Forbidden Feelings Ch. 05-06

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Note: not really any sex in here, but bear with me, its a long story. 🙂


I needed to see Leah on Friday night after not seeing her since Tuesday. However, with both of our husbands at home, I knew it would be difficult.

Around 8:30 that night, I sent Leah a text, “Haven’t seen you in a few days. Whatcha doing?” I knew Madison and Samuel were in bed, and I hoped that Leah would respond.

After a few minutes my phone beeped. I grabbed it and flipped it open. “Not too much now. Just watching TV. Finished cleaning house for party tomorrow. You?”

I couldn’t respond fast enough. “Thinking about going to Sarah’s. Wanna come?” Sarah’s was a local coffee shop that I frequented often.

“Caffeine this late? You crazy?”

“It will give us some ALONE time.”

“OH HELL YES! Give me five and you drive.”

“Make it ten and I’ll grab Gabe’s car.”

I needed the extra five minutes to change my clothes. I wanted to wear something extra special for Leah, so my jeans and tee shirt were quickly replaced by my khaki capris and a blue woman’s cut tee to bring out my eyes. I slid my heeled sandals on, and then grabbed my wallet and keys. I kissed Gabriel on the cheek as I told him goodbye. I was out of my house with two minutes to spare and drove Gabe’s Shelby GT Mustang out of the garage. I got out of the car and leaned up against the driver’s door to wait on Leah.

My husband had gone on a slight spending spree when he got promoted to Vice President of Development of his company. His car was his baby, but I had a hot date tonight, and although Gabe didn’t know this, I was still able to convince him to let me borrow his car.

When I saw Leah walking across the lawn, I had to take a deep breath. She got more beautiful every time I saw her. She had a light pink women’s tee and low-cut jeans on. While it was nothing fancy, Leah still looked so sexy!

“Hey, Chica,” she said as she got closer to me. “Let’s roll.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she walked around to the passenger’s side; I followed her every move; watched her ass as she walked. I wanted to rush over there and open her door for her, but we were in front of my house, with my husband home. Plus, I’m sure a lot of our neighbors were home.

As Leah got in the car, my heart skipped a beat – I knew this was going to be a great night. I took a minute before I opened my door and got in.

“Well, don’t I get a hello kiss?” Leah asked me after I left the driveway. Her hand found my thigh and rested on it about mid-way up.

“Oh don’t worry, Babe, you’ll get plenty,” I responded as I winked at her.

We rode in silence as we left the neighborhood. I kept one hand on the wheel and the other on the shifter; Leah kept her hand on my thigh. Finally the silence got to be too much for her.

“What’s wrong?” she inquired. She ran her hand up and down my thigh; more of a calming gesture than a sexual one. “Why are you so quiet?”

“I almost lost it back there. I wanted to grab you and hold you so bad. Oh my God Leah, you looked so good walking toward me tonight,” I responded. My eyes started to water as I spoke the truth.

“And, you think I didn’t want to run right up to you and hold you, too?” Leah replied. “Holy shit Calie, it took everything I had to walk around the car and get in. I’ve never seen you dressed like that. You look absolutely amazing…so hot. I wanted to run up to you and put my arms around you. Plus, this car is amazing. I can’t believe Gabe lets you use it.”

“Well, I do have a hot date tonight,” I said as I turned and smiled at her.

“Oh God! Gabe doesn’t know about us, does he?” Leah asked concerned.

“Hell no!” I replied. “I was just able to convince him to let me borrow his car.”

We were at a red light, so I placed my hand on top of hers. I wanted to continue to hold her hand but the light changed and I needed to shift gears.

“You missed your turn,” Leah stated as I passed Sarah’s Coffee House. She turned around confused.

“I was never actually planning on going to get coffee,” I chuckled as I turned to look at her.

“Oh really?” she said as if trying to be mad at me.

“Oh. I’m sorry. Did you want something?” I asked. “I can swing back and stop.”

“Well Eryaman Escort now that you mentioned it,” Leah answered, running her hand up my thigh…in between my legs. “I could use something hot.”

“Oh Baby, I’m planning on quenching that thirst of yours.” I ran my hand through her blonde hair as I stopped at a red light. When the light changed to green, I made a left turn and pulled off the main road, toward my destination. I made a right about mile down, and Leah realized where I was heading.

“Are we even allowed here?” Leah questioned as I turned into the entrance. “Doesn’t the park close at dusk?”

“Don’t worry about it,” I responded. “No one is around.”

“Oh yeah? That’s what I am worried about,” she said jokingly as she looked up at me.

I knew she wasn’t serious, but I wanted to ensure her of my intentions. I mean we were out in the middle of nowhere, with just woods surrounding us.

“Leah, I would never let anything happen to you. Please understand that.” I put the car in park and looked into her eyes, but with the surrounding darkness, I couldn’t read her face. “We can go somewhere else if you want. I don’t mind.”

“No,” she replied. “This is cool.”

