Five Nights

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You fucked him.

Paul, please.

Did you fuck him?


Did you fuck him?

Yes, you know I did

How many times?

Paul, I’m so sorry, I really am, but you don’t need to know this.

Hmm, how many times did you go to bed with him?

Five times

So, let’s say, you spent five nights with him? Right? Five times, when you were away, when you said you were in Bradford or Edinburgh or wherever the fuck, and you were with him, for five whole nights?


And that was all?

All? What do you mean?

I mean, those five nights were not the only time you were with him? You would have kissed elsewhere, but, anyway, five nights.

Yes, fuck, that’s all.

So what did you do on those five nights?

Paul, really, why do you want to know.

I’m not sure I do want to know, but I have to know, once you know a bit, I think, you have to know everything, I’ll think of worse, I’ll assume worse, whatever you tell me. How many times did you fuck?

Paul, I don’t know, I don’t remember.

I’d say at least ten times then, over five separate nights, at least once in the night, then in the morning, then, once or twice more, during the first two nights together, so, say, you fucked about ten, maybe twelve times in all?


Tell me, don’t make me guess, on at least twelve occasions you spread your legs for him, he, you opened your legs and he put his cock in you, come on, tell me, seriously.

Okay, we fucked twenty times, in total, okay? We fucked twenty times.

Oh. You remembered, well done. They were memorable. Twenty times, twenty fucks, in five nights, that’s pretty good going, twenty times you wanted him to push his hard prick inside your pussy, he put his cock inside you twenty times. I’ll assume he came each time, twenty times, twenty lots of cum, seventy, eighty spurts of cum ejaculated inside you.

Paul, fuck.

How did it divide up? Huh?

Three times the first night we spent together, I mean, we had kissed before then, and, stuff.

Stuff? Tell me

He, Paul…

Tell me.

He had touched my breasts, stroked me, held my breasts, and kissed me, kissed them.

Licked your breasts? Kissed and licked your nipples?


Where? After work? At work?

At work, fuck, in work.

Where? The fucking store room? Amongst the photocopy paper? He had his hands under your blouse, on your bare tits?



Were your nipples stiff?





He held my bum, he had put his hands on my ass, and gripped me there.

Underneath your knickers?


So he held and touched and stroked your bare ass?


Did he touch your anus?


No? He didn’t stroke your bare skin? Your smooth naked butt? And just touch you, gently, touch your anus? Huh? Press a finger onto your asshole?

Tell me, fucking tell me now.

He did okay, god.


He touched my anus, he put his finger…

Why? He wouldn’t have done this, first time, unless… you asked him to?

Paul, please…

Tell me.

I told him to touch me there, I asked him to.

What did you say then?

I don’t know.

You do know, you remember exactly, every fucking moment was so special wasn’t it, so fraught, so dangerously exciting. What did you say?

Oh god, something like “touch me David, please, I want to feel your fingers on me, touch my ass, touch my tight little asshole.”

And he did? Did he enter you there? Did he penetrate your smooth anus?

No, no. He just touched me, held my bare bum and touched me, touched my asshole.

And? Though?

And, Paul…

Tell me?

He touched my cunt. All right?

Through your knickers?


And under?


Did you take you knickers off for him? Before you went to bed?


Describe this. Come on.

Paul, what are you doing?

I am dealing with it, I have to know every little fucking filthy little fucking thing you did together. Tell me.

We had kissed, once, after work, just kissed, nothing else, and then knew we were meeting for lunch, and before we went in, we kissed again.

You couldn’t control yourself?


You were so excited? Aroused?


Your cunt was wet?



We kissed, and he led me around this corner, I was wearing my grey dress, we were in this empty alleyway, in this doorway, and we kissed, and he held my breasts, put his hands under my dress, touched my stomach, then my tits, my nipples, I… I…

Did you feel his cock pressing against you?


His cock was hard.

Yes. Fuck.

Did you touch his cock?


Did you touch his bare cock?

Not then no, just through his trousers.

You rubbed his hard penis, up and down, feeling his stiff stem, right, touching his engorged cock?

God, Paul, sorry, yes, yes I touched him.

And he was touching your naked güvenilir bahis cunt?

Yes. I told him to wait, he stopped, he stepped back, thinking I wanted to stop completely, but I didn’t, sorry, but I didn’t, I lifted my dress and pulled off my knickers, and pulled him back to me, and I felt him touch my bare cunt, as we kissed.

And your cunt was damp?


How wet?

How wet?


Wet, alright, fuck, I was so fucking wet.

