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All characters are over the age of 18.


Mike had it made. He lived alone with his mother and she had to work evenings at a local factory. This left Mike alone during the week. He used this time to see his hot girlfriend, Jenna. Mike played on the basketball team and he was tall, well toned with brown hair, brown eyes and an outgoing personality.

He was going out with Jenna, a blonde hair, blue eyed cutie. She was very popular too and her best features were her firm round tits and tight ass. Mike had the house all to himself and he and Jenna had sex regularly.

Mike’s buddy on the basketball team was Jake and he was seeing Jenna’s friend Amanda. Amanda was beautiful as she had brown hair with blonde streaks in it. She was cute and had a great figure. Jake had black hair and dark eyes, a little shorter than Mike but well muscled.

When Jake complained to Mike about not having enough “alone” time with Amanda, Mike told him he could use his house when Jenna was over. The first time it happened was a little awkward for them. They were used to being naked in front of their girlfriends but not each others girlfriend. Mike had to admire Amanda’s sweet beautiful body without staring too much. Jenna too, had a good look at Jake’s naked body, not having seen too many naked boys before. Amanda also quickly got used to being nude in front of Mike and Jenna.

Soon, they were too busy kissing and groping their girlfriend and boyfriend to be too concerned about nudity. They paired off on Mike’s bed and both boys ended up fucking their girl next to each other. Mike enjoyed watching Amanda’s tits bounce as she rode Jake’s cock. Jenna liked seeing Jake’s thick cock sliding in and out of Amanda’s pussy, she had never seen anyone have sex up close.

Jake and Amanda were regularly joining Mike and Jenna as they had no where else to go. Usually the girls would begin by sucking the boys cocks and then the boys would eat their pussies. The boys would end up fucking the girls in a variety of positions.

On one of the rare nights when they were alone, Jenna got naked and began licking Mike’s long cock. She liked to start out slow and lick the entire cock all over before she started sucking on it. Mike leaned back and just enjoyed having his dick sucked. Jenna was very good at it. She used one hand to pump the shaft while she sucked the head of his cock. Her other hand would gently roll his balls, getting his cum boiling.

When Mike couldn’t take anymore, he pulled her to him and got between her slim legs. He loved licking her sweet pussy. He would run his tongue up and down her slit, licking and sucking on her pussy lips. He used his fingers to open her pussy and slide his tongue deep into her hole. He liked to tease her until she begged him to suck her clit. When he finally latched onto her clit, he sucked hard and licked it over and over. Jenna would clench her fists into the sheets, it felt so good. Mike knew she would cum when her little ass began to bounce upwards.

After Jenna came, Mike rolled on top of her and eased his big cock into her tight, wet pussy. Jenna had a tight pussy and Mike began slowly working it in and out. Before long, he had deep strokes going and picked up speed. He fucked her fast and with deep strokes, trying to feel her pussy griping his cock. All too soon, he felt his cum rushing up his cock and spilling into her wet, hot pussy.

Both kids laid on the bed relaxing after their workout. When they heard a knock at the door, Mike went to answer it. He found Jake and Amanda wanting to come in.

“Hey Buddy,” Jake said smiling, “Mind if we come in?”

“Uh, sure, come kaçak iddaa on in,” Mike said, letting Amanda pass by him. She was very pretty and Mike admired her hot body.

Jake and Amanda followed Mike up to his room. They found a naked Jenna laying on the bed, slowly massaging her clit.

“Look who showed up,” Mike said, laughing.

“I like your outfit, Jen,” said a laughing Amanda.

“Yeah, well we just got done relieving some stress,” Jenna replied, giggling.

They watched as Amanda stripped Jake completely naked. Jenna giggled some more when she saw Jake’s big cock flop out of his shorts. Jake quickly took all of Amanda’s clothes off and they laid on the bed next to Mike and Jenna. Mike loved seeing two of the school’s hottest girls laying naked next to each other.

“Do you guys mind?” Amanda asked as she took Jake’s cock in her hand.

“Go ahead, I think me and Mike will play a Dare game,” Jenna said. “We’ll use you guys for our dares.”

Amanda was laughing, “Whatever,” she said and began licking Jake’s cock.

Mike said to Jenna, “What do you have in mind?”

“We’ll dare each other and I’ll start,” Jenna said.

“I dare you to rub your hands all over Amanda’s body,” Jenna said. Mike shook his head and touched Amanda’s naked body for the first time. He rubbed her stomach, bare back and legs. He fondled her feet, all while Amanda kept licking Jake’s cock.

