Fouzi: Witch Aunt Fucks

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Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with another exciting experience, this time with my lusty witchy aunt, Fouzi. The events I’m about to describe may seem unbelievable to many but they changed me drastically and I became a firm believer in the paranormal. Since then, I’ve witnessed Fouzi Aunty do some truly weird and inexplicable stuff.

So, let’s see how yet another aunt from my ultra-conservative Muslim family succumbed to temptation and began a secret dirty sexual relationship with me.

About Me …

I am Ali. I am very fair-skinned, over 5’10” tall with sharp features and straight long dark hair. I have an athletic physique from having played soccer all my life. I’m a cool normal guy but I have an extremely high sex-drive. I love three things the most in life — books, bikes and booty — not always in that order though.

After having lost my virginity, I have been very active sexually and have had numerous casual fuck-friends, including some from my own extended family.

About My Family …

I was born in one of the largest cities in central India and grew up in a big extended family, made of the families of my father and his seven younger brothers. We are extremely well-off and live in a huge, 2-acre gated and walled property in the northern suburbs of the city. The immense compound is surrounded by a huge 12-foot wall with a 15-ft tall black iron gate up front. There are three, 3-storied buildings laid out in a triangle. These buildings have huge, spacious apartments for each family, so we live together very comfortably.

Despite being rich, my family belongs to an ultra-conservative Muslim sect. So, almost all of us lead a simple life and follow our religious tenets obediently. There are more than 25 of us living together and we are a close-knit family. However, owing to our religious beliefs we are discouraged from making friends with members of the opposite sex from outside the family once, we reach puberty. The women in my family always wear a Hijab to cover their heads and an Abaya to hide their beautiful, tall, curvy bodies whenever stepping out.

Such extreme restrictions caused a few of the female family members to rebel and start secret, illicit sexual relationships with me. This included Fouzi, Asfi’s mother, who is also a real-life witch.

About Fouzi …

Fouzi Aunty is plain-looking, with long black wavy hair, dark-brown skin and stands slightly tall at 5’7″. Despite being a mother, Fouzi Aunty isn’t too fat, but has a pleasant curvy figure. Aunty has a nice pair of soft 36-C boobs that are round but sag slightly, crowned by 2-inch long black nipples. Aunty has a significantly slim 32″-waist that widens to form her soft round 40-inch ass. I find her fluffy brown ass-cheeks the sexiest, especially the way her ass wobbles when she walks. Fouzi Aunty’s legs are thick but still in good shape with large slim feet.

To me, Fouzi Aunty looks a lot like the popular Latina porn-star MILF, Marta La Croft.

Fouzi Aunty was in her late-30s at the time of this event. Normally, she acts as a pious Muslim married woman and dresses in loose Salwar-suits at home, while she wears a Hijab and Abaya when going out. She is extremely outspoken, dominant and has a sharp tongue but otherwise Fouzi Aunty seems completely normal. Aunt Fouzi owns a “Women’s Rights NGO”, and is also renowned for her “faith-healing powers”, in the slum areas of our city.

While in reality, Fouzi aunty is a very lusty, and an extremely kinky sex-starved woman.

For Context …

Fouzi Aunty is married to one of my dad’s younger brothers, who worked as a school-principal at a rural school a few hours from my hometown. This meant that he only came home on weekends. So Fouzi Aunty and Asfi would be alone in their apartment for the week. On Aunt Fouzi’s insistence, my uncle gave her money to start an NGO that worked for women’s empowerment. Besides this, Fouzi Aunty also soon become popular as a sort of “faith-healer” in the slum areas of our city, where she had been successful in helping several people in almost miraculous ways.

But unknown to anyone, Fouzi Aunty was heavily into witchcraft, the kind where Jinns are summoned and used. She had been practicing sorcery since before she got married, and successfully kept her dark side hidden from everyone. No one suspected Fouzi Aunty in the slightest because she seemed to practice the religion firmly. But in private, Fouzi Aunty performed increasingly disgusting rituals to enhance her “powers”, all at the behest of the demonic Jinn who communicated with her.

As her husband’s work kept him away every week, after Asfi was born, their sex-life quickly dwindled and disappeared. And when Fouzi Aunty neared middle age, her libido also grew stronger. Since her husband was almost always too exhausted or stressed to perform, Fouzi Aunty got increasingly frustrated. It was later that Fouzi Aunty confessed to me how her “Qarin”, the term she used for her Jinn, pointed out to her that she could seek sexual oral yapan gaziantep escort gratification from me, being the only boy in my entire household.

