Forbidden Feelings Ch. 03-04

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Leah beat me back to the bedroom. When I entered, she was sitting on the edge of the bed; her elbows propping her up, and her shirt pulled up exposing her bra…almost like I left her before I went to make breakfast.

“Now where were we?” she asked teasingly, as I made my way over to her.

“Well I don’t know,” I responded as I sat on the bed facing her. “I wined you, and dined you. Only one thing left to do now.”

I winked at her. She sat up, grabbed one of the pillows sitting at the top of the bed, and swung at me. I blocked the hit, and she grabbed the pillow again in case she needed it.

“What? You’re the one who is playing hooky from work in order to get laid.” I said laughing.

She swung the pillow again, and this time it hit me.

“Oh I see, sweetheart. You can tease me, but I can’t tease you.” I said as I grabbed the other pillow, but thought twice before hitting Leah.

Yes, I was a coward. I couldn’t purposely hit her, even if it was with just a pillow, during a pillow fight.

She saw me hesitate, and found another opportunity to hit me. I threw the pillow I was holding on the floor before I placed my left hand behind Leah’s head as I pulled her in toward me.

Once my lips found hers, I gently pushed her back down on the bed and straddled her body as I climbed on top of her.

“Alright missy, you want to play rough, I can play rough too,” I whispered into her ear smiling, as we broke away from the kiss in order to catch our breath. Then we kissed again.

I felt her hands go under my shirt and touch my bare stomach. The touch was electrifying. Chills ran up and down my spine as Leah’s hands climbed upward. My hands wanted to follow suit on her body. I took my hands from behind her head and softly dragged them down her shirt, lingering just long enough at her breasts. Just as I started to reach under her shirt, I felt her hands reach my bra. I slipped my hands up her belly toward her breasts. I could feel her nipples harden as I rubbed her through her bra. She mimicked my aggressiveness, and ran her hand around to my back, unhooking my bra.

Leah slowly slid the straps down my arms, and helped me take my shirt and bra all the way off. A pile of clothes was slowly forming on the floor. While kneading my breasts, her lips left mine and touched my neck. A current flowed from her mouth…I could feel her on my neck; kissing, licking, sucking, breathing. I wanted her so bad. I needed her. I needed her lips on other parts of my trembling body.

I held the bottom of Leah’s shirt, and pulled it over her head. She lifted her arms in the air for a quick second, as I finished pulling her shirt all the way off. I tossed it off the bed, and got a good look at her shirtless body. She took my breath away. I couldn’t believe I was laying here, caressing and loving a woman this incredible. I placed my lips back over hers, as my hands slid up her back. I found her bra strap, and using only one hand, I slowly unclasped it. She helped me get it off of her as slowly I kissed down her neck and her chest. My mouth found her right breast and I licked my way around it, in a spiral pattern until I came to her nipple. I slowly took it into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue. As I sucked on her nipple, and gently bit it at random intervals, she grabbed my left hand. Leah seductively licked my palm and the spot where my hand meets my wrist. I could barely concentrate on my tasks as she held my wrist. The feel of her tongue on my bare skin was electrifying, and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like further south. I needed release, but I wanted to make sure she climaxed before I did.

When I switched breasts, I wrapped my arms around her body. Even though we were as close as we could get, it made me feel like I was holding her tighter against my body and I felt the heat radiating from her. I repeated with the left breast what I had already done to the right. She was melting in my arms as they held her close to me. Through her moans I could tell that she was aching for more though…begging me not to stop. And I didn’t plan to stop…not now…not when she was this close to release.


When Leah’s nipples were as hard as they could get, my lips slowly climbed back up to her mouth for one more kiss. I helped Leah turn to lay on her left side, so that I could lay on my side behind her. From this position, I was able to get at the back of her neck. After I moved her soft hair out of the way, I was able to continue where I had left off on her front: kissing, sucking, licking. My left arm held her body close to mine, as my right went back to giving attention to her breasts and nipples.

I felt Leah’s hand move toward home plate, as she started rubbing herself through her sweatpants. I let my hand run down her arm, starting from her shoulder. When I reached her wrist, I stopped.

“May I?” I asked her.

