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BY [email protected]

Authors note.

Hey all. I have been building this story in my head for years, and it took a pandemic to move it from my head to these pages. This story is just made up from things I fantasized about when I was little. There is no truth to it and any resemblance to something that may have happened in your life is purely coincidental, although, I would love to hear about it.

I am a little ADD so it is hard for me to sit down and write. I will not do it if I do not get feedback. Nifty give us an outlet to write things that we cannot talk about in the real world, so donate fty/donate.html and be sure to give the authors feedback on what you think after you read their stories..

Remember to please keep the fantasies here on the pages of Nifty. What I am asking is read about him, dream about him, look at him, but don”t put hands on him.

I do hope you and your families are staying safe and heathy through these trying times. ENJOY.






“Dr. Jacobs, I would like to introduce you to Brian Burke. Brian came to us all the way from Milbourn, by himself to come to our school and join Crossman House”

The Doctor looked at me with a smile and asked, “Are you a Crossman sweetheart?”

“No Sir, but I would do anything to become one.”

“Why do you want to be a Crossman so much?”

“Sir, I know that this is a strange thing that I am doing, and I wasn”t totally sure when I left the house this morning if I was doing the right thing. After talking to the Headmaster though, I just know for sure that this is where I am supposed to be.” I said smiling.

“Well Doctor, I have explained to Brian that in order for him to even be considered for our school and more importantly the Crossman House, he must complete all the exams, first the medical and then the academic. I have explained in some detail about what would be expected of him today, and gave him many opportunities to back out, but he has held firm.

“Good for you my boy. Always stand firm on what you believe is the best thing for you. Now, you understand what is about to happen, and why?”

“Yes sir, the Headmaster explained most of it to me. I am scared though”

“I totally understand boy. This is a big step for someone who was not brought up in this community, but you know you don”t have to do this, no one will be mad at you.”

“I understand Sir. Thank you for worrying about me, but I know what I need to do.”

“Ok, I accept your ability to make your decision. Now, I need you to go over to that chair,” He pointed to an armchair on the other side of the room. “Remove all of your clothes and place them neatly on the chair please.”

There are other things about my body besides being overweight that I am very embarrassed about. I am sure that when I take my clothes off, both men will just laugh at me and tell me to get out, but I know I have to do this. On shaky legs, I walk over to the chair and remove my shoes, socks, shirt, and pants. I look up at the men and so far, they are not laughing or making fun of me. “Sorry boy, the underwear to,” The Doctor says. I take a deep breath and drop my underwear and put them on the chair with the rest of my clothes.

“Good boy,” the Doctor says. Now let”s start with your weight and height, shall we?” He led me over to the scale and I stepped up looking down in shame. The Doctor called out my weight at seventy-nine point five pounds. He then had me turn around and pulled the arm down over my head and called out forty-seven point three inches tall. I guess he saw the shame on my face and asked, “What”s wrong, why are you looking so sad? If you are worried about your weight, don”t. You are nine years old. You have not even hit your growth spurt yet, once you do you will most likely be fine.”

“But now you both see how ugly I am, I know you don”t want me in your school. I am sorry I wasted your time.” I was trying to hold back the tears. Have your ever wanted something so bad and just couldn”t seem to grab it, even though it is right in front of you? That is the way I was feeling as I walked back over to the chair to get my clothes. Before I could get there though, I felt a hand on my shoulder guiding me over to another chair. I looked up with tears in my eyes and the Headmaster was standing there. He sat down in the chair and pulled me on to his lap.

“Brian, you may be right, this may not be the place for you. However, you need to know that it has nothing to do with your weight, height, or any other part of your body. I guess the question I must ask you before you get dressed and I drive you to the train station, is why? Why would you want to come to a place where you think so little of the community you want to join? I have been talking to you for a little while now, and I have been straight with you about what to expect and even what this exam would entail. During the time I have been talking to you and even as walked you to the Medical Center, did you think I didn”t notice that you were short and overweight?” I looked down at the floor and he used his finger under my chin to tilt my head back, so I was looking him in the eye. “Well?”

