ready John drove us back to the residence, and after some more goodnight kisses we got out of the car and went inside.

Jenny had a nice room for two on the second floor with two single beds, two small chest of drawers beside each one, a sink in the middle and a closet behind the door with a large mirror attached to it. Once inside we shed out coats and was to get ready for bed when she suggested we could take a bath. By this time it was after two o’clock in the morning and after our sex it felt like a good idea, so using my top coat as a robe and slipping on my shoes I followed her down the hall to where the toilets and bathroom were. There was no other sound of life so when she suggested we share a bath I agreed, (not that I would have argued anyway as I was still very shy and introverted.)

In one of the bathrooms after locking the door she ran the water and poured in some nice scented bath salts, and invited me to get in first. The water was deliciously hot and I did and slowly settled down into the water with my back to the end away from the taps, so my head was almost touching the wall. Now this was the first time I saw another female naked, Jennifer had a delightful body I thought, a little over weight perhaps but nicely distributed. For no other reason than seeing her naked made it a pleasure, particularly as she climbed in gave me quite a close up of her pussy and tits as she got in and settled down facing me.

She settled back but the taps were bağcılar escort in the way so she sat up and took a washcloth and started to wash herself, I was mesmerized by her ‘tits’ they looked so lovely with bits of foam sticking to them. I guess she saw me looking at them, then smiling reached over and started to wash my shoulders and tits too, it felt so good then she stopped and got onto her knees between my ankles and really started to wash me. She was looking at me smiling as she did this and moving her hand down she started between my legs. I was too shy to say or do anything about it, and next thing I knew she leaned over and kissed me on my mouth. I didn’t react at first nor could I pull my head back as the wall was in the way so I didn’t move, just let her kiss me. Her kisses felt more urgent as she persisted and I liked it, and I also felt her fingers, minus the washcloth starting to caress my crotch.

My body was responding to her touches, so when I felt her tongue pressing against my lips, I automatically opened my mouth to receive it. I was coming alive and started sucking on her tongue and returning her kisses, with her free hand she began rubbing my mound between my legs, then slipping a finger into the crevice, going deeper then out to caress my clit. My hands were reaching out to her too, one found her tit and the other I had on her shoulder, soon she had two fingers inside me and fondling my clit. She had brought all her fingers into play including her thumb , my breathing was affected and I’m not sure if I was crying or moaning from the pleasure she was inducing in me. I know when my orgasm burst over me I could have cried out had her mouth not been covering mine and her tongue still buried inside. Even then she didn’t stop pleasuring me, I was slowly sliding down in the tub as she brought me off twice more. By now with my sliding down she was bent almost double, her mouth still glued to mine when she suddenly sat up. “Come on” she whispered her eyes shining at me, “lets go” and she quickly got out of the tub and I pulled the plug and followed her.

By now it must have been close to three in the morning and after quickly drying off we grabbed out things and tip toed naked down the hall to her room. I must have been a sight, my mouth covered with her lipstick so thank goodness there was no one around to see us. I thought I was going to be taking her room mates bed but after we dropped our things she pushed me down on her bed backwards and jumped on top of me. Her hungry mouth found mine again and now I welcomed her searching tongue and started pushing back with mine, she pressed my legs apart and her mound found mine. She began rubbing it against me and I loved it, I opened my legs wide to accommodate her and she started to hump me like a man would only this was better, clit to clit it only took a few moments for my climax to reach the surface and burst over me like stars. She was cumming too and the more aggressive she got the more we both loved it.

Finally sated she rolled on her side beside me smiling and still holding me, our eyes were inches apart and I could see the pleasure in them, I had never felt so wonderful in my life. I now reached out to her and kissed her back, my free hand moved down over her shoulder to find her bum and with my knees still between her esenler escort legs pulled on it to press my clit to hers. In a way it was like giving her a silent ‘thank you’, and cuddling like that I was soon in the land of nod.

I awoke in late morning to find I was alone in bed and bursting for a pee, Jennifer was already up and had the kettle on to make Tea. Getting up I quickly splashed water on my face to wipe off any lipstick, and borrowing her bath robe dashed down the hall to the toilets and had a most welcome pee. There were a couple of other girls there who said, “good morning,” giving me a look that said, “what are you doing here” but of course had seen me around with Jennifer so didn’t say anything. On the way out I saw the bathroom door was still open where we had our fun in the wee hours of the morning.

Sitting on her bed we sipped our Tea then Jenny put her cup down and stretched out on her bed, she was stark naked and looked wonderful, patting the bed she said, “come on” inviting me to join her. It was like an invitation for me to make love to her, so looked so radiant I didn’t need any persuasion and lying beside her I started to caress her tits. I seemed to just know what to do, lightly with just my fingertips I circled her nipples, first one then the other, then down over her tummy and back up to her neck. While I was doing this we were in eye contact and I watched her smile as her eyes reflected her pleasure, there was no hurry as I thoroughly enjoyed toying with her beautiful body, and could see she was loving it too. I leaned over and kissed her nose first, then her eyes and finally settling on her mouth, lightly at first, then as she’d done with me, with more pressure as I pressed my tongue as far into her mouth as I could get it.

Her sucking my tongue was like an invitation to do more as I moved my hand down slowly from her tits, over her tummy to find her pubic hair, I sensed her stir and lift a knee in anticipation but bypassed her crotch as I ran my nails down one thigh then back up the other, through her hair again just above her clit and back down as before. She was moaning now and had moved both her feet onto the bed to raise her bum to meet my searching fingers and I buried them deep into her slit then out over her clit feeling it’s slipperiness.

Moved up onto one elbow and leaning over her I felt she was mine, opening and closing her legs she would press her pussy up to meet my thrusts. Suddenly after her climax she let out a quiet shout and grabbing my hair pulled me over her so now I was right on top of her. Mound to mound it was now my turn to hump her, and hump her I did with an aggressiveness I’d learned from her, her breathing was heavy and with each orgasm she’d let out a little cry and it served to spur me on with an urgency I can’t explain.

Lying beside her after she took my head in both her hands and whispered, “thank you I needed that” and kissed me gently on my lips. She was to tell me later she was surprised at my aggressiveness as she said I was usually so quiet. I couldn’t think of anything to say, I’m sure I blushed, just being with her was a pleasure for me.

After we went out to a pub for lunch, then just hung out chatting in her room and had a nap before getting ready to go meet our dates for the evening. That Saturday evening was much like the others except all I could think of was how much pleasure Jenny and I’d had, and knew we were both looking forward to more when we got back home after our date.

Our lovemaking was much like before only this time we dispensed with the bath, and pleasured each other I’m sure till almost dawn, when again we both fell asleep.

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