Forever Young Ch. 05

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– Daniel –

A loud knocking on the front door woke me from my sleep, a quick glance at my alarm clock confirmed the time at being far too early. I groaned as I threw back the covers, rubbing the sleep from my eyes as I stumbled sleepily across the room.

I dragged myself to the front door and swiftly unlocked it. I was going to kill Elliott, that was for sure.

“Elliott, seriously you need to remember to take your keys when you…”

I started, trailing off as the door swung open, revealing the towering frame of Darren. Elliot was being held up against his side, an arm wrapped around his upper body as his head lolled against Darren’s shoulder.

I looked him up and down and swallowed nervously, now remarkably aware that I was only dressed in my underwear. Not that Darren had not seen me in such a state before, but it felt all the more intimate given the situation.

“Is Elliott ok?” I asked, looking at him limp against Darren’s side. Frantically trying to find something to distract Darren from my half naked form.

“Very, very, drunk.” Darren answered, his eyes never leaving my face. A rather gentlemanly gesture that I certainly appreciated, and certainly something I doubted I would have been capable of had the situation been reversed.

I crossed my arms over my chest, deliberately hiding the scars at my elbow and biceps. A small shiver passed through me as a cold breeze swept in through the open door.

“Can you help me get him to his room?” I asked, stepping backwards from the door, my body curling in on itself against the chill.

Darren gave me a curt nod and swung Elliot up into his arms as if he weighted nothing at all. Sometimes I forgot just how strong he was, but seeing him swing around a grown man was certainly one way to demonstrate it.

I moved in front of him and opened the door to Elliott’s room, pulling back the covers as Darren strode in and carefully deposited Elliott on the bed. I stepped forward, shifting his body into the recovery position and pulled the covers up to his waist. God I swear this was a ritual I had to do far too often for him.

I turned around bumping into Darren’s chest and losing my balance, but his arms shot forward to catch me. His cool hands grasped at my biceps and I felt pins and needles run over the skin of my scar. I gasped at the touch and Darren hastily removed his hands from me.

“My apologies.” He said, turning and moving swiftly from Elliott’s room towards the door.

I stumbled slightly at the speed he moved away, and followed him out, hastily grabbing at his arm as he neared the door.

“Darren.” I started, releasing his arm when his gaze flashed to mine.

“I may still be half asleep, but can we talk?” I asked, half wanting to ask him what happened tonight, and half wanting to keep him here.

“If you’re sure I am not keeping you from your rest.” He said, his voice once more taking on that formal tone of his.

“Come to the living room.” I said, crossing my arms over my chest as I headed along the corridor. I knew that Darren didn’t like seeing the scars on my body, and I hated the obvious visual reminder of what had been done to me.

I slid down unceremoniously onto the sofa, pulling the blanket from the back over my lap and pulling it against my arms to hide the scars. Darren stood next to the sofa for a moment, obviously thinking hard about something, before sitting down with a level of grace I was sure I had not.

“So how exactly did you find Elliott tonight?” I asked, pulling my legs up onto the sofa and turning towards Darren.

“I encountered him while I was out in a bar, he was drawing the eyes of some of our kind.” He said, his face the very picture of cool and collected.

“You mean a vampire?” I said, only half vocalising the last word.

Darren nodded, and I shuddered at the thought of a vampire having his way with Elliott. Humans were always too fragile, and if anything happened to him I doubted any justice would come of it. Vampires had a notorious habit of making the bodies of their victims disappear, and even their own laws didn’t forbid them killing humans.

My people at least had some semblance of mercy, and our method of feeding was said to be among the most enjoyable for anyone to experience. Among my people, once we had refined our control it was very rare for our “prey” (I hated that word) to die. Only the young or the starving lacked the restraint necessary to feed carefully, and I was both of those.

The organisation among the Cubus (as we referred to ourselves) was more loose than those of the Vampires. We were less numerous than vampires, due to being born and not made. An encounter between two of my kind usually ended up in them squaring off with one another aggressively after determining the others clan, or devolving into a frenzy of sex.

“Daniel?” Darren said, interrupting me from my thoughts.

“Sorry, that was just a worrying thing to hear.” I said, looking across at İstanbul Escort Darren, who grinned kindly at me.