“I don”t know what to think Sir. Why would you want someone who looks like me here? I am not good looking, I am fat, I am short, and I have less here then a five-year-old boy I saw at the church day care center.” I said as I spread my legs to show my dingy. The Headmaster took my dingy in between his finger and thumb and held it. I could not believe how good if felt and got hard right away.

“First of all, this will grow, but you are a boy, this is the last thing that you need to concern yourself with right now. Second, I did not start the process of interviewing you because of what you looked like, although, you are quite the cutie as far as I am concerned. I started this interview because I honestly think you need what we have to offer. You are respectful, with a charming personality, and you are very smart. So now you must decide if you want to continue or if you want to get dressed and leave. This is up to you buddy.”

I looked at the Headmaster and then to the Doctor and said to both men, “I am sorry for what I said. I do not like what I look like, so guess I thought others would see what I see. I know my mom, dad, and brother don”t see me that way, but I just figured everyone else does. If I have not made you to mad, I would like do the rest of the exam.”

“I want to ask you something buddy, and then I will let this drop, ok?” the Headmaster said. “The first person you met here was Timmy, right?” I nodded yes. “Why do you like him, he is tall and really skinny? He had to notice that you are a good six inches shorter than him and at least eight pounds heavier,”

“Timmy is really cool, and I guess he noticed what I looked like and he wanted to be my friend anyway. I want to be his friend to, even though he is really skinny.” I giggled and jumped off the Headmasters lap and stood in front of the Doctor. “I am ready to go now Doctor.”

“Good boy, and I agree with the Headmaster, you really are a lot cuter than you think you are. Timmy is a great kid, but he doesn”t let just any outsider into his world. I think you two will actually be good for each other.” With that he picked me up and put me on the end of the exam table. “I will tell you something most doctors would not say to a child, and that is no matter what, as long as you know me, I will never lie to you or hold back anything from you.” He said looking me right in the eye.

“Ok boy, let”s get back to it. Now I am going to do a lot of what I am sure your regular doctor does. I am going to listen to your heart and lungs, then I will check your reflexes, eyes, ears, and nose. Then I will be starting at your toes and measuring everything from your toes to the top of your head. Do you still want me to continue?”

I nodded my head yes, and he started doing exactly what he said he would. At first it was like he said, he did all the same checks my doctor did, but when he was finished things got weird. He really did measure everything. He measured every toe and called the numbers out to the Headmaster who wrote them down. Then it was each foot, leg from ankle to knee, and knee to hip. Then he even measured the size of both of my little balls with this pincher thing that really didn”t pinch. Then my one point seven-five-inch hard dinky. “He is very underdeveloped.” Looking at me he said, “Brian, I told you I would not lie to you, so I will be honest now. You are severely underdeveloped for a boy your age. Your dinky may grow a little, but I don”t suspect it will grow much.”

I was not sure what to do or say here. I know am smaller than the other boys my age, and I guess it is a bad thing. I know all the boys talk about how big they are getting down there, and I know I am not. “Doctor, you said you would not lie to me, so can I ask you a serious question?” He nodded yes and I asked, “Is that a bad thing? I guess all boys want to be big, but I am not sure, other than being picked on for it, that I really care. Is that wrong?”

“Boy, depending on what you want from the rest of your life, no. There are lots of adults that are not much bigger than you. You are not the first male to have this issue, I can promise you that. I will tell you this though. When you do finally start attending school here you will have the opportunity to see every boy in Crossman House naked, since clothes are not allowed on the upper floors. What you will see there are boys, underdeveloped like you, some very overdeveloped, and you will even meet two boys who don”t have any testicles.”

My eyes must have looked like saucers. “Really no balls, why?”

“One boy had an accident and crushed afyon escort them.” I grabbed my balls and doubled over in sympathetic paid. The men smiled and the Doctor went on, “The other boy had a medical condition that required their removal. What I am trying to tell you is that there is nothing wrong with you. You may never get much pleasure out of your penis, so you will need to adapt to finding pleasure other ways. We will teach you that here.” With that he started measuring again, he even measured my eyes and ears.

