Fresh Out Ch. 04

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Please note that this is a work of fiction and engaging in risky behavior is dangerous in the real world. Play safely and get tested.


It all happened so fast. Neville walked in the house and went straight to his room, he was done hiding out in his own house. There was great purpose in the way he took the stairs two at a time, jogged the length of the hall. He pushed into his room and immediately noticed the bed made with fresh sheets. The acidic tinge of sick was gone, replaced by nag champa incense that burned in the window sill. The shower was running, the bathroom door open. He would have liked to think it was an invitation but he sat down on the bed instead and tried not to think of his not so secret crush naked and wet in the next room.

“You left me…”

And Neville let him have it as soon as Brion stepped out of the bathroom. His honey toned skin still dewy from the hot shower, shorts hung loosely around his waist and Neville wasn’t the slightest bit distracted. He cussed him out for the things Brion said the night before, for things he said all those years ago. That’s how the argument started. They went back and forth, circling each other. Then two fingers to the chest of the other. It was barely a shove but it was enough. The barrier had been breached and a tussle ensued. It wasn’t the first time but never with the intensity as that moment. They were men now. There were no pulled punches. Neville might have been bigger but Brion was faster and boxed when they were kids. And he was almost as strong, at one point he had Neville pinned against the dresser. He held Neville’s right arm behind him and used his knee to pin the other. In his other hand he grabbed Neville’s tank top, the chest gathered in his fist.

“I needed you and you fucking left me, “he screamed in Neville’s face, his eyes wet and body trembling with emotion.

“The fuck you mean… You believed that skee-ho gold digging cum bucket over me what you expect me to do… I left you… Mufucka you kicked me out,” Neville roared back, flexing under Brion’s hold so hard the dresser rocked back against the wall. The force knocked their heads together and their noses collided, lips brushed briefly against each others. “The fuck off me nigga, ” Neville grunted as he pushed off again, but this time Brion pressed his body forward.

Their lips met, intentionally this time but Neville was too angry to stop struggling. Even after Brion loosened the grip he held on his wrist and moved his hand to lace his fingers with Neville’s. He felt the rough fingertips on his chest, tracing the nearly invisible stretch marks there. It was the tongue that flicked slowly against his bottom lip that got his attention but he didn’t succumb. Not completely anyway.

“Wait, Breeze what you doing yo, “he rasped as he pulled his head away, though their hands stayed tangled together behind him. All Brion did was shush him as he chased his lips, shifting his weight so that he sat in Neville’s lap.The shorts slid as he moved and Neville felt his excitement against his abs. That did it. He gave in and accepted the persistent pleas of Brion’s tongue to get into his mouth. “Are you sure, ” Neville tried to say, to remain rational.

In all his dreams he never saw it happening this way, for Brion to be the aggressor. He’d always fantasized an (un)fortunate accident or for Neville himself to grow balls and jump on him. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined those callused fingers would be the first to find his manhood, nor did he think that hand would encircle both their cocks and stroke. He pulled Neville’s hand around to hold him and didn’t flinch when that strong grip pulled him forward then back again, making Brion rock in his lap.

“Oh shit,” Brion grunted as he found the magic rhythm, working his hips and hand in tandem. Neville grabbed the back of his neck and forced his tongue back into his mouth for Brion to suck. No words were spoken, no instruction given but as soon as it passed his lips Neville felt the gentle suction and moaned. His other hand slipped further into Brion’s shorts and squeezed his bare ass.

“Fuck Breeze you gonna make me nut…”

“That’s the point, “he said and Neville smacked his ass so hard his own hand stung. His back arched and his legs clenched around Neville’s broad torso. He liked that, Neville thought, and gave him another one. And another and another before Brion began to pant and gasp. “Fuck… Fuck… I’m bout to bust Nev…”

Not wanting to get left behind Neville started to rut his hips against Brion’s stroking hand. He clasped his mouth against his so tight their teeth clashed but that didn’t stop them. Neville simply tip his head up and push his tongue against Brion’s moans. They were music to his ears and Neville wanted nothing more than to keep those going for as long as Brion allowed. A bite to his bottom lip, the pressure good enough to make Brion cry out. Just as he did, the first volley of his climax hit Neville’s chin pushing them over the edge together. From there they went shot for shot painting each other with their loads. Without thinking Halkalı travesti Neville pull Brion’s face away from his and raced to catch the pearls they’d painted on his chest. He grunted and slurped hungrily at the trails, his teeth scraping against flesh.

