Fishing Trip Ch. 04

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Those first few days alone in my apartment were a big adjustment. In my loneliness I wondered if I had made the right decision. I missed my kids, I missed having someone to talk to, I missed sharing my bed with another warm body, I even missed my wife, but mostly I simply missed companionship. I tried calling Mark on my third night alone. There was no answer and I decided not to leave a message. No doubt he was out with his wife. Our situations were so different. That knowledge further fueled my loneliness.

I was alone and wanted Mark with me. While I had no doubt that he loved and wanted me, I knew that he loved his wife and his life the way it was. I could never be more than a lover on the side for him. I wasn’t sure where my life was headed. It was two more days before I would get to talk to him. On Friday the phone was ringing as I arrived home from work.

“Hey, buddy, I miss you,” His voice said seductively after I answered the call.

“Oh god, Mark, I miss you and I am horny as shit!”

“I am horny for that sweet cock, but I don’t have much time right now. Suzy ran out to the store she will be back soon. I wanted to see what you were doing tomorrow.”

“Nothing, actually. I wanted to see the kids but they are both busy this weekend.”

“Well I am sorry you can’t see them, but happy you are free. Suzy decided to go see her folks for a few days. I was hoping you would want to come over and fuck me night and day! What do you say?”

“I would love that, Mark.”

“Great, I will call you as soon as she is out of here in the morning.”

“Ok, shall I pack an overnight bag?”

“Well I hope you will be sleeping over, but you won’t need much in the way of clothes. I am planning on you being naked most of the time. Hey, I think I hear her car. I better go. See ya tomorrow.”

“Ok, I love you…”

The phone line clicked off before I got the words out. I was practically giddy with excitement. I hadn’t imagined that I would get to spend a whole weekend with Mark that soon. The next morning waiting for his call was almost excruciating. It was after eleven when the phone finally rang. She had been gone for a half-hour which Mark figured meant she wouldn’t be returning for some forgotten item. I was on the road five minutes after we hung up. Forty minutes later I pulled into his driveway. I was so excited my heart was pounding. He greeted me at the door and practically pulled me inside. Before I even managed to say hello our lips were locked and our tongues were playing.

“Well I guess everything is cool,” I managed to say between sloppy wet kisses.

“Yeah, I talked to her just before you pulled up. She is already a whole state away and traveling fast. I told her I asked you to come over. I said something about you being bummed and needing cheering up.”

“Well you definitely got something up here,” I teased as I pushed my bulging crotch against his leg.

“God, I need you to fuck me baby!” He groaned as he reached for my belt buckle.

The next thing I knew I was standing in his foyer with my pants around my ankles and his lips around my cock. I hadn’t cum since I was with him the week before. I knew it wouldn’t take much more before my cock was spurting down his throat.

“Matt, unless you want a creamy treat right now you should slow down,” I managed to say between gasping breaths.

He let my cock slip from his lips and cooed, “Well then come upstairs and fuck me,” as he looked up from his knees.

I stepped out of my shoes and pants and followed Mark up the stairs. Oddly it occurred to me that I had never been in his bedroom in all the years I had been coming to his house. My wife had because women always take the grand tour. I discovered it was a typical married man’s bedroom clearly decorated by the wife. The walls were lavender and the curtains flowery. Mark yanked the expensive looking frilly bedspread off and tossed it on a chair before stripping his clothes off. As he retrieved a tube of lube from the night stand I discarded my shirt.

He pressed the tube into my hand as we stood by the foot of the bed kissing. I had all the warm up I needed to fuck him but I wanted more than a quickie. I moved my mouth to his chest and began to lick, suck and bite his tiny nipples. I had already learned how sensitive his little man tits were. He tussled my hair as he giggled with delight over the sensations he was feeling. My hunger drove me to kiss my way down his hairy belly as I dropped to my knees. I tickled his balls as I began to lick his bouncing cock. His cock head danced around my tongue as I lapped up his oozing precum. As I went lower and began to suck on his balls I slipped my index finger into his hairy ass crack. I quickly found his pucker. He gasped and pushed his pelvis forward when I pressed my finger into him.

“Oh god yes! Jerry, open up my cunt!” He growled as my finger went deeper and found his inner nut.

I returned to his cock and began to gently suck him as I worked my finger in and out of his loosening hole. Using the lubricant I began to work two fingers into Ataköy travesti him.