“My turn,” Mike said, when he got done. His body warming up in getting to feel another hot girl’s body. “I dare you to lick Jake’s nipples.”

“Oh, I’m gonna get you back,” Jenna said, laughing. She crawled over to Jake and smiled at him as she leaned down and licked his nipples. She looked at Amanda, who busy sucking Jake. Jenna used her tongue to lick his nipple and took her other hand to rub and squeeze his other nipple. Jake rolled his head back and he was getting wonderful sensations.

When Jenna was done, she said, “Mike, I dare you to kiss Amanda’s ass.”

Mike looked at Amanda’s amazing ass and leaned down to kiss each cheek. Amanda wiggled her butt when she felt Mike’s lips on her. Mike held on to her cute ass as he leaned down to lick and kiss her ass cheeks. Amanda sighed as she kept sucking Jake’s cock. Then Mike licked her asshole, causing her to jump.

“Mike you almost made swallow Jake’s whole cock,” Amanda said, laughing.

“I dare you to suck Jake’s cock with Amanda,” Mike said, daring Jenna.

“Come on, I’ll share,” Amanda giggled, holding Jake’s cock up.

Jenna scooted over and held Jake’s balls as she licked his whole cock. Jake threw his head back as he enjoyed the girls licking and sucking him. Both girls were getting into it as Mike called time for Jenna.

Jenna came back to Mike and he kissed her deeply for several minutes. They could feel the bed shake as Jake started fucking Amanda.

“I dare you to let Amanda suck your cock while she’s getting fucked,” Jenna said. Mike, laughing, held his cock out for Amanda, who quickly sucked it into her hot mouth. She licked him all over and kept trying to suck him as she bounced on the bed.

“I dare you to get on top of Amanda and let Jake lick your pussy from behind,” Mike dared, with a huge smile on his face.

“I hope you two are having fun,” Amanda panted.

Jenna crawled on top of Amanda, facing her. Her ass and pussy ended up in Jake’s face as he pumped his cock into Amanda.

“Well, this is cozy,” Amanda said as she used her hands to hold her friend above her.

Jenna squealed with excitement as she felt Jake’s tongue enter her wet pussy. Jake tried to stay in control even though he was hotter than ever. kaçak bahis Amanda reached out to Mike and pulled his cock to her. She and Jenna both started licking and sucking him. Mike watched as she girls used their tongues on his cock. He got even hotter when he saw their tongues touch each other.

Jake glued his lips to Jenna’s pussy and made her cum first. Amanda squeezed her pussy and caused Jake to begin cumming in her pussy. Amanda began to cum and juices were flowing all over Jake’s thick cock. Then the girls focused on Mike’s cock and he was soon shooting his cum all over their lips.

It was a week later when Jenna told Mike her bad news.

“My mom is making me get a job and I’ll have to work evenings,” Jenna complained, tearing up. Mike knew her parents did not have a lot off money so he understood.

“Honey, we will work it out, don’t worry,” Mike said, kissing her. Jenna told Mike that Jake was in the same boat as his dad made him get a job too.

“I guess our afternoon sex orgies will have to take a break,” Jenna said, smiling. Mike assured her they would still find time to be alone and have fun.

Jenna and Jake both got jobs, at the same ice cream stand, as luck would have it. Mike and Amanda had to adjust. About a week later, Mike answered his door to see Amanda standing there.

“Hi Amanda, come on in, what’s up?” Mike said. She looked hot as she came into the house. Mike was still admiring her as she spoke.

“With Jake working, I’m just bored and thought I would see what you were up to,” Amanda explained. Just like Mike, she missed her boyfriend.

“I don’t know about you but I miss the sex”, Amanda giggled.

“You? My cock stays hard all the time,” Mike replied. He showed her his crotch to prove it.

Amanda smiled. “You know if Jenna and Jake were here, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if we played around.”

“You think?” Mike laughed. “Are you horny too?”

Amanda laughed and answered him by reaching to rub his crotch and began kissing him. They both got hot quickly and soon, they were naked on his bed. Mike began kissing Amanda’s tits and sucking on them. Amanda moaned as she needed her tits sucked. They were kissing and rubbing each other quickly. Before long, they were in a 69, sucking on each other.

Mike loved holding her ass in his hands and running his tongue all over her pussy. He tried to ignore that Amanda was licking his cock and sucking wetly on him. She held his cock tight and sucked on the head, rubbing him at the same time. Then she would lick his balls and gently suck on them.