“Well we are done with that boy. Now I need to get you ready for the internal exam.” He laid me down on my back, but the table was short, and my legs hung off. He pulled me down so that even my butt was hanging off the end. He took my feet in his hand and had me bend my knees so that they were pressed against my chest. He asked the Headmaster to hold them for a moment so that he could set up the table. The Headmaster was at the top of my head and reached over me to grab my feet and held them. The Doctor pulled these metal bars from somewhere under the table and when the Headmaster let go of my feet, they fit in these like half metal shoe things. They still held my kneed bent and pressed to my chest. They also spread my legs far apart, this was uncomfortable, but didn”t hurt.

Once he had me where he needed me, he strapped my feet in the metal foot things so they could not move. Then he took two other straps that were attached to the table and brought one over my waist under my bent legs and tightened it down. It was not very tight, but tight enough that I couldn”t straighten my legs. Then heThen he told me to put my hands and arm above my head and pulled the last onestrap over my chest and pulled it tight like the other one, not to tight, but I couldn”t sit up.

I had my arms at side when he The Headmaster looked at me and asked, “Are you ok Brian, do you want to stop?”

“No Sir, I am ok.”

The Doctor sat down on his roller chair and came up to my left side and said, “Ok boy, I imagine you are a little nervous being strapped down like this.” I nodded yes, and he said. “Totally understandable boy, now I will explain why I did this to you. You have done a great job do far, but now comes the hard part. Now I will need to examine your mouth, throat, and your cunt.”

“Doctor, what”s a cunt?” I asked.

The Doctor rolled his stool to the end of the table between my legs and rubbed his finger over my butthole. I thought that was really gross, but it did send a chill down my spine. I giggled and said, “gross, you touched my butthole.”

“Maybe this morning it was a butthole as you call it, but a Crossman boy has a cunt. A boy”s cunt is a beautiful thing not gross at all. As for me toughing it, if you are to become a Crossman boy, you will need to get used to men toughing your cunt.

Now as I was saying, you have been strapped down because you will want to move during these next two exams and moving could hurt you and cause you pain. Although, you will feel discomfort and even a little pain, my goal is to minimize it. If you move while I am examining your throat, you could cause damage.” The Doctor then rolled his stool all the way up to my head and continued, “Ok, so as you can see, I have left your hands and arms free to move. The reason for this is because when I am checking your mouth and throat, you won”t be able to talk. It is especially important that you do not try to push my hand away while I am doing the exam, again, you could cause yourself some real damage.

Throughout the exam, I will be asking you questions, and I need you to slowly move your hand from side to side if your answer is no and give me the “OK” sign with your thumb and index finger if you are ok. Do you understand that?” I nodded my head yes. “Good boy, now I want you to make an “X” with your arms for me.” I did as he asked and he said, “Good boy. When you make the “X” it will tell me you need me to stop. So, if you are in a lot of pain, feel dizzy, or feel like you need to throw up, I want you to use the “X” sign, got it?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

“The first thing I am going to be looking at are your teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. Then I will be sticking my finger down your throat to check it. Now I will ask you again, do you still want to continue?”

“Yes Sir, I will behave and let you do what you need to do so I can come here.” I was scared to death, but I knew I just had to get past the last of it. I am so close to my dream coming true. I had no idea what my throat had to do with coming here, or why my butth… I mean cunt was so important, but if they say it is than it must be.

“Ok boy,” the Doctor said. “Here we go.” The head of the exam table went up a few inches, and then with a click, the head dropped down and I was looking right at the Doctors chest. He picked up one of those pick thingies that dentist uses, adjusted the overhead light, and started picking at all my teeth, and my gums. “Boy, I am extremely impressed, your teeth are beautiful, and your gums are in great shape. Not very often have I seen a boy”s mouth that”s this clean.” He said as he removed his hands from my mouth.