Were you more wet, was your cunt more wet than it has ever been? Tell me, be totally fucking honest.



Yes, fuck, I was fucking dripping, alright, sorry, I don’t know why, but I was very turned on, I was, shit, my cunt was soaking, okay, I mean, I was weak for him, for his touch, all day, thinking about it, him, him touching me, touching my wet fucking cunt. Okay?

Did you come then? In the alley?

Did you?

Yes, he made me come, by touching me, I came there.

Tell me, describe what he did.

Paul, please stop, please don’t make me.

Then stop. And fuck off. Or tell me.

Fuck, I took my panties off, in front of him, letting him look at me, I wanted him to look at my bare pussy, my… my thick bush, it felt so nice, to have him stare at my pussy, at my exposed sex. Paul…

Carry on.

He stepped back, and we kissed again, and… and I grabbed his hand and put it between my legs, I pushed my feet apart, and felt his long fingers touching my wet pussy, okay, I felt another man’s fingers on my sex, inside me, inside my vagina, over my slick hot lips, touching my clitoris.

Until you came, over his hand, with his fingers inside your cunt, rubbing you?

Yes. Yes.

And? What was the next time? After work? You met up?

I went to his place.

Ah, instead of?

I don’t know, you never remember.

Of course, my fault really, not attentive enough, I didn’t fuck you enough.


What happened?

I went to his, after work.

Was that the first time you fucked?

We didn’t fuck.


I had another orgasm.

Tell me, don’t leave anything out, tell me.

I took my knickers off before I left work, and went to see him without wearing underwear, just my dress, and I showed him, when I stepped in, before we kissed, or touched, I unbuttoned my dress and let it fall off me, in one quick movement, I showed myself to him, naked from the waist down, I showed him my uncovered pussy, stood in my shoes, my stockings, my bra. Nothing else.


And he touched me there, we kissed, and then he dropped to his knees, and kissed my naked cunt.

He licked your pussy?


Where were you?

In his living room. I was standing, he kissed me there, I spread my legs for him, god, sorry, I mean, I was desperate for this, for him touching and licking me, I opened my legs for him, so he could lick my wet cunt. He pushed me back onto a sofa, and lifted my legs over his shoulders, I was sitting, I was naked from the waist down, in my bra, and he was between my legs.

Did you come?


He was good?


What did he do?

He licked me, pushed his tongue inside me, god, into my vagina, licked my perineum, I lifted my hips, he licked lower, I felt him licking me further down, I held his head and pulled him closer, lower, I told him to, I told him, fuck, I said I wanted his tongue on my asshole, then I felt it, he licked my anus, he lifted me up, pushed my legs back, spread me wide, I let him, I wanted him to see me, to see everything, to taste me everywhere, and he licked and tongued my asshole, god, sorry, it felt amazing, then he touched me there, he pushed a finger against my anus, and licked my vagina, I was soaking, he licked me up and down, spread my moisture up over my cunt, my clitoris, he fingered my ass, fuck, he stroked my asshole as he kissed my cunt, licked me, licked, covered my clit with his mouth, and slid his thick finger inside my bum, and I came.

Did you enjoy it more than when I do it? Is he better?

No, but, it was, I was more aroused. Sorry.

What did you do then?


After your orgasm?

I, nothing.

Jude, fucking tell me, everything.

I sucked his penis.

Tell me, what happened?

I sat back, he was on the floor, laying down, my legs were wide apart, my cunt was, well, totally exposed, he was looking at me. I told him to stand up, he did, in front of me, I sat back up, and took my bra off, so I was naked, and undid his trousers, I unbuckled his belt, he was wearing jeans, I undid his belt, then his button, then his zip, and pulled his jeans down, he was standing in his underwear.

Was he aroused?


Tell me every little detail, come on.

I pulled his jeans down, he was wearing tight white cotton briefs, and his cock was bulging out, not sticking out horizontally, but bulging, in a big thick curve, I touched him through his pants, I stroked his penis, and felt how hard he was, how stiff, I could feel his penis was solid, but not türkçe bahis totally stiff, I reached in first, into his underwear and felt it, touched him.

Touched his cock?




What was it fucking like?

Oh god Paul, it was… it was hard, hot, god, thick.


I wanted to see it, I wanted to see his cock, I took my hand out, okay, and held his underwear, and I pulled his pants down, and exposed his cock.

Describe it. Is he bigger than me?


Is his cock larger than mine? Tell me.

I don’t remember, I couldn’t tell you.

You’re a fucking liar.


