French Excursion

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John, 54 years old, six-foot, thinning grey hair, and large frame and typical sagging gut had finally booked the motorcycle tour he had always promised himself. He had to do it now as time was certainly running out after the hospital had confirmed stage three prostate cancer.

Returning to France the tour taking in Rouen, Le Mans, and over to the Vendee coast at Saint Gille Croix-de-Vie for some sea and sand. A journey he had made many times retracing memories on his trusted Blue Honda Goldwing.

The first leg to cross at Folkstone via the Chunnel then down the A16 stopping at the Bay du Somme for a welcome break. The weather warm but thankfully not too hot as he is encased in full leathers, just in case the worse happens. His mind flashing back 20 years, a younger man, excited to visit France taking in the sunflower fields, cafes, and along quiet roads.

Fuelled back up feeling refreshed thinking,

‘To find this bloody Hotel in Rouen, always a Bain on previous excursions.’

There on that first excursion, he experienced a brief passion still so vivid in his mind.

The traffic-free flow his mood good and the wonders of wonders find the hotel without much trouble.

‘There is a god.’

He wistfully thinks.

Easing off the bike patting the saddle.

“Good girl some rest for you now,” He whispers.

Looking across the car park his eyes mist remembering of the first time there, the young receptionist.

‘That was 20 years ago. She must be married now kids and all.’

The thought about it making him smile.

Taking out his overnight bag from the panier and meander into the reception. A hectic mix of parents looking strained from the long day of travel, children bouncing around having been cooped up all day. A rather pompous French businessman is lecturing the poor young girl on reception about how important his wakeup call in the morning is. She smiles sweetly at him, John’s heart misses a beat the face so familiar, it cannot be!

Michelle a small chubby girl with green eyes golden tanned skin, flame-red hair held back in a ponytail, sporting a cream mono heart curved collar blouse with three quarter length sleeves and a black mini skirt with matching black tights and patent leather court shoes.

Lost in his memories for a moment then snapping quickly out.

“Bonjour Monsieur Avez-vous une réservation de chamber,” Michelle efficiently asks.

“Bonjour Mademoiselle oui,” smiling at the face so strangely familiar.

“Votre nom s’il vous plait.”

“John Longstaff.,” John wearily replies.

“You are English, ne pas?”

“Yes, does it show that?”

“No, your French is particularly good, but your name gives the game away.”

She looks down at her list. Glances back up.

“Been here before?” she asks.

“Yes 20 years ago,” John says dreamily.

John’s thoughts drifting back in time.

Her eyes widen and her face flushes. John looks quizzically. Michelle quickly glances down. Her thoughts racing,

‘Her mother talked in her sleep of an English Betturkey gent she met. Could this be her father she never knew?’

Inhaling deeply her body tingling.

“Something wrong?”

“No…no,” Michelle says

Shaking her head unable to lookup. Quickly placing a registration card on the desk.

“Please fill in your details. Your room is 101, which is on the first floor go the left as you exit the lift,” she blurts out.

Completing the slip John frowns.

“Thank you, you look strangely familiar,” John comments.

“Do I,” Michelle whispers.

Her heart thumping in her chest.

“I don’t know why, but…” he stops himself thinking, ‘

‘she can’t be.’

He looks into her eyes the room seems to stand still both feeling something stir in each other’s souls.

“WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe,” an over-excited little boy breaks the spell.

John shakes his head as a guest push pass him to demanding to know when room service finishes. Michelle’s attention now taken explains there is still an hour before it stops. John feeling confused turns and walks to the lift. Michelle glances across at John, her mindset on seeing him again her curiosity aroused by this chance meeting. Her shift almost over she will wait in the bar hoping he will seek refreshment there.

John takes the lift finding his room easily dropping his bags just inside. His mind a buzzing with memories of the first night here 20 years ago. A night of unbridled passion. The uncanny resemblance of the young girl on Reception he ponders,

‘Could she be his child. Never knowing…my god.’

Looking in the mirror an image of the young woman forms, a ghost from the past, smiling back, He gasps.

‘I need to know.’

He scuttles from the room. Pressing the lift button several times in his urgency. Pacing around the lift as it slowly descends, desperately thinking,

‘What do I say, will she be there.’

Stepping quickly from the lift and hurrying over to the reception desk. He freezes as there before him stands an efficient young man behind the desk.

“Bonsoir Monsieur,” he politely welcomes.

“Good Evening,” John stammers,” the young girl where is she?”

“Yes, Michelle has finished her work for tonight, I can help though?”

“No, no it’s ok thank you.”

Dejected John trudges to the bar. His body feels heavy and weary. Ordering a Kronenbourg 1664 to drown his disappointment. He slumps into the soft cushions of a low seat in a quiet corner. Gently turning the chilled bottle between his hands. Mulling over the apparition in the mirror and the young girl at the desk. He senses a light touch on his shoulder bringing him to his senses with a jolt. Looking around startled but no one is there. Turning back to his beer he sees Michell sat across from him now her head tilted looking into his eyes smiling sweetly. John can only stare mouth gaping open.

She pulls the hairband from her ponytail her rich ginger hair falling around her shoulders, a warm look in her eyes.

“I hoped you would come back down,” Betturkey Giriş she whispers.

John looks longingly at Michelle as memories flooding back into his mind, thinking,

‘If this is my girl then why does she arouse me so.’

“You will make an old man’s day Michelle,” John smiles.