She hesitantly nodded her head, and moved her hand. She swung her arm around türkçe altyazılı porno to hold my head closer to her neck. I started moving my lips down to the front of her neck and dragging them back up, using my tongue to draw spirals on her.

My right hand slowly continued in a southward direction, under her pants. I was not sure how she would respond and I wanted her to feel completely comfortable with this. I felt her silky panties under my hand, and I slid my hand under them. I felt her body tense up and she froze as I moved my hand down to her most sensitive area.

“No…no…” she whimpered as panic set in.

“Shhh, its okay,” I whispered in her ear. I could feel the heat coming from her core; I knew she really wanted it, but at the same time, she was scared. “Just let yourself go.”

Although her body still seemed tense and nervous, she didn’t try to stop me again, so I gradually continued down her body. As soon as I touched her dripping wet slit, she let out a loud moan.

Leah’s hand tightened around my head as her other hand grabbed a pillow to muffle her screams of needed pleasure. I continued to let my hand graze her clitoris, as she started to grind herself against my hand. I slowly let two of my fingers enter her, while my thumb continued to rub her sweet spot. It didn’t take long before she hit her first climax of the day.

When her muscles stopped contracting around my fingers, I brought my hand out from under her sweats. I rubbed up her body with my fingertips, and then used my hand to tilt her face toward me. I saw the look of release and complete pleasure in her face and half-closed eyes. I knew that I had to give her another orgasm. I was finding more pleasure in watching her climax than thinking about my own release.

“See,” I laughed as I softly kissed her forehead, “that wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

“Oh my God,” Leah finally said as I moved my lips down and kissed her eyelids, one at a time. “I can’t move. That was so amazing.”

“Baby, I’m not even done with you,” I responded as I finally made my way to her lips.

I helped her roll onto her back. She placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled me closer to her mouth. If the first kissed we shared was awkward, then this one was the furthest thing from it. This kiss was passionate…intimate…

Finally, Leah pushed me off of her so we could both catch our breath. We lay on our backs, next to each other. Other than reaching for her hand, neither one of us moved for a good five minutes. When Leah’s breathing returned to normal, I knew she was relaxed from her orgasm, I got off the bed and knelt down at the edge it. I placed my hands on her legs, and guided her down the bed toward me. I had her hang her knees off the bed, as I moved myself in between her legs. I couldn’t wait to taste her. Although I had never done this with a woman before, I was really curious to know how Leah’s nectar would taste.

I held the top of Leah’s sweatpants, and slowly pulled them down, leaving her laying there in only her black, silk panties. I kissed a trail down her left leg, following the pants as they slid down. Leah started giggling when I kissed her knee. It didn’t take long to find out just how ticklish Leah’s knees were as she flinched every time my hand got close. I continued kissing, tickling her until she begged me to stop. Then I began my ascent, slowly kissing up the inside of her leg.

My lips left her skin when I went to remove the last bit of clothing, her panties, from her body. Now she lay completely naked in front of me. She blushed a little; however, she didn’t seem as embarrassed as I thought she would be. Leah was absolutely gorgeous; the way the sun, shining through the window, seemed to kiss her body, left me breathless.

As she lay quivering, I lowered my mouth and I let my lips graze the area where her legs met her pelvis. She lifted her body up to meet me, but I wasn’t yet ready to give her what she desired.

I started by kissing the thin, sensitive skin where her pelvis met her inner thigh. I moved my tongue to her lower lips, slowly licking her. I took my right hand from her leg, and used it as another tool to drive her crazy. I let my fingers brush against her clitoris, but not lingering long enough to bring her to climax. I was taunting Leah and enjoying the look of excitement and frustration on her face every time I stopped and looked up at her.

When I had enough of being a tease, I slowly made my way over to her clitoris and began licking and sucking the very responsive area. I read her body language…I made sure I was doing everything right. I licked around her slit and then let my tongue enter deep inside her. I made her moan with pleasure. When my tongue left her body to continue the succulent torture on her clitoris, two of my fingers entered her, so she wouldn’t feel abandoned. She reached down and grabbed my other hand that was resting on her hip, and held it close xnxx to her chest. I could feel her grip tighten on my hand as her moans grew louder. When I added a third finger inside of her, thrusting them in and out, while still licking her clit, her muscles contracted around my fingers as waves of pleasure spread over her. Within seconds she turned her head into her pillow to muffle her screams of release.