Well, we can rely on physical memory.


Take my trousers off.

Paul! No!

Take them off. Now. Fuck, now take my boxers off.

Paul, fuck, your penis is hard, jesus, fuck, your cock is so fucking hard, oh god, you have an erection, you’re completely erect, is this turning you on?

Take them off.

Fuck, fuck Paul, you’re fucking rigid, fuck.

Hold it, here, hold my cock, stroke it, stroke my cock, right, fuck, now, tell me, was his bigger?

Paul, please, don’t do this.

You have your hand on my hard cock, you had your hand on his, was his bigger?


Yes? Tell me. Thicker? Longer?

His cock is bigger than yours. Okay?

By how much? How big is he? Describe it, keep hold of me, stroke my hard prick, and tell me about his, in the moment, tell me everything.

Fuck, fuck Paul, I pulled his pants down, and his penis sort of, sort of sprang out at me, it was semi hard I think, he has thick dark pubic hair, he is quite hairy, and his cock looked, fuck, okay, his cock looked huge, I mean, sorry, it was only half hard, and hanging down, sort of still soft, but god it looked so fucking big, it was bigger than yours is when yours is hard, his penis was longer, thicker, when it was still slightly soft, than yours now, yours is so fucking hard now Paul, but his was bigger already. I felt myself become wet again, even though I’d just come, I felt myself getting moist again, at the sight of his big fucking dick, I hadn’t properly touched it yet, I wanted to look at it, he was uncircumcised, his foreskin was thick and long, his shaft was long, god, really thick and long, and his glans, I could see the shape of him, his huge oval plum, his penis was darker than yours, more veiny, so thick and dark and gnarled, more ridges and undulations, then I touched it, I reached over and held his cock in my hand, I wrapped my fingers around it and lifted it up, away from his tight hot balls, fuck Paul, your cock, you’re getting off on this.

Carry on, tell me. Come on.

I wrapped my fingers around his penis, it felt so hot, and heavy, I lifted it up, I could feel it swelling in my hand, getting thicker, I could feel it pulse and throb, pushing my fingers wider, and fuck, I was so wet again, knowing, feeling his cock grow as I touched him, I gripped and squeezed his shaft, and moved his skin down, and up, and he got bigger again, I saw it grow, longer, as I stroked his hot heavy cock it got longer, I could see it lengthen, and thicken, fuck, my breath was gone, really, fuck, I rubbed his cock, and pulled his foreskin back, so slow, I retracted his foreskin, and saw his cock head, he had a huge fat shiny dark glans, such a thick soft rim, and, god, I pulled his soft foreskin back and saw his dark tip, and a drop of fluid squeezed out, fuck, he was slick and shiny wet with his pre ejaculate, his own wet arousal, I gripped his shaft and touched another finger over his smooth moist soft tip, and I felt this throb and grow.

You stroked him? Until he got completely hard?

No, I mean…


I… I…

Tell me.

Fuck, I kissed it then, I kissed his penis, okay, I lifted it to my mouth, and bent my head, and kissed the wet round tip of his penis, and licked it, and then I opened my mouth and I took the end of him in my mouth, I opened my mouth and took his soft wet glans between my lips, then some more, and felt him grow in my mouth, felt his heavy prick swell and harden, and then, fuck, I couldn’t fit my hand around it, it was so fucking thick, god, I could barely fit the end of it in my mouth, he was so large, and still not fully erect. I stroked his thick shaft with my hand and sucked the end, slid my mouth, my wet lips over the end of his massive fucking cock, and licked the underside, that, I licked that tender little piece of skin where his foreskin joins, I felt his spongy soft warm tip fill my mouth, it was so large, so hot, so fucking sweet and wet, and I slid his slippery soft tip in and out of my mouth.

What did he taste like?


Did his cock taste better than mine?

No, not better.

Liar, you, you’re lying to me, let me, taste me, taste mine, now, put your mouth on my prick

Mmm… ohh… mmm

Well then?

Oh god it tasted amazing, sorry, it did, he did, his hard cock tasted fucking incredible, okay, different, but more aromatic, stronger, sweeter, I don’t know.

How big was he, don’t skip this. güvenilir bahis siteleri Carry on

I sucked and stroked his cock, and felt him become hard, he got so stiff, like you now, like your stiff cock now, he was now totally hard, rigid, hot and solid, and, he was, he had a huge cock, really, I mean, my breath left me, he has the largest cock I have seen, or had, or anything, nearly twice as thick as yours is, fuck, and longer, two, I don’t know, three inches, two or three inches longer than your cock is.

