Friend’s Mom and Daughter become My Subs. Pt 1

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Friend’s Mom and Daughter become My Subs. Pt 1

I’m Dave and half way through my first year at University. At school I was sport mad. Now at 19 I’m into dangerous sports; skydiving being just one. I’m fit, randy and smart! I don’t need to do too much work to get laid. Yes I’m a very lucky sod and I know it.

During the run up to my exams I return home to study. If I stayed at university I would no doubt chase girls or break something doing my sports.

One week into my three week break my Mom and Dad ask me to come down (from my bedroom) for a chat. Wearily I take a seat opposite them. My unease continues as they’re siting holding hands. What the hell’s going on? Divorce springs to mind.

Dad takes a deep breath, “We,” looking at Mom, “would like you to help our friend out with her problem?” Mom visibly squeezes Dad’s hand and takes over. “You know my friend Julie?” I nod.

She is Mom’s only friend. She’s a serious business woman, a little plump, with a plain face and librarian glasses. At 40ish I could, at a pinch call her a MILF. Julie’s husband died two years ago. Her seriousness maybe as a direct result. They had a daughter (Janice) a year younger than me. Janice is the spitting image of her Mom only younger. It would be true to say that they both don’t make the most of themselves.

“Would you mind popping around to Julie’s she is expecting you” Mom says. Dad chips in, “If you will help her out we’ll buy that car you want. Whatever you do, think before you speak.” Even though I’m confused my parents will not enlighten me further.

For a car I’ll do anything!

Arriving at Julie’s I ring the bell. Almost immediately she opens it and welcomes me in. I’m ushered into the study and asked to sit. Julie sits opposite me allowing her knee length skirt to show some leg; knees firmly together. Her hair is tied into a bun, black rimmed sexy librarian glass and her boobs are hiding in a baggy sweater. She has not made any attempt to apply make-up and her clothes do not suite her figure; this is the norm.

“I know your parents have asked you to come round. What I need is help with my daughter.” She pauses and then. “Throughout school she didn’t have many friends and certainly no boyfriends.” I confirm with a nod. “And she’s going to the same University as you.” Thinking I now have the answer. I intervene, “You want me to look after her at Uni?” She jumps back in “No. I need to teach her about boys!” Still confused I look at her expressionless. “She has never even seen a man…..naked or a real …..penis.” I’m stunned.

While I gather my thoughts and coming terms with losing my car she calls, “Janice.” Obediently she comes in. She is dress similar to her mother. These two could do with a friend to sort out their wardrobe and make-up. Embarrassed she sits looking at the floor.

After a brief explanation as to where the conversation has gone Julie asks, “Are you seeing anyone. Are you a virgin?” “No to both and I think I’ll leave.” Tears flow smearing what little make-up Janice has on. I’m persuaded to hear her out.

“I, we want you to show my daughter your penis and maybe strip naked?” Immediately my minds clears, “you are both crazy.” Standing I suddenly realise that this strong business woman, for once seems vulnerable.

A flash of desire to dominate this woman and include her daughter has sparked in my head. Could I pull it off? I wonder? Now flying by the seat of my pants I blurt out. “I’ll do it but on my terms.” After some considerable consideration Julie nods her agreement.

I order her to sit close to her daughter with way more confidence than I feel. She obediently sits with Janice. Methodically I remove my clothes starting with my shirt and I finish before removing my tented boxers. With my heart in my mouth I tell Julie to strip to her waist. My dick jumps as she actually stands and under the glare of her daughter she removes her baggy sweater and bra. Her 38DD’s bounce as she sits. I surprised that she would hide such a tremendous pair. Janice is commanded to follow suite. When she stands and starts stripping I almost cum. Finishing she sits, her boobs bounce less. Her 38C are quite lovely however her erect nipples are twice the size of her Mom’s; very suckable.

They both watch as I ease my boxers down. As I straighten up my dick sticks out like a spear; hard and erect. Julie licks her lips once but Janice stares wide-eyed. ‘Standing-at-ease’ displaying my dick my ego get a boost. “Oh my, that’s bigger than my husband’s” Julie compliments.

