Fishing for Birds

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Chapter One

They had picked her up off the casino floor. Not literally, no; she was not lying there waiting to be fucked. It was not as easy as that.

Almost…but, not quite. Rather, the raven-haired tomboy with the apple-sized tits popping out of the ragged, low-cut t-shirt promoting some obscure indie rock band, literally thrust her wide hips into them, in apparent haste to reach the “Addams Family” slot machine first. Raven Apple Tits, as the snarky, but entitled-to-be-that way sexy couple were to later call her, splashed her watered-down cheap cocktail all over Pixie’s corset.

“Hey! What the… Watch it, you bitch! I’m wet!,” the firey-haired, and equally aptly-named Pixie shrilled.

Her partner, Draco, a tall, broad-shouldered, charismatic man with wavy brown hair and electric blue eyes snickered, and lovingly put his arm over the shoulder of his stunning, but now vodka and cranberry soaked, wife.

“Oh my God! I’m mmm soo sorry…” stammered the tomboy.

Pixie absent-mindedly brushed at her bosom, slicking away the offending tonic. Draco, missing nothing, an observant and focused man, followed the dark-haired woman’s eyes with his own. Wide, glowing, and deep green, they soaked up Pixie’s movements, a smile curled up from the right side of her small, glazed, pale red lips.

“We caught a fish,” Draco thought to himself, most contentedly. “We caught a sweet piece of ass, Pixie,” he caught himself whispering.

“Let me help!” Raven exclaimed, reaching up with her hands, perhaps forgetting herself as she was about to grope the breasts of a complete stranger she had just obviously offended. Draco intervened, and deflected her hands with his elbow, as he turned to face his flustered wife. One quick wink told Pixie everything she needed to know. Game on.

Part 2

She was wet. Soaked, in fact. Beads of sweat were running down her back; under her arms, her bound breasts, her forehead, and a slippery streak of saliva slivered deliciously down her cheek, through the ball gag in her hot mouth, down onto her lipstick-marked neck, meeting the sweat on her scarlet tits in a luscious river of slickness. Pixie was busy licking all this furiously off the helplessly detained Raven, mixing spit with sweat, with drool, with the natural oils which slowly seeped from seemingly every pore of the tormented woman’s skin.

“God. That is fucking hot, Pixie… Bite her tits again. I want to hear her muffled whimpers. Make her slobber some more, baby…”

With a wickedly evil gin, Pixie complied. Her green eyes were wide and blazing with lust; otherwise they burned as fiery as her red hair. She wore only thigh-high black stockings, and a black satin teddy. Her nipples on her perfect C-cup breasts poked through the thin material, which she rubbed firmly against Raven as the dance of licking, kissing, sucking and tongue lapping caressed her captive new playmate. Her playmate, who wore only the hemp cord which tightly embraced and lifted her tits, and the ball gag in her mouth.

Draco stood to the side of this glorious sight, swaying his own body in a sort of synchronized pattern to the “dance” of his lover and Raven. In the darkened hotel room, the decorative votive candles they wisely packed for the weekend, were now flickering in earnest, casting enchanting shadows and light on the women.

Part 3

“Bite those TITS, Pixie!” he pleaded, as he began to stroke his thick, 9″ gorgeous cock…

Pixie compiled. Aggressively. Drawing her short, but filed, unpainted fingernails slowly down the upright and bound-at the wrist arms of Raven, she slowly scraped, leaving a wavy, red line of torment down the soft, pale forearms of the captive, squirming tomboy, who slobbered and wailed in a beautiful sing-song sort of way. Draco stroked harder…

The women’s hips were now grinding together, Pixie wrapped one leg, almost snake-like, to curl around her captive, as she slid her fingers around Raven’s waist, then behind her sweaty, wet back, dragging and gouging her soft skin, and raked her nails upwards. Raven gurgled in delight, and tossed her head back, and pulled down harder on the roping rig that held her affixed to an (equally-wisely packed) bolted eyelet in the ceiling. Like a succubus right out of some wickedly cheesy, grade B horror movie, Pixie bared her teeth, opened her mouth wide, and plunged into Raven’s neck.