Look at my cock, shall I sit up for you, kneel up, look at my erect penis, how much bigger was he?

His cock was at least two inches longer, and much thicker, and darker, god Paul, fuck you’re, fuck, he was bigger, his cock was bigger than yours.

Tell me what you thought, when he was fully erect? Did you compare? In your mind? Did you tell him he was big? Bigger than me? Jude? tell me


What did you say? Repeat it all, as you said it. Fuck.

I held his penis, and sucked it, and said “Fuck you’re so big, your cock is so fucking gorgeous and so fucking huge”, then I took it in my mouth again, and licked and sucked and ran my lips over it, and stroked his hard shaft, and then “Oh my god David you have the biggest cock, you have the most amazing big prick”, Paul, please…

Tell me what you said.

“You have the most beautiful big prick, you have the biggest cock I have ever had.”

More, you said more didn’t you

I’m so sorry, I was depraved, I mean, fuck, I think I said something like “Your beautiful fucking dick is so much bigger than Paul’s, this is the most beautiful big cock, oh god, this is a man’s fucking cock, I want your huge hard man’s prick inside me, fuck my mouth, come in my mouth, fill my little slut mouth with your thick cum, let me taste all of you, let me taste your hot spunk”, and I sucked and stroked. And held his balls. And his balls were bigger than yours, heavier, fuller, larger, his scrotum was tight, like yours is now, but so big, his fucking balls filled my hand, I stroked my cunt as I sucked him, I couldn’t help it, I was aching to be touched again.

Did you fuck then?

No, no, he came, I made him come.

Tell me

He told me he was going to, he said “Fuck Jude, your mouth is incredible, it feels amazing, god your mouth is so fucking nice on my cock, I am, you’re going to make me come, do you want me to come outside” I pulled his dick from my mouth, and held it, and licked him up and down, I licked the length of his thick shaft, and kissed his balls, god, fuck Paul, okay, I took one of his large testicles in my mouth, and stroked his large dick, and said “don’t you fucking dare, I want you to come in my mouth, fucking fill my mouth with your semen, I want you to choke me with your hot thick creamy cum”. And I took him in my mouth again, he got even harder, just before he climaxed, he stiffened, his cock head increased in size, he became rigid, I felt his balls contract, his shaft, fuck he was so thick, and long, Paul, longer than you, than your little fucking cock, is this what you want? Is this what you like? I wanted his huge monster prick in my mouth, filling me, filling me like your tiny dick cannot, your small little dick is like a boy’s penis compared to his grown proper enormous fucking thick beautiful man’s organ. Fuck Paul, fuck you’re so hard, god, look at your balls, god, he came, he tensed, his whole cock and body tensed, his balls, his cock hardened, and suddenly my mouth was flooded with hot salty sweet liquid, he came in my mouth, I sucked his huge prick until he came in my open eager mouth, and his orgasm was huge, he came and fucking came, I couldn’t keep all of his cum in my mouth, it dripped down my cheeks, off my chin, I felt it splashing on my tits, warm thick splashes of his lovely hot spunk, but I took what I could, he ejaculated in my mouth, six, seven times, each one thick and huge, sweet salty massive creamy dollops of another man’s come filling your dirty fucking slut girlfriend’s mouth. Fucking come on me Paul, stroke your little prick over me, punish me, you want to, stroke your hard hard cock and come on my face, come all over me, do you want to?

Did he?



The next time. I asked him to soak me with his hot spunk, to drench me with his ejaculate, and he did, he masturbated over me, as you are now. Fuck Paul, do it, fucking please, come on me, cover me with your semen, look at your balls, fuck, look at them moving, god, your wanking so hard, wank over me, wank your hard little dick over your slut of a girlfriend, I am, I am a fucking cock slut, stroke your cock Paul, let me see you, come on me, come over me, you bastard, you fucking bastard, come on your cock sucking girlfriend, I sucked his cock, I sucked it and sucked it, he fucked me until I was raw, I begged him to fuck me, I begged him to fill me with his huge cock, it was so much bigger than that, and he fucked me everywhere, he fucked my tight little arse Paul, I didn’t tell you yet, he fucked my virgin asshole with his huge ten inch cock, come on me, fucking come on my dirty slut face, he fucked my tight tender sweet little arse until I was raw, he took my anal virginity, he spoiled me, your little dick will feel like nothing now, even in my tight little slut asshole, fuck, god, Paul, mmm, mmm, fuck, oh god Paul, oh, oh, fuck.

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