Fly On The Wall

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Tina could never understand the appeal of “The Mile-High Club.” What was the actual point of it? So you’re in an airplane, and it’s usually not a G5 so there’s no proper bedding. You’re on a seat that is excruciatingly uncomfortable (just for sitting, mind you), with a scratchy blanket that was probably used for this countless times before, barely covering your most personal of areas. There are passengers or staff strolling by, knowing exactly what was going on with every twist and shift. Knees hitting armrests, shins scraping body parts, it’s really more S and M than fun. Just attempting to enjoy something so carnal in what amounts to a public place is, at best, annoying.

Or worse, you’re in one of those overhead luggage bins they call a “bathroom,” desperately trying to find a comfortable way to lean, stand or brace, while attempting not to lose any jewelry down the chute, let alone falling in there yourself! Of course, the guilty looks as some mom was taking her kid for a proper use of the facilities are inevitable, and the walk of shame as you find your way back to your seats, flight attendants noticing an incorrectly buttoned blouse or a skirt partially tucked inside panty hose. “Humiliation” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

In addition, in either scenario, there was the requirement of being as silent as possible during it all. This was an addition that rarely, if ever, could be fulfilled.

Tina thought a much more exciting concept would be sex while skydiving! Falling at terminal velocity, wearing just a helmet and a parachute, just the power of the wind whistling between her lips would probably be enough, but the thrill of that sort of on the edge fucking made her mind reel.

But, no. It could never happen. To get up high enough to have a decent amount of time for everything would be too freezing cold in that upper atmosphere to be naked. Finding a partner willing to try it was yet another matter. Finding one on solid ground was tough enough! And if there were some sort of mishap, “going out with a bang” would have a distinctly dirty meaning, permanently attached to her obit.

It all remained an impossible dream until she had a business trip to Las Vegas. After landing and getting a cab to her hotel, She glimpsed a billboard for company called “Fly On The Wall.” apparently it was a service specifically designed to simulate the feeling of skydiving in an indoor environment!

When Tina arrived, even before she checked in, she immediately hauled her baggage to the concierge area, to ask about what this new thing was.

“Oh, yes,” he nodded, sliding a full color brochure across his desktop, “It’s only been open for a few months, but it’s already quite an attraction.”

After getting her bags up to the room, she called cebeci escort the number listed and went over to the place to check it out.

The cost of 400 dollars for an hour-long session seemed rather steep. But what an unforgettable hour it would be!

Obviously, the problem would be that the ride operator and whatever safety instructors were on duty would know exactly what was happening before it happened. They would have to OK the concept and hopefully look the other way. That might not be so bad. Tina was always one part exhibitionist and this was a really kinky world. Why not share the thrills?

Then again, maybe this could be a thing better served after hours, when everyone had gone home.

As Tina heard the explanation of the one hundred and forty mile winds giving you the ultimate blow, she wondered who and how she would do.

Maybe just flying naked would be enough. Tuck a vibrator in and work the remote control, while the air lifted her like a feather, two or three stories up. Gaah!

But how hot would it be with a partner to do things to in the air? That was the point!

Tina decided she needed to quickly find a suitable someone with which to do this. She wondered about the staff. They probably get constant requests for that sort of behavior. Who knows where they’ve been? Besides, they all looked just ever so slightly transient. Like maybe they missed their parole hearing and landed a job here.

Nothing against the convicted, Tina quietly thought to herself, and maybe one of these guys actually would be the way to go. After all, they had access to the controls. It would only be for this one time.

Tina shook her head rapidly, waking up from that bad dream. Was she really considering flying pork sausage with one of these short odor kooks?

Just then, she caught the eye of a fine specimen. He wasn’t too tall, about 5’8 she guessed from that distance, but he was very muscular and didn’t look like some sort of freak. This could be the guy!

He was signing up for what they called a “flight training session.” Tina didn’t even know what that was, but she immediately added her name to the list and handed over a credit card, signed a waiver and was in a “jump suit” in moments.

In this first training session, you get to fly for about five minutes, while the rest of the members of your class observe and learn how to maneuver in the air. It’s all basic stuff if you had ever skydived, so Tina was almost an old pro at this already.

Mystery guy, who Tina was already calling “Orville” in her head, had never jumped, so everything was new to him. She made the most of this opportunity by the use of gentle reassurance and a firm and steady hand on his body to encourage him and çeşme escort guide him on his way.

It was like a lightbulb was suddenly illuminated.