Amanda had her legs spread wide, giving Mike room to suck on her pussy. He trapped her clit between his lips and sucked hard. Amanda quickly reached her orgasm as Mike sucked and licked her clit. Mike sucked her until she pushed his head back. He knelt between her legs and eased his big cock into her tight, wet pussy. He fucked her deeply, stroking her pussy. Amanda ran her hands all over his body and squeezed his ass as he fucked her. She was tight and hot and Mike soon felt his cum racing through his cock. He pounded her harder as he came deep into her pussy, panting heavily. He began kissing her and licking her nipples while keeping his cock buried in her pussy.

It was a slow night at the ice cream stand and the boss left Jenna and Jake alone to finish their shift. Jake did the cooking and Jenna ran the customer window. In between customers, they talked about missing their significant other.

“It sucks having to work, ” Jake complained. ” I miss Amanda.”

“I know, I miss Mike too,” Jenna agreed.

“Its been almost a week since I had any sex,” Jake said, illegal bahis lowering his voice in case anyone was around.

“Me too,” Jenna said, leaning over to kiss Jake on the lips. They were kissing each other using tongues and both were getting worked up. Just then a customer rang the bell letting Jenna know they were there. As she went to see the customer, Jenna reached out and squeezed Jake’s cock.

After Jenna came back, Jake rubbed her tits and kissed her some more. Jenna reached down and found Jake’s hard cock. She rubbed and tugged on it as they kissed. Both were getting hot and groping each other. Jake reached into her shorts and began to rub her wet pussy. Jenna was squeezing his hard cock just as the bell rang again.

“Jake, I need two hotdogs,” Jenna said, laughing. Jake washed his hands and quickly made the food. Jenna came back and said that was the last order for the night as she closed the window. Jake could not help himself as he grabbed her and kissed her deeply, grinding his cock against her pussy. He was kissing her and rubbing her tits and they were hot for each other.

Jake pushed her shorts down and ran his fingers through her pussy. Rubbing her clit got her panting quickly. Jenna kicked off her shorts and then slid down and pulled his pants down. She wrapped her lips around his hard cock and began licking and sucking on him. After a few minutes, Jake pulled her up and sat her on a table. Jenna leaned back as Jake pushed his cock into her pussy. She was wet and he slid in easily.

Jake began to stroke her pussy very quickly and he grabbed her legs to push faster. Jenna hung onto the table and moaned as his cock brought her to orgasm. Jake reached down and fingered her clit as Jenna came all over his cock. Her pussy clenched his cock and Jake was cumming in her hot pussy. Both kids were breathing hard and Jake stroked her a few more times before pulling out.

“That was intense,” Jenna said giggling. She rubbed her pussy, feeling Jake’s cum leaking out.

“No kidding,” Jake said, laughing. “I can’t wait till we see Mike and Amanda.” They dressed and closed up the shop. Somehow, work didn’t seem so bad.

Jake and Jenna groped and kissed as much as they could while at work. If the boss left them alone, they would always fuck after they closed up. Meanwhile, Amanda was coming over to Mike’s house several times a week. Mike always ate her pussy and they usually fucked twice, on most nights. Occasionally, Amanda would even suck him off to a third orgasm before she left, if she was extra horny.

Finally, it was a Tuesday night that all the kids could meet up at Mike’s house. They were all horny as they quickly got naked and paired off. Mike and Jake both started by eating their girlfriends pussy, getting them both worked up. After a while, the boys switched girls and continued sucking the other girl. By this time, no one cared who was doing what.

After the girls came, they began sucking the boys. Jenna switched back to Mike as Amanda sucked Jake. Both boys enjoyed the sucking as the girls were very good. Soon, Jenna climbed on top of Mike and eased his cock into her hot, wet pussy. She held hands with Amanda as she sat on Jake’s cock too. Both girls were rocking as the boys pushed their cocks deep into the girls.

It was Amanda who called for a switch and the girls jumped off their boyfriend and then hopped onto the boy next to them. The boys quickly pushed their cocks into the wet pussies. As the boys rubbed their tits, the girls were nearing their orgasms. The girls squealed when they came and the boys held the girls by their butts as their cocks emptied into hot pussies.

They all agreed that they loved their boyfriend and girlfriend but promised that sharing was ok between close friends. Things really got interesting when they found a way to meet during school but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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