Fort Fantasy

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I named this one Fantasy Fort because my friend called it that when I told her this story. 😀


I had just gotten out of a relationship with a man who stepped on me and my heart one or ten too many times. I was not looking for anything at all, much less anything serious. In fact, I’d just told a friend of mine that I was pretty sure if any man who wasn’t related to me talked to me I’d slap him. Just for being a dude.

Still, Friday night rolled around and I found myself driving my friend down to her new boyfriend’s house. The love of her life and a wonderful guy, I was too happy for her to keep up my recent bitchiness.

We made plans to go bowling with him and some of his friends because my friend didn’t want to have their first date be at a bar.

Two of Mike’s friends met us at his apartment before we left for the bowling alley. All I could think when I was introduced to his friend Troy was, “damn, he’s cute.” I immediately thought he must not be interested and I have to say it wasn’t anything he did. Looking back I think he had an eye on me from the beginning, and my ridiculous man-drama had made my sexual radar all out of whack.

We ended up in the bar portion of the bowling alley complex despite Jenny’s intention not to date in a bar. The bowling alley had a tournament that didn’t end for an hour or so and we went to play pool and have a few drinks. I was trying to get at least a little buzzed so was drinking pretty fast. I really needed a night of letting lose (or letting go, even).

Troy asked if I’d play pool with him. I said I was horrid at the game, but yes. We played one drawn out game of very sloppy pool while I said a lot of self-deprecating things. There were frankly a lot of guys around who seemed pretty interested in me and most were güvenilir bahis being too overt. They were all trying to spit game and acting cocky and frankly, pushy about it.

Troy was interesting in his quiet, understated interest. In the midst of all the ridiculousness of the drunken evening, it felt like a secret we shared, his interest in me, the sexual tension no one else was paying enough attention to see.

We moved on to bowling and he smirked over my rainbow glitter toe socks. I hate socks and I hate wearing full shoes so on the occasions I have to, I like to wear something fun.

At this point I was fairly drunk. My friend Jenny and I were dancing around and I was taking pictures of her in front of the fans they had going since it was a warm night.

Pretty soon as I drunkenly dance-bowled and drank and chattered with Jen, I noticed he was always staying close to me, always making a point to say something funny or tell me to bowl a strike (my 8 point score in the fifth frame made that quite a joke too, actually).

Soon, I was drunk enough to be going with the flow when one of the more aggressive other guys decided to kiss me. I was just having fun, newly single and not looking for anything more than a few minutes of fun with whoever happened to be open to it and slightly attractive. When I turned away from the kiss Troy had just come back with a drink he’d brought me and looked a little jealous, which was a bit of an ego boost.

We all ended up back at Mike’s house watching Fight School on tv and bullshitting in that lazily half asleep way one gets when it’s the end of a drunken night.

The other people left for a run to taco bell, and one stormed out mad that I was ignoring him. I was too drunk to give him signals of my disinterest except for blatantly ignoring him türkçe bahis so that was a bit unfortunate.

Anyhow it left Troy and I sitting on the couch with the sheets Mike had brought out for me arguing because I kept thinking he was trying to steal my bed for the night.

I wanted to go to my car and get my pjs and he kept making sarcastic remarks about having the bed to himself. We decided to share and I went and got changed into my pjs. He incredulously asked, “Those are your pjs?”

Um, yeah, I was at someone else’s house so the fleece pants and hoodie were more appropriate than the negligee he sounded like he might’ve been expecting.

I lay down and pull the sheets over me, the bottom sheet with elastic corners becoming the top blanket. “That’s just ridiculous.” He said, gesturing to the elastic cornered sheet. “Well, it’s a fort.” I proved my point by using my stretched out feet and hands to make it into a fort over the both of us.

He had a hand under my sweatshirt and was lazily rubbing my back, making me a very happy, very tired girl. He asked if I was falling asleep and when I said yes changed tactics to kissing me.

I’ve done a lot of things but I’ve never been with a man with a tongue piercing so I was enjoying the new experience as much as the fact that he was a fantastic kisser. There was nothing awkward, every movement went smoothly, every kiss was only pleasure.

We transitioned into him over me, making out, me already grinding against him and clawing his back, digging my fingers into his shoulders.

I took my shirt off after some incentive from him. It was more him than his piercing I think, but everything he did with his tongue drove me mad. He kissed all over my stomach, down to my hip bones, inching my pants down and letting me tug them back up before güvenilir bahis siteleri trying again. He would return from stomach to nipples, to kissing me on the mouth, capturing me completely in the sensation of his mouth on me.

I really had intended to be a good girl that night and not “fall madly into bed” with anyone. But it was just soo good. No thinking, no emotions crowding out the ability to just feel.

Soon I was naked under him and his ministrations while he still had on every scrap of layered clothing he’d worn that night. Eventually he remarked on it and got naked with me, still grinding against me without actual penetration, kissing me and making me lose my will to maintain “good girl” status.

We writhed together for a moment, still under our “fort” of grey jersey sheet, both silently debating how far this was going to go. He pressed up inside me and I was again lost in the sensation.

He fit me perfectly and it was so hard to stay quiet (especially quiet enough for the fact that someone was five feet away asleep). Every sensation was hitting me at once. The feel of his shoulder muscles, tight and strong, bunched under my fingernails was just as strong a sensation as that of his hardness thrusting up inside me. It was just as sexy as his hips driving against mine and his tongue laving my own. I was biting his lip, clawing those taut shoulder muscles, clenching my inner muscles around him in ecstasy, and coming as much from the sensations running though my head as from actual physical reaction, but he was getting too hot and tired. I wouldn’t let him out of the fort because then we’d both be out and I was naked in a room with another man sleeping a few feet away.

He finally gave up and lay next to me, leaving me exhausted, sated, and with not a thought in my head. I fell asleep just as one thought did occur to me: Damn, I should’ve offered to finish him with my mouth.

Oh well, a girl is bound to have a few small regrets while living this life. Maybe I’ll get a chance to do that for him another time. 😀

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