Firsts All Round

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Jamie was getting dressed, the early morning sun barely breaking through the gap in the curtains as she looked down at Adam laying there fast asleep. She hated that he had more leave than her and on this very morning was fast asleep while she had to go into the office for another boring mundane day but it was only 3 more days left before she was on leave too.

She gave a small sigh and fastened the buttons on her blouse before slipping on her skirt, grabbed her handbag and her mug of warm fresh coffee and walked out the door. It was about 20km to drive to the office and although with the holidays the traffic was a little lighter it was still enough to annoy her.

It was about 7:30am when she pulled into her parking bay at the office and her phone rang just as she pulled up. “Who could this be”, she thought to herself as she grabbed her phone out of her handbag and answered it, “Hello, Jamie speaking?”

To her surprise it was Adam’s voice, “Hey baby, what are you wearing?”

She knew from the first line where this might be going but as always played a little hard to get. “Hey babe, I’m well thanks and you?”

“That is not what I asked?” he said with a naughty little laugh, “Now answer the question please”

“A white blouse and a black skirt, why do you want to know?” she answered in a playful dismissive voice.

“No, under that” he said, his voice a little deeper.

“A black bra and cotton g-string, why?”

“Take of your g-string” he instructed over the phone.

“Are you crazy, I am in the work parking lot” she said with a bit of a shock in her voice.

“Take it off” he replied, his voice stern.

For whatever reason Jamie did as Adam asked, looking left and right to see if there was anyone around that she could see but there wasn’t anyone around so early in the morning. She lifted herself off the seat and with a battle, using one hand only she eventually managed to get her g-string off. It was not the first time she had ever gone commando and she had teased him via text messages before about it, knowing it would drive him crazy, but the circumstances were mostly under her own control and something she thought of doing when getting dressed, not when already in the parking lot of the office. “Okay, done” she said with a naughty daring tone to her voice, “Now can I go to work?”

“No, touch yourself!” Adam instructed over the phone.

“You are crazy” Jamie said with a shaky voice but it was only followed by another “Do it” from Adam. His voice was filled with confidence and power and for whatever reason, Jamie could not resist his demands.

She looked left and right again to see if anyone else was in the parking lot before slipping her hand under her skirt between her legs and started gently rubbing her clit. She was surprised to find how wet she was from this little bit of banter over the phone.

“Are you wet?” his gruffy voice came out of the phone.

“Yes” she managed in a soft voice. She could hear his breathing had gotten heavier over the phone. “Are you touching yourself as well?” she asked softly, her eyes constantly darting around the parking lot to make sure no one would catch her.

“Yes baby, I am imagining your hands on me” he said between deep loud breaths.

Her breathing must be harder as well and the thought of him laying in bed, touching himself while she could hear turned her on even more.

They had never had phone sex before but this was quite a turn on. They both kept masturbating with the other on the phone, telling one another what to do, what they were doing and feeling and before long she felt her orgasm starting to build.

Suddenly the thought of her orgasm worried her and her eyes which had shut a few minutes earlier started darting around again, especially when she heard the squealing of tired going around a corner, obviously on another floor of the parking lot. “Oh fuck” she said softly as she knew her orgasms were never quiet and here she was in public.

“Do you want to cum baby?” he asked in her ear, his voice softer but his panting still very obviously noticeable over the phone.

“Yes” she said softly, wanting to pull her fingers away from her wet pussy and prevent the explosion of noise but also not wanting to give up on this exciting orgasm.

“Cum for me” he whispered and it was like his voice touched her from her ear to her pussy as she felt the wave after wave of her orgasm wash over her body. She let moans escape from her lips while trying to be as quiet as possible but anyone within 10 meters of her car must surely have heard her as clearly as a gunshot.

As she came she heard Adam cum as he moaned in her ear as his orgasm hit and the sound of him cuming and imagining his cock erupt with cum squirting everywhere just seem to make her orgasm become more intense again.

