Forbidden Rendezvous

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Female Ejaculation

Many nights I have sat there at my computer and wondered what it would be like to be in his arms. Now that I have, I want to pass the story on to everyone so that you can share the excitement and fascination that I felt.

I had driven over 1,000 miles to do this, so I thought that I had had plenty of time to get ready, but I wasn’t. Nothing could have made me ready for him and all the things that we done that first night.

First thing I needed to do was take a shower. It even made me feel better and calm me down a bit.

So I take my clothes off and throw them haphazardly across the nearest chair and look at myself in the full-length mirror.

5’4″ tall, brunette, brown eyes, and with all the curves in all the right places, I was stunning. I was never a good judge of people’s ages, so I couldn’t tell if I looked 35 or not. However I did not feel 35. I felt like a teenager, all giddy inside. Doing something taboo, like sneaking out in the middle of the night with mom and dad in the next room. I was high on the excitement that I felt.

I sat my suitcase up on the bed and opened it. Nothing looked right. I had no idea what I was going to wear. I will look later. Right now I need to get that shower or it will be too late.

The water was warm and soothing on my tired muscles. Driving can take a lot out of you. I just stood there, under that water like that for a while, half smiling. Thinking about him and what would happen when he got here.

He hadn’t said too much on the phone. I knew we where going to dinner somewhere, but other than that, the plan for our long awaited date was a mystery.

Rubbing the soap over my body, I became more excited and I wanted to touch myself, just relieve a little of the tension that I was feeling, but thought better of it.

What if we did end up in bed together on the first night? I didn’t want to be dry and not be able to come for him.

So I halted my thoughts and my actions and quickly got finished with my shower.

I had no sooner gotten the large fluffy towel wrapped around my breasts and the small one around my head, when there was a knock at the door.

4:15 p.m, way too early for my date. Must be room service. I did remember ordering a bottle of perfume from the gift shop downstairs.

“Who is it?”

“Room service.”

I held my towel in place and turned toward the bathroom mirror and hollered, “Come in, it’s open.”

I heard the door open as I pulled the towel down from my head and rubbed it vigorously over my wet hair.

When I laid the towel on the counter and picked up my purse so that I could tip him a pair of large hands grabbed mine gently, startling me.

My head popped up so fast that I almost broke my neck. Thinking that I was going to give this bellhop the thrashing of a lifetime, I opened my mouth and furrowed my brow, to make the meanest face possible when reality hit me.

This was no bellhop it was he. The man that I had traveled so far to see, early, I was not even dressed.

“You’re early!” The words came out of my mouth quickly and much too high-pitched. This is not at all what I had planned in my mind.

His smile melted my bones and I found it very hard to stand. He must have sensed this, because he slipped one arm around my back and pulled me close to him.

He was very tall and I had to bend my neck way back to look him in the eyes, his beautiful blue eyes.

Maybe he wasn’t the typical male hero of the modern day romance novels, but he was certainly the male hero of mine.

“Hi ya, Luv.” His voice was deep and in charge, like a drill sergeants. isveçbahis A voice that commanded attention, and I would bet anything that he got it.

“I’m not ready, you weren’t supposed to be here for 2 more hours.” I said smiling at him like a giddy child.

Still smiling at me like the Cheshire cat, he says, “want me to come back later?”

And before I had a chance to respond to his question, he leaned over and kissed me. I believe he knew the answer to that question before he asked it.

I didn’t resist. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him as passionately as he was kissing me. The taste of his tongue was ambrosia to me and made my head spin.

My towel fell away from my breasts and dropped silently to the floor, and I made no attempt to grab it. I let it fall.

I could feel the roughness of his jeans against my legs and thighs and the softness of his t-shirt on my naked breasts and at that moment I was so lost in the moment that I almost did not realize that he had pulled away to look at me.

My face flushed red at the thought of being stared at openly in the daylight.

