Five Minutes Four Mom and Daughter

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After Winnie’s mom found her way back to Marcus’ house, they went almost another five minutes before she was cumming again. He asked her to stay the entire weekend, but not before a quick trip home to pick up the essentials…and by essentials; she meant slutty clothes to be fucked in.

Marcus even followed her home to make sure she came back with at least a different outfit for him to fuck her in each day and night, because it would be asinine to let her wear the same stockings three days in a row. So Winnie’s mom rushed home and didn’t bother playing it safe. She threw her entire wardrobe of stockings, garters, lingerie and four pairs of heels into a suitcase and left. Marcus told her to leave her car at home and jump into his car since she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. They were back at Marcus’ house within thirty minutes and Winnie’s mom was back on her knees within thirty minutes and one second with a mouth full of black cock.

What followed was a weekend filled with non-stop fucking for Winnie’s mom: morning, noon, and night. She was fucked into complete and utter submission, just like her daughter, who was calling them both non-stop the entire weekend. Winnie’s mom checked her phone on that third day and she had 54 missed calls and text messages. Marcus was apparently more popular…he had 72.

After another round of pussy pounding, Winnie’s mom fell asleep in an orgasmic daze. When she awoke in bed hours later, there was a still burning fire deep in her loins. The sun was setting as she glanced at the clock; it read 7:37pm. She sat up and saw her reflection on the massive closet face mirror and was shocked at what she saw. She recognized the woman, but not the black cock slut staring back at her. The things she had done that weekend. Every position. Every orifice. Everything and anything he wanted, she did no questions asked. And she looked like a mess because of it; her hair was wildly tousled and caked cum was all over her face and on her body hugging blue dress. Her nude stockings were torn with dried cum around the tops, the garter straps hung aimlessly unconnected and she still had her heels on. It may have been odd for her to leave her torn clothes on, but she quickly learned Marcus’ rules: wear stockings and heels and keep them on at all times and never dare to wear panties. And she didn’t dare break those rules.

Winnie’s mom yawned and stretched while she looked over at the master cocksmith lying down next to her. Marcus was staring back at her with a cocky smile on his face. His cock was at full attention and he was ready for round number…who knows…she lost count.

“You ready to go another five minutes?” Marcus laughed grabbing hold of his trusty stopwatch.

“You are crazy.” Winnie’s mom spoke softly still coming to her senses. “Let me wash up first.”

“I’ll jump in the shower with you. And don’t forget to change your outfit afterwards.” Marcus responded as he got up and lifted Winnie’s mom up in his strong arms. The two headed for the shower as Winnie’s mom kicked her heels off along the way and they landed on the floor with a loud clack.

A brisk shower later, Winnie’s mom and Marcus were all fresh and clean. As ordered, she had changed into a pink lace nighty with matching pink garter belt. The garters were connected to a pair of hold up lace, white colored thigh high stockings, and a pair of four inch white strappy sandals completed the sexy outfit.

They moved to the kitchen, with Winnie’s mom bent over the island counter in the middle of the open room. Her hands were outstretched and tightly gripped around the edges as she stuck her ass out and invited Marcus in for another round. Marcus stood back and admired his tiger mom fuck doll all dressed up and ready to be taken. He opened up his bath robe and let his monstrous cock out. He was smiling because his wicked mind had just come up with another devious plan. With his right hand, massaging her damp pussy, his left hand was reaching around Winnie’s mom and placing both of their cell phones on the counter top next to his trusty stopwatch.

“Your daughter called me again.” Marcus said.

Winnie’s mom was already panting softly and enjoying her finger fucking. She bit her lips and spoke, “I know. She called me too.”

Marcus left the conversation at that as he set the timer on the stop watch, “So five minutes as usual. If you last the full five, you get to stay another night. If you don’t, then you have to walk back home in that outfit.” She heard him, but didn’t take him seriously. He had been making ridiculous challenges each time, but she figured it was just a little extra incentive to get him worked up.

