Friendly Turnout Pt. 01

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Here’s a new story for you all! It’s a bit non-connish with the main protag being deceived, but it ends well for them all. Everyone is 18 or older.

Chapter: 1

In a dark room with a comfy bed, a beautiful girl in lacy silk stockings and beautiful long blonde hair has her thong slipped to the side as a fat black cock slowly pushes inside her tight ass. The big muscular black guy leans over her, kissing her as she moans out in pleasure and ecstasy. His cock stretches out her ass as he shows her he owns her. She suddenly has a collar wrapped around her neck with a leash attached to it. The tall black man holds onto the leash as he fucks her harder. She finds herself on all fours, taking his fat cock in her ass as her tiny little girly dick dangles underneath. She feels the red hot stings where he spanked her.

He violently thrusts into her ass. She looks up at the mirror and that’s when I realize that the girl is me and the tall black man fucking my ass is my best friend Keenan. We’re not on a bed anymore, but we’re in the middle of the basketball court as everyone watches him fuck me. They laugh and record it all while I’m being turned out and made into my best friend’s sissy slave. He fucks me ruthlessly. His girlfriend and teammates all watch and laugh at me as I cum hard from getting fucked like a girl. And yet, it feels so fucking good and right. I find myself wanting to be his bitch. To be a girly little slut.

Suddenly, I shoot up from bed in a sweat. It was only a dream. It wasn’t real. It felt so real. I felt like I was being fucked by my best friend’s big cock. I can even smell the scent of cum. My eyes go wide as I lift the blanket and realize the smell of cum is coming from me. My boxers are soaked in it. I get off my bed just as a knock at the door makes my heart race. “Honey? Are you awake? Today’s the big day. You don’t want to be late for your own graduation.”

“Don’t come in! I’m coming. I mean… I’ll be right there. I’ll be out in a second.” I smack my forehead. That sounded a little too on the nose.

I rip my sheets off, toss my boxers in and throw them into my dirty laundry before hopping into the shower. Ever since I accidentally watched that porno of a big black man fucking a sissy boy, it’s been haunting my dreams. Once I get dressed, I rush out of the door, grabbing a pop-tart on my way out, telling my mother I love her as I leave.

Today’s the day I finally graduate from high school. Life is going to get a lot better. It definitely couldn’t get any worse because high school sucked. I’m about to graduate with my virginity firmly intact.

Chapter: 2

It’s hard to believe the day has finally come. I’m finally done with this place. It was a rough go, if I’m honest. Being a short, skinny, nerdy boy with a rather fat butt and shy personality, I get picked on a lot. Not that I don’t have any friends. I have a best friend, actually. Keenan Nelson is my best friend. Although, most people can’t figure out why. As one of our star football players, he is very popular. He’s tall, black, and muscular, and I’m the exact opposite. He’s got a girlfriend and most people think I look like a girl. We couldn’t be any more different, except for the part that we both play Aratheon and he’s just as big of a nerd as I am, although not many people know that.

However, lately, we haven’t hung out much. He’s always with his football friends, Luke and Kaydron, and his girlfriend Ayleanna who’s beyond beautiful. She’s got dark silky black hair, and smooth olive skin with long legs she loves to show off. She’s really nice too. Super nice to me at least. And she doesn’t try to exclude me which makes me feel good. Luke and Kaydron on the other hand aren’t the most welcoming. They don’t bully me, at least they wouldn’t consider it bullying, not like Reese Conley and his friends. But they do like to give me a hard time. At least Kaydron. He gives everyone a hard time though. Luke is more of the silent scary type. He’s tall, white, muscular, and has a very intimidating stare. Kaydron is also tall and muscular, but has dark almond skin and always has a huge smile.

As much as I feel uncomfortable around them, I have to get used to it. We all got accepted into the same college, Miami U, and Keenan thought it’d be great if we all became roommates in the dorms. I’m really glad to room with Keenan, but I’m really nervous to spend at least two whole semesters with Kaydron and Luke. All three of their girlfriends will be going as well. I’m the only one who’s single and still a virgin. Hopefully, college will change that.

I hear my name and stumble forward as I walk up to get my diploma. I hear my mother shout and tell everyone around her that I’m her baby boy. I try not to cringe as I shake the principal’s hand and receive my piece of paper, nearly tripping on my face as I walk off. Everyone laughs. On my way back, I see Reese Conley mouth faggot at me. He’s also on the football team and he’s the biggest asshole ever. He and his friends bully me relentlessly.