I felt myself beam with pride at that statement. “Thank you, Sir, my mom is real strict about brushing my teeth. She checks after breakfast and before bed. She still checks my brother too and he is twelve.” I said giggling.

The Doctor smiled down at me and said, “That”s a great mom you have boy, she really loves you. I know we have asked this question many times, but are you sure you want to continue? This is the hard part, where I am going to check deep into your throat.”

“Yes Sir, I am sure. Please keep going.” I plead. I was worried talking about my mom like that has made them change their minds.

“Ok boy, I am going to be checking your throat now. Are you ready for this?” I held up my had with my fingers in the OK sign. “Do you remember all the signals I gave you?” I showed him the Ok sign again. He was feeling around my mouth with his finger. He pressed down on my tongue and his finger went under my tongue and then to the top of my mouth. Then he said, “Here we go, you will need to breathe through your nose.

At some point you will not be able to breath, at which time, I need you to just relax. I will not let anything happen to you I promise.” Ok sign again and then I felt his finger pressing into my throat. I was ok breathing through my nose at first then it got harder. That”s when he said, “I can feel you having a hard time breathing, so I am going to leave my finger where it is it and I want you to concentrate on breathing through your nose. In your mind I want you to count backwards from ten slowly and breath in through your nose on the even numbers and out on the odd numbers, ok?” I gave the ok sign, and I was working hard on not panicking and counting and breathing through my nose. Finally, when I hit five, I was calming down and taking deep breaths through my nose. The Doctor smiled down at me and asked if I was ok. I put up the ok sigh and is finger when deep into my throat. As he went deeper and breathing got harder, he would pull back a little and I could breathe again. I was hoping this would end soon because my throat hurt real bad and felt like it was on fire. He pulled back to where I could breathe again and called the Headmaster over. The Headmaster watched and smiled as the Doctor ran his finger down my throat

“WOW” the Headmaster said. “No gag reflex, do you think he can handle a man?”

“He probably could, but since he is not living here, I would say no. He needs the usual training so that he won”t be hurt.” The Doctor said. “He is a rarity and will be easier to train than other boys.” I was not sure what they were talking about, but they sounded happy about it. The Doctor removed his finger from my mouth and lifted my head up until the chair clicked and locked into place.

“How are you feeling boy?” the Doctor asked as he moved his stool down to the bottom of the exam table.

“I am ok, my throat hurts a little and my legs hurt too.”

He smiled and said, “You have done extremely well, and we are enormously proud of the way you have accepted all of this. Now we only have your cunt left to examine, and then we can put your legs down ok?”

I said a raspy voice, “Ok Doctor.”

The doctor said, “As I have been honest with you so far, I will continue to do so.” He pulled the towel off the tray on the stand at the bottom of the exam table. I was a bit confused because I don”t remember seeing that try before now. Did I miss it, or did it get put there later? Anyway, he showed me what was on the tray and it got me a bit more scared.

“I have to look inside your cunt and make sure it is healthy and can accept what will be required of it. I will be using three pieces of equipment to examine that beautiful little cunt of yours. I will show them to you now, so you will understand what each is used for. First is a special kind of lubricant, it has medicine in it that will reduce the pain you will be feeling, but that there will still be some.” I didn”t like to hear that at all. “Next, are my sample sticks. As you can see they look like Q-tips, only they have long wooden handles. I use these too collect sample inside your cunt.

Last we have a speculum. What this does is allows me to open your cunt up so that I can see deep inside.” The thing was a silver metal and when the Doctor squeezed the handle it clicked. The end turned from a tube and spread out making the end wider with each click. He said, “I will be going slow so as not to damage your cunt and cause you as little pain as possible.”

“Ok boy let”s get this last part done so that we can get you standing up. I need you to tell me now if you want to stop. Once I get started, I can go slower, but agrı escort I won”t be able to stop quickly and if I did stop, it will take time to remove it and you could have just finished it up. So, Brian,” Yea I heard it to, it was the first time he called me by my name and not boy. “are you sure you want to continue?”

“Yes Doctor, I am really scared, but I need to see this through. I trust you to do what is best for me.”

