First Year Experience

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Big Tits

This story is about my first and only time with a woman. It happened a few months after I had started school at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Some of the guys and girls that I was pretty good friends with were sitting around in my neighbor Erica’s dorm room drinking and talking her roommate had went home for the weekend which was nice because she was a total prude and would have freaked that we were drinking in there room. Slowly everyone started to stagger out the door and back to there room one by one. Finally our friend Steve was the last one to leave.

“I’m not tired enough for bed yet,” Erica said.

I agreed, we sat there a little longer watching TV and nursing our beers and finally we decided to put in a movie.

“How about Sliver?” she said

I agreed since I hadn’t seen it but remember hearing it was good.

“I think I’m going to run back to my room and put on my pj’s and grab a blanket before we start,” I said.

“Ok I’ll wait for you,” Erica said.

As I was walking back to my room I realize just how drunk I was. Oh well, I thought, it will just be a rough morning tomorrow. I got into my room and found out my roommate wasn’t home yet, she had went out partying with some friends, I took off my pants, shirt, and bra, and found my pj’s, they were the cute tank top and baggy pants kind that are comfortable yet you can wear them down to breakfast without feeling like a dork. I grabbed a few more beers from my fridge wrapped them in my blanket and headed back down the hall to Erica’s. She had changed into her pjs to and was sitting on there futon wrapped in her blanket waiting for me.

She was fast-forwarding through the previews so I turned off the light and sat down on the futon too. The movie came on and I cracked a beer and we sat there and watched it. We both were really into the movie and didn’t say a word to each other. The first sex scene came on and I felt myself getting a little turned on but I just ignored it and went back to drinking my beer. The seen where he sneaks up and takes her from behind came on. I was getting so turned on at this point, my pussy tingled and I moved the hand that had been wresting in my lap a little so it put some pressure on it to give it some relief. I figured it was ok because I was under the blanket and Erica would never notice, gölbaşı yeni escort I looked over to see if she was asleep. Her eyes were closed but she defiantly wasn’t asleep. I could see some movement under her blanket and her body was rocking slightly, at first I was a little bothered but I was just to hot at that point to care I closed my eyes and let my hand go free. I was lost in my own pleasure when I heard a whimper I looked over and saw Erica, her blanket had slipped a little and it had exposed her hand kneading one of her breasts, her shirt had been pushed down a little and one of her erect nipples poked out. I stared at it for a minute, she was a redhead and her skin was light with lots of freckles, her breasts were nice and firm a little bigger then mine. Now I have seen many girls naked in my day but it has never had an effect like this on me.

I didn’t stop rubbing myself. In fact I slipped my hand inside my waste band and started rubbing my pussy, it was soaked at this point. I looked up at Erica’s face, here eyes were on me, watching me stair at her breasts. I felt a little embarrassed, I considered stopping but it was feeling so good. She let the blanket fall down and peeled off her top. I watched as one hand played with her nipples while the other gave her pleasure underneath the blanket. Without even thinking I stopped and crawled over to her, she kept on going watching me the whole time, I looked her in the eyes and lowered my mouth to her breast slowly, thinking at any minute she would stop me, I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of her nipple and then opened my mouth and attacked the whole thing. She took her free hand and started rubbing my breasts, first one then the other. I put my hand back in my pants and rubbed my soaking pussy harder. Her hand slid into my tank top and I felt her cool skin against my breasts.

She slid under me a little so she was laying across the whole futon and I laid down on her, and continued to lick her breasts, she had stopped fingering herself now and was running her hand through my hair and over my back. She slid my shirt off. I started to get bored with her breasts, I could smell the scent of her pussy on her hand so I took it and started sucking her fingers. It tasted so erotic I knew I needed more. I slid down over her gölbaşı otele gelen escort flat stomach kissing it as I went. I grabbed the waistband of her flannel pants and slid them down slowly as I kissed her further and further. I was a bit surprised when instead of panties; well-trimmed red pubes started appearing. I just kept kissing slowly lower and lower. I have to roll off onto the floor and stand up so we can get her pants off. I grab them and she lifts her hips so I can slide them off. Standing next to her she looked so sexy, her long legs, pale skin, sexy pubes and wonderful breasts. She grabbed my hand and pulled me over by her.

She grabbed my waste band and with one quick tug removed pants and panties. She reached her hand out and ran it down my stomach across my blond bush and then put her hand between my leg, her fingers rubbed the mounds of my lips, I spread my legs a little and she slid on of her fingers into the slit, the way it slid around inside so smooth and wonderful contrasting the rest of her fingers rubbing roughly on my outer lips. Her finger brushed my clit and I leaned forward to hold myself up with the back of the futon. I spread my feet apart to give her better access. Her palm cupped my pussy while the middle finger dipped into my hole. She took her and off me and I looked down to see her take her wet fingers between her lips. I start to get down on the futon so I can lie between her legs and feast on her pussy.

“No,” she says, “let’s 69.”

She sifts down a little as I throw one knee over her head then the other knee on the other side of her head so I am squatting over her head. She grabs my hips firmly and pulls my butt down on top of her. I feel her warm mouth cover my mound as her tongue parts my lips. A shiver runs up my spine and I lean down, her legs spread open as I near and I see the mounds of her pussy are perfectly hairless, but above them the triangle still remains. I slide my arms under her legs and wrap them around so that I can spread her soft lips. I’ve never seen a pussy up close before or really I guess paid much attention to mine, now I realize how beautiful they are, pale white skin surrounding the velvety pink inner folds shiny with their juices. I lower my puckered lips to her clit and give it a gentle suck, she moans loudly to this and I can feel the vibrations in my pussy as she does. I lick it down the center and shift my head down farther. I take her whole pussy and put my mouth over it as I wiggle my tongue across her clit. I can feel her excitement as she attacks my pussy with everything she has and the most incredible sensation starts spreading up my body. This only encourages me to eat her faster. I quickly jam two fingers into her hole and curl them to hit here g-spot, her pussy squeezes back against my fingers as she moans even louder. I feel her slide two fingers up into my juicy hole and one of her fingers brushes up against my asshole.

This is the first time anyone has ever touched my asshole and defiantly the first time that it has ever given me a sensation like that. I figure it is an accident because it rubs ever so lightly. I continue to eat her pussy as hard as I can, ramming my fingers into her and curling them to around inside her. She continues to finger fuck me as her tongue races across my clit. All the sudden I notice a different sensation down there as her finger works its way into my ass. I can barely stand it and I pump my hips down onto her hand impaling my pussy and ass onto her fingers and grinding my muff into her mouth. We are both moaning loudly now and I feel her pussy tighten and clench my fingers, while at the same time my body tightens and then releases in a powerful burst. I collapse on top of her, when I finally start to catch my breath I lift myself up and slide down onto the floor next to her. She turns her head and opens her eyes.

“That was amazing,” She said.

“I, I,” I didn’t know what to say, I felt a little embarrassed, I wondered if she had ever done this before. Did she think I was a lesbian?

“I never expected that to happen,” she interrupted my thoughts, “Listen I don’t want you to feel weird now. This is my first experience with another female too. I never even gave this much thought before. I’m not going to tell anyone and I would appreciate it if you kept it quite too.”

“Um, sure,” I managed to get out

“It sure was good though.”

We both giggled. Erica and I stayed up talking for a while and even decided to sleep in the same bed that night, neither of us bothered to put our cloths back on. It was a completely different feeling curling up to the warm softness of another girl, compared to a rough hairy guy. Erica and I would occasionally hook up, usually drinking was involved, and since them I have slept with several other people, some male some female, but none as memorable as Erica.

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