As usual, Marcus went down on her first. With the timer still in his hand, his finger on the button, he was busying himself with lapping up every inch of her Asian pussy. He loved the taste of her and buried his face deep between her legs, shoving his tongue deep inside her as his nose rubbed against her beşiktaş escort pussy lips. He sloppily licked every inch; up, down, side to side, even in her pussy, and her asshole. He loved the sound of her moan filled screams. It drove him wild and made him want to drool all over her pussy. When she was close to cumming, he stopped and pronounced her ready. He stood back up and lined up his rock hard cock with her pussy and shoved his cock all the way in, balls deep. Winnie’s mom gasped and moaned as she felt his monstrous cock back inside her pussy. Marcus held the position as he reached over and put the stopwatch down on the counter and grabbed his cell phone. Winnie’s mom braced herself with eyes close for the impending pussy pounding and when it didn’t happen seconds later, she looked up and saw the stopwatch still sitting on five minutes. Marcus never pressed the button.

She looked back at Marcus and saw him with his cellphone pressed to his ear. She was confused, “He’s taking a call when he’s about to fuck me?” she thought to herself. She repeated similar thoughts in her head, until he stared talking into the phone.

“Hey baby.” Marcus said into the phone. There was some screaming and a pause as he listened to whoever was on the other end respond. Then he spoke again, “I’m sorry baby that I didn’t call you back. I thought you should take the weekend to calm down and set things straight with your mom.”

Winnie’s mom whispered softly trying to not be too loud, but loud enough that Marcus could hear. “Who are you talking to?”

Marcus didn’t respond, he just thrust his cock slowly in and out of her pussy. The sudden might of his cock sent Winnie’s mom bracing herself on top of the counter again. She closed her eyes and bit her lip and covered her mouth as Marcus worked his long, thick, black cock in and out of her. She didn’t know why, but she was trying to keep quiet while he was still on the phone carrying on a conversation while fucking her. She came to her senses and caught up several points in his phone conversation later.

“So you haven’t spoken to your mom all weekend?” Marcus said into the phone.

Winnie’s mom’s mind was racing. Her senses were being shaken by the giant cock touching every nerve inside her as her brain tried to scramble out the question, “Is she taking to my daughter?”

“I miss you too baby.” Marcus spoke again “Why don’t you come over?”

Winnie’s mom wanted to scream out so many questions, “What the fuck are you doing? Who are you inviting over?? Is that my daughter on the phone???” But Marcus was always one step ahead as he pulled her off the kitchen counter top with his free hand and drew her in close to him until her back was pressed against his stomach. With the quickness, Marcus had peeled off her pink nighty and stuffed it into her mouth, muffling her screams and cries. His dick still inside of her, even at this impossible angle, he continued to thrust upwards into her pussy sending her into a wild combination of shock and ecstasy.

“Then get your ass over here now. I’ll let you spend the night if you get here in five minutes” Marcus said to the mystery person on the other end of the phone. Winnie’s mom turned her head just enough to stare him in the eye as he delivered the knockout blow. “OK Winnie. See you real soon.”And just like that, he hung up the phone and threw it on the table.

Proud of himself, Marcus let his cock pop out as Winnie’s mom struggled with everything that just happened. She pulled the pink nighty from her mouth and immediately began screaming at Marcus, “What the fuck are you doing? You called my daughter??”

Marcus roared out a loud laugh, “Yea, she’s coming over right now.” He didn’t care for a response as he reached over towards the kitchen counter and picked up his stopwatch and her cellphone. He finally pressed the button on the stopwatch and put it down as it started counting down from five minutes. He then turned towards Winnie’s mom and handed her cellphone to her.”Call your daughter. She hasn’t spoken to you all weekend and is quite worried.”

Winnie’s mom took her cellphone and shook her head no, “You’re fucking crazy. I’m not calling my daughter.” She pulled away and tried to separate from Marcus, “Oh my god, I have to get out of here.”

But Marcus was too fast for her as he picked her up in his big, powerful arms. She was like a ragdoll as he hoisted her up in the air and held her up by her sweet ass cheeks with one hand. Winnie’s mom screamed for him to put her down, but he was already guiding his cock with his free hand into her wet pussy. He shoved it inside her and let gravity force her pussy to swallow up every inch of his cock. He juggled her body in his arms until he found the right balance and with no time wasted, Marcus fervently began to slam his cock up into her soaking wet pussy.

Marcus yelled loud over her thunderous screams of pleasure, “ARE YOU GOING TO CALL şişli escort YOUR DAUGHTER?”

Winnie’s mom shook her head and bellowed out, “NOOOOOO” repeatedly. But then Marcus would hammer her pussy and she would scream out, “YEEESSSSS”. She was like a crazed woman who didn’t know the words that were coming out of her mouth.

