Friends Upstairs

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Jade and I had moved into the apartment just a month before. We had sold our place downtown and were hoping for something a little quieter out towards the ‘burbs as we were starting a family and the noise and hassle had gotten to be a little too much. We had just found out that we were a few weeks pregnant, and so the house hunting had taken on a bit more urgent priority.

Sandra and Crash lived upstairs above us and they were wild. Obviously athletic and active, we’d often see them unloading tents and backpacks from their pickup after some weekend offroading trip, or bringing down their mountain bikes for a little loop on one of the nearby trails in the foothills. And they were hot in the way that adrenaline addicted outdoor junkies can be – ankle tattoos around Sandra’s feet, trailing vines down to her toes (when she wore her minimalist nylon sandals I couldn’t stop staring down at them) and two fairly obvious pirate-fat nipple rings on Crash visible through whatever tight fitting performance material shirt he happened to be wearing when we saw him. They didn’t seem to work, they were always tanned, and they were friendly to us from day one, inviting us upstairs for drinks and dragging us along to art flicks at the local indie theater.

We got along well, to say the least. In fact, within the first few get-togethers the sexual attraction between the four of us began to show. Very subtle, never overwhelming or overindulged, but palpable. Sandra was a total post-modern feminist neo-hippy, not at all uncomfortable with the paradoxes of the Gaia myths, Hindu and Buddhist symbolism, and her Power Mac (she’d make jokes about my “MegaCorp Ubiquitous Laptop” and how the designers had obviously never partaken of good drugs, good art, or a creatively hot fuck.) I was infatuated with her. And Crash never seemed to mind. They would kiss and fondle in front of us and show intimacy that was almost designed to see whether they’d hit any of our “prude” buttons. It was all very low-key of course, but I could never shake the feeling as Crash would pull her close in a hug after an evening of beers and Hong Kong zombie gangster flicks – a hug that would very naturally and organically develop into a tongue and jeans grinding grope – that the two of them were watching our reactions out of the corners of their eyes.

Luckily, we weren’t very embarrassed. Jade and I had been married for about ten years and while we weren’t as shamelessly exhibitionistic as Sandra and Crash, we were cool with their intimacy. We’d even talk about it. Jade had always had a fantasy of watching me with another woman and she’d have to have been blind to not notice me noticing Sandra. Several times a playful comment about Sandra had evolved into fantasy with the two of us fucking hard and fast in some corner of the small apartment as we speculated what the target of our mutual lust was up to just then (we usually decided that her and Crash were upstairs naked as well and that Crash’s cock was enjoying the same wet action mine was getting.)

So when they invited us up for a standard round of pre-movie night drinks one Friday, there was no hint of the way things would actually evolve that evening. I think Escort Bayan I’d have to admit that in fact, Jade and I started it. Since we’d found out we were expecting, Jade had not been drinking, but since we hadn’t shared the news with anyone we just passed it off as Jade not being up for alcohol. We decided that tonight we’d let Sandra and Crash know why Jade really wasn’t sharing the wine and we thought it would be cool to let them in on our happy little secret.

When Jade told them the effect was positively electric. Sandra flushed and began cooing to Jade how cool it was, that pregnancy was empowerment and the culmination of all that was feminine. She was having the most amazing reaction to it (happier than we had been, it seemed), and she got up off the unfinished pine dining chair she’d been facing us on and came over to the couch to sit next to Jade. She moved close to Jade in a girlfriendy sort of way, but seemed to be luxuriating in some vibe or essence the rest of us couldn’t see. Her hand began to tentatively reach out to Jade.

“May I?” she asked. Jade nodded, a bit more flushed, but still composed.

Sandra slid Jade’s tee-shirt up exposing her still-flat belly. Jade had taken out her navel ring recently, and her skin was smooth and taut. Sandra’s hand began moving slowly over her belly, not rubbing so much as sliding. It reminded me of the first sonogram we had had just the previous week. It was like she was listening through the flat palm of her hand.

“There’s a life in there – I can feel it.” said Sandra. I wasn’t sure, but I thought her breathing had gotten a bit heavier and it felt like the air in the room was a little thicker. “You’re creating an individual. That’s goddess stuff. It’s so fucking hot.”

And with that comment Sandra took the entire situation into new territory. Her hand slipped lower, the unadorned fingernails contrasting with the collection of rings on three fingers and the delicate metal hoop bracelets, and pushed down just under the rim of Jade’s panties. She looked at Jade and then lowered her head so that her lips lightly traced the path her hand had been traveling a few moments before. Jade sucked in her breath and I looked over at Crash. He just smiled at me.

“It’s the baby thing. She’s got a goddess fetish – female empowerment makes her nuts. You okay?” I nodded, taking that as meaning he was as well, and looked over at Jade. Her eyelids were fluttering but she had a half-smile on her face. Like me, it didn’t look like she quite believed this was happening.

“I want you naked in front of me. Is that all right? I want to be nude together and I want to touch you.” For the first time Sandra looked vulnerable. This was, I guess, her moment of truth – where lovers are discovered or friendships are ruined. “It’s really okay if you don’t want to.”

Jade looked back at me and I just nodded and smiled. It was up to her. She looked back at Sandra. “You can get me naked…” Sandra smiled and Jade winked at her. “…and touch me.”