“MMMmmmmAMMM!” their captive screamed in a gurgly-muffled groan. “AWWWWTHHHHI TTHHMMM!URTSS!”

Draco was jacking off hard now. He swayed over to the two women, and pushed his rock-solid cock into the back of his beloved Pixie, who was now making Raven’s neck with vicious abandon. Deep red patches covered her throat, riddled with teeth marks, and blood.

Pixie dug her nails in painfully deep to Raven’s back, and finally…FINALLY, to Draco’s dark delight…began to gnaw furiously at those delicious, apple-sized tits…which were now very hard, and turning a crimson color from the tight pressure of the rope binding.

Draco slid his cock in to Pixie’s burning, throbbing cunt from behind. The slick, hot, tight, wetness wrapped around him, and drew the man in closer.

“Oooohhhh! That’s soooooo good!” Draco cooed.

Pixie’s mouth was full at that moment, but she arched her back, pushed down onto the thick, throbbing organ, and moaned in ecstasy.

“MMMMMMMAAAMMMM!” she exclaimed with her cheeks filled with spit and as she chewed, gnawed and sucked on Raven’s bright red, tender, raw tits.

Draco was beginning to throb, the pleasure intensified, the pressure building. He was wanting to cum so so so badly now. He was slamming Pixie so hard with his cock that the two of them almost were falling over. Fortunately, Apple Tits was there to break the fall. With every thrust from his powerful hips, Pixie lurched forward, and simultaneously pushed back harder, as her fingernails now dug deeply into her plaything’s bright purple-red tits. Tits that seemed like they were ready to burst, actually.

“Ohhhh I’mm going to cummmm…sooon…god DAMN…I’m going to cum SOO fucking HARD!” he growled.

Abruptly, Pixie spun around, pulling away from him, and plopping out his volcanic-hot ramrod with a slick “pop!”

“Wait, my dear. hold that thought…”

“WHAAA???? PLEASE…I’m SOOOOO CLOSE!” he shrieked.

“I want it on my face, as I eat her cunt, baby.”

Soaking wet in sweat, blood, and spit, Pixie slid down to her knees, and grabbed Raven’s oh-so-bitable-but-yet untouched pale white ass. She dug her nails in and pulled the sweaty, hot pussy to her face. She thrust her nose in. Raven smelled of charred, damp, mossy tree bark and signed strawberries. Pixie’s own juices began to dribble down her thighs. Pulling in deep, she darted out the tip of her tongue, and licked in the delicious, hot soupy, juice from the poor woman’s pussy. LICK! LICK! LIIICCCKK! She lapped in bigger and broader lashes, her mouth filling with strawberry and mossy forest water… It was delicious… With one hand, Pixie slipped down to her own cunt, and slid in two fingers…

Raven was on the verge of semi-consciousness… her body wracked in stinging, throbbing pain, and hot, sticky, wet waves of endorphin-fed euphoria.

“Blubbblyblubbb, mmmmabbbuyb,” she blobbered.

Draco furiously pounded his grip back and forth on his cock. Pixie lapped up the nectar, blind with euphoria, drinking up strawberry juice, drool, blood, sweat, piss, God knew what else. She didn’t care, and neither did Pixie.


Draco’s eyes rolled back, his back arched, beads of sweat flung from his brow, landing on, interestingly, and rather conveniently enough, on Pixie’s face. He ejaculated like a Roman candle, SPLAAAAT! GUSSSH! SPOOOP! Three successive times. Likewise, coating Pixie’s face, and sliding down to meet Raven’s confluence of fluids.

Pixie SLURRPEDD madly.

Raven howled from behind her gag.

Draco collapsed in a state of total, spent bliss, falling into Pixie’s arms. Wet, slick, coated in …everything…they rolled and sucked one another’s tongues…

All faded into a blush pink haze.

Raven, left alone, whimpered…

Her pussy ached more than her arms, that was assuredly so…

“Fuck me, Draco! Fuck your lass!” Pixie screamed.

There was nothing he would rather have done.

So, he did.

(To be continued…)

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