Friendly Swap

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Cum Between

My buddy Ray and I were friends all through college. I guess you could say we were late bloomers though, as we didn’t get much in the way of “action” until we were in our second year; sophomores. It was then we hooked up with girlfriends at last, and made up for lost time.

My girlfriend, Terry, was actually a virgin when I met her. She was 5 foot five, with medium length brown hair, dark brown eyes and a cure, sexy face. She had such soft lips, lips that just begged to be kissed, or have a hard cock between them. Her body was nice, too. Her tits weren’t that big, probably between a B or C cup, but she was young and fit. When she was tan and in a swimsuit, she looked wonderful. As I said, she was a virgin when I met her but man, I must have turned her into a cock-hungry ball-drainer. Not long after we started having sex, she couldn’t get enough. She especially loved it when I went down on her. When she came, which she always did, she would shake her head from side to side and nearly crush my head with her legs. We would fuck for hours, too, in every position. Many nights Terry would look into my eyes as I fucked her good and hard. “Fuck me baby,” she would moan, “give it to me good.” And I did!

Ray’s girlfriend Anna Nicole was a real blonde. She had lovely green eyes and an infectious laugh. But her best attribute by far was her body. She was not a small girl. Anna Nicole was about 5 foot six or so. Her body was voluptuous though. Perfect skin, lots of curves in all the right places and absolutely huge tits. I mean huge – and perfect! My God, what a body she had. I knew she and Ray had plenty of sex, but I didn’t know whether it was good or bad.

When we were seniors, though, I got the chance to find out. Ray and I got an off-campus apartment together, and the girls would be frequent visitors. Since they both lived with lots of roommates and liked to get away, the four of us usually spent the entire weekend together. It was great fun. We’d get a pizza and do shots of kamikazes, then retreat to our rooms, drunk and horny, to fuck and suck the night away. I would sometimes hear Anna Nicole moaning or laughing. Oh man, how I fantasized about a night with her.

It was a Friday night, I think, that Ray and I got our big surprise. merter escort We did a good bit of partying that evening, when suddenly Terry looked me in the eyes and said, “Baby, Anna Nicole and I have a little request. It’s something we’ve wanted to try for a while now, and it seems like as good a time as any.” Ray and I looked at each other in confusion. “Go on,” I said.

“We’re good friends, all of us, and we’re good at keeping a secret. Just for tonight, we’d like to switch partners. Anna Nicole really wants to suck your delicious cock, and I want to see if Ray can fuck as good as you.” Then she bit her lip a little, perhaps frightened as to how Ray and I might respond. “Let me talk this over with Ray a minute,” I excitedly replied. Ray and I went into my bedroom and practically hugged each other. “What do you say, pal?” I asked him. “Should we give them their wish?”

“You fucking better believe it!” he responded. “Is there anything special I should do to please Terry?”

“Start off with lots of kissing,” I started. “Bite her lip gently and suck on her tongue. Then lick her body from top to bottom. Start with her neck, and spend some time on her tits. When you get to her pussy, suck her clit for all you’re worth. Then stick a couple of fingers in and play around in there. She’ll cum a couple of times – guaranteed!”

“OK, my turn,” Ray said. Anna Nicole likes to be fucked good and hard. Sit her on your lap and stick that big cock of yours all the way in, while you squeeze her nipples. She’ll cum like crazy.”

“What about going down on her?” I asked. “I’ve never done it much,” Ray confessed. I knew my game plan. Ray and I walked out of that room with big smiles on our faces. Just one look and the girls knew they were in for quite a night. They asked us to wait in the den for a few minutes while they “got ready for us.” My dick was as hard as cold rolled steel, let me tell you.

After about ten minutes, I heard my bedroom door opened and Terry call out to Ray. I could only see that she had one of my robes on, and who knows what underneath. Ray went to her and they closed the door.

