Friday Night with Samantha

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After a frustratingly long week for the both of us, we decide to go out and have some fun for once. It was Friday night and we were ready to just cut loose. As usual you are ready in 10 minutes and look perfect. You are dressed in a crisp pair of chinos and a stylish black ribbed sweater that I had gotten you for your birthday. It fit against your well toned frame perfectly. I, on the other hand, and already running 30 minutes late and still have a ways to go, but I know that when you see what I have planned for the night that you won’t mind waiting just awhile longer. I call out and tell you that I’m going to be a bit longer than I intended and tell you to just meet me at the club. You walk into the bedroom and find me sitting on the edge of the bed, not even close to being ready. You roll your eyes at me and move closer.

You kneel in front of me and grab a hold of my thighs pulling them apart as you slide in-between, bringing your face to mine. You detect a hint of jasmine, which I have applied to my beck and behind my ears and you think for just a minute you can smell lavender as well, but you are unsure. You shake your head at me and smirk as you bring your mouth to my neck and begin to place a small trail of kisses along my shoulder and neck, before working your way along my jaw and up to my lips. As your hands travel up my thighs and closer to a growing heat between my legs. You continue to tease me for a minute, making me question if you are about to take me right then and there, or if you are going to make me wait.

You kiss me quickly and jump up to your feet answering my question. I growl at you teasingly and you laugh as you walk away. “I’ll see you there, if you ever get done!” You quip.

“Oh, don’t you worry”, I reply, “I’ll be right behind you!”

Guessing that I am up to something, you turn to me and raise an eyebrow as if you didn’t believe me, but say nothing more. I hear the front door close and your car start up. I peer out the window to make sure you have left before heading over to the phone. I make one quick call and make sure everything is all set for that evening. I continue to get ready and decide to trace the full length stockings for my sheer black thigh highs that require me to wear a garter belt. You’ve always been a fan of when I wear a garter belt, and this will make things much easier later that evening. I slip on the new black dress that I paid way to much for but couldn’t resist buying it anyway. The strapless garment barely covered my thighs and hugged every curve of my body just right. My black thigh high boots worked perfectly. As I zipped them up and stood, I noticed the effect was even better than I had imagined. Between the dress and the boots, a thin line of flesh between the two was left exposed. I quickly pin my hair up and finish touching up my makeup. I’m finally ready to go and head out to my car. I slip into the drivers seat and start the engine as the fluttering in my stomach seems to intensify.

Hoping that all goes as planned I make my way to the club where we decided to meet. As I get out of the car and make my way to the clubs entrance, my nipples start to harden as the plan I have put together for this evening runs through my head. I glance back at the parking lot and I see your car there along with a friend that I have invited to join us. A hoarse moan escapes my lips and I start to get weak in the knees as everything seems to be going according to plan.

I enter the club and am immediately met with a cloud of smoke. The music is heavy and the smell of sex is everywhere. I walk past a group of men standing at the bar and overhear the approval of my outfit being discussed among them. I approach the bar and order a drink. I sit for a moment on a barstool as I wait and scan the room. Crossing my legs I feel the eyes of the man next to me work their way up my boots and over my barely exposed thighs as a tingle runs up my spine. I suddenly spot you and notice instantly my plan is working. You are sitting and talking with the hot little brunette that I know you have a thing for from your office. She tilts her head back while she is laughing at something you say and I can see in her eyes that she wants you. I smile in delight and hop off the stool as my drink is placed in front of me. I tell the bartender to add it to the table check and make my way over.

I take my time reaching the table, thoroughly enjoying watching the chemistry between you two and not wanting to interrupt. Eventually I am close enough and you both turn towards me. She smiles at me as you look at me as if expecting to be in trouble. As if I caught you doing something you shouldn’t be. I smile at you and say “Hey Babe!” as I walk past you and sit next to Samantha. What I do next totally takes you by surprise. Without taking my eyes off of you, I lean over and kiss Sam on the lips. Not gently, but with a need to feel her lips crushed against mine. Without hesitation she reciprocates this action and we stay locking in the kiss for a very brief but satisfying amount of time. I reach down and give her thigh a quick squeeze before isveçbahis moving over to sit by you.

