Football Coach Scores

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The school bus was abuzz with chatter and laughs, post-game celebrations carrying on as it drove down an interstate highway. Pickensville Academy had just won their first football game of the season. Not just won, but annihilated the other team in a 45-7 blowout. After a dismal performance the last four football seasons, Pickensville, a private K-12th grade school, had sacked their last coach and hired new blood. That new blood, Brach White, had come to the small west Alabama town after leading a small community college in Nebraska to the national championship game five years in a row, winning twice. 25 years ago, as a college football player at Florida State, he had dreams of going pro, but things didn’t work out exactly as he had hoped. But he was great at strategy and found his calling in coaching. And after a very nasty divorce last year Brach needed a new start, and he quite liked the idea of taking a failing team and bringing glory back to their school and town. And sure enough, he had done just that.

He sat silently in the first row of the bus as his players behind him celebrated. He liked to appear stoic, but even he couldn’t shake the shit-eating grin on his face. The bus pulled off the interstate and into a motel parking lot, followed behind by two other buses carrying the band and cheerleaders. Some parents and fans pulled in too, but Brach watched as a convoy of cars and trucks kept driving past, many honking their horns in celebration as they drove past the winning team. They were just on the east side of Houston, and the school had decided to buy out a motel instead of driving through the night.

Brach and his assistant coaches were the first off, and for a moment he watched his team exit one-by-one and get their room assignments from one of the assistant coaches before he made his way up to his room. He began to review footage of the game, and before he knew it a good three hours had passed. Needing a break, Brach grabbed his cigarettes and a lighter and stepped out onto the long motel patio. No one was outside, but he could hear music blaring from what seemed like every room.

Not wanting to be seen in case a student or another school official stepped out, Brach made his way down the steps and he headed toward the pool area. There were empty beer cans strewn around the area, some floating in the pool even, and as Brach lit a cigarette he figured students must have been partying down here a few hours ago before being sent to their rooms. They had won, so everyone was letting them get away with drinking, being up past curfew and general mischief, but they still had to be a little inconspicuous.

He took a long drag of his cigarette just as he heard what sounded like yelling and partying before it just as abruptly stopped. Then suddenly, the exact same noise. He looked toward the source, his eyes befalling a teenage girl sitting at the deep end of the pool, her legs in the water as she stared into her phone, completely preoccupied with it and unaware of his presence at the other end of the pool. He watched her, as she kept pressing at her phone causing it to make noise for a few seconds. Brach figured she must be looking at snapchat or something similar, watching videos taken in the last few hours of her friends having fun.

His eyes lingered on her as he took another drag of his cigarette. He couldn’t remember her name, but he knew she was a cheerleader and in one of his bullshit science classes they made him teach. Brach took the last drag of his cigarette before he dropped it to the ground and stepped on it. He began walking towards her, and as he got closer he couldn’t help but notice her tight, supple little body as her features became more and more noticeable as he walked toward her. She was wearing perabet shorts that were barely there, with muscular but still feminine thighs, and an oversized shirt that hung off one shoulder. Her long, blonde hair was all pushed to one side, hanging down past her other shoulder.

Brach was only a few feet away, but she still hadn’t looked up from her phone. He watched her, taking in her face. As his eyes looked at her lips, Brach felt his cock suddenly twitch. He hadn’t ever thought of himself as a dirty old man, but looking at her was doing something to him. Internally he chocked it up to it having been more than a year since he got laid by his now ex-wife, and he had been too preoccupied with the first game of the season for the last three weeks to jerk off. But he just couldn’t look away from her lips..

Brach cleared his throat after gazing at the teen for a few moments more, and she looked up in fright at him suddenly being just a few feet away, gasping. She covered her mouth, then a moment later she began to giggle. “Oh God, coach White you scared me!” she exclaimed through laughter, her fingertips still touching the lips that Brach couldn’t look away from. “I’m sorry,” he said, smiling down at her, “I didn’t mean to scare you. But you’re not supposed to be out of your room.” He’d added a somewhat stern tone to his voice, but he didn’t really mean it, smiling down at her.

