Forest House

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Today she will take me to her family forest house. FTW is forest house? That’s how it is when you fuck rich man’s daughter. Jeep and another car, big house with pool and other stuff, boat. If I would love her I would marry her in a moment. But we have no love here. We both just like to fuck. And she likes to fuck a lot.

Sometimes I have a feeling she is a masochistic nympho. She likes strange things like master-slave games and me as master or really hard sex both pussy and anal, little or no foreplay. She like me to call her dirty names, hitting her butt but for now, I’m o.k. with that as she surprises me every time.

She took her mountain bike and I took her father’s one. We also packed water and some food inside bikes bags and went. After 30 minutes we left the solid road and turn in the forest. She was in front of me and I just follow. The road was bad. Now I know why they need a Jeep. I watched her and said half-joke that it would be interesting see her naked on that bike.

“You are my master. You just need to say!”

“Undress slave!” I said without really think that she will do that.

She stopped a bike and start to undress. I wanted to stop her but part of me wanted to see if she will really do that. And she did. She packed dress with no words and we went ahead. It was a little strange but excellent seeing her butt and rest of body, body with no error and her naked body moves.

She raised from a sit from time to time and I could see that her bike seat is wet. I knew it is wet from her pussy more than from her sweat. My dick starts to feel a lack of space in my pants. I had to do something as I could not ride like that and I knew she is ready too. There were no people around so…

“Who am I?” I asked with a deep sound.


“Stop then and get here!” That was the only thing I could remember to say at the moment.

“What shall I do master?” She asked me on the way to me.

“Go and hug that tree!” I said pointing illegal bahis my finger to a nearby tree.

She did that and I step behind her, lower my pants and just put it in pussy. I fucked her without mercy. I knew that pressing her to the tree is painful but I also knew she wants that.

“Yes, master fuck me, master!” Was her words and I did as strong and powerful I could. My dick filled every part of her tight pussy.

I raised her leg to have more easy access and continue to fuck her for a while then asked her to turn around. I lifted her legs and continue to move. I knew that she will need more than that to finish so after a while I stopped and lay on the floor. She was still standing there.

“Master can I get there and sit on your beautiful dick?”

“Yes, you can!”

She came to me and sit on it. Pussy was so hot like she would be burning. She fucked me like that for some time. I kissed her, bite her breasts and play with her ass. I knew we were both close and then I decided that it is not jet the finishing time.

“Enough! Back on a bike!” I said and she left my dick in a moment.

We stopped one more time similar way. I stopped before she could finish and she said, “Thank you master to torture me.”

Finally, we got to the house. Nice small wooden house with a natural water pool.

“Go into the water,” I said to her, regardless the fact I knew it is really cold.

She went in and standing there as water was just over a meter deep. I undress and went to her. Water was really cold. We wash each other fast and run still wet in the house. She brings some towels so we could wipe each other.

I hold her and said, “What now?”

“Now your slave wants to be fucked but needs time to prepare for.”

“O.k. go slave and be back fast!”

She came from other room in black 12 cm high heels, dressed in black underwear with openings on strategic points. In her ass, she had a black ponytail haired plug. There illegal bahis siteleri was a big box in her hands.

“I bring you the tools,” she said and put a box on the bed.

She stepped away and just waited. She was standing there while I opened the box and check its content. All kind of dildos, some hands-free, whips, mouth, and vaginal balls, some nice butt plugs most with a ponytail, rope, rocket, and whips for spanking, oil, candles.

I asked her to turn around. That tail from her ass really fits her dressed in black. I kissed her back and start to move the plug out. Amazing how that ass is flexible. I asked myself that same question every time I fucked her.

I took one slightly oversized hand free dildo and pass it to her.

“Play yourself and let me see how your horny pussy handles it!”

She took it and start to lick it like it would be real then she fix it on a floor and center it in her pussy. With more than half-size bigger than mine I really want to see it entering and stretch her. She starts to move body down. Pussy was stretched well when half of it was in.

I went to her and gave her my dick to suck it. Dildo disappeared in pussy and my dick in her month. She sucked it and played with my balls. She moved up and down her body all the time. We both enjoyed when she made a pause.

“Master if I would be a good girl would you fill all my holes please?”

“That could be arranged easily.”

I notice her bedroom always have a large mirror either on a wall or on the closet doors. I knew at that time already why it is so and reach for a double self-fixing dildo she had in a box and gave it to her.

“Fix it on the mirror,” I said.

Mirror was on the wall just around meter from bed. I sit on the bed end and she set up herself on dildo. I watched dildo fill her both holes while she still sucked my dick.

“Master, can you be so kind and hit me with that whip?” She said after a short pause.

I canlı bahis siteleri took it and hit her butt gently. With the dick still in her mouth, she said “Harder!”

So I hit her a bit more.

She fucked and sucked while asking me to hit her again and again. At some point, it was too much for me so I stopped.

“I’ll not hit you anymore, I’ll fuck you really hard instead. Lay on your back slave.”

She did what I asked and I took the rope. I tied her with arms and legs stretch wide. I took the largest dildo she has. It was really big. I oil it and center to her pussy. I start to push and I push it hard. Little by little her pussy gave up. I fucked her with just a few cm but I knew it is enough as it was big as my fist.

She kept asking for more. I push dildo a little more in and leave it like that, deep in her horny pussy. I released her and turned her on all 4 to get full access to her ass with my dick.

“Yes do that to me, do that to your slave whore!” She was saying while I already start to push my dick in her ass.

I felt how extreme dildo in pussy stretched the area but I continue to push until my whole dick was in her ass. I felt the pain as she did also. But did not take care. I just fucked her ass with no mercy.

I fucked her ass hard but also managed to use hand to move the dildo in pussy. I don’t know how long I fucked her like this but she was screaming from joy asking me to fuck her harder and harder.

I was not able to hold on anymore and explode in her ass. But she still did not have enough so I took the 2nd dildo and start to fuck both pussy and ass.

More pain, more she liked that. Soon she finished and like many times before, she pees from extreme joy. I lay beside her and just left her with her ass lifted and both dildos in.

“Thank you, master. You fucked your slave good.” She said and kissed me.

Then she went down to my dick and start to lick and suck it. We repeat another similar round. My dick was in pain so I really did not want to repeat again. Next day we went back home fully satisfied. It crossed my mind that she could rotate bike sit up and fuck during riding but I rather kept that for me as she perhaps would just to do that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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