So, a high sex drive, extreme sexual frustration and her manipulative Jinn compelled Fouzi Aunty to seduce me for sex.


Sorceress Aunt Seduces

(3AM — 6AM, Thursday 7 December 2006)

It all actually started around 10 PM on Thursday, when Fouzi Aunty called me on my phone and asked me over to her apartment. She said she’d made “kheer”, a common Indian sweet-dish made with milk and rice, which happened to be one of my favorites. I felt a bit apprehensive going over to her house, because I was in fear of Fouzi Aunty finding out about Asfi and my secret sexual relationship. Asfi had lost her virginity to me only a few weeks ago. So initially, whenever Fouzi Aunty called me out of the blue I always feared she’d confront me about fucking Asfi.

Well, as it turned out I was right, but I was afraid for an entirely wrong reason.

Fouzi Aunty was her warm caring self when she let me into her apartment. She was dressed in her usual drab-colored loose-fitting salwar-suits and a pair of flip-flops at home, but without the usual dupatta (a long length of cloth that covers the head and chest). At a glance, I noticed her big round boobs outlined by her bra under her long loose top. I pretended not to notice and followed her into her apartment.

Aunty made me sit on the dinner-table inside her large kitchen. I innocently asked what Asfi was doing, and aunty explained that Asfi was asleep because she wasn’t feeling well. I knew Asfi had her periods because she’d told me so the day before, when she called to cancel our day-trip to a nearby hotel for a quick fuck. I nodded my head and then Fouzi Aunty went to get the dish from the refrigerator. She had her back to me when she opened the refrigerator and bent at her waist to rummage around.

I couldn’t help notice the way her loose long top clung tight to her big round balloon booty. I figured Asfi, despite being slim, had got her sexy bubble-butt from her mother. I looked away just when Fouzi Aunty turned around with the bowl of kheer.

Fouzi Aunty served me the big bowl of cold kheer, took a seat on a chair to one side and started chatting about my college. When I ate the kheer she asked how it was, and I told her it was delicious as usual. She smiled wide and stared straight in my eyes.

I politely made eye contact with her in the beginning but when the seconds ticked by, it felt a bit awkward. Still, apart from good manner, I felt an odd feeling grip me which made it hard for me to break eye contact with Fouzi Aunty. I could move my hands and feet but I found it almost impossible to look away from her eyes. When it started making me feel weird I took a deep breath and let it out slow. It seemed to relax me and Fouzi Aunty suddenly looked away.

I suddenly snapped back to normal.

I figured I’d had some sort of delayed side-effect from smoking weed in the evening. Though it had never happened, I’d heard a few friends describe feeling paranoia sometimes. So, I mentally shrugged, and made some excuse to go home.

I noticed that Fouzi Aunty had become very quiet since I broke eye-contact. I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that Fouzi Aunty seemed to be disappointed for some reason, and quickly excused myself to get out of her apartment.

The building, in which Fouzi Aunty lives, is at the back of our compound. It’s around 50 meters from my building, which is at the front of the properly, near the parking lot. After I came to my room, I lay in bed and started texting with a few fuck-buddies from college, which I usually did before sleeping.

But by midnight, I felt an odd restlessness come over me.

At first, I tried to ignore it by sexting with my fuck-friend. By 2 AM, she went to sleep and I tried to sleep too but found the uneasiness growing. Then I picked up a book and tried to read it, thinking it’d help me go to sleep. It didn’t work out too well and, an hour later, I got more fidgety. I figured I must have an upset stomach, so I decided to go out for some fresh air.

I knew I could only hope to smoke a cigarette in secret up on the rooftop of our building. So, I stripped out of my boxer shorts and quickly put on a black hoody and a pair of matching black sweatpants. I didn’t wear underwear and my thick dick and big balls hung free inside the soft cozy sweatpants. After making sure I had my pack of cigarettes and a lighter, I sneaked out of my ground-floor apartment.

It was some time past 3 AM on that cold December night when I walked out on to the large flat roof-top terrace of my 3-storied building. It was a moonless night and the rooftop was completely dark. There was a soft but chilly breeze blowing but I was warm in the hoody and sweatpants combo. I looked out to the rooftops of the other two buildings, 50 meters gaziantep oral yapan escort to the west and south, and they were as dark.