Mere seconds after the training session was over, they were both in a changing room together, wildly making out, their bodies still fully stimulated from the winds, the touch of each other so intensely heightened. Tina was being careful not to rip or shred the material of the suits, even though it was one of the most difficult things she had ever attempted in her entire lifetime. When they disrobed it was clear that Orville had the Wright Stuff.

“No!” Tina hoarsely whispered to her aerialist in his ear. “I want to do it, up there!”

He backed off. Then, he waited a moment until he could once again fit into his jeans, put on his muscle t and left the room.

Tina let out a shudder that rivaled the wind machine. How could they do this? It had to be done. And not tomorrow or in a week or even tonight, after hours!

After a moment of poking around in the room, Tina found an oversized flight suit. Perhaps she could fit them both inside? Would that be the same effect? Perhaps that would be even better? But at least buried inside a jumper, the odds were good that things would be a bit more private.

Tina imagined that she was in this cocoon with Orville, moving about as they floated midair on their invisible cushion. They would turn, twist, and clutch out as each of them were gratified, their screams of ecstasy obliterating the sounds of the massive rotors holding them in space!

Maybe it would be like sex inside a cloud! Crawling around on all fours, on absolutely nothing! This was the dream she had!

Just then, the door opened. He grabbed her hand and took her back to the platform just outside the wind tunnel.

“What’s happening?” asked Tina.

“Told them you are my fiancé and we wanted to do it in the tunnel. They’re only gonna charge half price if we let them tape it. K?”

For once, Tina was speechless. It was one thing getting it on with a hot hunk, but another to actually be an erotic star! She could be right up there with Pam and Paris. Hey! She’d be FURTHER up there! Those two were on boats or beds. How pedestrian!

Apparently, the gang hadn’t had a couple doing this in a while, but there was a special harness hookup that allowed you to display all of the “good” parts and still make the most of the wind tunnel lifting effects. A special shirt had fabric that ran from sleeve to bodice on each arm, but fully cut out from the shoulders to navel. The pants were designed with a large fluttering fabric leg and, of course, crotchless.

The workers eagerly set up their patented “three camera shoot.” The first camera was positioned cim cif yapan escort on the floor of the wind tunnel, looking up towards the ceiling. A second camera was positioned at the second story observation deck, usually used by friends and family to watch the progress of the “jumper” as they flew, but ideally suited for close-ups. And the third cam was positioned at the top of the room, and tilted downward towards the center of the tunnel. All cameras had remote pan and zoom ability, which would be controlled by the wind machine operator.

Tina was so randy, nothing would have stopped her at that point. Before she even got inside, she could feel herself starting to ooze.

In preparation, they turned up the heat inside the tunnel to a balmy 88 degrees Fahrenheit. That was to permit the wind to be turned on maximum when needed.

They both were lying flat on the tunnel floor and Tina could see that he was in full “go” mode. Liftoff had happened, and they hadn’t even turned on the fan.

Slowly, the whirring sound began. Tina readjusted her goggles so that they felt comfortable on her face and so she could clearly see the effects all of this was having on her partner.

“Houston, we have liftoff!” yelled one of the guys as the two of them left the earth and began their journey.

The workers called out suggestions on what to do: The guy should lie as flat as possible and she should come down on him!

After flipping over a few times, they managed to perfect the technique of the female superior position.

But who knew the missionary would be such a turn on? With the wind blowing straight into her asscrack, and his hot body hovering mid-flight over her, weightless and the wind going all around them, and then the gasp of insertion! The intensity!

She came immediately.

But this was just the beginning. Throughout the hour, they were able to perfect a doggie style by having her make an inverted V shape with her body and her arms sticking straight out to catch the wind, while he leaned over in the same way.

They managed to do a rotating 69, by somersaulting through in one version then flipping sideways in another, all the while the rushing air adding more to the experience, the constant feel of it supporting her body made Tina tense and squeal over and over!

At the end, they turned up the fan to maximum and they hugged tight as they closed their arms, fell one level just as they both tensed and exploded then opened their arms and floated up to heaven before the machine was turned off and they gently settled back down to the ground.

Tina only rarely looks at the tape of that session, since reliving the experience in her mind, from her point of view, was so much more incredibly intense. The video got the back of their heads and had other unfavorable angles. And granted, it showed you what happened, yes. But in the moment, in that glorious ether of air, they were two angels, together for just a tiny slice of time, suspended forever in the torrent of air, magic, sex and space.

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