Flashback Reality Ch. 02

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It was achingly sad to say goodbye to Sanoo. But she was right, however pleasurable it was to spend time with her, it was time for me to move on. The big city was calling. Her big smile on the doorstep was a sentiment to her open mind to let me go. I had no doubts though, that I would see her in the future.

I stepped in the first class compartment of the train. It looked empty. When the train started, I sighed heavily. I started planning mentally about my upcoming work. I was startled when the door of the compartment slid open and a young woman stepped in with a furtive look. She seemed relieved to see just me in the compartment. Smiling tentatively she slid into a seat few rows away, but facing in my direction. She seemed to be about 19-20, fairly attractive, dressed in a t-shirt under a jeans jacket and a loose cotton skirt. She glancing back at the glass doors surreptitiously, nervously fiddling with her purse. At one point, she got up and approached me. I looked up into her wide brown eyes and felt a little attracted as she did appear quite pretty close up.

“Hey mister, can I ask you a favor please?”

I kind of guessed what was coming “Yes?”

“I can see the TC coming. I only have a second class ticket, but there is no place in the compartments except here in 1st class. I can’t afford to upgrade. I am going to the loo and stay in till he passes. Please, can you tell him there is no one else besides you in this compartment?” Her pleading eyes melted my heart.


Her thankful smile was very endearing and she slipped past me leaving a trail of a very pleasant perfume. Just as the loo doors behind me closed, the compartment door opened and in stepped a burly TC. He checked my reservation and confirmed with me that I was the only passenger in the compartment.

After he left, I waited for a few minutes and then knocked on the loo doors. “You are safe to come out now Miss, the TC is gone.”

She came out with a relieved expression. As she stepped out she stumbled and fell against me. I tried to grab her arms but missed completely. We sprawled in the passage with her falling on me. I I could feel the press of her soft breasts on my chest and her hips pressed against me. The softness of her body caused an instant arousal. She could not get a purchase in the passage way with her feet stuck in the doorway and had to use arms to raise herself off me. This only raised her breasts off my chest but paradoxically made her press even more to my crotch. As she struggled more and more, her face grew red with embarrassment. I was fairly certain she was now feeling my erection. I was getting warm as well. Her struggling was making her hips move and increasing my arousal. As she started getting desperate I said “Wait, let me help you.” As she stopped struggling, I turned sideways, breaking contact of my erection with her crotch. Then I held her by her waist, which I realised was quite slim, and used my arm strength to her lift her easily off me and roll her next to me. This allowed me to get up from under her. Then I gave her a hand to get up off the floor. I saw her gape at the bulge in my trousers and turn her eyes away quickly.

“Are you okay Miss?” I asked her with genuine concern as I could see she was breathless and red in her face. Her forehead was glistening with tiny beads of sweat despite the coolness in the AC compartment.

“Yes.” She seemed flustered. Quickly grabbing her purse, she whirled and almost ran to her seat. I walked back to my seat, acutely aware of my throbbing erection.

I sat down and tried to go back to my thoughts. I discretely observed her trying to avoid looking in my direction. Time and again though I remembered how her softness had pressed against me. It reminded me of Sanoo’s body pressing against me. My erection started to become uncomfortable, begging for a release. I had a table seat, so could unzip discretely. As my erection bulged out there was some reduction in discomfort. Making sure that the girl was not watching, I gently unbuttoned my trousers and pushed them down along with briefs. My throbbing erection was now completely freed and there was considerable relief of discomfort. I took my jacket and draped it over my erection to hide it. I was hoping to cool down shortly. I started checking my phone.

Hearing a scrape, I looked up to see the girl stand come towards me. Oh, dear God…I started panicking. I made sure the jacket was covering everything appropriately.

“Hi. My name is Tina. I didn’t thank you properly for helping me out, first with the TC, then after falling on you. I hope I didn’t hurt you.” She said.

“Oh no, it was a pleasure.” I blurted out.


“I mean about the TC….I mean…was happy to help you.”

“So a girl falling on you is not pleasurable”? Her eyes seemed to twinkle.

I didn’t know what to say and stared at her open mouthed.

“Oh, I am just messing with you.” Tina laughed. She had an easy laugh. The crinkles around eyes made her eyes light up. “May I sit here?”

“Oh, sure.”