“He has a reputation among our world you know, he has been with a number of us, and is still here.” Darren said gently, shifting in his seat, obviously anxious of my reaction.

“You’re serious?” I asked, leaning towards him, obvious worry filling my voice.

“He is alright Daniel, you know our ways, and so far he has not been harmed.” Darren said, his voice cool, even, and infuriating.

“Why him though? Why are they interested in him?” I asked, my fingers fretting anxiously with each other.

“You won’t like the answer Daniel.” He said coolly, his hazel eyes not betraying a hint of emotion.

“Why are you being so curt with me?” I said, my irritation at his calm demeanour flaring.

A smile graced Darren’s face as he inhaled sharply.

“I was trying very hard not to breathe.” He said.

“Are you saying I stink?” I said, my eyebrows drawing up over my face at the smirk on Darren’s face.

“This flat is permeated with your scent. The scent of a hungry Incubus, and it inspires arousal in humans and supernaturals alike.”

Darren said, his eyes assessing my face.

“You’re saying that Elliott is a target because he smells like me?” I said, my face dropping as I considered the horrifying revelation.

“In part yes, it does have a draw on people Daniel, you are quite irresistible.”

Darren said, his eyes gazing at me and darkening as I now noticed he had begun breathing deeply.

“You can’t mean that.” I said a laugh bubbling out through my lips.

“Look at me. Guys like me are a dime a dozen, head through Soho on a Friday night and you’ll see a hundred guys like me there. And none of them are scarred either.”

I said, struggling to comprehend just what Darren saw in me.

“A passing similarity at best. You, however, have my affections, and they do not.” Darren said, leaning towards me on the sofa, his eyes steadily darkening.

“And you really think your scars bother me Daniel?” Darren said, his head cocking to the side as he studied my face.

“I know the look that crosses your face when you see them, I’m damaged Darren.” I said feeling a slight prickling in my eyes as I choked back a sob.

“They mark you as a survivor Daniel. No matter what was done to you, you survived.” Darren said, turning his body towards me, and reaching a hand out towards the blanket, tugging it gently away from my lap when I didn’t move to stop him.

My arms now exposed I flinched, but that did not stop Darren. He knelt down on the floor in front of me, and took my hands in his. The motion extended my arms, exposing the marks, and I gulped as Darren caught my gaze.

Where I had expected the anger I had seen in his eyes before, I now saw tenderness. I feared that his anger had been that my skin had been marred, but as I watched he slowly lowered his head and placed a gently kiss on the back of my hands. His lips inched higher and I shuddered, now at the juncture of my wrist, moving higher.

My breathing hitched and I felt a shiver run through me, and I tried to draw my hands away from him. I failed miserably against his strength, feeling a spike of fear run through me as he neared my elbow. I clenched my eyes shut, feeling my arms go numb, the only sensation being the pair of lips searing a path up my arm.

Twin feelings raged inside me; the abject fear as Darren brazenly ran his lips closer and closer towards my scars, and hot wet desire at the feeling of his lips brushing against my skin. Against my hot flesh his lips felt blissfully cool, and my delicate skin felt the scratching brush of his facial scruff that sent a tremor through me.

I froze as his lips neared the crease of my elbow, and I felt the lightest of touches graze across the raised scars there.

“Please stop.” I said, a tear sliding down my cheek as I slowly opened my eyes.

“I needed to prove to you that your scars do nor mar your appeal to me. They show your strength, and your will Daniel, and I would not wish to change that about you, little one.”

He said pulling my hands towards his face and his lips to my knuckles.

My fingertips grazed against his palm, and brushed against what felt like a wound there. I turned my hands over, exposing what my fingertips had felt. A spiral shape was burned into the palm of Darren’s hand, the edges angry and red against his otherwise alabaster skin.

“You’re hurt.” I said, blinking away the tears as I glanced up at him.

“A minor wound, due to my lack of attention.” Darren said, closing his fist to conceal his palm.

“I neglected to look before I touched, and Elliott has a penchant for jade ornaments.”

A brief memory surged up inside me, of my mother populating her jewellery with a number of jade ornaments, which now seemed to make sense. I gripped Darren’s hand in mine, and gently encouraged him Anadolu Yakası Escort to open his palm. Not that I could have succeeded in forcing him anyway. He hesitated for a moment, before his fingers opened and revealed the raised red mark.