I thought I caught her smiling at me, but I couldn’t be sure.

“Besides, didn’t you ever come out here in high school?” I asked her.

“I was a Catholic school girl. Remember?” she answered.

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I asked.” I chuckled as I felt her gently punch my arm. I turned in my seat and reached for her. I placed my right hand on her face and moved in for a kiss.

At first she was hesitant, probably worried about a “public” place, but she did warm up to the idea. I think the whole risk of getting caught by a stranger was making her hotter. Soon, Leah was kissing me back, so passionately, so deeply. Her hands were exploring my body as if it was the first time she was touching me.

My hands went to under Leah’s shirt to play with her hardening nipples, but I couldn’t find a comfortable angle. I was beginning to think that taking the Mustang out wasn’t a good idea. I couldn’t get as close to her as I wanted; the stupid shifter was in the way. Leah could sense my tension and she pulled away from me.

“Ya know, this isn’t really working for me,” she whispered. “I’m sorry.”

“No, I know,” I replied. “This isn’t a good car for this.”

We sat in silence, just holding hands when I thought of something. I popped the trunk and opened my door.

“Come with me,” I said as I got out of the car.

“What are you doing?” Leah asked.

“Just come with me.” I responded without answering her question as I shut my door.

Leah got out of the car and pushed her door shut. I walked to the open trunk and took out the blanket that Gabe keeps for emergencies. I took Leah’s hand and walked the fifty yards to a big, open field. I spread the blanket on the ground and motioned for Leah to sit down on it. She looked very hesitant.

“Hey. Don’t worry. We’ll just sit,” I said to calm her unspoken fears. “Nothing too revealing or sexual. I’ve got it.”

Leah sat down on the blanket and I sat behind her just holding her in my arms. She leaned back into me, getting comfortable in my arms. I didn’t try to make a move because I knew she didn’t want to do anything in a public park…even though there was no one around.

It was a beautiful clear, cool night. Temperatures were probably in the mid to high sixty’s still and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. We looked up at the star-filled sky, an both of us started naming constellations and stars. Leah found Polaris and the Little Dipper first, and I found the Big Dipper and Orion. I was even able to point out Mars.

We sat on the blanket, Leah in my arms, for a long time. I was resting my chin on her shoulder, with my arms and legs wrapped around her.

After about an hour of sitting in and out of silence, Leah started shivering. We stood up and I picked up the blanket to refold it. We walked to the car and I opened the trunk from the outside to put the blanket back in. Once I shut the trunk I grabbed Leah and put her up against the car while I kissed her …so deeply.

“Thank you.” I whispered in her ear.

“For what?” she Sincan Escort questioned.

“For tonight,” I answered. “It was amazing.”

I walked around to Leah’s side and opened the door for her. Then I walked over to my door and got in.

“Ready to go home?” I asked.

“Not really, but I don’t have a choice,” she responded.

“Yea, I know. Me too.” I replied. “Although I’m sure Gabe wants his car back.”

“I’m sure,” Leah said. “You two are still coming over tomorrow, right?”

“Of course. We come to your party every year.” I answered.

“Okay, good,” I could hear the child-like excitement in her voice.

I turned the car on and backed out of the parking space. The silence on the way home was deafening. Neither one of us wanted the night to end, but knowing in just a matter of moments it would. However, instead of taking the normal way back home, I chose to take the long way; so Leah and I had more time together.

As I went to reach for her hand, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw that my older brother was calling me.

“I’m sorry, but I got to take this,” I said to Leah as I flipped open my phone.

When I answered the phone, I realized that t wasn’t my brother on my phone, but my six year old nephew. Luckily I was able to keep the conversation quick, and within five minutes I was ending the call.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated as I reached for her hand, “that was my nephew, Jaycen. He called to tell me what he got on his first spelling test, an A. Not bad for a first grader.”

“That’s really good!” Leah replied before looking out the window. “By the way, where are we going?”

“Well, I wasn’t exactly ready to take you home, so I figured we’d drive home the long way,” I responded.

“Yeah, the really long way,” Leah laughed.

“Besides, I figured you wanted the time back that I spent talking to Jaycen,” I said.

“Nah,” Leah answered as she squeezed my hand, “family has to come first. I’m never going to ask you to put me before your family. Okay?”

Leah turned to look at me, and even though it was dark, I nodded my head. I know she saw me because I saw her smile. I almost melted right there in the car.


When I pulled into my garage, Leah and I got out of the car. We walked over to each other and hugged goodbye. We held on to each other a little longer than we should have, but not long enough for our neighbors to get suspicious. As she started walking over to her house, I promised I’d see her tomorrow afternoon.


By four o’clock on Saturday, Gabriel and I could hear a decent size crowd at the party next door. I looked out our window and I saw Leah holding Samuel, while she was talking to a couple who had just arrived. I noticed that another couple from the neighborhood that Gabe and I knew had also just shown up. I asked Gabriel if he wanted to head over, and he turned off his computer and went to put on his sneakers.