“Oh fuck yes! I so want you to make me your bitch, baby!” He moaned.

I stood up and said in a stern tone, “Turn around and bend over!”

He turned his back to me and bent over bracing himself by placing his palms on the bed. He bent his knees slightly and spread his legs. His ex had taught him well. I smeared my cock with some lubricant and aimed it for his winking asshole. It only took a slight push to get inside him.

“Yes! Give me all of it!” He cried out.

I pushed forward until I was ball deep in his warm tight ass.

“God, fuck me, Jerry, please!” He practically begged.

I began driving my ragging cock in and out of his waiting willing asshole. Each time I hit bottom he would push back as if he wanted to capture even more cock.

“Yes baby, harder, show me what it is like to be a real bitch!” He panted.

I began slapping the side of his ass as I pounded him harder with my cock.

“Oh fuck yes! My pussy is on fire. Give me all of it!” He demanded.

One more thrust and I lost it. A river of cum blasted from my cock and into her rectum. Suddenly his ass clamped onto to my cock and he sprayed his seed onto the satiny bed sheets. We stayed locked together for a couple of minutes. Then ecstasy tune to terror.

“Mark, what the fuck? Where are you? Why are their pants and underwear in the foyer?” We heard Suzy call out as she climbed the staircase.

We were caught and there was no hope of escape. I barely got my dick out of his ass before she was standing in the doorway. Mark and I both tuned toward the door. I wanted to hide but there was nowhere to go. He looked like he was going to throw up. Neither of us managed to say a word. Instead of the scowl and anger I expected to see on Suzy’s face her expression seem more like one of satisfaction.

“Damn, I didn’t think I would so easy to catch you two faggots in action,” She said with a bit of a laugh.

“What we aren’t..its not what you..” Mark tried to say.

“Baby, give it up. When you get caught with a man’s cock up your ass it is time to admit you are queer,” Suzy said calmly, “Now how about you two cover up those impressive dicks and we will all three have a little chat.”

Mark slipped out of bed and found a pair of gym shorts for each of us. He looked awful. I felt terrible. The last thing I wanted was to ruin his marriage.

“Ok now we can talk without the distraction of two big hairy cocks,” She said sarcastically after we had the shorts on.

“Baby, I love you. I am sorry, this is just a thing. I don’t know why I did it,” Mark tried to explain.

“Mark, would you fucking relax. I don’t doubt you love me. Hell I guess I am actually surprised you haven’t fucked before. I never knew guys that were closer than you two. You haven’t done it before this last trip have you?”

“No, Suzy, I don’t think either of us had a gay thought before this last trip,” I answered.

“Well I don’t know about your gay thoughts but I know Mark and I have known for a long time he had a little bi desire in him. Christ baby, you told me all about the strap on and you are the only man I have ever been with that wanted me to finger fuck him while I sucked his dick.”

“Then you knew something I didn’t,” Mark said sadly.

“I just wish you would have told me when you came home. I knew something had happened. Honestly, I had kind of hoped the four of you had shared a whore at the cabin. That wouldn’t be competition. I am not sure I can compete with Jerry’s dick. I saw the look in your eyes when he left us that day. I also saw how happy you were to go help him move and how unhappy you were when you got home.”

“Baby, there is no competition. No one can take me away from you.”

“Than how come an hour after I leave the house you were already in bed with him? Fuck I have never seen you so happy to see anyone before including me. Oh what the fuck does it matter? He has fucked me so I guess it is only fair he fucked you too.”

“Damn, you set me up and spied on me!”

“Yeah I was over at Karen’s watching out her window. But I wouldn’t have had to do such a dirty thing if you had just been honest with me. That is all I could ever ask of you.”

“God I am sorry..oh shit! Does that mean Karen knows about this?”

“Not really, she is actually away. I told her I was setting up a surprise for you and she lent me her key.”

Mark let out a sigh of relief, “Baby, whatever you want from me, I will do. I am beyond sorry; I didn’t just tell you what had happened.”

“Are you sorry too, Jerry?” She asked.

I was surprised by the question. I didn’t really see why she cared whether I was sorry or not.

“Yes, of course I am,” I said sincerely, “I didn’t want to hurt you. Our desire was just too strong to deny, is my only excuse.”

“Is this why you and Jill split up? Are you gay now?”

“No, Jill and I have been done for a couple of years. The fishing trip may have pushed the inevitable Bahçelievler travesti in some way. She doesn’t know by the way. As for me being gay I don’t think so.”