She almanbahis sat in front of me, and as she did her knees brushed against mine. An electric current passed through me at contact and my erection started throbbing again.

“Are you okay?” She asked. “You look uncomfortable.”

“No, I am okay.” I blurted out. “By the way I am Manu.”

“Nice to meet you Manu.”

We got to talking then. Tina had finished school, followed by three years of vocational training. After finishing her training she was now travelling to join university. She seemed very excited about it. Her eyes grew round when she heard that I was a doctor.

“Wow, a real doctor! You must know a lot about different stuff related to body. I am always envious of you lot.”

Tina talked animatedly about a lot of things and I really started to like her. Suddenly she stood up to remove her jacket. As she did so, I saw her breasts straining against her t-shirt. She was not wearing a bra! No wonder I felt her to be so soft. As she caught me staring at her breasts, I quickly looked down and realised that her skirt had ridden up her waist I could glimpse her creamy white thigh peeking over the table. When she quickly removed her jacket, there was a flash of something black between her thighs. I think it was her panties. My heart rate shot up and my erection started throbbing. She stretched up to throw her jacket on the overhead shelf. As I watched there was no doubt about the black panties this time.

“Let me throw your jacket up as well,” and before I could hold on to it, she leaned forward and pulled it off bringing my big erection in view.

“Oh my God!” Tina exclaimed mesmerised by the pulsating manhood. For a moment she stood stunned not knowing what to do.

She quickly threw back the jacket and sat down as if knocked out with a punch. Her eyes were round with surprise and something else.

“I am sorry, I don’t know what to say!” I was shamefaced, although shame did nothing to my pulsating erection.

“We’re you masturbating?” She seemed shocked.

“No, no! When you accidentally fell on me, all that twisting and turning caused some excitement and my trousers in this sitting position were not helping…so….”

There were a few seconds of complete silence. She looked around the compartment and then the most unusual question popped out of her.

“Can I touch it?”

“What?” It was my turn to be shocked.

“I have glimpsed at a few but never touched any. My friends keep talking about their boyfriends and their sexual exploits. I have never had a boyfriend as I have been very shy about dating.”

Now I was amused. The thought of this pretty girl wanting to hold me was very exciting. I nodded to her and moved towards the window as Tina came around and sat next to me. For a moment nothing happened. She was staring mesmerised at the tenting of the jacket. Then as if making up her mind, she held the jacket and carefully lifted it.

By now my heart was doing the trip hammer act. As the jacket came off my erection seemed to swell even more and pulsated in rhythm. For again a few seconds she stared at it, seemingly stunned. Then her right hand moved to encircle my shaft.

“Oooh…it’s hot…and so hard!” She whispered.

I don’t think she knew what do next. I held her fist and slowly moved it up and down the shaft. She seemed to get the idea. Between too fast and too slow, she finally settled to a steady enjoyable rhythm for me. It was amusing to see the look of wonder on her face as she pumped her fist. Slowly my tension mounted and instinctively she raised the speed, her fist now also creeping up on the ridge of the red, engorged head. As my pleasure heightened I started lifting my hips with each pumping of her hand. And then I came! I ejaculated hard with the spray landing on the table with Tina exclaiming with surprise! My hips were lifted up off the seat, buttocks clenched, an exquisite pleasure sensation coursing through me. She continued to pump hard and I had to hold her hand to slow her movements down so my penis would not hurt. As it softened in her hand, she let go of it and looked at amazement at her hand covered with some of the thick fluid.

“Wow…that’s so wicked!” She sounded like child. “It’s a bit messy though.”

She went to the loo, washed her hands and got some tissue for me to clean up.

“Can we do it again?”

“Not right away. May be after some time.” I suddenly felt exhausted. The lack of sleep from last night and the explosive release,excused myself as seemed to be catching up. I excused myself as I yawned and explained about my lack of sleep and feeling exhausted.

Tina seemed to have a lot of questions but seeing that I was really tired, she moved back to her seat. Within moments I drifted off.

Next moment I was awake finding Tina’s foot playing footsie with mine. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be humming a song.

As I yawned, she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“So…you ready to talk?”

I realised she had almanbahis giriş a lot of questions. The unexpected one was about my first ejaculation.

I reflected back to that day at grandma’s place.