Marcus was determined to make Winnie’s mom make that call as he slammed his cock into her harder and faster, fucking her in a borderline violent matter. “I’LL KEEP FUCKING YOU LIKE THIS UNTIL SHE COMES. DO YOU WANT THAT? DO YOU WANT THAT?” He let that question hang in the air as he viciously fucked her swollen pussy. “MAKE THE CALL.”

“OK. OOhhhh…KKKaaayyyy.” Winnie’s mom finally screamed out.

Marcus relished the victory as he stopped fucking her for a minute and let her calm down and catch her breath. She could tell that Marcus wasn’t going to give her a lot of time as he looked over at the timer and told her that two minutes had already passed. Still panting for air, Winnie’s mom punched in the speed dial number for her daughter’s cell, put the phone to her ear, and waited for a response.

“Put it on speaker.” Marcus ordered as he gave her a couple of good, hard thrusts for good measure.

Winnie’s mom had to bite her lip hard as she was able to contain the cries. She somehow managed to hit the speaker button on the phone even though she kept it pressed to her ear.

A loud, clear voice echoed from out of the phone, “Mom? What the hell?”

It took every ounce of her strength to speak clearly without sounding like she had a nine inch cock buried inside her, but somehow Winnie’s mom managed, “Winnie. I’m so sorry. I should have called you back sooner, but I was still very upset.”

A loud honking sound blared from the phone as Marcus carried Winnie’s mom over to the kitchen counter and lay her down on her back. “What was that?” Winnie’s mom asked.

“I’m driving mom. I’m kind of in a rush. Can I call you back later?” Winnie responded abruptly.

Winnie’s mom’s eye bulged out in horror. Her daughter was on her way over and time was running out. “OK, be careful. I will….” She stopped right there as she gasped and had to cover her mouth not to scream. Even with her best efforts, a muffled cry still escaped her fingers because Marcus was feverishly working his cock back and forth inside her pussy. He threw her legs up and over her shoulders, resting them on his muscular traps with her heels next to his ears. He grabbed a hold around her thighs and used her legs as leverage to slam into her pussy.

With quick thinking, Winnie’s mom pressed the mute button on the phone as she screamed and cursed out in agony and ecstasy. Unfortunately, Winnie could only talk for so long without expecting a response. This made Marcus flash a devilish smile on his face as he continued to slap his balls into her with each long, hard thrust.

“Mom…mom…are you there? MOM…hello? What was that??” Winnie screamed on the other end of the phone.

“Fuck…are you trying to get me caught.”Winnie’s mom screamed as she glanced over to make sure the mute button was pressed. It was and she caught a glance at the stopwatch, it was down to less than two minutes.

“Invite your daughter to dinner and tell her to bring her new man…ME.” Marcus barked out sinisterly.

Winnie’s mom was shaking her head no over and over again. But Winnie was screaming into the phone, scared that her mom was not responding, so Winnie’s mom had to act quickly. She hit the mute button again to unmute her phone and took a deep breath. Holding in each desire to scream and moan out in pleasure, she managed to blurt the words out very rapidly, “Sorry, I dropped my phone. I’ll call you later.” She then hit the mute button again as Marcus was relentlessly pounding into her pussy.

“OH FUCK…” Winnie’s mom screamed out “…YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM.”

On the other end of the phone, Winnie could be heard screaming,”Mom…what happened? MOM…ARE YOU THERE.” Then the phone went silent.


“OK…OK…I’LL DO IT.” Winnie’s mom yelled. Marcus stopped fucking her as Winnie had hung up the phone after she didn’t get a response for several seconds. But she was already calling back and the phone was buzzing.

Winnie’s mom took another deep breath to try to keep herself together, she finally answered after the fourth ring. “Hi honey. I’m fine. I just cut myself cooking and dropped my phone. But I’m OK.”

The speaker button was not on anymore, so Marcus couldn’t hear what Winnie was saying in return, but he nodded intently to make sure Winnie’s mom didn’t back off her promise. His dick was still inside her and ready to pummel her pussy if she did.

“Sorry to scare you sweetie. Hey, I was thinking. I feel bad for what happened. I overreacted. To make it up to you, why don’t bahçeşehir escort you invite your friend over for dinner? Let me apologize to him and get to know him a little.”Winnie’s mom spoke in a very rushed tone.