Six years of marriage and 3 children did not prepare me for this. My husband was never interested in my body like this. To my husband, sex was something that you did because the church required it of us to carry on the name. Sex was not to be enjoyed or looked forward too, and you did not lust openly, in the daylight, like this man was doing.

But I liked it. I was embarrassed a little, and feeling a bit shy, but I liked the way he was looking at me.

He leaned forward, and I thought he was going to kiss me again, but instead, he put his arms around me and lifted me effortlessly off of the floor and carried me to the bed.

He sat me on the very edge and then lowered himself to his knees on the floor in front of me and kissed me lightly on the forehead, and then the nose, and then the chin, and then my neck. Working his way down in a straight line, varying only slightly, and only for a moment, to kiss each erect nipple, and to caress them lightly with his hands.

Those hands! How long had I waited to feel those hands on my naked flesh? His hands were rough, like a man who worked hard for a living, but his touch was as gentle as a summer breeze.

Supporting my only slightly he laid me back on the bed and continued kissing me. My bellybutton, and then to that place just above, but not on, and then worked his way down my left leg to my foot, where he kissed the top of each toe before moving to the right one and going back up.

I was completely beside myself. If I had been able to open my eyes, they would have been rolled back into my skull. Never had I felt such ecstasy in all my life.

Then he done something that I could not hardly believe. He slipped his arms beneath my thighs, leaving my knees draped over his shoulders and placed his hands flat on my stomach as he leaned forward and blew gently on my much neglected pussy.

My breath sucked in like a shock at the feeling that it sent through my body, and I knew that there would be no going back after this.

Then his tongue flicked out fast and light as a feather to tickle my exposed clit as his fingers held my lips apart as a moan escaped my lips.

Without warning he latched onto my clit with a light suction and I was crazed. My head rolled back and forth as I reached down and grabbed his head by his long blond hair and began to grind myself into his face.

I was moaning loudly and his tongue found it way into my wet pussy and again I went wild.

Never had this been done to me before. Not like isveçbahis giriş he was doing it. He found every one of my buttons and he pushed them again and again.

I’m not sure how or when but at some point he moved one of his hands and was slipping his fingers into my cunt.

I think at this point I had came and gone many times. Until that night I had no idea what an orgasm was, or what it could be.

As my orgasm started to subside, he slipped his thick fingers out of my sticky wet cunt and found my asshole and started caressing it with an expert touch.

I had never had any one play with my ass before and I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, so I just let him slowly pop one finger inside as he continued to eat my pussy.

He was careful and caring and not in any kind of hurry and I liked that.

Then he moved his finger in a little deeper and I felt a stinging sensation that was unfamiliar to my senses.

But the longer he played and moved his finger about inside my ass, the more I liked it. The pleasure against the pain. And then my mind was confused again.

What was I doing here?

Why wasn’t I home with my husband?

What in the world had gotten into me?

I had to leave. Get up right now and get dressed and go home. If I drove non-stop, I could come up with some sort of excuse. Something that he would believe or at least forgive.

I began to struggle to sit up, to get away from what was happening. He gently removed his hands and tongue from what they were doing and helped me to sit.

Looking me directly in the eyes, I felt like he could see every thing I was thinking and feeling. He reached up with his hand and gently stroked my cheek. His hand slid to the underside of my chin and pulled me forward to meet his lips.

My eyes closed again and I kissed him back, and never thought about leaving again.

He moved his tongue expertly. And I felt just a bit naughty at the thought of tasting my own juices on his lips.

When he pulled back to stand, I could see that his frame was not the only big thing on this man. His pants were about to burst from the pressure his cock was putting on it.

He pulled his shirt off and I sat there with stars in my eyes as he performed his strip tease for me. His chest was lovely, not a lot of hair, and his shoulders were wide and muscular.

Then with out missing a beat he slipped his boots off as he unbuckled his belt. When his pants were unzipped and heading south with his boxers I became very nervous. I had never seen a member like this one before!