Throughout her orgasm, my lips and tongue never left her clitoris. My fingers never deserted her body. When she came down from her climax, my lips moved slightly off of her very sensitive area, but didn’t linger too far away as I continued to kiss her perfect body.

When I felt that she was fairly relaxed, I removed my fingers from her, and got up to sit on the bed. I sat against the headboard and helped her up so she could sit in between my legs, her back to my chest, my head resting on top of hers. I wrapped my arms around her torso, holding her close to me. Although her body seemed relaxed, her breathing was still labored. To help calm her down, I caressed her chest as I kissed her neck. Here I was, pants still on, with a gorgeous, naked woman sitting in between my legs. I was dripping wet, but at that moment, I was content knowing she had received the pleasure she needed.

After laying there for a while, I could feel Leah start to shiver. Without getting off the bed, I was able to wiggle the covers from under us, and then bring them back up over us. I rubbed her body to warm her up. Once she was more comfortable, Leah turned in my lap to face me and I felt her hands reach behind her back and go in between my legs.

“Watch out beautiful, or you’re going to start something,” I whispered in her ear before nibbling on it. She pulled away and turned her head to look up at me.

“We better get these jeans off of you. I can feel how wet you are right through them,” Leah responded. “Besides something’s already been started.”

She laid her soft lips on mine as she turned in my lap in order to face me. She unzipped my pants; our tongues never leaving each other’s mouths. As she slowly moved to get off the bed, I followed so as not to break the kiss. I stood up after Leah, and she pushed my pants and panties down. I stepped out of them and kicked them over to the pile of lost clothes.

Our lips separated as Leah gently pushed me back down on the bed. She knelt down on the floor between my legs. I watched her as she stared at my body. I noticed that she was biting her bottom lip as if she was nervous. I moved my legs onto the bed, so she would no longer be between them.

“Leah,” I stated with sincerity in my tone, “Don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“No, it’s not like that,” she said back. Her eyes fell to the floor. “I’m just afraid.”

“Of what?” I whispered.

“Afraid of…you know…sucking.”

I had to think about that one for awhile…isn’t that part of what was supposed to happen?

“Literally?” The look on my face must have been priceless because she threw a friendly punch at my arm.

“No, you jerk,” Leah responded with a small laugh. Then she moved her eyes away from me.

“Seriously, Leah, what are you afraid of?” I whispered to her as I placed my hand under her chin.

“I’m afraid of not knowing what to do. I mean how did you know?”

“All I did was think about what I like done to me,” I told Leah. I rubbed her face with my hand. “Just go with it.”

Leah reached for my legs and pulled them off the bed, so that she was sitting in between them once more. Her head went lower as I leaned back on my hands. I was about to remind her that she didn’t have to do anything that she wasn’t one hundred percent comfortable with, but as her lips touched my skin all of my thoughts disappeared. I could feel the electricity across my whole body. She started kissing my upper thighs and worked her way up to my most sensitive areas…her fingers caressing me in all the right spots. When it felt like my hands could no longer support me, I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes. Leah’s tongue was in and out of me, licking my clitoris as her fingers entered deep into my body. Licking, sucking, nibbling…around and on my clitoris, in and out of my body. I knew I was going to have an orgasm, and it was going to be soon.

My hands grabbed the bed comforter covering the bed, as the first orgasm hit me. Wave after wave of pleasure hit me; my body quivered with release. Leah’s mouth and fingers never let up. As soon as I came down off of the peak of one orgasm, another one ripped through my numbing body. I had never had more than one orgasm at a time…it was…incredible.

Leah kept at her task until I begged her to stop. My body couldn’t take anymore. Her lips finally came off of my body, and she got up off of the floor. Leah laid down on the bed next to me and rested her head on my chest. She wrapped her arm around me and I placed my arm around her. My breathing was porno izle labored.

Leah’s left hand moved to my ear. She began tracing her fingers over the ridges and valleys at the top, working her way down to the lobe, and then back up. This caressing, I soon found calming; my breathing slowed and I was able to regain my thoughts, I couldn’t help but wonder if Leah did this to Madison and Samuel when they were upset.