After mecidiyekoy escort the event, everyone crowds the cafeteria for pictures. My mother manages to get one of me and Keenan after he comes up and bear hugs me.

“Hey, Ms. Barrios, I need to quick talk to Alex for a second,” he says as he puts his arm around my shoulder, leading me down a hall. “Hey, Luke, Kaydron, and myself are going up to Kaydron’s cabin for the week and we all want you to come.”

“Me? Cabin?” I ask, dumbfounded. No one ever invites me to anything.

He only gives me a smirk. “Yea, why wouldn’t we want you to come? You’re our roommate. It’s just a week. There might be a huge party on Friday, but nothing to worry about.”


“Yeah, just some other people will come up and stuff. Nothing serious. And our girlfriends will be there. I promise you, if you come, I’ll help you lose your virginity. Don’t you want that?” he asks, with a raised eyebrow and a grin.

My eyes go as wide as quarters. “Really?”

“Yeah, of course. We’re practically brothers. I got your back,” he says, giving my shoulder a squeeze.

I bite my lip, but then my face goes red as I think back to that dream. “I just have to ask my mom.”

“Do that and get back to me,” he says as he messes my hair up. We head back into the cafeteria and he heads over to Luke and Kaydron. I can’t believe they want me to come with them to Kaydron’s cabin and I might get laid.

After things die down, I get in the car with my mom and we head back home. “Mom? Keenan invited me to go up with him, Kaydron, and Luke to Kaydron’s cabin for the week. Can I go? It’ll just be the four of us and they just want to bond before college, since we’re all going to be roommates.”

She looks at me with a genuine smile. My mother has always been what some consider a milf. She has a youthful face, a rather curvy set of hips with a slim waist, and a big bust. “I don’t see why not. Just please don’t do anything stupid. You’re the smartest boy I know, so don’t be careless. I know you might drink and if you do, don’t overdo it, and don’t let anyone drink and drive.”

“We won’t. I promise.”

“Then you may certainly go. This is definitely a first. Right? I’m really happy they’re including you. Keenan has always been such a good friend. I know he’ll look after you. I really trust him.” She gives me a smile.

I can’t believe I’m going!

Chapter: 3

As I finish packing, Kaydron arrives with Keenan and Luke. My mother gives me a lecture about being safe and staying out of trouble before she steals a hug and a kiss from me. I finally struggle to escape from her grasp and rush out to join the others. They put my bag in the trunk and we head out.

We don’t even get to the freeway before Keenan pulls out a dry vape and starts packing it with weed. I have to pick my jaw up off the floor as he sparks it. “You’re not actually going to smoke that in here, are you?”

They all laugh at me. “Relax, Alex. It’s just weed.”

“But… we’re in a car and we could get pulled over,” I say.

“They won’t even notice, it’s a dry vape so it won’t fill the car with smoke. The smell will be gone before we even get on the freeway,” he says.

“Don’t be a little bitch,” Kaydron says as he looks at me in the rearview mirror. “Especially if you’re going to be our roommate. You better get used to this because this is how things are going to be. On weekends, we’re going to smoke a shit load of weed and party like crazy.”

“Just chill, man. You’re fine,” Keenan says as he sucks from the little black vape. He lets it out the window and hands it to me. I look up at him like a deer staring into headlights. “Just put your lips on the tip and suck it.”

Like the coward I am, I cave and do as I’m told. My lungs fill with the vape before I start coughing. They laugh and Kaydron makes fun of me. “Beta!”

I hand it up to Luke and he hits it like a champ before passing it to Kaydron. “You’re driving!”

“Relax man, I’m good at driving stoned. It’s not that hard. If anything, I’m a better driver high than I am sober,” he says.

“It’s true,” Keenan says, taking the vape from him after he hits it. “He’s a shitty driver, but even worse while sober.”

“Hey!” Kaydron says.

“Yeah, it’s true. You’re constantly distracted,” Luke says. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard him speak.

Kaydron drifts into the other lane after staring at a really hot woman walking with her ass hanging out of booty shorts. “Fair point.”

We finish the vape and Kaydron gets onto the freeway. We take all morning to finally get to Georgia and then the rest of the day to get all the way to the mountains where Kaydron’s cabin is. As we finally arrive on the densely wooded road, we have to drive on what seems like a narrow dirt road that goes up a steep hill to his driveway that snakes around trees and up around a cliff, curving around a bend to finally reach his large, two-story log cabin.