As soon as we were ready to go, we walked over to Travis and Leah’s holding hands. The weather was unseasonably warm for September; in the mid-eighties, and pure sunshine.

When we reached the party, Leah’s eyes caught mine and we smiled at each other, but she continued talking to her friends. Gabriel and I walked over toward Liam and Meghan. When Travis saw us, he stopped over to say hi, and to let us know that there was plenty to eat and drink before moving on to talk to other guests. Liam, Meghan, Gabriel, and I chatted for a while and then decided to get some food. The three of them grabbed some beer out of the coolers while I grabbed a bottle of pop. We walked toward the deck and saw that the patio table was open. We placed our drinks on the table, and Liam and Gabriel sat down to “claim” it, as Meghan and I went inside to get some food. When we came out, plates filled with food, the two guys went in to grab some. We talked a lot over dinner, enjoying both the food and company.

I had sat facing the lawn, so I was able to watch my girl. Like always, Leah was dressed very sexy. She was wearing a tank top and shorts and although the shorts weren’t too tight, they did complement her perfect body. I noticed that she too had taken a position in which she could keep Etlik Escort her eye on me: in the circle of friends she was taking to, she was facing the deck.

I tried to stay focused on the conversation going on at our table, but it was hard with the girl of my dreams in sight. Our eyes kept meeting. As I finished off my dinner and my cola, Gabriel got up and asked if anyone wanted another drink. I had seen bottled water before and told him that I wanted one. Liam and Meghan said that they were okay. When Gabriel brought me back the water, I thanked him and then slowly took a drink. The cold water was refreshing after thinking some hot thoughts.

After talking with our neighbors for a few more minutes, I noticed Leah following Samuel toward the deck. Madison was right behind. As the trio passed us, Leah mentioned that it was dinner time for the kids. I watched her as she went inside, asking her children what they wanted to eat.

Madison was the first back outside, carrying only a chocolate cupcake. She was followed by Samuel, who had a bowl of macaroni and cheese. As Leah came back out, another guest came up to her and asked if there were any more paper plates. Leah replied that she would be right in.

“Calie,” Leah called out to me. “Can you help me inside please?”

My heart skipped a beat as I excused myself from the table, and told them I would be right back. I followed Leah inside. She went into the kitchen and grabbed a stack of paper plates from the cupboard above the refrigerator.

“There you go,” Leah said as she handed them to the woman who asked and then turned back toward me. “I want to show you something upstairs.”

I let Leah lead the way, although a part of me knew where she was going. She headed into her bedroom, and as soon as I followed her in, she closed the door. In no time, Leah had pushed me up against the door, lips on mine, and hands against the door on either side of my face, pushing herself against me. I put one hand under her chin, and the other behind her head to keep her close. I knew we shouldn’t be doing this now, with fifty plus guests outside, but it felt too good, too right.

My conscience finally got the better of me and I moved my hand from her chin to her shoulder and gently pulled my lips off of hers.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I just really needed that.”

“Leah, you don’t ever owe me an apology. I just know you have guests here, and both of our husbands are outside,” I responded, placing my hand back under her chin.

I gave her forehead a kiss and then brought her in for a long hug.

“I’ve just missed you,” she said softly, even though it had only been one day since our last encounter.

“I know. I feel the same way. But, we can’t do this now. I promise we will find some time very soon,” I replied as I dragged out the last few words. I embraced her tighter. “Oh God, Leah Kline, I need you so bad.”

“It’s gotten worse. Now I know how good it should feel. I feel like I need it all of the time,” Leah admitted as she rubbed her hands up and down my back.

“I know Beautiful, I know.” I ran my hand through her hair, and then pulled away from Leah slightly so I could look at her. I needed to break the mood. “Just out of curiosity, how does Madison get away with having a cupcake for dinner?”

“Because I’m the best mom in the world,” Leah stated as-a-matter-of-factly and laughed.

“Oh, really?” I asked as I tilted my head at her.

“Of course I am,” Leah responded, “plus, she has had a lot to eat today, so I don’t care. It’s a party.”

I laughed with her as I brought her in for another hug, and let go of her. I went to open the bedroom door.

“Calie…” Leah reached for my arm and stopped talking in mid-thought.

“What’s up?” I asked as I looked up at her. I thought that I could tell what she wanted to say from the look in her eyes.

“You know, never mind,” she replied, shaking her head.

“Are you sure?” I looked into her eyes.

“Yea, I’m good,” she ensured me, and started to walk past me. “Let’s go back outside. However, I am holding you to that promise of getting together soon.”

As Leah walked out the door, she turned around and winked at me. I followed closely behind her, and ran my hand over ass. Once we were by the stairs, I moved my hand off of her shorts and backed off of her.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs, Leah walked over to a group of guests, who were admiring the family photos on the wall. I headed back outside to rejoin my husband.

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