After about 45 seconds her orgasm subsided and she smiled, “You little shit, I have to go into work now looking like this and smelling like sex!”

“No” he replied, “not Cebeci Escort yet, I am not done with you yet.”

“I have to go, I need to get into the office” she exclaimed, not having the strength for this to go on longer.

“Open the glove box and look inside” he said softly.

She wanted to protest but curiosity got the better of her and she leaned over and opened the glove box, only to find two ben-wa balls, about 25mm in diameter each, connected with a string and a string loop coming out the one side. She gasped and Adam new Jamie had found his little surprise for her.

“Slide it into your pussy baby, I want you to keep it there all day” his voice said calmly.

Calm was the last thing that Jamie was at this point, “Are you mad? I can’t have these things inside me all day long at work?”

“They will remind you of me waiting for you at home” he said and she could actually see his smiling face on the other end of the phone in her mind.

“I’m going to kill you, I can’t” she tried to beg to get out of this but she knew he would be insistent.

“I tell you what, I will make you a deal, you must slip them inside your pussy now. If you can keep them inside you until you get home you get one wish or demand of me, whatever you want, if however they get to much and you take them out at any stage before getting home, then next time we are alone, I get a wish or a demand, anything I want.”

Well, it was clear, Jamie was not going to get out of this but if she could manage this then he would have to submit to any wish or demand on her part, this might be fun so she reluctantly took the two dangling balls and slid the first one in and then the second. The experience was uniquely different. The balls filled her up to some extent and her muscles immediately clenched onto them, causing pleasure but not so much as to drive her to orgasm.

“Okay, I need to go to work now, I hope you have a lovely day and thank you for the torture I have to endure today” she said trying to get off the phone.

“Okay baby, if you want to you can put your g-string back on, I would not want to make you too self conscious and worry that the balls might drop out during the day” he said and as he did the thought struck her, oh yes, she is not wearing panties, what if they did fall out so she was very thankful for his permission of her underwear to go back on although it would probably have happened even if he had not said anything when she tried to get out of the car.

She said goodbye to him and quickly reached over and picked her g-string off of the passenger seat and slipped it on, this time using both hands but as she lifted herself off the seat she discovered the challenge of the day. As she moved, so did the balls and the sensation was… well, almost overwhelming.

She opened the car door and stepped out of the car, as she was standing up she got the feeling of the balls for the first time during full body motion and she half stammered out of the car, leaning against the door to steady herself, quickly looking around if anyone was around to see her.

Thankfully no one was so she closed and locked the door and took the most interesting walk to the office she had ever taken. The moving balls we sending sensations through her body no matter which way she walked but by the time she got to her desk she kind of felt like she was starting to find her footing and how to handle this sensation but she had no illusion this day would be hard to get through and she was very tempted to take them out then and there… but there was a bet in place and she wanted payback.

The course of the day was interesting, and Adam did not help at all by sending little messages, reminding her what she had done and what was inside her and asking her how it was going.

During Jamie’s lunch break she took a trip to the adult store, to get something for her revenge, which proved to be harder than she anticipated, as the drive there proved to require a lot more concentration than a normal drive would.

The entire day she felt as if everyone was staring at her in disgust, knowing what was going on but no one actually noticed anything different except for one colleague who noticed her walking a bit more cautiously than usual and asked if she was okay. Jamie thought quickly and said she was only a little stiff from her gym work out and her colleague nodded and said she should take it a little easier, someone with her figure did not have to push so hard at gym.

By the time the day was over Jamie was tired, very horny and dripping wet. She went straight home, hoping Adam had at least gone grocery shopping or else they would just starve that night. She pulled into the driveway, grabbed her stuff in the car and walked quickly to the front door.

She opened the door, went inside, plonked her bag on the little table at the entrance and closed the door before saying, “Where are you, you little shit, do you have any idea what you Çıtır Escort have done to me today?”