Your eyes are glazed over and your jaw is still slack in shock. I ask you what’s wrong, but you are unable or unwilling to answer me. I quickly kiss you and snap you out of your daydream. I pick up my drink as Samantha and I begin to chit chat. After a few minutes you finally seem to have come back to reality and join in on the conversation. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch you looking over my chosen attire for the evening. The tight black material hugging every inch of my body that it’s covering. My breasts just barely being held in and you notice that there is no room for a bra. Since I am sitting, you can’t really see much more but I can see the quiet storm brewing behind your eyes and I can already tell that this night is going to work out far better than I ever thought it would.

A slow and sexy sounding song comes on and I grab Samantha’s wrist and pull her out to the dance floor with me, leaving you sitting at the table alone with nothing else to do but watch. I am finally able to see what she is wearing. It’s a short tight little red number and I begin to feel the stirrings in my loins. We get to a perfect spot on the floor. From where we are, you have an unobstructed view of the show. She turns to face you and places her back against me as I place my hands on her hips and pull her in closer. She starts swaying to the beat and her tight little body is soon melting into mine. She reaches down and intertwines her fingers with mine as we begin to move as one to the pounding of the music. I close my eyes and feel myself getting high from the scent of her. I look at you and watch as your eyes are transfixed on the sight in front of you. I see your hand under the table and I imagine how hard your cock is starting to get. My hands release her fingers and work my way down her arms and over her shoulders.

Your eyes widen as I bring my hands down to gently cup her breasts. They are firm yet soft and my hands seem to mold to them. I slowly turn her and seek out her mouth. My hands on her back before roaming down and grabbing her ass. Our tongues moving almost to the same rhythm as our bodies. By now all eyes are on us but neither of us care. The only thing I can think about right now is how she feels in my hands, against my body, on my lips. I want her. I want her right then and there but think better of it. The song ends and we hesitantly break away from each other, passing a knowing glance between us as we head back towards you. I notice that you are grinning like a child on Christmas morning as you watch this night unfold in front of you.

We sit on either side of you and wink at each other. We both turn and focus all of our combined attention onto you. My hand is on one of your thighs, hers on the other. We watch as a waitress approaches the table but keeps walking past as she looks down and sees what’s going on. We giggle and look for a darker, quieter corner. You spot a booth in the back of the room with a view of the entire club and what looks like more room so we decide to move. We slip in one by one with you still in the middle. We make some small talk as we sip our drinks and allow the atmosphere of our surroundings take over.

I uncross my legs and slip one over the top of your thigh. You place your hand on the bit of exposed skin between my dress and boots as you slip your other hand up Sam’s thigh. You look at me as if seeking approval and I respond by pulling you towards me and kissing you softly. I feel you suck in your breath as her hand has made it’s way up your thigh to your bulging cock. You can feel her hand start to slowly stroke your shaft as a gasp comes from her lips. I look over at her and she just winks. I stand up and excuse myself for a minute to give you two a few minutes alone. She grins as she firmly grabs your cock through your pants. I look quickly before turning and walking away.

I make my way back to the bar and choose a stool that offers me a clear view of our table. It’s very dimly lit in that back corner. I can’t make out faces or features but can clearly see how the outlines of your bodies are interacting. I order a drink turn back to watch. I can see your hands on her back while her hands are still hidden from direct view. Your mouth hungrily on hers as she lips onto your lap and wraps her hands around your neck. I see you looking right at me and then in the next moment I see your eyes close. I notice that she has lifted herself just a bit and I now know that her hot tight pussy is wrapped around your cock. I watch as you two seem to be moving to the beat of the music unaware of anything or anyone else around you. The crowded bar, the smoke filled room, the people totally unaware of you fucking that hot little bitch at the back booth. My pussy begins to get wet from the knowledge that I am the only other person who knows what’s happening back there, and I love it. I watch her bury her head into your shoulder as she continues to grind her hips to the beat and I feel your eyes on mine.