It’s sisli escort apparent that Kaydron’s family is pretty wealthy. After we park, we make our way inside and the interior is absolutely beautiful. It feels open with all wood flooring and the walls also have a log cabin feel to it, even though it’s the size of a massive house. There are stairs to the right that lead up to the upstairs. Just inside, is a sorta living room with nice leather couches facing each other next to a chimney with a comfortable lazy boy directly across from it.

Beyond that, there is a very nice kitchen with a huge stainless steel fridge, and a matching microwave hanging above a stove-top oven. An Island bar separates the kitchen from the dining room with a long wooden table with eight chairs around it with the same type of wood. There’s a hallway off to the right, beneath the stairs, and another hallway to the left that I assume leads out to the garage. Just beyond the kitchen and dining room is a wooden balcony that looks over the walk-out basement with a pool table, a full bar, and another living room with a projector screen against the far left wall with comfy-looking reclining chairs facing it.

“I got the master bedroom upstairs. You all can fight over the others. There are two more bedrooms upstairs that share a bathroom, one has a big king-size bed, the other has two smaller queen-size beds, and three bedrooms downstairs with four bunk beds and another single between them,” Kaydron says as he walks upstairs with his bags.

Keenan wraps his arm around my shoulder. “Want to split that room upstairs with the two queens and leave the king to Luke?”

“Uh sure… or I could just go downstairs,” I say.

“Nah, you don’t want to do that. We’re going to have more people here and then you’ll have to share with others. Might as well get a nicer bed and not have to share with someone else.”

“Okay, that makes sense,” I say with a nod.

“You also have to keep in mind that my girlfriend is coming up and we’re going to have sex regardless of whether you’re in the room or not.” He says, smirking as I look up at him with a groan.

“Don’t act like you won’t secretly enjoy it. You’re more than welcome to jerk off. I don’t mind a little voyeurism,” he says with a laugh. Even Luke chuckles and he rarely ever shows emotion. “But for real, you’re going to lose your virginity this week. Just trust me.”

He slaps my ass and gives me a wink.

Chapter: 4

After everyone gets settled in, the booze comes out. Kaydron pulls out a half gal of rum and starts pouring shots for everyone. They don’t even ask me if I want to drink, they just push a shot into my hand. Of course, I fold under peer pressure and take the shot with them which results in me ending up in a coughing fit as they laugh.

“I remember my first drink!” Kaydron snorts.

“Yeah, that’s some weak shit,” Keenan says.

He then makes us mix drinks with coke. After two more shots, Kaydron pulls out some fireworks. “We should save these for the party, but I think we should test a few just to make sure they work okay.”

“Hell yeah!” Keenan says and Luke pulls out a lighter. This is crazy! What if someone gets hurt? But I don’t say anything as I follow them outside.

Kaydron lights up a bottle rocket and it shoots off into the sky with a loud crack. After a few more, we head inside and play flip cup where the last one to flip their cup has to drink and as you can guess, I’m the last one each time. Thankfully, I only have to take a swallow of my mixed drink.

I’ll admit I feel really good right now though. I stagger a bit, but I can’t keep a smile off my face. Finally, after a few rounds, they all want to go into the hot tub. I reluctantly follow them downstairs and out onto the porch.

“I didn’t bring any swim trunks,” I say. They all shrug.

“Neither did we,” Kaydron says as he strips down completely naked, showing off one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. Keenan and Luke also strip naked, showing off their big fat cocks. Keenan’s is super long while Luke’s is really thick. They hop in.

Kaydron looks at me with a single eyebrow raised. “Well? What are you waiting for? Take off your clothes and get in.”

I hesitate but reluctantly start stripping. I get down to my boxers and go to make my way to the hot tub, but Kaydron stops me. “You can’t come in unless you’re buck naked. No boxers. That’s the rule.”

I swallow the nerves in my throat and finally drop my boxers down. Kaydron’s eyes go wide as he covers his mouth and laughs. “Damn, your dick is tiny.”

My face goes beat red as I bring my hands down to cover my crotch. The others laugh too, even Keenan. I quickly scramble in and hide underneath the bubbles.

“It’s all good, man. What you lack in one area, you make up in another,” Keenan says. What did he mean by that? “I think the girls will be here either tomorrow or the day after.”

“What girls are coming?” I ask.

“Just our girlfriends,” Keenan escort taksim says. “Michella, Priscila, and Ayleanna.”

God, I’ve always been jealous of them. All three of them have the hottest girlfriends ever. Priscila’s Latina and she’s got the biggest butt ever. Alyanna’s I think biracial, but I’m not sure. I know her dad’s black, but I’ve never met her mother. She’s got a beautiful angel-like face with long smooth legs. Michella’s really beautiful too. She’s black with a big butt. I’ve seen her grind up on Luke and I wished it was me.