“I know, I know, but I just wanted to get away. It’s been kind of crazy since we got here, ya know?” she asked him, sounding so innocent and playful as she smiled. Brach just nodded. She looked at him for a moment, her smile getting a little bit bigger as she asked, “And what are you doing out, huh? Coaches and teachers should have to abide by curfew too!”

She giggled, Brach smiling down at her. “I just—promise not to tell? I’ve been trying to quit for years but I really needed a cigarette.” he told her, his eyes still focused on her pouty lips. “Do you think I could have one?” she asked him, Brach staring down at her as he arched a brow and told her “I could get in trouble giving a student a cigarette.”

“I won’t tell,” she told him, and after thinking it over Brach opened his pack and took out a cigarette, placing it in his mouth and lighting it. “Tell you what, we can share mine. It’s not really your cigarette, you’re just taking a few puffs.” He exhaled the smoke and handed it off to her, watching as she placed it between her lips and took a short drag. “I’m sorry, but what’s your name again?” he asked, and as she handed the cigarette back to him she answered. “Alessa. I’m in your fourth period anatomy class.”

“Alessa? That’s a pretty name.” He knelt down so he was more on her level, watching her blush just a little before she thanked him. He handed the cigarette back and watched as she took another puff, but this time his intense gaze at her lips wasn’t as smooth as before. “What are you looking at?” she asked him, passing the cigarette back to him. “Oh, I’m-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare.”

“That’s alright.. I don’t exactly mind it,” she told him, Brach’s eyebrows furrowing a little. “What do you mean?” he asked her, Alessa shrugging her shoulders a little as she smiled at him. “I don’t know, I guess it’s nice to be looked at like that..” she told him, Brach feeling his cock as it began to swell as he realized she was into him staring at her like that. He was a good looking guy, but he was only a month away from turning 45 and she could have any one of the young players on the team. But he couldn’t help but feel turned on by the thought of her being into him. He thought for a moment about the age difference between them, recalling how she’d celebrated her 18th birthday at the start of the school year. An age perabet giriş difference of 27 years between them. Brach couldn’t help but think what was wrong with him, thinking of a student and young girl like that.

Brach took a very long drag of his cigarette before tossing it into the pool, looking at Alessa. Her eyes were looking down, and for a second Brach was confused about what she was looking at. Then he realized.. he was rock hard, with a very obvious tent in his tracksuit pants. He was about to excuse himself and leave when Alessa reached over and pressed her hand into his bulge, Brach not able to prevent himself from moaning as his cock throbbed against her hand.

“What are you doing?!” he asked her, but he made no attempt at all to move away or stop her. Her hand gripped his shaft through his tracksuit pants and boxers, slowly stroking it. Precum gushed from his cockhead and began to stain his pants as he pulled Alessa into a hard kiss. Her tender face pressed hard against his, his stubble that was far beyond a five o’clock shadow rubbing against her as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Their kiss was sloppy because Brach was absolutely hungry for the attention.

He reached down to begin fondling her tits through her shirt as she kept on rubbing his hard cock, before he reached and pull the waist band of his pants and boxers down over his cock. He felt her hand wrap around his shaft as they kissed harder, his tongue bouncing off hers. He moaned deeply as she began to stroke him. Not wanting to wait a moment long, Brach broke their kiss and pushed her head down, moaning hard as her lips wrapped around his cockhead.

Brach didn’t have the longest cock, in fact it was slightly shorter than six inches and the completely average length, but it was very girthy, far beyond the average girth for a man. So girthy it filled Alessa’s mouth, her lips spread wide as she took his cock into her mouth, taking in almost all of it before she came back to just the head still in her mouth. Brach had one hand on her head, and he began to guide her mouth up and down his cock, as his other reached up her shirt, finding she wasn’t wearing a bra under it. He began to pinch and tease her left nipple as he put more pressure on her head, until finally she swallowed all of his near six inch cock. His hairy nuts pressed to her chin as her nose was crushed into his thick bush of untrimmed pubes.