Mark jumped up and took hold of her hand, “Please just tell me what you want, Baby. I can’t take this. I love you. Tell me how to make this right.”

“I haven’t quite figured out how to make things right. I guess I was hoping you two would be playing pool and drinking beer instead fucking. But here is what I want right now. You two cocksuckers need to go in the bathroom and get your cocks nice and squeaky clean. Lose the shorts and come back here. I will be on the bed waiting. You can start your redemption by working together to give me as many orgasms as you have given each other this month.”

I hoped she was joking. But her face showed no signs of amusement. The idea of a threesome with her and Mark as very appealing, but under the circumstances seemed out of place.

“Mark?” I mumbled.

“Whatever she wants, ok Jerry?”

I nodded and followed him to the bathroom. He didn’t say a word as he pealed off his shorts and handed me a washcloth. We each thoroughly cleansed our genitals. I imagine that it must have been an amusing picture; two warriors cleaning their weapons for some odd sexual battle.

“Ready, buddy?” He asked.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Jerry, like I said anything she wants. Please go along.”

“Of course I will.”

I pulled him into my arms and hugged him tight. Then I kissed his cheek.

“I am so sorry this happened,” I whispered in his ear.

“Me too, but I guess we were bound to get caught eventually. Fuck I wasn’t going to give you up.”

When we returned to the bedroom we were naked as instructed. Suzy was also naked. She lay on the bed with her legs parted slightly playing with her clean shaven pussy. She smiled at us as we slowly made our way to the bed.

“Wait; make your cocks hard for me!” She ordered.

We began to fondle ourselves while she watched and fingered her pussy.

“Help each other!” She snapped.

We were completely under her command and quickly switched from self-pleasuring to fondling each other. Suzy seemed to genuinely enjoy watching us play with each other’s growing cocks. The corners of her lips curled into a slight smile as we grew fully erect. I didn’t like the look I saw in her eyes. She was clearly scheming up some sort of punishment.

“Mark get on your knees and show me how he likes his cock sucked,” She demanded.

I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach.

“Suzy,” Mark began to protest.

“Just do what I say. I want his cock nice and hard. It has been a long time since I felt that perfect piece of meat in my pussy.”

Clearly she had decided that she had the right to humiliate Mark. He didn’t seem to have the will to resist either. I had promised him that I would go along with anything but I was aching for my friend as he went his knees. He looked up at me and I reached out and caressed his cheek.

“You don’t have to do this, Mark,” I said sadly.

“Yes he does!” Suzy spat out, “Besides he wants to do it, I can see it in his eyes. Don’t you, you little bitch?”

“Yes ma’am,” He said convincingly,” I love sucking Jerry’s cock.

I have no idea what came over him at that moment but he was like a man possessed. He licked my cock lovingly until every speck of it glistened with his saliva. Then he began to zealously deep throat me. I caressed his head as I looked over at Suzy. She seemed almost hypnotized by the scene. Her eyes were glued on Mark’s mouth and my cock as her fingers furiously worked her cunt. I had to will myself not to cum. Mark’s oral assault was amazing and filling his belly with my seed would have made me deliriously happy. But she wanted me to fuck her and I had pledged to do whatever she wanted.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” She moaned.

I turned to see her writhing on the bed with two fingers deep in her gushing pussy. I had probably fucked her a hundred times but I had never seen such a look of total lust on her face before.

“Come here Jerry! I need that hard cock in me now!” She summoned.

I touched Mark softly and he mouthed for me to go. I walked to the bed and climbed between her legs. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her waiting cunt. I started to slide slowly into her.

“God damn it fuck me hard! Show that little cock sucking bitch how a man fucks a cunt! If I wanted gentle I would have let him fuck me,” She roared.

I couldn’t look at Mark as I rose up on the balls of my feet and began slamming my cock into his wife. I knew from Mark’s nature that he probably never fucked Suzy the way I was pounding her. He was a gentle loving man who I am sure always treated her like a delicate flower. However the harder I fucked her the more she demanded of me. Her cries of pleasure would have been enough to fully embarrass and humiliate Mark. However she insisted on adding words to increase the insult.

“Oh yes Jerry, fuck me the way Bahçeşehir travesti a woman deserves to be fucked. Show fag boy over there what his wife really needs.”