After a few minutes, I heard her breathing slow as well; her hand rested on my ear. I realized that she had fallen asleep. It wasn’t long after that my eyes closed as well.


I felt Leah move in my arms, and I opened my eyes. There she was, looking down at me, smiling. I couldn’t think of a better way to wake up.

“Good morning, beautiful”, I said as I brought her in for a kiss.

“I love watching you sleep,” she replied just before our lips met. I’m not sure how our kisses kept getting get hotter and hotter, but somehow they did.

Finally, Leah broke the embrace, and moved her lips up my jaw line to my ear.

“What are your plans tomorrow babe?” Leah’s hot breath was on my ear.

“Working till five,” I whispered back. “Unlike you, I can’t take off just to get laid.”

“Alright, what about when you get home?” For added effect, she gently bit my ear lobe. I needed another orgasm…very soon.

“I don’t know,” I said mischievously. My mouth was right on top of her ear and I suckled it. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, for starters, Tuesday is the night that Travis has band practice,” Leah replied as she slowly dragged her hands down my neck to my breasts. Her mouth followed and soon found my nipple. She finished talking as she took me in her mouth and between her teeth, very tenderly. “The kids always go to his parents’ for the night… so I’m alone all evening.”

I let her linger at my breasts for a few more seconds before I weaved my hands through her hair to bring her mouth back up to mine. I kissed her so deeply, so passionately. I didn’t need to reply to her. She knew my answer by my body language.

I felt one of Leah’s hands go between our bodies and head for my hot spot as she drew her lips to my neck. I was a prisoner to her touch. I couldn’t move. I was in complete ecstasy. My body was ready for another round.

Two of her fingers entered me as her mouth continued on my neck. Her tongue, the strongest muscle in her body, was drawing circles on my neck, and every so often, was interrupted by her lips kissing one of my sensitive spots. Leah’s thumb was rubbing on my clitoris, as her fingers continued going in and out of my wet slit. I was losing control of my body again.

“Don’t stop,” I whimpered as Leah’s mouth moved away from my neck.

“Shhh. Don’t worry. I have no plans to,” she whispered back as she slowly trailed kisses down my throat.

Leah’s lips continued in the direction I needed them to go. When she reached my breasts, she kissed a path in the ravine between them. Then her mouth surrounded my already hardened left nipple. I could feel her teeth gently biting me. This new sensation mixed with her thumb and fingers torturing me below my waist brought me extremely close to another orgasm.

As my moans got louder, Leah’s fingers went deeper; her mouth sucked on my nipple rougher, with her teeth nipping me just a little bit harder. When she used her tongue to roll my nipple around, my breaking point hit. My body quivered in another mind-blowing orgasm. Oh God, this girl was amazing.


After my body calmed down from this climax, I realized that I was getting hungry. I looked over at the clock sitting on the nightstand and noticed that it was already after one.

“Do you have any interest in eating lunch?” I asked Leah. “Because, I’m getting hungry.”

“Yeah, that sounds great,” she responded as she sat up on the bed. “Any ideas?”

“How about we go out?” I replied. “This way we don’t have dishes to do.”

“I can deal with that,” she laughed. “I could go for some Mexican.”

“Chipotle?” I asked.

“Of course,” she answered, “the best.”

Leah and I got off of the bed so we could get dressed. We sorted the clothing pile that we had formed earlier and after getting dressed again, we were ready to leave. We walked down the stairs and Leah grabbed her jacket out of the hall closet. I took it from her to hold it open so she could put it on.

“I’ll drive,” I said as we left the house.

“Okay,” she replied and we started to walk over my house.

I opened the garage and we got into the car. After I backed out of the driveway and headed out of the neighborhood, I saw Leah resting her hands on her thighs. I placed my right hand over her left, and held it.

“Don’t you think you should keep both hands on the wheel?” she asked me.

I couldn’t tell if it was more a concern out of safety, or if she was embarrassed.

“Nah, I’m fine,” I answered. “Besides, I drive better with one hand. Unless I need to turn, of course.”

“Are you sure?” Leah questioned.

Still holding her hand, I moved it to my thigh.

“See, now my hand is closer to the wheel if I need it. I’m fine.” I told her.

She was still…something. I couldn’t place it.

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