After Sanoo left with her parents, that whole evening I was restless! Grandma thought I was coming down with something and sent me off to bed early. I tried but I could not sleep for a long time.

I felt as my body was on fire! I could only see Sanoo’s mouth sucking my hardened penis and the delicious sensation coursing through my body, and the wave of pleasure I was riding. I had my erection back and it wouldn’t go down.

I locked the bedroom door, took off all my clothes and lay on the bed with my penis up and throbbing hard. I kept fondling it, thinking of Sanoo’s buttocks, then her mouth sucking me, then her buttocks again…I imagined myself pressing hard against those rounded globes of buttocks…I felt the softness of her breasts rubbing on my chest…I felt her hand moving moving up and down on my hard erection…I felt her tongue licking the head of my penis…the gentle sucking of her wet, hot mouth around me!

The images kept moving in front of my eyes as my hand was now moving up and down, pumping my penis. Suddenly I felt the same sensation that I had with Sanoo! I felt that feeling of riding up on a wave of pleasure…going higher and higher…my hand was moving like a piston now…and then I had the sense of almost unbearable pleasure…and the feeling of an explosion happened, my hips jerking up, as whitish fluid shot out of my penis, squirting on my belly in repeated spurts. I realised I was groaning with pleasure, without realising! My hips convulsed and my hand kept moving reflexly milking my penis. After a few moments, the spurting stopped and my penis started to soften in my hand. The release I felt was tremendous! I was amazed!

“Wow…that was your first ejaculation?””

I became aware of Tina.

We both laughed.

“And then?”

“Well, that was the discovery of masturbation for me, so life became really happy, especially most nights.”

“Wow! You know it must be easy for you guys. I am not sure what girls can do.”

“You are really crazy, you know. Where did you grow up to be so naïve.” I was surprised.

“Well I grew up in a strict household, with four brothers and a focus on studies dictated by parents.” She seemed wistful. “Hence the occasional glimpses of erections and the idea that boys masturbate or rub their cocks, I mean erections.” It was funny to hear the word cock coming from her innocent lips.

“So you’ve never masturbated?” I asked.

“I don’t know how to!” She seemed sheepish.

“Okay, this going to be interesting. Come around.”

Tina literally flew out of her seat and sat next to me. We looked around and the compartment was still empty.

I turned towards her and put my hand on thigh. She quivered a bit. Slowly I moved my hand under her skirt. Tina started trembling. Slowly my fingers caressed her inner thighs. Her trembling was increasing and my erection was back! As I felt the edge of her panties, I realised the dampness. She was ready for the pleasure ride! I moved my finger in the dead centre of her crotch and slid upwards over the slit that I felt. She moaned and squeezed her thighs hard trapping my hand. Her eyes were half closed and her lips were parted.

“Easy now,” I coaxed her thighs apart. My hand moved up to the top of panty and crept inside. I felt the soft curls of her pubic hair and my throbbing erection started getting uncomfortable. But I needed to focus on her.

I turned a bit more towards her and put my other hand under her skirt. I hooked my fingers on the edges of her panty and started pulling them down.

“What are you doing?” Her eyes snapped open with alarm.

“Relax Tina, trust me. We need to get your panty off to make it easy.”

She wiggled her hips and lifted them and I slid the panties down to her ankles. Surprisingly she lifted her feet and they were off completely. I now slid my right arm around her and under her t-shirt to cup her right breast. She sighed. She sighed more as I tweaked her nipple, which became button-like hard. My left hand moved slowly back to her crotch. Her opening was dripping wet. I rubbed my middle finger on the edges of her opening. She was now moaning frequently. As I touched her clit she jumped. “What’s that?” Her eyes again snapped open in surprise. “That’s your main rubbing point,” I instructed. “But first….” I inserted my middle finger in her vagina. Now she gave a long moan. I thrust in deeply and she squeezed her thigh and released. I thrust my finger in and out a few times and her moaning became regular. I brought my wet finger out and found her clit again. I started gently rubbing her. Her left hand grabbed my shoulder digging her nails in, her right hand was gripping the table tightly. As I increased the pace, she started thrusting her hips up. Her moaning became regular and long drawn. Then she squeezed her thighs hard almanbahis yeni giriş and started shuddering like having a seizure. Her moan was a long drawn one went on for quite a few second. She pushed my left hand away from her crotch and turned away from me. The moans had turned to small mewling noises. The shuddering continued for almost a minute, before her ragged breathing became gentle. She opened her eyes, turned towards me and smiled the most beautiful smile. I slipped my hand away from her breast, that I was still caressing, and patted her back.