I hoped by giving her what she wanted that I could somehow save Mark’s marriage. I fought not to cum. I wanted to pound her cunt until she was so thoroughly sated that bliss would replace her anger. I managed to hold out through three of her orgasms before pumping my seed into her womb.

“Oh god yes! Fill me with your hot cum,” She moaned as she joined me in orgasm.

When I rolled off her panting she called to him, “Crawl over here and lick his cum form my cunt!”

He did as she asked. He lapped at her oozing pussy sucking down our combined juices. Her moans and heavy breathing broadcast each new orgasm. After a time she pushed him away and told him that he may jerk off if he needed release. He didn’t touch his cock as she turned and went down on my then flaccid cock. She had truly honed her cock sucking skills since we had dated. I was quickly fully erect and deep in the throat of the wanton tigress.

“Shit, Mark fuck me!” She cried when she release my cock for a second.

He moved behind her and began pumping his cock in and out of her while she sucked my cock to another orgasm.

“God Mark, his cum is so delicious. No wonder you love sucking his hot cock so much,” She said with a hint of evil in her voice, “Come on bitch fuck me, make me cum!”

Mark finally snapped. He began to drive his cock into her harder than I had fucked her earlier. As he did he raised his hand and slapped her ass hard. The sounds of his body slamming into her and his hand hitting her ass mixed with her passionate moans filled the room. She grabbed my arm and squeezed it so hard I thought I might lose my hand as she came repeatedly under Mark’s assault. When he was ready to explode he pulled out of her and roughly rolled her onto her back. Her head landed on my belly as he sprayed a blast of cum over her tits and face. He got off the bed and left the room as she lay panting on top of me.

“Go be with him,” She gasped.

I slipped out from under her and went to find him. I found him sitting at the top of the stairs weeping in his hands. I sat beside him and put my arm around his shoulder. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and held him as he composed himself.

“Why did she do that?” He asked as he fought back more tears.

“Hurt can make us do strange things,” I aid softly.

I went on to tell him about what I had done to Jill. We were both crying when I finished. We held each other for awhile.

Finally he asked, “Is my marriage over?”

“Only one way to find out,” I said and gave him a kiss.

When we got back to the bedroom, she was dressed and waiting for us.

“How about you guys put some clothes on and we will talk about this over a drink,” She said softly.

We agreed and she gave Mark a hug before leaving us alone. Mark made no moves to find any clothes. He just looked at me with a puzzled expression.

I heard the sound of a shower somewhere nearby. I opened my eyes and I saw I was still in bed in the cabin. I felt Mark’s warm naked body pressed against my back. I felt his semi-erect cock nestled in the crack of my ass. Through the haze of semi consciousness I tried to sort out what was real and what was just a dream. Obviously, we were still in the cabin so I hadn’t gone home and forced my wife to suck and fuck me. Mark and I hadn’t been caught fucking and Suzy hadn’t punished her husband with humiliation. I felt as if I was perhaps being given a second chance much like Scrooge was given another shot at being human.

Mark stirred a bit behind me and I rolled over to face him just as he opened his eyes. He smiled at me and suddenly everything felt right. I was about to tell him that I had had a wild dream when he beat me to the punch.

“Good morning, you won’t believe the amazing dream I had.”

“Oh I bet I will considering my own wild dreams last night. But you tell me yours first.”

He became very animated as he recalled his dream. In the dream we had both told our wives about discovering out bisexuality. They had accepted and even encouraged it, admitting that they too had some same sex desires. The four of us ended up in a kind of group relationship.

“Wow that is wild man. Nice fantasy, but I can’t imagine that one coming true,” I said when he finished.

“Yeah, but I think I would love it if did.”

“You really think you would be ok seeing me fuck Suzy?”

“In that setting, yeah I think I would. So tell me about your dream.”

I told him pretty much every detail I could remember.

“Damn! I hope that one doesn’t come true!” Mark exclaimed.

“Don’t worry about that. I am not going to force Jill to do anything. But I want to tell her about this week. I am sure she will keep it to herself if I ask.”

“You won’t have to ask. I decided to talk to Suzy as soon as I woke up. I am not sure how she will feel, but I am sure the dream was telling me to be honest.”

He reached between my legs and began to fondle my cock as he continued, “Now how ’bout you pop my cherry before we head home. Your description of fucking me in the dream made me really want it. Truth is if Suzy says she doesn’t want me to have sex with guys again this will be our last chance.”

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