“I intend to my English gentleman,” she purrs.

“I do need a drink and some food, you must also Michelle?” John offers.

“I could devour anything at the moment,” a wicked gleam in Michelle’s eyes.

“Room service would seem more appropriate for our feast,” John quips.

John calls over a waiter ordering a meal and drinks to be delivered to his room. John quickly finishes his beer. Smiling across at Michelle.

“Shall we retire?” John asks.

“Retire, we have not even started yet,” teases Michelle.

John shakes his head thinking,

‘What a start to my holiday.’

Standing up holding out his hand, Michelle rises, straighten her skirt, slips her hand into his, they meander from the bar. Taking the lift to the first floor. John standing behind Michelle John slides his hands around her slender waist. She moans softly pushes back her bum against his crotch.

“Feels that you are ready John,” she whispers.

“You light my fire Jeune femme,” John pants.

Gently cupping her breasts, his fingers teasing her pert nipples poking through her thin white blouse.

“Oh, ne vous arrêtez pas,” Michelle groans.

Ping… ‘premier étage’ the door opens a couple standing waiting to enter. John quickly drops his hands blushing slightly. They smile as John and Michelle step out.

“Profitez de votre Nuit ressemble à un occupé,” the lady exclaims, winking at them, as the lift door slowly closes.

Michelle smiles blushing as the lift doors slide shut. Turning to wrap her arms around John’s neck.

“Let us make it a memorable one,” she purrs.

“I aim to…I aim to…,” John whimpers.

Bending forward their lips meet the light kiss quickly giving way to a full passionate kiss as their tongue playful combine. John’s hands raking Michelle’s back as she clings tightly to him. Pressing her mound against John’s swollen member, rocking gently. Breaking the kiss, John’s finger stroking through Michelle’s luscious hair.

“At this rate, we won’t make it to my room,” John moans.

“Yes, it would be a shame to be interrupted mid-flow,” Michelle pants.

John smiles grabbing and lifting Michelle over his shoulder then striding to his room. Michelle squeals kicking her legs playfully. John slaps her bum hearing Michelle groan. He opens the door and walks in Michelle pushing the door shut. Letting her gently slide down his body feeling her crotch gliding over her stomach then resting over his now-massive erection. Michelle wriggling against his straining member her nipples taught against John’s chest.

Pushing Michelle back on to the bed she lands softly hair framing her pretty face, legs splayed wide so inviting. John gasps kneeling at the edge of the bed hands push up Michelle’s Betturkey Güncel Giriş skirt revealing the satin cream lacy French knickers slick with her honey. John consumed with animal lust buries his mouth over Michelle’s mons his lips gripping the outline of her clitoris through the damp fabric.

Michelle gasping loud, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh la la.”

John’s lust height by the musky taste of her nectar pulls off her knickers. Pushing her legs wide and high the glistening pink lips and soft bush surrounding her clit poking between the tender cleft.

“Michelle what a feast you have brought.”

Kissing her moist wet labia then guiding his tongue slowly along with her furrow lapping over her swollen bud.

“John…JOHN… Don’t tease me…fuck me. FUCK ME HARD,” Michelle begs.

Dropping his pants, releasing his rigid length panting hard, his veiny pulsing length aching for Michelle. Gripping his shaft he guides his purple swollen helmet along her slit feeling her warm nectar soothing his aching member. Drawing his hip back swiftly plunging his full length deep into Michelle needy young pussy.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… yes… fuck me, FUCK ME,” Michelle bellows.

“Take it…take it all, John pumping vigorously.

Their juices mingling, John thick veiny shaft stretching Michelle’s pinkness wide as she digs her nails into his back. Her clitoris swollen sliding along John’s length as he thrusts deeper.

“Argggggggggggggg mark me as yours,” John bucks.

“Fill me, John…don’t hold back,” Michelle groans.

Shuddering under his assault Michelle’s cunt tightens hard gripping John firmly. Her honey coating his manhood as their love juices mix.

Pounding hard and deep. John sucking then biting Michelle nipples. Sweat pouring from his body as his climax swiftly approaches. Michelle moving with him her legs wrapping around his waist drawing him deeper into her wanton pussy. Hips now thrust wildly his balls slapping hard on her soft flesh.

“I… I… I…Ohhhhh.OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Michelle,” John grunts.

“Yes YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS PAPA… flooding me,” Michelle pleads, “seed my womb.”


Ramming deep too late to stop his cock erupting as he explodes flooding Michelle’s pussy with his hot sticky seed. Michelle bucks as her cunt contracts to milk his shaft, her orgasm pulsing through her frame. John biting hard on her nipples as he unloads with all his might. Gripping each other so tightly bodies grinding together. They regain their breath looking into each other’s eyes.

Michelle moans, “papa, papa, papa I have found you.”

Eyes wide the realization dawning in his mind. Twenty years ago, to this very day, he made love to her mother, and now with a twist of fate, he is making love to his daughter he never knew he had.

‘What have I done,’

His mind is full of confusion.

A knock on the door announces the arrival of the meal. Michelle slips from his arms, padding over to the bathroom.

“I will just clean up.” Michelle purrs, “Don’t keep them waiting.”

Michelle wanders into the bathroom. John slips on a bathrobe and opens the door. The waitress pushes in a trolley loaded with their meal.

“Bon Appetit Monsieur,” She sweety say.

“Merci,” John responds…

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