“That was wonderful. I never had this sensation before!”

“Well,” I said “That’s an orgasm and you can look forward to many more of these henceforth.”

“Thank you.” She whispered, and she stretched to kiss me on the lips. I opened my mouth and my tongue went to hers. We shared the kiss for a long time. Her hand sneaked down and found my throbbing erection which had kept going strong through out the last many minutes. As her fist encircled and started the pumping, I gently removed it.

“What?” She seemed surprised.

“Something different now!”

I gently held her head and pulled it down on my erect penis. She instinctively guessed and opened her mouth. Slowly she approached the head and engulfed it with lips. Her tongue swept around the head, caressing, licking and flicking against the ridge of the head. Tina seemed to have the right instincts and insight for sucking an erection. She kept moving her fist around my shaft in a steady rhythm.

It was not long before I reached the peak. This time though, as I lifted my clenched buttocks and ejaculated, I kept my erection in her mouth, pressing her head gently on it. I could feel her squirm with the sudden jet of fluid erupting in her mouth. For a moment I thought she would gag, but then she resumed sucking and swallowing, as my hips spasmed against her mouth, my penis gradually emptying its load.

Tina continued sucking enthusiastically, till my erection slowly subsided and my penis head started feeling a little sensitive. I gently pulled it out of her mouth.

As she lifted her head, she smacked her lips. “That was interesting! It’s a bit salty and not unpleasant at all. I liked the taste and smell of it.” She chuckled. “God…I am going to love doing this to guys!” Her enthusiasm brought a smile to my face.

After cleaning up again, she moved back to her seat and we continued chatting. Suddenly remembering, she bent under the table, picked up her panties. She reached up to get her bag from the overhead rack. As she did so, her high riding exposed her wet crotch. Amazingly, I felt a stirring in my sated penis. Already wearing my trousers, it started feeling hard. Without seeming to think too much she put her panties put it in her bag as if it was the most natural thing to do. Just the thought of her being completely naked under her skirt and her naked bottom on the seat, kept distracting my thoughts.

Suddenly she blurted “Have you done it?”

“Done what?” I feigned innocence, as I knew where this was going.

“Oh you know…fucked a girl!” I think she wanted to shock me, and shock she did with her directness.

“Yeah sure, I have had sex many times.”

“When was your first time? Do you remember? Was it as good as you had expected?” I could trace a hint of anxiety in her voice. I sort of guessed what she was thinking.

Her words though, made me flashback to my first year in college.

We were freshers and it was our anatomy class. Aru ma’am was our lecturer. She was nice and taught very sincerely and enthusiastically. She was young, about mid thirties, but didn’t come across very attractive in her loose hanging clothes and big owlish glasses. I don’t think anybody was very impressed with her as such. I liked her teaching though and always sat on the front bench for lecture. Most students used to sit at the back and chatter away, not paying much attention.

Today was no different, till Aru ma’am started her day’s topic. Anatomy of the male genitalia! That caused a sudden silence, and then the male students started hooting.

“Silence! Please!” Ma’am was trying to project her voice over the din, “Come on guys, you are all going to be doctors.” Her voice had an edge of desperation to it. The noise settled a bit, although

even the girls were whispering in low voices and giggling as ma’am started her lecture.

The actual anatomy seemed quite cut and dried. Then Aru ma’am started describing how it worked, and suddenly I realised that the lecture room had gone silent. As usual ma’am started enthusiastically about how stimulation caused the changes in the hardening of the flaccid penis, and I could feel the hardening happen promptly! Fortunately I was the only one in the front row, and I felt confident that the desk top hid the tenting in my trousers. As the description progressed, I saw ma’am fluster a little bit, with reddening of her ears and a flush creeping up her exposed neck. Again the noise started with a lot of giggling, whispering and a few loud laughs. Finally once the description of the ejaculation process was over, I think even Aru ma’am relaxed. My hard-on was still painful though. I pretended to focus on the words as I had lost my concentration completely. Finally ma’am left the lecture room hurriedly.

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