“Fuck that’s nasty nigga,” Brion said but his tone in no way implied disgust to Neville’s ears. In fact he brought his long slender fingers to Neville’s lips and pushed them in. He smirked as Neville slurped them into his mouth. “Suck,” he said quietly but Neville felt a hint of authority in his voice and decided to give an order of his own.

“Up,” he said but he didn’t wait for Brion to respond, instead lifted him bodily from his lap, took two steps and tossed him onto the bed. He tried to get up but Neville pushed him back down and smiled as fear flashed across that handsome face. “Don’t worry Breeze I’m not goin’ fuck you but when I’m done you might be begging.”

With that he yanked the shorts away and set to sucking the last of their seed from the fur between his cute little barely inny navel and his cock . He heard him moan but was lost in the exploration of their flavors and continued to lick and suckle every drop of Brion’s precious essence. He wanted more, needed more of the thick salty musk of this man he’d always loved. And he would get it no matter how much Brion insisted he wouldn’t get it up.

“I’m telling you bruh, it ain’t happening,” he gasp as Neville moved his head to suckle his balls. His body tensed with each lick of the sensitive flesh between his sack and anus. He didn’t pull away and Neville smiled, ran his nose along the base of Brion’s heavy 6 inches. It wasn’t even half hard but Neville had seen it at the 9 it would be at full length. Brion brought his hands to the back of Neville’s head and pulled in as Neville breathed in deep. He moaned low and deep as Neville dragged his lips across his inner thighs.

Then it happened, the moment Neville had been waiting for. The widening of those strong corded thighs, an invitation to enjoy him further. Neville took a quick peek at Brion, his head back eyes closed lost in pleasure. The pleasure that Neville gave. He kissed and licked, nibbled and caressed Brion’s entire package waiting for the moment his hips began to writhe. When they did he slowly, deliberately lifted those muscled legs with no resistance. From this angle Neville got a good look at the true prize of the day. Tight, pinker than he imagined and ringed by a fine coating of curly brown hair, Neville wasted no time getting his first taste. He knew this would be a shock to any heterosexual man, the teasing of his anus, but Neville hoped that Brion would not stop him. Slowly he began, tentative pokes at his rim that were answered by moans and grunts of pleasure. Neville raised his eyes again as he took a long slow lick around the circumference of his entrance and watched as the other man shuddered and gasped. Another revolution arched his back off the mattress and Neville couldn’t help the growl that escaped his chest at that, nor the slap he delivered to Brion’s hard abs with both hands. He trailed his fingers down the rippled 8 pack and hot bulging oblique muscles, ran his tongue along the indentation there before he made a triangle with his hands around Brion cock and balls. His rock hard cook, that dripped and leaked precum down his shaft. Neville started to bring that to his attention but didn’t want to seem arrogant so he enjoyed the view on his own. He squeezed his package, pushing it up and away from his asshole. He blew on it and the tight little hole flexed ever so slightly. He spit on it and Brion gasped but when Neville pressed his tongue against it Brion’s hips shot up off the bed.

“Fuck baby lick my ass,” he groaned and Neville bit his lip to keep from thinking too much of the pet name. Instead he distracted himself with loving strokes of his tongue against that now quivering hole. With his thumbs, Neville massaged the base of Brion’s balls as he slowly made the push to get inside him. Every thrust of his tongue was met with a thrust of his hips, if Neville held his tongue inside him Brion would grind against his face. “Shit that feel too good…Gotdamn you got me rocked up like a mufucka…” Brion trailed off into grunts and whimpers as he started to stroke himself. Neville would have rather he didn’t but couldn’t bring himself to stop him. He’d wanted to see him just like this, skin glistening and face flush. His eyes lost somewhere in the back of his head, toes curled tight as he beat his dick feverishly. He was on the brink, Neville could feel it in the way his hole quivered and clenched around his tongue. He wanted him to come, to explode from his touch. With an almost evil grin, Neville shoved his thick thumb deep inside that hot hole. “Ohhhh shit you sneaky muthafuckmeI’mbouttobustthisnut!!”