Gripping her hair, he guided her back and forth, making her take his entire length each time her mouth came back down to the base of his cock. He made her suck him hard and fast, his moans increasing until he suddenly pulled her off his cock. “I need you now, baby,” he said desperately, pulling her by her arm away from the edge of the pool and into a darkened area behind the pool house. He pulled her shirt off and tossed it to the side, and he quickly pulled his clothes off too, laying them down on the ground. Alessa watched him disrobe before he pulled her to him, her small 18-year-old teen tits pressing into his thick, slightly greying chest hair as they kissed, wrapping their arms around each other as they kissed.

She felt him pressing his weight into her body, carefully pushing her down onto her back on top of their clothes, and he quickly pulled her shorts and panties off, staring at her completely hairless teen pussy as he fell to his knees between her legs. He rubbed his fingers along her wet pussy lips, Alessa moaning as she stared into his eyes. Brach jerked his cock as he teased her lips, before he leaned closer and started slapping her teen slit with his thick cockhead. He smeared his precum along her lips before he pressed the head to her opening.

“Wait! Wait Coach White, do you have protection?” perabet güvenilir mi she asked him, staring up into his eyes as he slowly shook his head. “No, baby. I didn’t expect anything like this. It’s been a long time since I had to worry about having a condom with me..” he told her as he slowly pushed his bare cockhead inside her, spreading her lips apart. “I’m not on the pill,” she said, before moaning as she felt him push his cock deeper inside her, “please, can’t you go get one?”

He slowly shook his head as he pushed more of his cock inside her, both moaning as his cockhead spread her wide, forcing her lips apart as he sunk his massive mushroom shaped head inside her unprotected teen pussy. He slowly sunk his inches inside her until he was balls deep. Alessa said something about pulling out before he came, but Brach barely acknowledged her, closing his eyes as he took in the intense feeling of her tight pussy on his thick cock. He hadn’t felt a pussy this tight since he was 21 and in college. Now he was 44 and balls deep in a barely legal high schooler.

Alessa started to moan as he gripped her hips and began to thrust in and out. At first, he was tender, but Brach quickly began to pound her, Alessa’s tits shaking with each thrust back inside her. She had never taken a cock inside of her bare before, and while she was scared Alessa couldn’t deny that it did feel better being skin to skin. Everything about the situation felt wrong and taboo, which made it so much hotter. She was taking a handsome older man the same age as her father inside of her unprotected. Out in the open. They were in the shadows, but if anyone came nearby they could be caught.

Brach and Alessa kissed one another hard, their tongues darting against one another. Sweat beads forming on their naked bodies as Brach quickly thrust himself in and out, pulling his cock out till only the large head remained inside her before he thrust in harshly, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks hard. His hairy balls were slapping into her so hard that the fap-fap-fap noise they made with each hard thrust back inside her was louder than their moans.

Only a few minutes into pounding her Brach felt himself ready to explode. He wanted to last all night, but it had been so long since he had been inside a woman, and she was so tight, that he felt the load churning in his balls. He knew he needed to pull out and cum on the outside of her body, but she felt so good wrapped around his cock that it got the better of him. His cock began throbbing, and Alessa could feel it. She stared into his eyes, fully expecting him to pull out, but she watched as his eyes rolled back into his head and he thrust in all the way.

The first hot, thick rope of cum spewed out of him, splashing against her cervix. She started squirming underneath him, so Brach planted all of his weight on top of her as he flooded her teen pussy with a giant load of baby batter. “Oh god, I’m sorry!” he moaned out hard, still kissing her. Her first time unprotected becoming her first time getting seeded, Alessa feeling how warm it felt as he shot his huge load deep inside her.

After a solid minute of unloading inside her, his orgasm calmed and Brach very slowly pulled himself out of her. He rolled off her as Alessa sat up, staring at her pussy as it began to flow out of her like a white rapid river. “How could you?!” she begged, but Brach could only lie there as she hit him in his chest. He was completely spent, breathing heavily as Alessa ran into the pool and tried to wash his load out of her.

Just as his team of football players had destroyed their competition that night, Alessa’s attempts to wash out the millions of soldiers he had dumped inside her ended in total failure. As he led the team to victory that year, Brach watched as Alessa’s belly grew with his baby over the course of her senior year. She was kicked off the cheerleading squad, but she still kept on fucking the coach every time they won, becoming his own personal cheerleader.

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