“That”s exceptionally good boy let”s get this finished then. I will start with my finger putting lube into your cunt and stretching it open a little so I can get the probe in it. This will be a bit uncomfortable at first until the medicine has time to deaden the area. Ok boy, here we go.” I felt the coldness of the lube and he smeared it on the outside of my cunt. When he touched it, I had shivers going through my whole body. “You see boy, now we know that you won”t miss your penis after all. You will be getting your pleasure from your cunt.” I then felt the pressure as he started pushing his finger that had just been down my throat into my cunt. It did not really hurt at first but was extremely uncomfortable.

I am not sure what happened to the medicine, but the pain was definitely there as more of his finger slipped in. I closed my eyes tight and grabbed side of the bed trying my best not to cry out. Then suddenly, my mind changed focus from the pain in my butt to the pain in my chest. I opened my eyes to see the Headmaster who was still above my head, leaning over and pinching my nipples hard. He was smiling down at me as he was rubbing and pinching my nipples. It hurt, but I also felt so good at the same time. As much at is hurt, it also felt… I am not sure how to describe it.

When he released my nipples, I was relieved and sad at the same time. Of course, that is when I realized that the doctor was now moving his finger in and out of my cunt, and although it was still uncomfortable it didn”t hurt anymore. It actually was sending a tingling right up my dinky, and my dinky was so hard.

“You are doing very well boy. Your cunt is opening up nicely and we are now ready for the next part” I felt him remove his finger leaving me feeling a little empty. He then put some more of the slick stuff on my hole. Then I felt the cold metal of the spready thing. He pushed it in and after a minute or so said, “You are doing great boy. Now I am going to start opening your cunt so that I can get a good look inside. I heard the click and felt the pain. I grabbed the side of the bed tight to keep myself for using the X sign. That is when I felt the pain in my chest again and looked up to see the Headmaster smiling at me. This went on for what felt like hours but was probably on a few minutes. That is when the Headmaster let go of my chest and the Doctor said, “You did good boy. You are fully open, and I can now look inside and get my samples.”

The Headmaster moved to the foot of the table to look at what the doctor was seeing, and a big smile spread across his face. “You have beautiful cunt Brian. You may not like your body yet, but your cunt is a work of art.” I still thought this was really weird, but if they like it then maybe it will help me get in.

The Doctor said, “Ok boy, you are doing so well, I am so impressed with the way you have allowed me to examine you, I am now going to take some swabs of the inside of your cunt now. It won”t hurt and may even feel rather good.” I felt him touch something inside me that sent shivers through my whole body. I also saw the Headmaster move back to the head of the exam table. The Doctor kept touching my insides and I was going crazy, this is when I felt my head move up, heard a click and the head of the table dropped down again. When I opened my eyes, the Headmaster was there with his pants down. I couldn”t believe how big it was.

“Brian, give me your hands.” I did and he warped my hands around it. It was hard, but also soft and really warm. “Brian, look at me.” I looked into his eyes and he said, “You are holding your first man”s cock. If you come here, you will spend a lot of time with men”s cocks. Now I would like you to open your mouth and accept me inside Brian. Show me you really want to be here.” Without even thinking about it, I let go of it and opened my mouth. He slid his cock into my mouth saying, “Ok Brian, make sure your teeth do not touch your man”s cock. Now wrap your lips tightly around it and use your tongue all over it, especially all around the head. Yes, Brian you are doing a wonderful job.” He said as he started sliding his cock back and forth in my mouth. I could not believe how incredible it felt, and to know that this will happen a lot if I come here, I was so happy.

I knew something was coming out of the tip, but it didn”t taste like pee. I remembered reading about pre-cum in a thing online and knew that it must be it. I also just realized why my throat was so important. Wow, would they really stick something that big down my throat? I also just now realized why my cunt was also so important. I got a little scared realizing that if I came here, they would be putting their cocks in my cunt like I now had in my mouth. How would they get a cock that big in my cunt? Speaking of my cunt, whatever he is doing down there is driving me crazy. I didn”t know how to process all these feeling and realizations.