“Janice come here and have a closer look.” Continuing, I look at Julie, “Now that you’re seen mine….” She stands knowing what she has to do. Without saying a word she removes her last two items of clothes. Unashamed she faces me full frontal. Her nipples are prominent as she looks enviously at her daughter delicately handling my dick.

This next step may break the spell but it must be done. “Come. Keep my dick hard while your daughter strips naked for me. Seconds pass. They look at each other. Have I failed?

No. Without any communication Janice stands; decisions made.

Mom kneels showing us in profile to her daughter and how an experienced woman ‘pulls’ on a dick. Janice, on the other hand has moved away to give me a clear unobstructed view as she strips. Her hands cover her mons until I ask, “Hands behind you…..Please.” Without any hesitation her hands are clasped behind her, exposing her hairy pussy.

Mom has a full closely cropped thatch. Her daughter has the same crop but it has been trimmed, I guess for a swimming costume. Both pussies are, never the less well hidden.

“Show your daughter how to handle a man,” I try to command. Ordering a woman twice my age is getting easier. Janice joins her Mom. Mom demonstrates and daughter follows. I must say I’m getting an excellent hand-job. The sight of Mom and daughter pleasing me would have had my dick jumping, add to that the stimulation and I’m rushing toooooo fast to blowing my load. I’m about to warn them of my impending release when her Mom takes my shaft back saying, “Cup your hand here.” She guides her daughter’s hand. Julie speeds up causing me to uncontrollably fuck her fist; shooting man-juice all over Janice’s hand.

Julie explains that men are messy! However she dips her finger into her daughters palm and scoops up my juice. Shock registers on her daughters face as she realises Mom is going to eat it. ‘Yuck’ was her response. Mom then repeats the earlier actions, only this time offering her daughter a taste. Cautiously she licks her Mom’s finger. “It hardly tastes,” she exclaims. “I know love but most men want their girls to take their offering with relish. When you get into oral sex and if you don’t like the taste, I suggest to learn to deep-throat your boyfriends.”

Moving them both together I give mom a lingering kiss. Breaking our contact I kiss her daughter. All the time my hands have been on their bums pulling them against my hips. Julie gradually starts humping my thigh. Her daughter breaks our kiss hearing her mom moan. “See what she’s doing?” Janice nobs. “Try.” As soon a she rides my hairy thigh her eyes roll back and she too groans. I’m enjoying this but as yet I’ve not sampled either of their boobs.

“Mom sit there.” She does. “Open your legs wide” I command as her daughter looks questioningly. “Now play with your pussy while I play with your daughter. Don’t cum.” Turning to display our profile to her Mom I start caressing Janice’s body. I’ve never found a boob not worth playing with. These will be no different.
Even though Janice isn’t a real beauty her body is still desirable. Dipping my head I suckle on both large nipples. Her Mom is watching closely as my hand slips between Janice’s legs. Locating her clit I drive her wild. Seeing her daughter’s response has Mom’s hand going berserk! I bark at Julie, “Don’t you dare cumm.” She instantly stops. From the look at her heaving chest and quivering hips she was very close! Janice reaches up and pulls my head down to kiss; passionately. Her hips thrust on my hand as she cums. Her first orgasm caused by a man.

Scooping Janice up I place her beside her Mom. Offering my hand, Julie stands. This time with her daughter watching I tease Julie’s clit while mauling her boobs. Their boobs may be different but still a sheer pleasure to play with. Due to her recent masturbation her pussy gushes as her excitement builds; finally cumming. I stop. “You was told not to cum. So you will have to wait until tomorrow before I allow you to cum again. This is mine now.” I flick her clit. “You can play with it only under my direction.”

They both look disappointed to hear, “I will come around tomorrow at 1. If you agree you will both welcome me naked and call me Sir. From then on you will be my subs and do as I ask, without hesitation. Their will be repercussions for any misdemeanours. Tonight Mom, you will shave your pussy bare. Janice, until you become my sex-toy at Uni, you will shave your pubes into a small triangle. At Uni you will have it waxed bare. Until tomorrow.

I hope you like this adventure.

Parts 1-3 have been posted. If members want this story to develop let me know.

I’m happy to receive your comments.



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