Neville had to hold him down for fear his thrashing hips might twist his thumb the wrong way as he Brion bucked his way through his second climax. Once he settled Neville slipped his thumb from his hole and watched as it clenched itself closed. Gently he Levent travesti kissed that pucker before he stood, all the while his eyes on Brion basking in the afterglow. He went into the bathroom and wet a washcloth with warm water then proceeded to wipe away the evidence of their tryst. When he was finished he went back into the bathroom to clean himself up. Back in his room he dropped his shorts and kicked them into his hamper then left naked to get them water. A smile crept across his lips as he came back to find Brion sprawled out in the center of his bed. It wasn’t the first time Neville had watched him sleep but now he didn’t care if he got caught.

“Damn I can see why you couldn’t keep a bitch,” Brion said groggily as he rolled over onto his side, showing Neville his chiseled back and bubble butt. “Can’t even hold a brotha after you get that nut off huh? Fucked up bruh.” Neville laughed and smack his ass as he climbed into bed beside him. He wasn’t sure how much affection was too much so he didn’t go for full blown spooning just yet, instead he settled for a hand to his thigh. By the time he settled Brion snored quietly beside him. He vaguely remembered turning on his tv and guzzling half his water.

They slept, long and hard. Slumber lowering thier last inhibitions and allowed them touch. Neville lay on his back, Brion on his stomach. His head on Neville’s pillow, arm across his chest, lips grazing his shoulder before Neville shifted down. He ran his hand down Brion’s thigh and squeezed a little before he settled with a long deep breathe of his scent. One or the other stirred Brion into full wakefulness and he cleared his throat.

“Well, this is awkward,” Neville said as he quickly tried to roll away, hiding his hurt feelings. He had been dreaming he thought. But then there was pressure on his hip and an arm around his neck.

“Chill, yo I’m comfortable…But yeah a little,” he added the last with a chuckle but Neville stayed in close. “I mean it might just be me but I think I still smell my boys on ya breathe.” That got a shot to the rib that was just hard enough to make Brion flinch but he laughed and continued. “What, I’m just saying…”

“Naw it sound like you complaining,” Neville said as he went for another love tap, this one to the chest but blocked.

“Naw, I’m not complaining. I’m just saying you a nasty mufucka that all…also not a complaint,” Brion added quickly with a laugh. He took a deep breathe, his hand slowly making its way down Neville’s chest and sighed. “You know, the other day…I couldn’t…You shocked me…”

“I’m good bud…”

“Naw let me finish,” he said quietly as his hand came to rub Neville’s hard stomach. It had begun to round a little thanks to Gianni’s home cooking and rejoining life in the real world. Neville watched that hand, willing it to go lower. He felt Brion on his hip, his hardness wedged between them. “You remember that girl lived across the hall from us freshman year?”

“Tarin,” Neville said with a laugh as he remember Brion’s freak of an on again off again girlfriend. Neville had always liked her, and not just because she let him watch.

“Yeah you probably got as many blowjobs as I did from that one,” Brion said and Neville felt his cock twitch against his hip. “That easter weekend, we stayed and she did us both. I saw you…the way you watched her mouth…licked your lips…” His hopes answered, Neville moaned as Brion started to stroke him again all the while thrusting slowly in time against him. Brion moved to put his face to Neville’s, his lips brushed against his ear. “I got the hint and did some digging…you really need to learn to clear your browser history bruh…I knew you wanted it. I started noticing you checking me and at first it kind of weirded me out but that didn’t last long. We did everything together man, always had each others back. You went out for track in high school for me why couldn’t I do this for you…I know it’s not the same but it is. I figured you’d tell me.”

Neville moaned and spread his legs as Brion moved his hand down beneath his balls. His long fingers wasted no time making his intentions known forcing their way in between his cheeks. “But you didn’t then you went away and I was stuck out here with all these feelings. It wasn’t just you wanting me anymore. I wanted this,” he said with a smack to Neville’s quivering hole. “But then when you kissed me I got shellshocked. I didn’t expect it to be so…I didn’t know how much…It was good. Too good and it scared me. Then I lost my mind last night and you know why? Not because of any shake to my sexuality. I was jealous…”

“It’s not…” Neville managed to say as he watched Brion lift up and lean to his bedside table. He snooped through more than his browser history, Neville thought as Brion knew exactly what drawer to find the flavored lube Gianni told him to buy when they went toy shopping. He poured some on his fingers and rubbed it along Neville’s crack making him moan.

“Like that I know, I know but I was fucked up. I figured you’d come to bed at some point and I could set you Şirinevler travesti right but you didn’t…Mmmm that’s it open up for me,” Brion said into his ear as Neville lay back and spread his knees wide. “I wanted to give you this dick so bad baby but I ain’t wanna share you with the white boy just yet.” Neville laughed at that.