I take an ice cube from my isveçbahis giriş drink and place it to my lips, letting the water melt and drip down my chin onto my breasts. I see her head thrown back and I know she is about to cum, but are you? I hope you are. I begin to lick the ice as I would your cock. I know people are watching me but the only set of eyes that matter are yours. I watch as you lean back and I know that you are about to shoot your hot load deep into her cunt. You grab hold of her hips and hold her in place as you begin to fuck her. The whole thing happens so quickly that the next thing I know you are leaning your head against the back of the seat as I watch her slide from your lap. She is resting her head on your shoulders as you both come down from the high of getting off. I turn back to my drink and a few minutes later I feel a tap on my shoulder. It’s Samantha and she nods her head in the direction of the restrooms. I get up and throw a smile in your direction as I head off to the restrooms with her. We slip in the room and notice it’s empty. My pussy is so wet from watching her ride you and I know that hers still has your hot cum dripping out.

I lead her to the sink and help her sit on the ledge. I lift her dress to hit hips and notice that she is not wearing any panties. The scent of her juices mixed with your cum is enough to drive me insane as I quickly kneel down and place my mouth over her opening, slipping my tongue deep inside of her and tasting the two of you combined. The taste is one of the most incredible I’ve ever experienced and I’m desperate for more. I seek out her clit with the tip of my tongue and pull her hips towards me as she grabs a hold of my head and pulls me further into her. My tongue moving over her clit and cleaning all of your cum out of her sweet pussy. My hands grasp her thighs and begin to run along them.

Lost in the orgasm that is now flowing through Sam’s body and my mouth eagerly lapping up her juices as the run out, neither one of us notices the door open. Her moans reverberating off the bathroom tiles as I begin to lick faster. I move my hand up and slip one, then another finger into her wet tight cunt and begin to fuck her as I lick her clit. I know she is going to cum again and I want to feel it on my tongue. I stop licking for a minute, concentrating on fucking that tight hole with my fingers. The slippery wet sound being made as I pound into her pussy makes my own honey hole start dripping. As I feel her tighten around my fingers I hurriedly replace my mouth to claim my reward. Her bucking hips against my face let me know she is going to cum and fast. A glass shattering moan is released from her tiny body as she falls back against the mirror. I happily lick her cunt clean and stand up, licking my lips to taste her once again before she pulls me into her. Running the tip of her tongue along the outline of my lips as she tastes herself on me.

Suddenly, I feel something pushing against my back and look in the mirror. Behind me I see you, pressing your hard cock into my back before shoving my dress up my thighs and bending me over the sink that Sam is still sitting on. You reach up and grab my hair, pushing my face back into her cunt as you slam your cock into me. She reaches down and grabs one of my nipples, pinching it hard and causing me to moan into her, vibrating against her already super sensitive clit. She pushes my head off of her and slips down between my legs, feeling her darting tongue lick my clit and your shaft as you continue to fuck me. Reaching up, she cups your balls and begins to gently squeeze them while licking my pussy. She bites down on my clit and I lose it. My hands are white knuckled from clenching the edge of the sink so hard as an orgasm that has been building up in my all night finally takes over and rips through my body, clenching my cunt onto your cock as you shoot your seed deep inside of me.

I look down and watch as Samantha greedily laps up every drop of mixed cum that is dripping out of my pussy. Watching her acting like a little cum slut makes me cum again. I glance up in the mirror and see you behind me still working your softening cock in and out of me as the little slut in between my legs licks us both clean. I hear a gasp from the left of us and look over, watching two younger ladies standing there, staring, both with their hands playing with themselves. The gasp was caused when one of them fingered herself until she came, watching the scene play out in front of her. Sam quickly jumped to her feet as you pulled out of me and tried to quickly pull up your pants. I continued to remain bent over, wiggling my ass in their direction before standing up and pulling my dress down. The three of us gather ourselves and head towards the door. Sam and I exchange a knowing look and we each approach one of the ladies still standing there like deer caught in the headlights. We lean in and kiss each one, the taste of cum still on both of our lips before walking out the door.