Then I heard the Headmaster say, “Ok Brian, I am about give you my seed, and I need you to swallow every bit of it. Show me how much you really want to be here.” Then suddenly, the tingling in my cunt became overwhelming and my mouth started filling up with the Headmasters cum. “You need to swallow it Brian. Don”t let any of it seep out.” I started swallowing and was amazed at how good it tasted. Then it happened, I started seeing stars and my whole body started shaking. Then everything went black.

I started hearing a voice from far away, getting closer with each passing second. “Ok boy, come back to us now. Open your pretty green eyes,” I opened my eyes and saw the Doctor and the Headmaster staring at me with smiles on their faces. “That”s my boy, why don”t you sit up and have a drink of water.” It was then that I realized that I was lying flat on the table with my legs down and all the straps off.

“What happened?” I asked as I sat up and drank the water the Doctor offered me.

The Headmaster smiled and said, “Well, you did great on your exam and passed with flying colors. The good news is that you just had your very first orgasm. The bad news is between the orgasm and the cum you swallowed, you fell into sensory overload and passed out.” He said with a chuckle.

“I”m sorry, I will do better next time, please give me another chance. I remember receiving your seed Headmaster, then I saw stars and then nothing.” I could feel my eyes starting to water thinking I failed.

“No boy, you have nothing to be sorry for. Most boys have their first orgasm by playing with their penises. A Crossman boy gets their first orgasm from their cunts. The anal orgasm is much more intense than boys get playing with their penises. Very few of the Crossman boys, have not passed out from their first encounter. As you experience more of these you will still see the stars, but you won”t pass out. Now your legs must be a little stiff, so let”s get you up and moving around.”

They helped me off the table and kept me study till my legs started working again. The Headmaster turned me to face him and sat down on the chair with me still standing in front of him and said, “Brian, a lot has happened to you today. You set your goals to get into this school, then road the train by yourself, and told me, a total stranger all about things you never told anyone else. You have stood naked before two strange men and submitted to a very invasive examination. You have learned about the pleasure your cunt can bring you and received my cock into your mouth. Then received and swallowed the seed I gave you. So now, I will ask you again if you are sure you want to be doing this multiple times a day? This is what is required of all Crossman boys, and if you were to become a Crossman boy, it would also be required of you as well,”

“Headmaster, I know I was not raised a Crossman, and before a few days ago I had never even heard of a Crossman. After what happened today, I know deep in my heart that I am supposed to be a Crossman. If you allow me to become one, I will make you proud of me I promise.”

“I am sure you will Brian. What I will promise you is that I will do everything in my power to help you become a Crossman and make your dreams a reality. What I want you to do now is to turn around and thank the Doctor for everything he has done for you today.” He was still hold me and I could not turn yet. “Now Brian, I expect you to thank him the way a proper Crossman boy would.”

The Headmaster let go of me and when I turned around what I saw was the Doctor sitting in a chair, without any pants on, leaning back, legs spread, and a hard cock, but it looked funny. It didn”t have a top like mine and the Headmaster has. It was weird because it had skin sticking out at the end. I wondered if he had been in some kind of accident and lost the top of his cock. It made me a little nervous, but I was going to do what I had to do. I walked up to him and said, “Thank you Doctor for all you did for me today. Thank you also for the great feeling you gave me in my cunt, it was wonderful.”

“You are quite welcome boy. Now would you like to learn how to properly please a man with your mouth? You did a great job on the Headmasters cock, but he was doing all the work. You will need to learn how to please men without them having to do anything. Are you ready for that?”

I looked at his cock, it was shorter than the Headmasters, but I figured that was from the accident, but I think it was thicker. I looked akdere escort into the Doctors eyes and said, “Yes Sir. As a Crossman boy, it is my duty to please men and make them happy. I can”t wait to learn, please teach me.”