“Yet,” Neville repeated breathily as he felt pressure of a middle finger on his rim. He opened his eyes just in time to see Brion smiling at him lustily. His eyes lidded and bottom lip trapped between his teeth as he gave his finger the final push inside Neville’s tight hole. They both moaned at that.

“Yeah,” he said as he slowly working his finger in that hot chute, rotating his finger back and forth before he started to pull out. Neville watched him watch his hole and lick his lips as it began to loosen under Brion’s attention. His dick stood up rock hard against his flat stomach and Neville wanted nothing more than to put it in his mouth. He reached for it, to stroke it, but Brion swatted his hand away. “Naw I had my turn earlier,” He whispered, his eyes on Neville, silently asking if he was ready for more. Their eyes locked, Brion squeezed a good amount of the sticky vaguely chocolate flavored goop onto Neville cock before he took it in his grip. The way he looked at it Neville thought he might be working up the nerve to put it in his mouth. He fisted the sheets at the thought, hips thrusted down to meet the two fingers pushing into him. “So how close is it to eating pussy,” He asked with a smirk.

“I mean aside from the nuts on your nose pretty close,” Neville grunted as Brion spread his fingers inside him. He rocked his ass down to meet his knuckles, eyes slammed shut he was starting to get tunnel vision with the double sensation in his groin. This wasn’t the first time he’d had something inside him while he stroked, Neville was sure Brion had seen the two toys in that draw and the little brown bottle. The still unopened jar of water based stuff he read about on line. He imagined Brion might have come across Neville’s research on it’s uses in his “digging”.

“Yeah that’s what I figured,” Brion said and pull his fingers all the way out. Neville heard the whimper as he watched the slow closing of that muscle. He lean down and blew on it, making Neville shiver and moan his name before he pushed in three fingers. After a few gentle strokes he pulled all the way out again and gave Neville’s gape a hard slap before it closed making the big man squirm and moan his name again.

“Ohhh fuck Breeeeze…”

“Yeah say my name again,” Brion said with another slap, this one to Neville’s sensitive taint. It stung like a bitch but that big black log started dripping clear love juice all over Brion’s stroking hand. “Come on baby say it for me.”

Neville wasn’t so far gone not to recognize what was happening. He heard the tone in Brion’s voice change, felt his change of posture. But he couldn’t fight it, couldn’t stop himself from giving in. Those fingers found their way back inside him and thrust in time with the firm grip on his cock. The rich musk of masculinity filled his nostrils as Brion moved his crotch to Neville’s face. He gave his cock a slap before he grabbed his own, push the tip to Neville’s lips.

“Say it for me babyboy,” he said and Neville whimpered as Brion ran his dick along his bottom lip. When Neville opened his mouth Brion pulled away laughing. “Ah ah ahhh, no baby not til I say so…or you say it.” Neville tried to reach up and grab it himself but Brion pinched his nipple hard, making him cry out and his cock drip some more. “When we used to play touch on the greens you never wanted to play your position. You always wanted to be my center. I thought it was because you wanted to protect me, imagine my surprise when I find out it’s cause you want to bend over for me. Wanted to feel me pushed up behind you tight, hoping you get a feel of my dick on your ass.”

“You don’t know shit,” Neville said, not even believing it himself and Brion laughed.

“I know I got you open as fuck right now…breathing all hard. Sweating and shit. I know you want me to throw you this dick. I know you losing that fight to hold out on me. You know how I get down baby, you seen me put in work. You always been curious, since that first time you seen me bend Tarin over my desk. Maybe later. I want to see your face the first time you take it,” He whispered over Neville’s gasps. He chuckled and gave his fingers a twist, knowing he’d found that magical place inside Neville that would open him completely. He wanted to hear it though. “Mmmm see I just want to make you feel good babyboy. Let me take care of you baby…”

He couldn’t take it anymore, his fingertips on the ledge Neville let go his grip and plummeted over the edge. He screamed his name over and over again, with every volley of his load as it shot into the air. He vaguely heard Brion mumble something about being ready and the next thing he knew there were balls on his ass and a cock deep inside him. Neville howled at the quick, savage entry but he loved every second. His mind was on fire, pleasure center erupting as Brion went right at him, thrusting through the end of his climax. Neville’s chute writhed and quivered around the invasion, trying desperately to grip the rod but Brion slicked the hole well enough that he slipped easily in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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