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It is a warm sunny day. There is a light breeze that kisses your skin. I took you on this outing on pretense of a picnic. Oh, we did picnic. French bread, brie, fresh fruit and a heady bottle of Astir tWe sit across from each other.

Today, unlike my usual self, I feel bold. I feel in control, only because I know your secret. You didn’t think I would do it. For that matter, neither did I, but here you are. And here I am. I have plans. My heart beats faster and a thin sweat breaks out on my skin in anticipation.

I hand you a sleep mask. You bite your lower lip and the corners of your mouth turn up. I stand up and hold my hand out to you. It is your choice to take it or not. It is that moment of decision. It was the moment of choosing whether or not to leap off of a cliff. Your eyes glisten as your hand reaches out to mine and I gently tug you up. You follow behind me. We walk further down a path. As we round a bend, you see another blanket. On the blanket is a small bag. When we reach it, I pick up the bag and retrieve from it an ample length of rope. At the sight of it, the redness rises in your face.

“Put on the mask on when you are ready.” There is no hesitation.

“Trust me?” My voice is quiet.

You nod.

“The safe word is Trust because you will trust me to do only what you want.”

I walk you a few paces to a smooth white birch. It was very carefully chosen. I didn’t want the bark to be too rough, nor did I want the trunk to be too large. I stand you in front of it. My hands gather the hem of your dress and begin to gather it up and over your head. You lift your arms to make the task easier. You can not see me smile, but I do. My heart is beating faster. My palms are damp. You stand before me in matching bra and panties. I step you back so your back is against the tree. I see a slight tremble in your skin. I raise my hand to your face and lightly caress your face. I trace a gentle stroke down your arms. I step closer until my body is almost touching yours. My hands go to the outside of your thighs. I press into your skin and draw my fingers up and down leaving a trail of red streaks. I kneel before you and kiss your inner thighs. Tekirova Escort Again there is a tremble. I lick and kiss with touches that begin at your knees and slowly inch up. I stand up again and you next feel the palm of my hand cupping your sex. There is a dampness there that thrills me and heightens every sense. I lay my palm flat. You push forward just slightly.


I can’t help but marvel at your body before me. I have dreamed of this moment. I have fantasized about your feel. Now you are before me. I want nothing more than to please you.

“Put your arms around like your going to hug it.”

When you do, I tie the ropes around your wrists and join them in the back. No being able to see, there is the excitement of anticipation and the thrill of the unknown. I begin to knead your firm panty clad ass. I rub each globe. I push the material into your crack and run my finger up and down. My hand goes between your legs and my fingers beginning to teach your clit through the thin material. My hand goes from front, through your legs, and then draws teasing circles around your backside. I continue to do this until I can feel a growing wetness and you draw your breath in deeper. Using my teeth, I pull our panties over your ass and drag them down your legs. You feel the warm air against your backside. I step back and walk away.


“Just a few steps away, sweetie.”

You hear the rustle of a bag. You wonder what I am doing. Suddenly you feel something running down the spine of your back. Then you recognize the feeling as the thin tendrils of leather play with your shoulders and then back. They touch you so lightly you wonder if you really feel it.

“Is this what you want?” You nod, but that isn’t enough for me. I want to be sure.

“Is this what you want?” For the first time I lift the small whip back and let the leathers sting your bare ass. “Tell me.”


Another sting hits. This time the aim is at the opposite cheek. I am shocked at the bright red trips that quickly appear. They fascinate me.

“More?” I question already knowing the answer.

“Yes.” Tekirova Escort Bayan I step back and this time use a little more force. I hear you moan. It startles me. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” The next stroke is firm and a bit biting. You gasp, but push your ass back to meet the strokes. I rear back and rain several more strokes. I feel a tingling between my legs that takes me by surprise. I am turned on by your helpless ness. I am wet and my nipples are tight. I feel drawn to rub the angry red stripes. There is a heat coming from them. I squeeze them tightly. I want to feel contact. I smack one cheek and then the other. You gasp again and your breaths come in snatches. I would be tempted to stop if you weren’t pushing out toward me.

“Ohhhh…” You sigh. At the feel of your skin quivering beneath my hand I feel as though I am out of myself. I alternately smack and rub your cheeks until it is bright red all over. I see tears at the corner of your eyes. My heart swells and I want all of you. I drop to my knees and smother your backside with licks to sooth the fire. I spread your cheeks and lick up and down your crack. Suddenly I get up and move to the back of the tree. I release your hands and pull you over to a ready blanket. You start to remove your mask, but I stop you.

“Not yet. Lay on your stomach.” You stretch out. You can not see what I am doing as I quickly strip. I crawl to you until I am on all fours above you. I begin to nibble your neck and down your spine. You are still red and warm. I spread your legs and then pull your cheeks apart. Again you feel my tongue wiggling back and forth. This time I seek out your tight bud and begin to push the tip of my tongue in and out. Your moans, gasps, and groans are music to my ears.

“Ahhhh.” You move to my rhythm. In and out…up and down your crack…in and out…up and down your crack.

“On all fours, sweet cheeks.” I tug at your middle and you rise on all fours. This gives me better access. I move my hand through your legs and feel the flood that I have created. I sink two fingers into your wetness.

“Yesss. That’s so good, Sandy.” I push my fingers Escort Tekirova in and out slowly…ever so slowly. I feel your movements trying to pick up the pace and I go even slower. You are surprised to feel 2 quick smacks on your bottom. “Uhhh…” There is a sudden flow from you. I continue to use my fingers and alternately smack each crimson orb. It becomes a dance. In out…smack…in out…smack.

“Cum for me, Jadin. I want to feel your wetness and taste your juices.” My slow dance and become a frantic jitterbug. Without warning, you feel me push on your back. You collapse. “Turn over,” I am panting now.

Once you roll over, I dive between your legs. For so long I have longed to taste you and now you are before me. I want to feast. You clit is hard and swollen. I lick around it on either side every so slowly. I feel your hand behind my head guiding me to your secret places and I follow your lead. Your juices become a river. I slid my fingers in again and crook my fingers up to hit your g-spot.


“Cum for me” I demand between licks. I feel you tug me tighter to you.

“Oh! Sandyyyyy! I’m cummmminggg! Ohhhhh….ohhhhh!” Your back suddenly arches and you sound as if all the wind has been knocked out of you. There is a sudden rush of wetness and I want to drown in you as I feel it gush out. “Ahhhhhh!” Your stiffened body trembles and shakes. I swallow every drop and search for more. There is a final gasp before your whole body goes limp. Part of me wants to let you cuddle beside me, but I am hot and aching for release.

I move up between your legs until my pussy meets yours. Your wetness excites me. I maneuver our bodies until our clits join. It is my turn to moan. You hold me tight to you and our middles grind together. It is your turn to feel a rush of slickness released from me.

“Jadin…Jadin…” I can’t find words. I think I begin to babble and I begin to ride your wave. I am reduced to panting and grinding as I girl-fuck you. With one final push forward I feel the crest and I ride the wave like a pro.

Now, I slide beside you and put my arm around your middle. There is no need for words. I quiver and shake as I come down. Finally, the coolness of the air forces us to dress and gather our things. Despite a mind-blowing orgasm, I feel the familiar pulse between my legs.

As you follow behind me, we giggle like teenagers. Arm in arm we make our way to the car. This is only the beginning of the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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