“Will it heal quickly?” I asked.

“Perhaps an hour or so.” Darren replied, moving to rest his hands on my thighs.

That did not fail to draw my attention, and I gulped as I stared down at him, suddenly hyper aware of every beat of my heart, and how every pulse seemed to direct blood further south.

I squirmed under his touch, feeling exceedingly exposed at that moment, not helped by the way his eyes had visibly darkened to a shade closer to amber.

“I’m really bad at this aren’t I?” I asked, letting out a long sigh, as Darren looked up at me.

“I have no plans to go any further than you deign to allow me Daniel. You set the pace here.” Darren said, his face softening as his fingers massaged soothing circled at the flesh just above my knees.

I tentatively extended a hand towards him, hesitating a few inches from his face, and looked to Darren for any signs of disapproval. A short nod from him was the indication I needed, and I closed the distance between my hand and his face.

I curled my fingers around the side of his face, noting the scratchy texture of his five o’clock shadow. Like a cat seeking attention he leaned into my touch, sighing deeply as his eyes slid closed. Given what I knew about him, allowing himself to be vulnerable like this was a great sign of trust from him.

My hand lazily trailed up the side of his face, delicately tracing across his temples, and ran up further to entwine in his hair. Despite his rugged appearance the texture of Darren’s hair was remarkably soft against my fingers. I gently massaged my fingers along the side of his skull, distracted by the silky texture passing through my fingers, however I jumped slightly when a sound of appreciation hummed through Darren.

My heart thundered inside my chest when Darren opened his eyes, twin dark orbs staring up at me that seemed to swallow me up. My breath hitched in my throat and I bit my lip as I gazed down at him.

Darren’s hand reached out to me, gripping my shoulder and pulling me from the sofa towards him. His arm wrapped itself around my waist and pulled me against his chest in an encompassing hug.

“Come here little one.” Darren murmured into my hair, his hand gently stroking up my spine sending goose-bumps across my skin. I sighed contentedly, feeling wonderfully safe in this embrace.

“I have got you now.” He continued, tugging me further onto his lap, my legs framing his thighs and my face buried in the crook of his neck.

“I know I can’t be what you expected, or wanted. But I…I’ll…” I trailed off, unsure exactly what I wanted to promise to Darren.

“Daniel, I am sure I am not what you wanted or expected. A Vampire, for an Incubus attacked by Vampires.” Darren said, one hand rubbing gently up and down my side.

“A Vampire who has spent centuries upon centuries alive, for one as young as you, that is a daunting prospect.” Darren murmured, pulling me away from his neck to catch my gaze.

I expected to see some irritation, or sadness in his eyes. What I found however was a level of warmth I hadn’t seen before. He was always so reserved, so calm and collected, but I was finally seeing beneath that mask. My knight in shining armour was now bearing his feelings for me openly.

“I can’t be a hero Daniel. Not after all the things I have done..” He murmured.

“Darren, whatever you may have done, you’re good for me. You make me feel safe.” I said, squeezing him a little tighter.

Darren moved to stand, a precarious situation at best given our positioning, but he managed. He moved his hands towards my lower back, supporting my weight easily against him as I tightened my legs around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck, leaning in close to his throat and nuzzled against his cool skin.

“Carrying me to bed?” I asked, rewarding me with a light chuckle from Darren.

“I have distracted you from your rest for long enough, my little incubus.” Darren said, moving easily through the flat and towards my bedroom.

“If you’re what’s distracting me I’m not sure I’ll object.” I murmured against his throat. In a brief spur of courage I placed a light kiss against his throat.

Darren let out a slight noise from his throat of what I hoped was appreciation. In response, one of his hands inched gently down from my lower back, coming to rest over one rounded globe of my ass. I gasped at the touch, my legs grasping more tightly around his waist, my cock throbbed eagerly, hardening in my boxers as I drew back to gaze up at Darren.

“If I ever push past a boundary, you will tell me at once.” He said, his voice cool and even.

I nodded swiftly, biting my lip as his hand gently massaged the flesh of İstanbul Escort my ass. My mind swimming with lust as my heart pounded in my chest.

Darren gently lowered me to the bed, and I released my legs from around his waist and moved back from the edge, laying myself back in the most seductive manner I could muster.