She had not even finished the sentence when Adam came into the passage way, he was naked and showing off a semi hard cock pointing directly at her. She walked up to him and kissed him, her hand wrapping around his cock and squeezing it as she slowly moved it up and down the length of his shaft, making it hard in no time.

His hand had slid under her skirt and was running over her pussy covered by the material of her g-string and the extra stimulation brought her to orgasm within seconds. She hung onto his neck with her one hand while squeezing his now hard cock in a vice like grip as she came.

When she calmed down from her orgasm she let go of him, reached under her skirt and pulled down her dripping wet panties and then pulled out the two little balls which had caused her to be on edge all day long. She took one of the little balls and much to Adam’s surprise, pushed it against his lips which parted enough for the one ball to slide into his mouth. “Can you taste me on them?” she whispered, “this is what you have done… and you will pay for this!”

She pushed him into the lounge, pushing him onto the couch and before Adam even knew it Jamie was on top of him, his cock buried deep inside of her wet pussy and she was riding him for all she was worth. She came 3 more times before she eventually brought him to orgasm and it felt like he was squirting more cum than he had ever before.

When he had calmed down from his orgasm she stayed there on top of him, flexing her now aching pelvic muscles around him, keeping him hard inside of her and after a few minutes started riding him again. Several orgasms later he came again and she fell on top of him, exhausted.

Though her hard breathing she whispered in his ear, “I win, you owe me a wish or a demand, and believe me, I am going to collect, sooner than you can imagine!”

The two of them laid there on the couch for at least another half hour or so before getting up, cleaning each other up and going to have dinner which Adam had made, one of his few saving graces for the day! They sat up and chatted, watched some TV and then headed to bed.


In the morning Jamie woke up, turned over and saw Adam fast asleep next to her, it was still dark outside and the movement of turning over reminded her of the excitement of the day before… and the fact that she had her wish or demand owing to her. A small smile crossed her lips.

She got up and took a nice long hot shower, spending special attention to gently rubbing her pussy which was still swollen and thinking back to all the sensations she experienced the day before and how intoxicating it all was. Before she knew it she was wet again and her fingers had been sliding in and out of her, bringing her close to another orgasm. She leaned against the wall, her legs slightly spread, the water running over her smooth flesh and allowed the orgasm to wash over her body.

Once the orgasm had washed over her she opened her eyes, finished off taking her shower and dried herself off. When she walked back into the room she took out her clothes that she was going to wear that day but before putting them on she walked out of the room, walked over to her handbag, took out a little box from the packet she bought the day before and left the bag with the other stuff in her handbag.

Next she walked into the lounge and retrieved the ben-wa balls and took that in her hands and headed back to the bedroom. In the room she placed the small box inside the draw of Adam’s bedside table and went back into the bathroom and washed off the ben-wa balls. She was drying them off, staring into the distance, about to put them into the cupboard when she saw her reflection in the half fogged up mirror and stopped with a small naughty smile on her face.

“No need to let him have all the fun” Jamie thought to herself as she took the balls and slid them back inside herself. The fuller feeling filled her again and her smile got bigger at the idea of her being so naughty today again.

She stepped out of the bathroom and pulled on her g-string and bra, put on her black and grey pin striped skirt and her purple blouse, feeling the colour was appropriate for today’s plans. She looked in the mirror and smiled as she saw her reflection and feeling so sexy and naughty. She glanced back at Adam who was still snoring away and smiled, packed up her stuff and headed for work.

It was around 10am when she got a BBM from Adam saying good morning.

“The lucky sod getting to sleep in so late, you have no idea what is in store for you” she thought to herself while saying good morning to him.

The chat followed the usual pleasantries, how is work going, what are you up to, etc and then Jamie pounced…

“Baby, open up your bedside table draw? Look in the little black box” she wrote to him.

“What is it?” he replied and she knew Demetevler Escort she had him just where she wanted him.

“What do you think it is?” she asked him innocently.

“A sinker of some sort” he replied after several moments of pausing which made her give an audible laugh when she read his comment.