I walked to the far corner, all the way at the back of the terrace. I was sure no one from my family ever came to the roof at this time of the night. So I was not worried about getting caught smoking cigarettes on the rooftop. After a quick glance around I leaned against the waist-high parapet wall to smoke a cigarette.

I noticed I’d started feeling a little better once I came to the terrace. I figured it was the crisp cold air.

When I opened the cigarette-pack I was pleasantly surprised to find a stubby thick joint stashed in it too. Then I remembered it was left over from when I’d smoked up with friends in the evening. I was still feeling uneasy so I thought I’d try to calm myself with some weed. After I lit the thick joint and began smoking the weed, I felt the familiar tingling lightweight sensation take over. I was warmer and calmer too. I stood still in place with the joint hidden in the cup of my hand and took slowly smoked it.

Like always, my thoughts wandered as the high took hold of me.

Strangely, my mind flashed an image of Aunty Fouzi, from earlier in her apartment. I could clearly visualize the way her big round buttocks jutted out enticingly behind her, when she was bent over at the refrigerator.

I tried to shake those thoughts away, because I’d never seen Aunty Fouzi in a sexual light ever. Yet, for some strange reason, things became too erotic and I could only let the train of thought run its course.

I was quite stoned when the joint got over.

I had complete control over my actions. Still, I knew I was very high by the warm weightless feeling and the way my senses had sharpened intensely. Even though I’d just smoked the stinky weed I could clearly smell the distinct pine-like scent typical in the winter nights. I relished the soft breeze caressing my face and hands because I’d stopped feeling cold. I felt better too and thought that I would be able to get some sleep finally.

But my hopes were dashed the next moment when I turned to get rid of the joint-roach in the drain-pipe.

I happened to look up and froze with shock!

I’d seen a faint flickering light at the rooftop of Asfi’s apartment building.

I peered at it and it saw it reflecting on the wall of the small shack that had the door from the staircase to the rooftop. It also had a large water-tank on top but the light wasn’t strong enough to reach that high. I could only make out a faint orange glow over the one wall that faced out to my building.

My buzzing brain immediately kicked into emergency mode and tried to figure out what was going on.

My first thought was that thieves were trying to break in through the rooftop. But then I saw the light wasn’t a steady beam like a flashlight’s, but more like a flickering firelight. So then, I panicked at the thought that the building was on fire!

I was about to raise an alarm, but I stopped myself.

I’d glimpsed a silhouette against the wall. It was clearly outlined by the dim flickering light and I found it simply unbelievable. Even from that distance, I could tell that the person was right in the corner, near the lone water-tap fixed to the parapet wall. It connects with the water-tank overhead and has a small drain right in that corner to get rid of rain-water.

I couldn’t figure out why anyone from my family would be out on the terrace so late at night. So, initially I feared I was hallucinating from the weed. Then I took a deep breath to steady myself and stared more intently.

I wanted to make extra sure I was seeing what I as seeing.

As I stared hard at the rooftop, I began to make out a faint shape of a person standing right in the corner. The flickering light was too faint to see who it was, but I was now sure someone was there. Then they bent down and disappeared from my view. The low parapet wall in the front of the rooftop hid them from my sight.

Now an intense curiosity began to overcome the shock I’d felt initially. So I decided to investigate.

I hurried downstairs silently and snuck quickly up the other building. Soon, I stood at the sheet-metal door that opened to the terrace. I found the door was unlocked, so I felt a little relieved. Still, I wanted to see what was going on, so I decided to take a quick peek through the door.

My heart was thudding with a mix of excitement and nervousness at this point.

I pulled the door open just an inch and it swung open silently. Then I peeked out and saw that no one was in sight, so I slowly slipped through the door. I kept close to the wall of the staircase-shack and reached the corner of the bulkhead. Carefully, I peeked around the corner.

‘What the fuck!’ I thought and froze with shock at what I saw!

A wide metal bowl with a small fire blazing in it lit up Fouzi Aunty, who knelt gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan completely a couple of feet away. Fouzi Aunty was stark-naked but seemed completely oblivious to the cold breeze that blew across the rooftop. She had her back flush in the corner, right over the drain in the floor. Aunty was kneeling with her knees spread wide on the smooth-concrete floor, facing the small bowl of fire in front. She sat swaying and staring hard at the fire. I could now hear her chanting in a low hissing voice.

This weird scene slowly made me extremely curious.