I looked up at Darren, noticing the tense set of his features as a low growl began to sound from his chest. It both thrilled and terrified me in almost equal measure, but as his hands moved to remove his leather jacket my breathing hitched in eagerness.

“Nervous?” Darren asked, although I am sure he already knew the answer.

I nodded jerkily, my pulse pounding in my ears.

“This is a lot, and I’m sure you can hear what my heart is doing right now.”

His leather jacked lay discarded now, and his hands moved to the hem of his shirt, tugging it over his head in one fluid motion. My mouth fell open at the sight.

Darren was glorious. Pale skin stretched tightly across hard planes of muscle, small copper-coloured nipples adorned his broad chest. As he flexed to cast his shirt aside his corrugated abs shifted in a tantalizing wave of motion. Dark black hair covered the expanse of his upper chest, with a light dusting trailing down his torso. A similar patch of hair lay at his navel, with a trail descending down below the waistband of his jeans.

“You’re so beautiful.” I breathed, my fingers flexing with the urge to reach out and touch him, and my cock throbbed painfully at the sight. My breathing quickened further as his hands moved to the button at the top of his jeans.

“Did I mention how much I enjoy it when your eyes do that?” Darren said, his gaze lingering on my face as he unbuttoned his jeans.

I blinked for a moment, confused. I cast my gaze over to the mirror on the wall and saw exactly what he meant. My eyes had changed to a startling shade of crimson, glistening in the dim light of my room. I frowned at myself, trying to will the colour to bleed from my eyes.

This was the part of my nature I hated, it only amplified the fact I belonged to a world I had tried so hard to stay away from.

“Why does my compliment sadden you?” Darren asked, moving to kneel next to the bed, level with me.

I shook my head, slamming my eyes shut to shield them from the vision of myself in the mirror. It was terrifying. Glimmering red eyes when I gave in to this side of me.

“Little one, your eyes do not disturb me in the slightest. Much as I hope my own do not unnerve you.” He said, as one of his hands came to rest on my thigh, his thumb rubbing a soothing circle in the taut muscle.

“They are beautiful Daniel, and I am certainly not one to object to something you cannot control.”

“I know that my fangs fill you with fear, but it is not always possible for me to control my body’s natural reactions even after so long being what I am.”

“I can smell the fear that rolls off you, I can hear your heart thunder at their presence, but you still choose to be with me.”

“And despite what your eyes may make you feel about yourself, I find them beautiful.”

I slowly opened my eyes, and looked across at Darren, his head inclined to me with those brilliant hazel eyes of his glittering behind a gentle curtain of black hair.

He moved forwards onto the bed, his torso mere inches from mine and one hand resting across my own. His arm wrapped around my shoulders and pulled me delicately to his chest, my face resting comfortably against one prominent pectoral.

“I will stay here with you if you wish it Daniel, even if it just means I get to hold you for the night.” He said his lips pressing into my hair and placing a gentle kiss that sent shivers running down my spine.

“Stop talking like that, you’ll make me cry again.” I said, stifling a laugh as I snuggled closer against his cool frame.

“There is nothing wrong with tears little one, so long as it is not due to an offence on my part.” Darren said, lowering us down to a horizontal position with my face still held against his chest.

“They’re not because of you, they’re my fault for being too sensitive that’s all.” I said, sighing as Darren’s arm rounded my torso in a cool and soothing embrace.

Darren shifted our positions, laying us down as he drew the covers up to our shoulders. His arms wrapped around my torso, and my head nestled in the crook of his throat. He sighed deeply, his face nuzzling into my hair, and sending a shiver down my spine as I leaned back against him.

“Gehwæde Mera” He whispered against my skin, a gentle rumble passing through his chest as he gripped me more tightly. His body was not cold, but pleasantly cool, and the gentle sensation of the hair on his chest rubbed against my skin in a soothing way.

“What language is that?” I asked, letting my eyes drift closed as I marvelled at the sensation of Darren’s hands moving softly against the skin of my chest.

“The language of my youth, you’re stirring up a lot of my old traits it seems.” He said gently, his hand curving against my ribs in an overt possessive gesture. Having his arms wrapped around me like this made me feel protected. I doubted there was a safer place than in his arms, and it was a feeling I hoped to have more often.

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