Marcus nodded satisfied as the timer beeped signifying the five minutes were up. “What was that sweetie? Oh, that was just the over timer.”Winnie’s mom lied. She was about to say something else, but then she felt Marcus’ cock move and twitch inside her again. She looked up in horror again as she covered the phone with her hand, “Please…no more. No.” she begged in whisper. But Marcus was not going to stop now. He pounded into her again and again with no regard. Winnie’s mom had to get off the phone now; she took a deep gulp and blurted out words at a million miles a minute, “OKLETSDOSATURDAYATMYPLACEGOTTAGONOWSWEETIEBYE.”Before she hung up the phone for good, flung it as far as she could and hoped that was enough for her daughter not to call back. She didn’t. But Winnie’s mom had bigger things on her mind now. Nine inches of things, as Marcus jack hammered his cock into her pussy repeatedly and methodically. Her”C” cup tits shook violently with each thrust and she could feel her body tense and betray her.

“Oh my god…I’m going to cum. I’m going to fucking cum.”Winnie’s mom cried as her body shook and spasmed and pussy juices squired all over Marcus’ cock.

Marcus was supremely proud of the damage he did and how his masterful plan worked to perfection as Winnie’s mom cried out over her pants and gasp for air, “You asshole. What did you do?”

But there was no time to get a response as the door bell rang and both eyes darted for the doorway. Marcus smiled as he calmly and nakedly strolled out of the kitchen, leaving Winnie’s mom alone without a word or a goodbye. She didn’t have to time to think as she quickly jumped off the counter and picked up her pink nighty off the floor. She found her phone on the other end of the kitchen and made a quick round to make sure she took everything that was hers in the kitchen as she heard the door open and her daughter’s loud screams of happiness.

Winnie’s mom quietly sneaked out of the kitchen undetected just in time as Marcus and her daughter were walking in. The darkness and the shadows hid her as she saw Marcus carrying her daughter in his strong, powerful arms like he was doing to her just moments ago. Her daughter was dressed in a tight and revealing pink dress with white stockings and white peep toe fuck me pumps on. It struck her that her daughter was dressed just like she was and she was about to get fucked hard just like she did.

While her daughter was kissing and making up with Marcus in the kitchen, Winnie’s mom took the long way out. Very slowly and very quietly, she was at the front door still half naked when she realized she didn’t have her car. She looked for Marcus’ keys, but they were not near the front door. Winnie’s mom then remembered that he kept them on a hook by the garage, and the only way to get there was through the kitchen. She was stuck.

It was a large house with plenty of room to hide. But going against the tiny voice in her head saying, “go upstairs”, Winnie’s mom gravitated back towards the kitchen. Soon she found herself in a large dining room. The room was dark except for the light that came in from the kitchen. She hid in the corner in the dark out of sight, but with a perfect view of her daughter and Marcus going at it on the very same kitchen counter she was being fucked on just minutes before.


Marcus and Winnie are kissing passionately and sloppily. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots Winnie’s mom sneak into the room next door and hide behind the wall. She goes unnoticed to her daughter.

“Oh baby, I’ve missed you soooo much. I thought you were mad at me.”Winnie says in between kisses.

“How could I be mad at you baby? You’re my favorite girl.” Marcus lied. “Everything cool with your mother?” His hands were all over Winnie’s “B”cup tits after he pushed aside her tight pink dress so that her tits were showing.

Winnie worked her lips across Marcus’ neck to his ears as she cooed, “You wouldn’t believe, but my mom called to apologize earlier on my way over here. She wants to invite us over for dinner.”

Winnie’s mom heard her name and immediately was terrorized by the thought of having dinner with her daughter and Marcus. And she knew Marcus would make her go through it and there was nothing she could do about it.

Marcus voice snapped Winnie’s mom out of her trance like daze, “Baby, I will bring my A game and impress the fucking shit out of her at dinner.”

Winnie stopped licking and kissing Marcus’ earlobe and snapped her head back so that she was staring Marcus dead in the eyes, “No, you don’t understand. My mom has never approved of any of the guys I’m seeing and has never even eaten dinner with them at a restaurant, let alone invite him over for dinner…this is a big fucking deal.”

Winnie’s mom heart sank a bit when she heard her daughter say those words. “Was she really that disapproving of her daughter’s boyfriends?”, “Was Marcus her boyfriend?”, “Was she fucking her daughter’s boyfriend?” The last thought made her heart sink even lower and she felt horrible.

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