Watching Sandra undress my wife was amazing. The more of Jade’s pale, tight body appeared, the more it was like seeing her for the first time. Her small breasts, her strong legs, her feet. I watched as her long brown hair lifted up as Sandra pulled off the tee-shirt and then flowed back down around her shoulders. And then Sandra took off her own clothes as Jade watched. I saw the freckles above her breasts that had always peeked out at me from her vee-cut shirts, the tan-lines from the small bikini she must have worn, and the thin scar that ran, old and tanned over, down the right side of her leg from some forgotten mishap. Her pussy was bald except for the tiniest patch of reddish hair right above, and I compared it with Jade’s, trimmed back but more full.

When they were both naked, Sandra moved closer and continued her exploration of Jade’s body, but moved beyond just her belly to touch her breasts, her thighs, and up to run her fingers through Jade’s hair and trace the outline of her ears and neck. “You are very beautiful,” repeated Sandra, like a mantra. Jade’s eyes were closed and she seemed very relaxed letting Sandra’s fingers trace lines over her naked skin. It was all almost innocent still and I half expected it to end there and everyone to get dressed and head out for the movie. But then Sandra’s fingers traveled down past Jade’s hips, did a U-turn, and caressed back up the inside of Jade’s milky thighs to her pussy. I couldn’t exactly see what Sandra had done, but Jade’s eyes popped open and her face blossomed into a deep red flush. Sandra smiled gently at her and her moist unpainted lips parted just a bit, which was apparently all the invitation Jade needed.

I’d never seen my wife kiss another woman, although she had hinted at some minor experimentation in college. But this wasn’t minor, nor did it seem particularly experimental. Jade pressed her naked body full into Sandra and started kissing and tonguing her mouth in a way that shocked me when I recognized it as the way she kissed me. It was powerful and very hot and my cock throbbed to a full, almost painful hard-on. Sandra was giving as good as she got and I watched her wrap one tattooed ankle around the back of Jade’s calf as she kissed back and her fingers slid back down to Jade’s cunt. Jade began to make a soft noise into Jade’s mouth and I made a mental note to have Sandra teach me whatever the hell she was doing to my wife’s pussy when all this was done.

As suddenly as it started, it broke. Sandra pulled away and then gave Jade’s naked body a push backwards towards their plush couch, a PB job with denim slipcovers that was soft and comfortable and inviting. Jade took a step back and Sandra pushed her gently down to sit. As she bent over to kiss Jade again and to spread her legs and expose her pussy further, I got a wonderful glimpse of Sandra’s pink and glistening lips, pressed tight together between the cleft just below her hot ass. She lifted one foot behind her in a classic kiss pose as she tongue-fucked Jade’s mouth and another shock hit me as I saw fingers, Jade’s fingers, suddenly peek through that cleft as she started massaging and fingering Sandra.

“Can I fuck you, you hottie goddess?” Sandra’s question was playful, and self-deprecating, and serious all at the same time. Jade looked up at her.

“Will you fuck Pete too?” Jade asked, shocking me to hear her say it. “I want to watch him with you – that will totally get me off. Is that okay?” I gulped, both at the incredible thoughtfulness of my wife and at the fear that suddenly overtook me. I looked at Crash, not sure how he’d respond. He was already staring at me and smiling.

“Hey, if Sandra’s cool with it, knock yourself out.” Crash was smiling. “I’m a watcher anyway, to be honest. Trust me, I’ll be batting clean-up later on tonight. But Sandra’s been hot over you two for a while. I knew when you broke the baby news it was all over.”

I started to look over at Sandra but she was already in front of me. “Come on, stud,” she said. “I want your wife’s pussy in the worst possible way and if I have to fuck you unconscious to get it then that’s the plan…” She smiled playfully, in her best mock-porn star voice as she said it, but it didn’t lessen the effect. Her hands were tugging my tee shirt out of my jeans and over my head and then she was down working my buttons and fly, pulling my pants down and barely giving me enough time to step out of them as she tossed them aside. She stayed down on her knees.

I gave a short gasp as her mouth swallowed my cock nearly to the hilt and I looked over in time to see Jade beginning to stroke her pussy lips and lightly pinch her clit as she watched. It made me moan, and the idea that both Jade and Crash were watching me was intense and erotic. I had an audience and my exhibitionist tendencies were piqued. I began to fuck her mouth slowly and it made Sandra (and Jade across the room on the couch) moan.

The rest of the evening went by in a bit of a blur. It only took a few minutes of me and Sandra fucking around to get Jade beyond control. She called us over to the couch and we all tangled together. Jade allowed Sandra to have her in any way she wanted so long as Jade always had a view to me fucking our new lover. Sandra ate Jade’s hot pussy to orgasm as Jade straddled her mouth and watched me fuck Sandra missionary-style. Then Jade positioned herself spread-eagled in front of Sandra as I took her from behind. She made my wife come repeatedly. Jade was a bit shyer, but spent some time tasting Sandra as well, as Sandra cooed earth-goddess praise down at her and I jerked off next to them. It was incredible watching this gorgeous woman so incredibly into fucking my equally hot wife.

It was Sandra that suggested they share my cum as I grew close to losing control. “I want to taste his nut with you – it’s powerful and I want it in both our mouths at the same time.”

I stood above my wife and my new lover and watched as they caressed each other. I stroked my shaft and head and let them coax me as they knelt in front of me and soon I was twitching and bucking and with a loud moan I exploded into an orgasm. As I came I held my spurting cock, shifting back and forth, so that spurts of cum landed in each of their mouths. After a few spurts they began to kiss and my orgasm intensified watching them taste my sperm together. Soon I was spent and collapsed onto the couch, kissing each of them and tasting the faint remnant of my own orgasm. It was the hottest sex Jade and I ever had, although we agreed that it probably was going to be hard to explain to the kid the level of intensity he had caused…

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