“I am proud of you boy and knew the moment I saw you that you would make a magnificent addition to the Crossman Boys. Now, why don”t you get down on your knees and move between my legs.” I didn”t even think about it I just dropped to knees and scooted between his legs with my hands on his knees. “Good boy, now every man has a way in which he likes to be serviced. However, the first thing a boy should do is to get the man”s scent into his lungs.

A man”s sent contains pheromones and it helps the boy become more aroused and respond to the man”s needs better.” Then he reached down with his right hand to the left side of his cock and balls and pulled them to the right. This exposed the area where the inner thigh meets the crotch. He then put his hand on the back of my head and pull towards him so that my nose was in that spot. “Ok boy, now I want you to take ten big deep breaths. I want you hold that breath in your lungs until I tell you to breath out. Then do it again.” I took a deep breath and held it. It smelt of sweat and an earthy smell, I liked it. I did it the ten times and when it was over, I was seeing spots in my eyes and I was dizzy. It was not the kind of dizzy I got when I stayed on the merry-go-round to long, no this was a dizzy that made my whole body hot and cold at the same time.

“Good boy, I can see by the glassy eyes that you are ready to service me. As I said every man is different so you will have to learn how listen to the man to learn what makes him happy. What I want you to do you in to start with my balls. This is where your treat is stored, so I like to have them warmed up first. I want you to use your tongue, but not just the tip. I want you to stick your whole tongue out, so the flat part of your tongue is doing most of the work.” I did as I was told and licked all over his balls using my whole tongue as he explained. I am not sure I liked it very much because I got a bunch of hairs in my mouth. I didn”t want to disappoint him by stopping so I just sucked it up (no pun intended) and kept going. After a little bit he told me to stop, which made me happy, because my tongue was really starting to hurt.

“Now boy, I want you to take care of my cock now. I want you to start by licking it all the way from the base to the top, and back down again.” I did as I was told, it felt weird at the top and I saw his pee hole. I was confused by that, and I guess the Doctor saw that, because he asked me to give him my hand. I did as he asked, and he wrapped my hand around his hard cock. It was so hot, and soft to the touch, but also hard. He squeezed my hand about halfway down his cock and pulled it down to the base. I almost fell over when I saw the top part come out from under the skin. Both the Doctor and Headmaster were laughing. I felt very embarrassed and know my face got red. “Boy, haven”t you ever seen an intact cock before?”

“I am sorry Sir; I didn”t mean to jump like that. I thought you were missing the top. I thought you had some kind of accident or something.”

Smiling the Doctor said, “Boy if there was an accident, you and the Headmaster were the ones that had it. You see my boy; every male is born like me with the skin intact. When you were a baby, your parents decided to have you circumcised, which is where the extra skin is removed from your penis. In the early days it was done for religious reasons, or because guys didn”t know how to keep the area under the skin clean and that caused a lot of infections. Now a days it is not happening as often because boys are taught to keep it clean. Many of the Crossman still have this skin, so you need to learn how to deal with it. Now let”s get back to your lesson.”

He had me pull the skin down so I could lick around the head and lick up the pre-cum that was flowing out of it. He had a stronger flavor then the Headmaster, but I still liked it. After licking around the head for a little while I took him in my mouth and sucked on his cock like the Headmaster told me to, but instead of the Doctor moving his cock in and out of my mouth, I bobbed my head up and down. I was not sure I was doing it right until I heard him moan, then I was sure. He was leaking a lot of pre-cum in my mouth and I was swallowing down as fast as he gave it to me. Then he grabbed the back of my head and pushed more of his cock in my mouth. I felt his cock get a little bigger than I felt the first blast of cum hit the back of my throat. It took everything I had not to choke out of shock. I got control and just started swallowing as fast as I could. I did feel a little bit come out of the corners of my mouth, but not much. I kept him in my mouth until he told me I could take it out, which he did after he squeezed out all of his cum into my mouth. “Ok boy, you can take it out now.” I backed away from his cock and sat back on my heals looking into the Doctors face. “You did very well my boy. I am extremely impressed with your commitment to giving the maximum pleasure to your man. Yes, my boy you are going to do very well here.”