We make our way back to our table and gather our things. Samantha leans over and whispers something to isveçbahis yeni giriş me and then kisses my cheek. She turns and faces you and takes your head in her hands. She kisses you deeply and then with a quick wink, she turns and leaves. Your eyes following the sway of her hips and ass as she disappears into the crowd. Suddenly you feel my hands on your waist and you turn towards me. Leaning up and kissing you, you can still taste her on my lips. The music stops and the lights come on. It’s time to leave. I lean my head on your shoulder as we walk out the door.

The air is cool and crisp against my skin as I slip into your jacket. We lean against my car and you kiss me again. We stay lost in that moment for what seems like hours but is only a few moments.

“It’s time to go home.” I whisper in your ear.

I walk to the driver side of my car and open the door, you seem disappointed that we are going home without the earlier third party, but that was always the plan. I glance over my shoulder and smile at you as I slip into the car and start the engine. I wait and watch as you get into your car and begin to drive off. I have to sit for a minute and regroup as I replay the nights events in my mind. The image of Samantha on your lap, fucking you in the middle of a crowded night club while I watch flashed through my head and I feel the flood of excitement start to work it’s way through my body again. I have to pull myself back to the present and drive home!

I finally calm down and drive myself the short distance to our house. As I pull into the driveway I notice that you are not home yet. I can’t imagine where you would be at this hour. I make my way to the front door and let myself in. I check everywhere in the house and you are still no where to be found. I figured you stopped at the store or something on the way home and got hung up. I stretch and yawn and head up to the bedroom to get ready for bed.

As I approach the door I see a flicker of light and wonder if you are in there. I enter the room and to my dismay, you are not. However, there are about a dozen candles lit around the room and rose petals on the bed. On my pillow I find a note that reads ‘Don’t worry. Be right back.’ And I begin to wonder just how long I sat in the parking lot. I am confused as to what’s going on, but feel a million times better since finding your note. I get undressed, leaving my clothes in a heap on the floor, and slide into bed. 20 minutes pass and I’m still lying restless in bed, and still alone. As I close my eyes again, the events of the evening fill my mind again. I slide my hand down my abdomen to the ever growing heat between my thighs. I absently reach up and pinch a nipple as my fingers glide over my swollen clit and slip into the awaiting wetness. I slip in a second finger and wish desperately that it was your tongue instead. I imagine your mouth on my body and begin to rub my clit harder.

“Don’t you dare cum without me!” I hear you exclaim from the doorway. I had been so lost in my own thoughts that I didn’t hear you come in. I look up and see you standing there, watching me writhe on the bed and it doesn’t take you but another second to make your way to the bed and stand beside me. You remove my hands and pull them above my head, holding them in place as you sit down on the edge of the bed and place a kiss on my lips. You raise your mouth and remove your hands, and I have no intention of moving them. You run your tongue along the outline of my ear and work your way across my jawline. As you move to my cheek and once again to my lips, you kiss me roughly this time before continuing to my neck, where you begin to bite where my neck meets my shoulder and my entire body begins to tingle.

As your hand runs slowly down my stomach, your mouth reached a nipple at the exact same moment your hand finds my clit and I almost come undone. Your fingers pinch my clit in unison with your teeth clenching down on my taut nipple. You continue to flick your tongue around my nipple as your hand just rests in between my thighs. I try to grind my hips, but your hand still just lies there, slack and unmoving. Instead, you lick a straight line across my chest to my other breast and playfully tug at it with your mouth. I arch my back and you pull away. You tell me not to move as you stand up and back away from our bed. You reach down and bring up what looks like a silk scarf and I recognize it from my closet. You place it over my eyes and life my head gently to secure it behind my head.

After listening to you fumble around for a minute I suddenly feel something cold and bumpy sliding along my cheek. You run it up to my lips as I lick my lips trying to figure out what it is. I taste strawberry as you stick the juicy piece of fruit in my mouth to bite. I quickly do so and smile as the juice from the strawberry runs down my chin. You hurriedly lean down to catch the sticky liquid before it can drip from my chin to my neck and continue to lick your way up to my slick lips until your mouth is once again on mine. With your hand on my cheek I move my arms from above my head and run my hands through your hair, pulling you closer to me. We remain locked in a kiss that took the wind right out of me. I had to push you aside for a minute to catch my breath. You took this opportunity to get undressed.

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