Clearly 10 inches or more and with a girth that would scare any normal girl I couldn’t stop my childish reaction to suck in my breath sharply and to reach out and touch it.

It was real. It was hot to the touch, like it had a fever, and harder than I ever imagined one being.

That is when I noticed his reaction. He had been so cool and suave through it all, but when I touched him, his eyes closed slightly and act of removing his pants the rest of the way was forgotten.

I liked this. I had never caused this reaction in my husband.

Then he was looking at me again and it startled me just a bit. I blushed, pulled my hand away and looked down. Almost too embarrassed to sit there.

He sat down beside me on the bed and finished removing his clothes.

Taking my chin in his hand once again he pulled my face up to where I could see him and he was still smiling.

“There is nothing you do here that you should be ashamed of. This is all natural. Like God planned it. So enjoy it.”

He isveçbahis yeni giriş made me feel good about myself, and his voice was so soothing to my ears. He was right.

We began kissing again, and this time I reached down and took his cock in my hand and caressed it. Going a bit further down a couple of times to fondle his balls.

We lay back onto the bed and I directed my kisses onto his chest. Making my way down to the organ that was throbbing in my hand.

Trying not to fumble, I slipped off the edge of the bed to kneel in front of him, as he had done me.

I started slowly with the just the head, kissing and running my tongue about.

I could see that he liked what I was doing, but I wanted to do more, so I slowly opened my mouth and tried to put his cock inside.

It didn’t go far, it was much too big for my little mouth. So I grabbed his cock with both hands, one in front of the other and jacked him as I sucked and licked the head.

I remember that he was saying something to me while this was going on, but I have no idea what it was. Just that his voice was encouraging and gentle and exciting and I loved to hear it.

His cock began to swell even bigger, something that I had thought impossible. The hands on the back of my head gripped my hair and pulled my face away from his cock.

This brought reality flooding in and some of the words penetrated my hazy brain.

“Not yet, I don’t want to cum yet!” His voice was strained and his muscles tense. And I liked the way he looked.

I didn’t want to stop. I was excited and I wanted to experience it all. Every thing that I could imagine, I wanted to do it.

I shook his fingers out of my hair and stood, climbing on top of him, straddling him, but not touching him.

Waiting for his excitement to ebb, I teased him slightly by licking his ears and kissing his neck.

When he was ready to finish he reached up and grabbed my ass with both hands, kneading the flesh with his enormous hands, he pushed me easily into position above his waiting cock.

It was definitely a tight fit and it took a few moments of pushes and relaxes to get him inside me. But once it was there, I was in heaven.

I began to cum immediately. And I continued to cum as he pumped up and down inside of my wet pussy.

Then with no warning he put one arm across my back and one behind my head and flipped me.

He pushed my legs up over his shoulders and began a rhythmic rocking back and forth with just a little of the side to side action and I was screaming with pleasure. The pain in the back of my legs only heightened the intenseness of the pleasure.

He began to grunt as he thrust himself into my waiting pussy, harder and harder and I could see the veins in his neck beginning to stand out and his eyes was squeezed shut as a low rumbling sound, something akin to thunder, started to rumble in his chest.

As his thrusting got harder and faster, the sound grew louder and deeper.

I was panting and moaning in beat to the thrusting.

All of a sudden the sound became a loud growl and I could feel the hot jizz fill my cunt and squish out around his still pumping cock.

When the feelings of pleasure became bearable and our senses were returned to us, we looked each other in the eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. And soon we were kissing each other softly, moving up to a better position on the bed, and I was not ashamed. My naked body did not embarrass me any more. And I liked having the light on while I was naked, as long as he was looking at me like he still wanted me.

I ran my fingers lightly down his shoulder and waist, further past his hips and down his thighs and up again while we were kissing and was surprised to find out that he was ready to go again.

But that is another story all together…

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