I looked up to see a big smile on the Headmasters face. “You did well Brian. I second the Doctors observation of your willingness to do everything you are told to do, and your desire to do it well. So, are you full from all the cum you have swallowed, or would you like some lunch?”

I stood up and said, “I did enjoy all the delicious cum you men gave me, but in all the excitement to get here, I was kind of stupid and forgot to eat breakfast or pack any snacks. I still have twenty-two dollars, but I can only spend four of it so I can get home.” I said a little bit embarrassed.

“Don”t you worry about that lunch is on me. He then picked up the phone and said, “Brad, can you have Timmy come to medical please? Thank you Brad, I will be back in the office in about fifteen minutes. Ok Brian, let”s get you dressed, and we can get going.” I turned to get my clothes on, and they were all gone. I looked at the Headmaster and he was smiling and holding up a pair of black shoes and black socks. “Let”s start with these.” I sat on the chair and pulled on the black socks, and then the black shoes. I was surprised how well they fit. I tied them and when I looked up, I could not believe what I was seeing. The Headmaster was holding up one of those beautiful blue robes.

I walked over to him never taking my eyes off the robe and asked, “Do I really get to wear it? It is so beautiful.”

The Headmaster laughed and said, “As much as I like the way you look naked, you can”t go to lunch that way. Now arms up.” I raised my arms and he slid the robe down my arms and over my head. “Now you look like a Crossman boy.”

I started jumping around and yelling “whoopee” “Am I really a Crossman boy now, I mean for reals?” Both men were laughing at my excitement. That”s when I noticed the Doctor had put his pant on.

“Slow down buddy. You still have the academic exams to take, and all though it won”t be official until we get you enrolled here, but so far I would say you are well on your way.” Replied the Headmaster.

“I don”t understand. If I am not a Crossman, then how come you gave me the robe?” I tried really hard to not cry at this let down, but I could not help it.

The Headmaster picked me up and carried me over to the chair where he sat down with me in his lap. I didn”t want to look at him with tears in my eyes. “Brian look at me please.” I looked at him and he wiped my tears away and said, “Look buddy, there is a lot that has to go into getting you here, and that includes seeing how you will do with the classes we expect you to keep up with. We will also have to work on convincing your parents to let you come here.” I stood up and started taking off my robe. “Hold on Brian, what are you doing, are you worried about the class work?”

“No Sir, believe it or not, I am really smart. I am probably the smartest kid in my school. I know that I told you I only get C”s, but that is only because I don”t want the other kids to know. If they know then they tease me, I get into fights, and my parents get mad at me. The problem is that there is no way my parents will let me live away from home, and if they did get past that, they still could never afford to send me here.”

“Ok buddy, two things. First, I need you to take the tests this afternoon and do the absolute best you can. This is not a time for you to hold back. Second, I need you to let me handle getting your parents on board and then let us figure out the financial side. I am not going to lie to you, it will take a few weeks to make this happen, but if you can trust me for a little while, I really think we can make this work, Ok? I put you in the robe because you are going to lunch with Timmy in the dining room and then going to class”s. I can”t have you doing that is your regular clothes. Right now, you are wearing the exact same thing as every other boy in the school. Except all the boys who are not Crossman with have clothes on under their robe”

I was looking him straight in the eye to see if what he was saying was true or if was just telling me what he thought I wanted to hear. Adults think that kids don”t know the difference, but I can tell. What I saw in the Headmasters eyes was the truth. “Ok Headmaster, I will trust you” With that I gave him a big hug. That is when we heard a knock on the door. I stood up and smoothed out my robe

“Come in Timmy.” The Headmaster said. Timmy came in the room, saw me, and ran to me giving me the biggest hug. It was so tight I almost couldn”t breathe. The Headmaster laughed and said, “Timmy, I want you to take Brian with you to lunch and show him how to get his food. Then, I want you to take him with you to all of your classes. He will be testing, and I need him to be serious. Ok?”

“Yes Headmaster. I can”t wait, Brian is my best friend. Come on Brian, I will show you where to go, and you can sit next to me.”


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