Then Anna Nicole called out to me. When I went into the room, it smelled of sweet perfume. Anna eskort Nicole stood there and took off her robe. She was wearing a lace thong with matching bra. Her body was all I had hoped for, with her giant tits just barely contained in her bra. I walked to her, lifted her head to mine, and kissed her tenderly. It was the last tender thing we did that evening.

After a few minutes I began to fondle those incredible tits. First over her bra, then under. I caressed them, held them, and loved them. I wet my fingers and squeezed her nipples. This excited her, and she began to tremble. Then she got down on her knees and undid my pants, which I removed. My cock sprung free and, to her delight, eight thick inches were staring her in the face. Holding on to my butt cheeks, Anna Nicole at first just licked around the head, taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. Then she began to lick up and down the entire length of the shaft. At the same time, she lovingly caressed my balls. Finally, using both hands, she pumped my cock into her mouth, while giving it a lot of tongue action once it got in there.

After about 10 minutes of this devoted attention, I pulled my cock out her mouth and, wet with her saliva, planted it between those two mountains of hers. She quickly took the hint. Squeezing her tits together, she let me fuck them while she looked into my eyes, her tongue circling her mouth. My cock rewarded her with a thick stream of cum. It shot through her tits and hit her face, where she licked some of it off.

Now it was my turn. Laying Anna Nicole on the bed, I pulled off her lace thong to reveal a gorgeous blonde pussy. Wow! I started by kissing all the way up her large shapely calves, then licked the inside of her thighs until they were good and wet. Lastly, I started licking her pussy from top to bottom. I languished long on her labia, knowing that Ray rarely gave her this delight. Then I centered in on her clit. While licking it, I stuck first one, then two fingers in her pussy and located her g-spot. Between my licking and fingering, Anna Nicole was going nuts. She held on to my head with both hands. Soon, she was moaning and sputtering, her whole body shaking. I knew it was time to put her over the edge. Wetting just my pinkie fatih escort with her pussy juices, I inserted it just a bit into Anna Nicole’s asshole. I knew the effect this would have on her, and I wasn’t wrong. Almost immediately, her eyes opened wide, her mouth opened as if to scream out, but the only noise was her soft, “Oh . . . my . . . God.” Anna Nicole then convulsed in what I was sure must have been the most intense orgasm of her life. She literally wet the bed with her juices, bucking uncontrollably. Then her whole body went limp. As furious as her orgasm was, it would not be her last of the evening by a long shot!

After we both recovered for a little while, holding and stroking each other, we starting kissing. Softly at first, then harder, then desperately, our hands all over each other’s bodies. Her body, I must repeat, was just extraordinary.

Taking a page from Ray’s playbook, I sat at the edge of the bed and pulled her to me. Anna Nicole sat on my cock until it was fully in her pussy. She then rocked back and forth, while I twisted and kneaded her nipples, which was incredibly erotic to her. After no more than a minute, she cried out in orgasm yet again. Now I took a risk. Pulling her off my stiff, wet rod, I put the head of my cock up against her rosebud virgin asshole. She pushed down on me slowly and gasped when just the head of my cock penetrated. Little by little, I pulled her onto my massive meat, until I was buried in her asshole. She was breathing hard, unsure of this new sensation. Afraid of pain that never materialized. Anal sex never got good press. Before long, though, she was loving it. I told her to rub her clit as I pumped her asshole hard, holding her hips. She obeyed. “It feels so good, Dave,” she cried. I’m sure it did, because shortly after, as I filled her ass with hot cum, she sighed deeply and moaned, “Oh God, I’m cuming again, I can’t take much more of this!” My friends, it was quite a night. We fucked at least three more times in every possible position. Anna Nicole never looked at me the same after that night. She knew that she might never get fucked like that again, that no man would desire or please her more. Parson my immodesty. It was flattering, but a little sad. She looked at me with reverence, and the intimacy of lovers who share a secret they can never tell. As for Ray’s night with Terry, well that’s a story for another letter. After all these years, Ray and I are still friends and the girls are long gone. The memories, though, will last forever.

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