“Good, I am going to fucking pound Priscila into next week,” Kaydron says with a smirk. “Hopefully, I can get her to do anal. That ass is too perfect.”

“Ayleanna doesn’t like anal, which is a total bummer, but she does like sucking dick,” Keenan says. I’m shocked. I expected Kaydron to talk like that, but never Keenan.

“If you want, we can swap again, but I’m not sure Priscila will be able to recover after I’m done with her,” Kaydron says, leaving my jaw on the floor.

“You guys had sex with each other’s girlfriends?” I blurt out.

“Of course,” Kaydron says as if it was like saying the sky is blue. “Look, since you’re our roommate, you might as well know, the six of us are kinda in a poly relationship. It helps that the three of them are bisexual. To everyone at school and our parents, we make the appearance that we’re in a normal monogamous relationship, but like what we’re planning this week, we have some pretty fucking hot orgies. I love watching Priscila get spit-roasted, taking my dick up the ass while she sucks Keenan or Luke. They’re my brothers. We share everything.”

“This is insane. I don’t know what to say,” I spit out.

“Hey, if you’re lucky, you can join our little relationship. Then you can finally lose that v-card. Wouldn’t you like to fuck Priscila, Michella, or Ayleanna?” Kaydron asks.

I swallow the lump that formed in my throat and nod, a little too enthusiastically. A sly smile forms on Kaydron’s face. “Good. I thought you might. I just got to ask, you’re not gay, are you?”

My eyes go wide. “What? No! I’m not gay.”

“Not even a little? Bisexual?” he asks.

I hesitate. I have once looked at gay porn and even had dreams of having sex with another guy. “No… I… I’m not gay.”

“Are you sure? Because it would be a shame,” Kaydron says.

“What do you mean?” I ask, tilting my head.

“Well, you might as well know if you want to join our little relationship, but if you tell anyone outside of our relationship, we’ll kill you.” Once again, I swallow the lump in my throat. “You see, we’re all bisexual.”

My jaw drops. “What? Really?”

They all nod. Kaydron scoots up to me and puts his arm around me. “But, here’s the thing, we’re all dominant tops and none of us are cocksuckers. You see how much of a problem that is? We all like fucking ass too much.”

“I… I see.” I spit out.

“You ever suck cock before?” he asks. I suck in a breath. Did he just ask me if I suck dick? I shake my head no. “Have you ever thought about it?”

I can’t even say no because I have, but I don’t think I’m gay or anything. I never thought of myself as gay. Kaydron speaks up when I don’t answer. “You have, haven’t you? It’s okay, you don’t have to admit it. We’re going to be honest with you. We wanted you to be our roommate and invited you here because we all want to fuck you. We want to make you our little bitch and turn your ass out. Make you a little sissy slut. Our little sissy girlfriend. You see, we all love anal and getting rough, but the girls, Priscila’s okay with anal, but even she has her limits. We need a good little bitch who can take it up the ass and handle our kinks. If you become our little bitch, you can also have sex with Michella, Priscila, and Ayleanna. They all think you’re cute anyway. What do you say?”

I’m stunned. Completely shocked. I look over at Keenan and his expression is even more surprising. He’s looking at me like I’m a buffet and he’s starving.

Kaydron gets up and sits on the ledge of the hot tub, revealing a semi-hard, big fat cock. He starts stroking it. “Come on, just try it. Suck my dick. Be our little cocksucking sissy. If you submit to us, you’ll have the best college experience ever. You’ll have more sex than a prostitute in Bangkok. Not just with us, but with the girls too. They’ll gladly suck your little cock and let you fuck them if you be our little bitch.”

I can’t pull my eyes away from his dick. It’s so fucking big. Am I seriously considering this?

Chapter: 5

Kaydron’s hand wraps around the back of my neck as I’m pulled down to the big fat cock standing up like a telephone pole. This is crazy. Am I actually about to suck Kaydron’s dick? I’m not gay. I mean, I don’t think I am. I find women attractive. However, I’m not at all repulsed by Kaydron’s big fat, almond-colored cock.

I can’t even resist him as he pulls my head down to his crotch. At first, I resist, but he is so strong that my resistance breaks and I don’t put up any fight at all as the tip of his dick presses up against my lips. The smell of his big meaty sausage hits me hard. It’s so strong and musky, I don’t even hesitate as I part my lips and accept the head of his massive cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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