I got over the initial shock and looked around her. I glimpsed my aunt’s red cotton nighty and a soft red towel slung over the parapet wall to her right. To her left, on the floor, was a large red-colored plastic bowl filled to the brim with milk.

Once again, my eyes went back to my aunt who knelt naked and fearless, with her busty bare chest pushed out. I could clearly see her long black nipples standing erect in the cold, and still remember the way her big soft boobs swayed gently in the firelight. I looked lower and saw that Fouzi Aunty hadn’t shaved her pubic hair and there was a half-inch of dark bush covering her cunt.

But from the way she knelt with her knees spread extremely wide on the concrete floor, I could clearly see the dark pink vaginal walls through Aunty’s wide-open dark-lipped cunt.

Now, I wasn’t sure if I was not hallucinating so I watched the unbelievable scene play out, unable to move. I hugged the wall tighter and carefully peeked with only one eye around the corner.

A morbid curiosity had started growing inside me so I stood like a statue and watched, not even daring to breathe lest Fouzi Aunty heard me.

Fouzi Aunty sat back on the dirty cold floor of the rooftop and spread her thick legs as wide as she could. She placed her left hand behind her and leaned back while she started fingering her clean-shaven cunt.

“Mmm … Oo … Yeah … Ahhh … Fuck …” Fouzi Aunty moaned softly, her throaty voice filled with lust.

I saw her close her eyes as she became increasingly horny. Fouzi Aunty ran her right hand across her tongue before rubbing her wet-pussy all over.

“Oh yesss …” Fouzi Aunty suddenly gasped out and started pissing.

I watched a hot golden stream squirt out of her dark smooth pussy. Her piss steamed as it splashed on the cold dusty floor, and spread out in a small pool in front of her. The fire in the bowl sizzled as a few drops of her piss fell in the bowl, a couple of feet away. Fouzi Aunty opened her eyes and grinned at her dirty handiwork.

Then she took the pair of blue cotton panties from under the nighty and began carefully cleaning her piss-wet cunt.

“Mmm … Oh … Yeah …” Fouzi moaned gently.

I watched as she quickly shoved two fingers inside her hairy pussy, pulling a corner of the panties into her cunt.

“Aah … Haa …” Fouzi Aunty groaned lustily, pulled out her panties before putting the panties to her face and took a deep whiff, “Hmmm …” She sighed softly before reluctantly putting the panties to one side.

I was frozen in place with a strange fascination at her gross acts, because even the thought of something like it was too scandalous to even imagine. Watching Fouzi Aunty do dirty acts was obviously shocking but also oddly very arousing. I was already very high, so it didn’t take long for me to get aroused. I felt my thick dick beginning to get erect in my sweatpants, and I pressed myself even harder on the cold bare wall.

Fouzi Aunty then pulled the bowl of milk closer and once again leaned to sit with her back in the nook of the two walls. She chanted a few words before scooping up a handful of milk and pouring it over her dark smooth crotch.

“Oh yeah …. Mmm …” Fouzi Aunty moaned in approval and shifted the plastic bowl near her wide open cunt.

I watched in shock and morbid excitement as Fouzi Aunty began scooping up milk in her palms and spreading it all over her thick bare thighs and hairy crotch. As the warm white milk ran down in rivulets over her dark-brown crotch, Aunty kept moaning with pleasure. Now, I could clearly see the lust in her face.

After a while, she stopped rubbing milk over her thighs and spread her milky slick cunt before fingering herself. As she finger-fucked herself, Fouzi Aunty would often pour a handful of milk right into her pink slick pussy.

Fouzi Aunty’s brown big boobs dangled and swayed on her slight paunch as she continued to cover her lower body with milk. Streams of milk were now dripping down my aunt’s thick thighs and wet crotch to mix with the puddle of piss between her spread-eagled legs. When Fouzi Aunty saw this she slowly poured more milk on the floor till the concrete floor was extremely slippery. She then pushed the bowl to one side and put both hands in the disgusting puddle on the floor.

I watched with a mix of revulsion and arousal as Fouzi Aunty then began rubbing her big brown butts on the slick-wet floor.

“Aaa … Ohhh … Mmm …” Fouzi Aunty moaned lustily.

Aunty appeared to be even more pleased with the dirty act. Fouzi quickly began banging her big bare butt while rubbing it back and forth in the disgusting mix of piss and milk on the floor.

“Ohh … Aaahh … Yeahh … Al …” Fouzi Aunty groaned and began fingering her sloppy wet cunt once more, with her legs spread wide apart.

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