“Kind of, but not what you are thinking off, it is not for fishing” Jamie was revelling in her chair as the conversation played out, “it’s a butt plug, one you are going to slide inside your ass and wear all day long for me until I get home” she typed out calmly and slowly.

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? I am not going to put a butt plug into my ass” he replied, “That is a chick thing, not something guys do!!!”

The look on Jamie’s face must have been priceless while reading this, payback is so sweet she thought and she squirmed at the clever idea of hers, her squirming also reminding her of the ben-wa balls inside of her.

“You are going to take that butt plug and slide it into your ass baby, you can be lucky I bought you the one with the blue jewel top and not the pink one, and you are going to do so proudly because you owe me, that was the deal wasn’t it?

“Furthermore, when I get home I am going to not only pull that butt plug out of your ass, I am going to fuck your ass, that is the price of the wish or demand you owe me!”

Jamie sat back and waited for Adam’s reply while thinking of everything she had just said. They had often spoken about anal sex, both giving and receiving but it is something they had never done in the almost 4 years they had been together and she could not think of a more fitting revenge for her torture yesterday at his hand.

“You want to do what?” was his only reply, apparently the butt plug being less of a pressing concern now.

“You heard me baby, and oh, by the way, I am wearing the ben-wa balls again” she typed as her mind raced at all the things going on, this time through her plotting and planning. She could feel her wetness flowing into her g-string and running down her legs and she could smell her arousal at her desk.

How she was going to make it through the day without someone noticing something was quite beyond her but now she felt committed to this plan.

“You are?” was all he could reply with, probably his attempt to change the subject but it was not working.

“In your draw you will find some lube, come on baby, lube it up and slide it in and once you are done, turn facing away from the mirror and take a picture on your phone and send it to me!” Jamie typed.

She was actually surprising herself with her dominant behaviour but also had to admit to herself she was actually quite enjoying having the power for a change and she should do this more often.

A few minutes went by and then she received a picture, a picture of Adam’s naked ass with the blue crystal top protruding from his ass cheeks.

“Oh my God, he actually did it” Jamie thought to herself, somehow she knew he would but it still caught her by surprise.

“How does it feel baby?” she asked with a naughty smile on her face, looking intently at her phone screen to see what his reaction would be.

“Really weird, I must admit but I guess I can get use to it”

Jamie smiled and said, “Well, it will keep your mind busy for today!!” They spoke a bit more and then they said goodbye till later and she got back to work, although extremely distracted by the picture of her man’s ass with the blue crystal butt plug visible and her thoughts of what was going to happen later she forced herself to do some work.

The day seemed to drag but eventually the end of the day came and not a second to soon. Jamie packed up her stuff and headed home, making sure to concentrate really hard on the drive home with the ben-wa balls still driving her crazy and by the time she got home she rushed in and into the lounge to find Adam watching TV, wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

“Hi Honey, I am home” she said as she walked into the room, giving him a bit of a fright as he did not hear her come in, so engrossed in watching TV.

“Hey baby” he said as he stood up to move closer and kiss her.

Obviously he had forgotten about the butt plug and trying to stand up reminded him about it as his balance was off and his facial expression changed from its normal in-control look to one of being at the mercy of something he did not know how to handle.

A laugh escaped lips as she saw him uneasy on his feet and a fresh warm gush of juices trickled down her inner thighs.

“My poor man, come here and let me take care of that ass of your” she said as she grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom, pausing momentarily at the entrance hall to grab the bag of goodies she had bought the day before at the adult store.

Reluctantly Adam followed her to the bedroom, his cock straining against his jeans and his mind racing away at what all might be ahead of him.

When they got to the bedroom Jamie dropped to her knees and started undoing Adam’s jeans, teasing his hard cock straining against his jeans with her hands. She pulled down his jeans and his boxer shorts and took his hard cock into her mouth, sucking him as deep as she could into her mouth while letting her arms wrap around his hips and her finger tips finding the jewel protruding from his ass.

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